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"Stop smiling." Clary barked at her brother, "It just makes it a trillion times more obvious how bad of a brother you actually are." Clary looked up at him, only to find his smirk transform into a wide grin. Jonathan pushed away from the wall he was leaning against and walked over to Clary, who threw another pair of dark jeans in her trunk.

"It actually just shows how much I'm enjoying this." He pointed at the trunk before he swirled a pointed finger around the room, "You know, watching how miserable you are. Even though everyone has already told you, it is not that bad. In fact, it's actually lots of fun." Jon said.

"Yeah.." Clary looked up at her brother, her voice changing into a happier tone, "Jonathan, you don't happen to have anything white?"

Jon raised an eyebrow towards his sister, "No." he replied, dragging out the word, "Why?"

Clary slammed the tightly packed trunk closed, before she turned around with a false smile crossing her lips. "Because I might as well just kill myself before mom can force me into going." Clary told him.

"Okay, you don't think you're exaggerating this a little too much?" Jon asked, handing Clary her new gear, seeing as her old one had been destroyed beyond repair in the Mortal War.

"No, I absolutely do not think so!" Clary replied, raising her voice.

"Fine, I'll go tell mom she should be planning the funeral then, because you're going." Jon started to walk out of the room, followed by a loud groan from his sister.

"I hate you." Clary mumbled, just loud enough for Jon to hear.

When the door closed behind him, she slammed her fist against the trunk. Cursing as it met the wooden surface.

Clary had tried to play the most convincing role of a normal teenage daughter for the past month. She had pretended not to dread the idea of going to the Shadowhunter Academy, but the closer she got to the actual departing, the more difficult it was to pretend it was not happening. Soon, she had given up the whole act.

Clary knew nobody would budge, and she would in fact have to go there, but at least she could have the pleasure of making everyone aware of her distaste for the whole idea. Both Jace and Isabelle were more than happy about returning. Not that Clary could blame them. They had been students at the Academy for almost five years when Clary got them expelled. They would go back to friends, teachers, family and routines they already knew of.

At first, they had all just ignored talking about it, knowing it got her in a bad mood. Jace was the worst, he would slip from time to time, mentioning Iwan or some friends of his, and then later, he would apologize, as if she had been angry with him or something. To be honest, Clary did not really care. She was glad they had something to look forward to; she just did not enjoy the fact that she had to share the "looking forward to" part with them.

"Clary!" she heard Jon yell from the other side of the door.

"What?" She asked harsh, her bad mood still visible in her voice.

"I just wanted to tell you that we're leaving in, like, an hour. So you should probably be done soon." He told her, and she could hear the smirk on his lips as he spoke.

"Great." Clary replied with her voice raised. "Just amazing." She whispered, picking up the trunk and putting it down next to the two bags she had already filled with stuff she needed.

Clary opened the door leading out of her room. She had stopped avoiding her family after that night at the Institute. In fact, she had stopped avoiding most people, maybe with the exception of the more important people of the Clave.

She knew how much they had all sacrificed for her. To keep her out of trouble. And even though Clary had sacrificed a lot for them as well, she felt like there would never come a time where she could make up for everything. The least she could do was talk.

Clary did not know how the whole Academy stuff would work out, if she would share a room with someone else, god, she hoped she would not have to share a room. Also, if they would have bullshit trainings and not. Was there any free time, were they supervised all the time? Probably not.

"Clary!" This time it was Jocelyn's voice that rung from the hall.

"I'm coming! Just wait two minutes." Clary answered back as she tried to pick up both her bags and the trunk at the same time, balancing it all in her hands. Walking from the bed to the door was an easy enough task, but opening the door without dropping anything, not so much.

"Shit." She mumbled, trying to kick the handle with her foot. "Shit." This time a little louder.

"Clary? Are you okay?" Jocelyn's out-of-breath voice came from the hall; she was probably running around the house trying to get everything ready.

"I'm fine." Clary answered annoyed, kicking one last time before the door swung open. Jon met her in the opening and grabbed the trunk out of her hands. "Thanks." She mumbled embarrassed.

"No problem, me helping you just means we get your sour ass out of the house faster." He replied with a smug smirk falling over his face in an unnatural expression.

"Hey!" Clary slapped the trunk out of balance in his hands, "That not a very nice thing to tell someone who's been gone for almost sixteen years." Clary answered, watching his face darken at the reminder.

"Sorry." He looked at her, his bottle green eyes meeting her emeralds.

"I.." Clary felt a sudden sting of guilt rush over her, "I was just kidding, Jon." She smiled a caring smile, "I already know you are going to miss me like crazy." She joked.

"Sure thing, princess." Jon smiled back, before putting down Clary's stuff in the doorway. Clary looked at him, raising an eyebrow irritated.

"Do not call me that." She said, as she mimicked him, getting her hands free. "I'll just go find mom and Luke." Clary clapped her brother on his shoulder, a too big smile across her lips. Jon only nodded.

When Clary walked back into the kitchen, the sight took her by surprise. Jocelyn had wrapped her arms around Luke, her head leaning against his chest. The little parts of her face that were visible showed a tired expression. Clary could see Luke say something, but his voice was too soft for Clary to hear what he said.

Jocelyn looked up, sending him a light smile. "You are right." She answered, pressing her lips against his.

Clary bit her lip awkward, "Well, aren't you two just adorable." she smirked.

Luke was the first to pull away, his eyes meeting Clary behind a pair of large glasses. "Trust only a Morgenstern to make that sound like an insult." He laughed, taking his wife's hand in his.

"You ready?" Jocelyn asked with a bright smile on her lips, almost too bright.

"Yep." Clary nodded, "I was actually going to get you two. Jon is waiting by the door."

"Great." Jocelyn smiled again.


"Mom, I'm not going on a trip around the world. It's a school." Iwan brushed his mother's hands off his jacket.

"I know, sweetheart. I just want everything to be.." Celine stopped, watching her youngest boy as he picked up a large bag and threw it over his shoulder. He had grown so much in the past year. Celine did not even believe he was the same, uncoordinated, young boy she would find complaining about his brother's hard work schedule every night as Jace pushed him one step further away from his comfort zone.

"Good." Iwan whispered after a long minute of silence.

Celine looked at her blond boy, a smile forming on her soft lips. "Yeah. Good," she answered with a warm tone.

Iwan was already on his way over to Max, who stood in the hall with a pair of large glasses hanging too far down on the bridge of his nose. "Second semester, Max, I'm getting the upper bunk bed this time!" he shouted at his friend.

Max was about to protest when a voice called from the hall, "MAX! IWAN!" It was Isabelle's strong voice. "Clary's here, we're about to leave!"


Clary felt stupid for going to the Institute before she left for the Academy. She could have just as easily teleported right into the Academy's grounds, but knowing she would most likely end up alone, surrounded by a hundred other students who knew how things worked, she would rather go with the rest of them.

"Hey you!" Isabelle's bright smile shone in Clary's direction, "It's so good to see you, Clary. Everything good?" Isabelle asked, and as the hugger she was, she forced Clary into a short embrace.

"Yeah, of course," Clary answered sarcastically, "What could possibly be better than going to a damn Shadowhunter school full of ignorant children?"

"It's not that bad, I promise." Isabelle laughed, ignoring Clary's bad mood, "And the people there are really nice and surprisingly well educated," she finished.

"If you say so, Isabelle," Clary muttered. She watched as Jon entered the room, dragging her bag behind him with a grim expression, "What the hell have you brought with you, Clary? It feels like I'm carrying a bag of rocks."

Clary gave him a short smirk, "You call that carrying?" she pointed at the bag he dragged three feet behind him.

"Yeah, when something is as heavy as this thing, I call it carrying."

"Stop complaining, Fairchild, we all know it's because you're weak, no need to pretend like anything else." The voice came from behind them, and Clary did not need to turn as she recognised whom the voice belonged to instantly.

"Nice to see you too, Herondale." Jon answered as he turned his gaze in the direction of the arriving boys. Clary turned on her heels, facing the blond boy who welcomed her with a small smile. "Hey, hey, hey!" she muttered as she took a few steps towards Jace and Alec, "Only I get the privilege of insulting my brother. He's my brother, you have your own." Clary sent him a short smirk before giving him the shortest of a kiss.

"Ahh," Jace replied before he brushed Clary's messy red hair out of her eyes, "but you see, yours is so much more fun." He kissed her back, hearing a loud cough from Isabelle who was looking in their direction.

"Would you mind waiting until after we get to the Academy? Or is that going to interfere with your.." she pointed her index finger at them, waving it around in the air, "sexual frustration."

"Isabelle!" Jon groaned, "Please, don't." The older brother's irritated expression caused Isabelle to let out a loud laugher.

"Sorry," She bit her lip breaking her smile, "I'm just stating the obvious."

Not even a second later, the five teens were interrupted by a voice behind them, "The obvious what?" the voice belonged to a slightly smaller version of Jace, standing with a large bag hanging over his shoulder.

Clary could feel Jace's lips transform into a smirk as he heard his brother speak. "Oh, nothing, buddy." Jace ruffled his little brother's hair playfully after stepping towards him, grabbing the large bag out of Iwan's hands. "I can do it; I don't need your help!" Iwan answered irritated as he pulled at his stuff.

"Okay." Jace dropped the bag on the floor, smiling as his brother sighed frustrated before he started ranting about how annoying Jace was.

"Why did you do that?" Clary asked questioning as she saw the smug smile on his lips. "Iwan is – let's say – easily distracted." He replied, nodding his head in the boy's direction.

"ISABELLE! JACE!" It was Maryse's voice yelling from a few rooms down the hall. As she entered, her eyes lit up with a spark Clary had not seen in a long time, "Oh, Clary, so nice to see you again, Jocelyn told me you would meet us here before we leave for the Academy." Maryse noticed how the girl rolled her eyes at the mentioning of the school.

Clary did not answer; she simply sent a short smile in the woman's way. "Now, I hope you are all ready to go. We are leaving in approximately two minutes." She finished, before heading back out of the room.

"Well, here goes nothing." Clary whispered as she followed the others out of the room.

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