Less than a month after Palpatine's death, the separatists showed themselves to the Republic's forces with a set of organized strikes.

Luckily, thanks to Palpatine's documents that were later hacked into by the Jedi, most of the assaults were anticipated and the traitors destroyed. The more attacks that were made, the more corrupt senator disappeared. However, Chancellor Bail Organa never even suggested that he receive emergency powers of any kind, and gained loyalty even by the planets in the outer rim.

The war lasted seven years. Many good Jedi Knights died for the Republic. However, the died for a good cause. The Republic, which had been corrupted and manipulated over the centuries was cleansed from the traitors who would see a Sith become Emperor.

By the war's end, Anakin Skywalker was an admiral, and commander over one of the largest fleets in the Republic Forces. He and Padme Amidala had married in the later years of the war. The Holo-News is vague on this subject, but it is rumored that the couple is now expecting twins.

Slin Jawhan after the war became a cook and opened a restaurant that Anakin and Padme would visit many times.

Obi-Wa n Kenobi was one of the most noble and valiant Jedi heroes in the war, and later sat on the council beside Yoda himself.

To whom it may concern: Mace Windu did get his speeder back.eventually.
So I guess the lesson to this story is, never judge a book by it's cover, and the Force will be with you.Always.
The End!
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