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"Up and At'em boys!" Peter Venkman strode into the shared bedroom where the other members of the gang slept soundly, or at least they were before Venkman came in hitting the bottom of a cooking pot with a wooden spoon, "We've got a big day!" Egon groaned and rolled over on his face and capped the pillow over his head. Ray jerked up suddenly, "it wasn't me" he shouted half asleep. Egon grabbed the first thing within arm reach and chucked it at Peter.

Peter ducked the Slipper and began to pull off blankets, "Come on, Up up up!" The two begrudgingly rolled out of bed with mutters and grumbles, each casting Peter a glare before dressing and filing down for breakfast. They feasted on a humble meal of scambled eggs and toast and halfway through the meal the bell attached to the front door rang to signal a new comer.

Peter was the first to stand and see the young woman who has walked in, She was shrugging off a tattered patchwork coat she work and showed off her white lace dress that reached modestly down to her ankles with a brown leather belt around the waist. Her Dark brown hair fell loose around her shoulders and down her back, obviously having been subjected to a Long Perm recently and she looked around curiously, a small note book in hand along with a stubby pencil.

She looked like she just popped out of a Woodstock poster.

"Uh, I got this one guys." Peter said quickly and brushed back his hair as he made quickly for the front desk, "Excuse me, is this Ghostbuster's headquarters?" the girl asked Janine, "Do you have an appointment?" Janine droned, looking at the girl over her thick rimmed glasses. "Uh, It's okay Janine. I'm free now." Peter said quickly. "Hello Miss. I am Dr. Peter Venkman. Can I help you?" the girl grinned and offered her slim hand, "Hello Doctor Venkman, My name is Juniper Wilbur. I run a small column in a Paranormal Magazine and I wonder if I might ask you and your team some questions for a new article I am working on." She asked politely but with a dreamy, far away looking In her eyes.

"Miss. Wilbur, nothing would please me more." Peter shook her hand which bore a variety of rings, "My office is just this way, the boys are eating breakfast but you are welcome to ask me as many questions as you want until they can join us." He smiled charmingly and gestured to the door way, "Shall we."

The girl nodded, "thank Dr. Venkman." She said formally, "please, you can call me Peter. Juniper is a very pretty name." He commented as he led her back. "Thank you, but please call me June." She chuckled and sat in a plastic chair as Peter sat at his desk. "Do you mind If I record this session?" she asked, removing a black tape recorder from her bag.

"Not at all" he leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the wood desk. "Ask away." June cleared her throat and hit the red button on the record, "Dr. Peter Venkman, You are a member of the recently famous paranormal investigator group dubbed "The Ghostbusters" I wonder if you could give me and my readers some insight on the development of this group?" she spoke clearly and set the recorder on the table.

"Well, It all started with a little idea my friend Ray Stantz and I had when we first started working together at Columbia University, there we met Egon Spengler, a fellow doctor in Parapsychology. It was only after we lost our grant that we decided to put out plan into action." Peter explained and June made little notes in her note book, "Dr. Venkman, would you consider yourself an expert on the subject of the spirit world?" she asked and rested her chin on her fist.

"Well Expert is a strong word, but I think we have a pretty good idea on what we're doing here." Peter chuckled and tossed a little red rubber ball from one hand to the other. "You do know of the controversy surrounding your organization do you not? Not just from nonbelievers but from the paranormal community as well." June readied her note book, "What exactly do you do with these spirits you and your comrades apprehend?"

"We store them safely in our containment unit." Peter said plainly, "can you describe it?"

"Uh think of a big red box with a bunch of tubes in it." He described plainly and used his hands to make an invisible box shape, in truth he had only a cloudy idea how it worked, Egon and Ray were the brainiacs.

"And where exactly is this containment unit? Is it on these premises?" she asked. Peter took his feet off the table and folded his hands, "yes it is." June nodded and wrote in her notes, Peter craned his neck to see what she was writing but she covered it before he could see. "I wonder if I might speak with some of the other members?" she asked and flipped to a clean page.

"Uh sure." Peter nodded and opened the door for her and led her to the dining area where the Ray was finishing his food. Egon leaned on the fridge, analyzing a large paper pad seriously in a blue and grey sweater vest over a dress shirt and grey trousers. "Egon, Ray, this is Miss. Juniper Wilbur. She a reporter and she wants to run an article on our little organization."

The men nodded and shook the woman's hand. "It's very nice to meet you," Ray said. "She wasn't to interview you two" Peter pushed her toward Ray. "Play nice." June smiled professionally, "Nice to meet you Dr. Stantz. I wonder If I might ask you some questions?" Ray nodded and sat at the table. "Can we get you some coffee?" He offered by June shook her head, "No thank you," she declined as she placed a fresh tape in the record, she like to keep every organized as she labeled the tape she just took out "P. Venkman"

"Dr. Stantz, I just finished talking to your colleague Dr. Venkman…"

"Whatever he did or said I am so sorry" Ray said suddenly and June looked taken aback. "Uh he didn't do anything, but anyway I just finished talking to him and I wonder about the nature of these Spirits you and your team collect. It is common knowledge the a spirit is of course a bit of human essence left behind after death" June scribbled in her note book, "But several Apparitions' rights activists have comments that Ghosts are not much different from us, any thoughts?"

Ray bit his lip, "Well, the ghosts are the spirits of human beings who have not passed on after death, but it is our experience that after death, a piece of the soul seems to get warped. Causing the spirit to often be less human and more creature." June wrote this down and tapped the end of the pencil on the table. "Dr. Stantz, Have you ever come across any benevolent ghosts, harmless, kind even?" she asked and Ray smiled, "Not yet. But I hope to one day come across an intelligent, benevolent spirit with whom we could converse and get a better understanding of what they are."

"Doctor, would it surprise you to know that there have been cases of spirits who communicate with humans, watching over children, some people even have ghost that have been around so long that they are considered parts of the family." June cited. "Do you think it is possible that these beings are not much different from us after all?"

Ray shrugged, "I suppose it is possible, but highly unlikely"

"Now I am very curious about this containment unit mentioned by Dr. Venkman, If we do not know if these spirits have feelings and near human states of mind. Do you think it responsible to host these beings in what your comrade has described as…" she flipped back to Peter's page. "A big red box with a bunch of tubes in it?" Ray paled. "Well it's actually a bit more complicated than that uh…Egon!" He pointed to the tall, thin man who looked dup blandly.

"Why don't you and I escort Miss Wilbur down to the basement so she can accurately represent what we do here?" Egon stared at him a moment, then glanced at Miss Wilbur who looked positively ecstatic about the idea. "Alright" Egon sighed and motioned for them to follow has he unlocked the door to the basement, "But don't touch anything, all of this equipment is very delicate." June looked around curiously and her face lit up when she saw the basement. "Oh My God."

"Now you might want to get all of this down because the mechanics are fairly complicated and…." Egon began but he was cut off but her squeal. "An Ecto-Containment laser powered security Grid!" she stuttered, "You're electric bill must be through the roof!"

"Oh look at that she's fluent in technobabble," Peter noted as he walked down the stairs. "But how did you build one in such a small area?"

"Well the basement was actually much larger than this but we had to wall off a good majority of it to contain the ghosts." Egon explained before pausing, "wait you actually know what this thing is?" June nodded sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck. "I may have a Masters in Engineering and a Bachelors in Parapsychology." She blushed. "But aren't you worried about if you run out of room in the containment area?" Ray nodded gravely, "we're trying to figure that out."

June walked over to the brick wall and pressed her palm firmly against the stone and closed her eyes. "what's she doing?' Peter whispered. "I'm not sure"

June frowned deeply, her forehead scrunching up as she pulled her hand away. "They're so angry." She muttered in a disturbed manner. Egon stepped forward. "They?"

"The Spirits." June sighed and smiled sadly, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I haven't been very honest with you. I did come to write an article yes, but I also came for another reason. I need your help."

The three looked at each other confused and Ray sat in a chair. "I think you ought to explain a bit." June nodded and motioned to a spare chair, "May I sit?" Ray nodded and June gathered up her dress and sat down swiftly.

"Ever Since I can remember I have been able to communicate with the dead. And on several occasions my body has been used as a vessel for the dead to converse with the living" She started out blunt, getting right to the point. "Every woman on my father's side of the family has been able to speak to the dead and I've dedicated my life to helping lost souls pass on. And now that you're the first to make a commercialized business out 'ghost busting' as you so eloquently put it. I want to help you."

Egon sat on a backwards chair and thought a moment, "Miss Wilbur, Have you ever been treated for mental illness?" Juniper frowned deeply, "I'm not Crazy!" she snapped and Ray shook his head, "we're not saying you are. But you have to admit it does sound rather strange." June looked at him incredulously, "honestly, you three run a business dedicated to the capture of ghosts and a spiritual medium is out of your range of belief?" she sighed and crossed her arms.

"Is there any way I can convince you I am not crazy or lying?" Egon glanced at a complicated piece of equipment resting against the wall. "Actually there is."

A few minutes later June was hooked up to a brain scan and polygraph machine. "Okay, Is this really necessary?" she queried as Ray pasted on the final wire to her forehead. "All in the name of science my dear" Peter assured her as Egon fiddled with the dials. "Alright." He droned and flipped the switch causing the machine to hum. "Let's start with a few trial questions, what is your full name?" June sighed, "Juniper Josette Wilbur"

"What year were you born?"


"What color is your dress currently?"


"Where were you born?"


"All clear so far." Ray observed, "let's move to something harder" He picked up an index card "Can a prime p satisfy 2p − 1 ≡ 1 (mod p2) and 3p − 1 ≡ 1 (mod p2) simultaneously?" June thought on it, her brain straining for the answer and Egon nodded as her pulse spiked. "I… I uh…It is…?"

"It's a trick question Miss Wilbur, a currently unsolvable math equation, though it's not for lack of trying. Yes I think we're ready for the really thing. Please start at the beginning and be as detailed as possible."

June nodded, "It all started when I was eight years old and My pet dog Cujo was hit by a car. A few days I started d\seeing him around the yard and I could hear him barking at night. I told my mother and she explained that all the women on my father's side of the family have the ability to see the spirits of the dead. As soon as I turned ten I would attend séances with my Grandmother."

"When did you first allow a spirit to use your body as a vessel?" Ray asked and June shrugged, "Technically the first time wasn't voluntary, I as thirteen years old and I was Attending a Séance in Salem with my Grandmother and my Aunt. When we arrived Nona began to speak with the spirits of a witch who had been burned at the stake during the witch trials. I started to feel pressure in my chest and in my head like when you hover in that space between sleep and awake, or when you're so tired you can barely walk or think" She recalled the feeling clearly. "Next thing I knew I was laying on the floor with a coat under my head and my aunt fanning me. Apparently my body was possessed by the spirit and they were finally able to get the ghost to pass on"

"What makes you think you can help us?" Peter asked and June gulped, "Since that day I have worked to use my ability to help lost spirits find their way out of our world and into theirs, I worked freelance for a few years but lack of work required me to seek alternative career choice, but now you're here and I would like to help you in any way possible."

Egon analyzed the polygraph results as well as the brain waves and muttered. "Incredible" he cleansed his glasses and squinted at the paper. "what is it Spengler?" Ray asked and peered over his shoulder, "Her brain waves, the patterns are highly irregular, Miss Wilbur I would very much like to continue examining you brain activity" June smiled light heartedly, "Well Doctor If you except my offer, you will have plenty of time to do so." This won over Egon completely. "Well I think it's worth a short." Ray agreed and Peter hummed, "I'm just not sure…" he hummed. Egon turned to him "Peter, this could be a once in a life time opportunity, and even if we're wrong we still need some help around here."

"You could pay me minimum wage, and I can help Janine with the paper work, after all you did tell her you would hire more help." June insisted and Ray turned to her, "How did you know that?" June shrugged, "Janine told me."

"Come on Peter."

"What the worse that can happen?"

Peter crossed his arms, "Ah What the Hell! I like her, she's got spirit. Besides how many other beautiful women are we going to meet that can keep up with Egon's technobabble?" Ray whooped and clapped his hands. "Perfect, thank you so so so so much" June cheered, and began to peel the wires off her forehead and arms "and I already have a case for you." She grabbed her messenger bag and pulled out a manila folder with several pieces of paper sticking out. "over the past few weeks I have been visiting the old abandoned Plantation house. It's at least 150 years old and a hot bed for activity. I've made a few connections but I wonder if we could conduct a sort of séance to really get to know what's going on there."

Egon opened the file and began to read June's note. "The house was owned ten years ago but the family moved out due to disturbing paranormal activity" he read. "uh huh" June nodded "You see Ghosts can make temporary contact with our world but it's rare that they actually get their point across, that's why the old owners of the house were only getting cryptic messages like "Get Out" and stuff like that" she explained cheerfully.

"I don't know, Get out seems pretty clear to me" Peter noted and June shook her head, "Oh no! there's much more then that I'm sure of it." She looked at the wall clock and gasped, "Oh God, I have to go!" she stood up quickly and snatched her messenger bag, "Meet me at that address at say Oh… eight-ish?" she asked hurriedly. "I'll walk you out." Egon offered "I wonder if I might scan your bran during this little experiment of ours?"

"By all means" June agreed as they walked up the stairs and towards the front door. "Miss Wilbur!" she turned and found ray running after them in a rather comical way, "Miss Wilbur! You forgot your Coat!" June looked at the patchwork winter coat and smiled, "Thank you Doctor Stantz." She slipped it on and nodded and turned to leave before whipping around.

"Oh I almost forgot!" she counted off on her fingers. "I'm going to need a Rope, A Goat, and a bottle of Vodka." Ray mouthed the words while Egon tried to figure out how these random objects would help in any way shape or form.

"Right…" she paused, "Wait…. Yep, that should do it! Good evening gentlemen." She smiled brightly and, much to the amusement of both, skipped out of the building her hair bouncing behind her.

"Well…" Peter came up behind them and watched her go with them. "I like her."