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August 31, 1998

Hermione was sprawled out on her back, knitted blanket under her, in the apple orchard at the Weasleys. The mottled leaves were blowing in the breeze as the sun sank to its knees off in the distance, throwing off brilliant shades of pink, orange, and yellow. Harry, Ron, and Ginny were playing one last game of two on two quidditch with George before their trip back to Hogwarts in the morning; if she listened closely, she could hear the whistling of their broomsticks cutting through the evening air. Everyone knew this was an attempt to keep George's spirits up since Fred's death. Hermione could tell that George resented it, but appreciated it at the same time.

Rather than watch the four of them spar at quidditch, Hermione lost herself in thought. Completely and utterly lost herself in thought. Her mind just couldn't help but replay the events of the summer and how everyone was going to deal with it all now that they were returning to Hogwarts. Of course, Harry and Ron almost hadn't returned. Kingsley had offered them places in the auror program, which they had been keen on taking, but the look on Molly's face had been heartbreaking when the thought of losing two more of her sons to the real world almost became a reality. To give Molly peace of mind and time to heal after losing Fred, both Ron and Harry had declined Kingsley's offer until they had graduated, which honestly, seemed to make him even more happy.

Hermione and Ron had never really talked about being an official couple after the kiss in the Room of Requirement; it somehow just happened. The whole family seemed absolutely overjoyed, despite the loss of Fred. Most of the time, Hermione couldn't be happier. She and Ron would have intimate snogging sessions; however, she would never let him get past heavy petting, much to his chagrin. On the flip side, they would have the most volatile arguments, usually started over something petty or nonexistent.

Harry and Ginny had had a much slower start back into their relationship, which Hermione couldn't necessarily blame Ginny course, Ginny had understood why Harry had left her and didn't blame him, but the hurt was still there and she was learning to trust him again.

The funerals had been the first thing to begin after the Battle. Fred's, Remus', Tonks', Colin Creevey's, were just the few that Hermione could name off the tip of her tongue. In total, they had made an appearance at over twenty funerals.

Harry had spoken to her about testifying at the Malfoy's trials. Hermione had readily agreed, knowing that although Draco had watched her tortured, he had bought them time at Malfoy Manor by not identifying them. Harry was testifying for Narcissa, as she had lied to Voldemort for him. When Harry had approached Ron about putting his word behind the Malfoys, he had exploded in a fit of rage, unable to believe that Harry and Hermione would help the ferret-faced prick and his mum stay out of Azkaban when "their kind" had killed Fred.

The trials were a focal point for a huge argument between the Trio, making Harry and Hermione feel unwelcome at the Burrow. At the time of the trials, Harry and Hermione had moved to Grimmauld Place, so as not to cause any distress between their adopted family. Ginny still came to see Harry, had been upset when he had left the Burrow, but Ron refused to see the pair. Hermione was hurt by his actions, but chalked it up to Ron being Ron.

Malfoy Sr. had been proven through Snape's memories and those of his family to have been under the Imperious Curse since Voldemort's return, forced to do his bidding. However, for past offenses, he was sentenced to six months in Azkaban prison. Narcissa Malfoy had never taken the Dark Mark and had only stayed at Malfoy Manor to ensure her husband and son's safety, so she was sentenced to a years probation, to be spent at the Manor. Draco was proven to have taken the Dark Mark against his will, to keep his parents from being tortured and murdered. Since he had not killed Dumbledore and had indeed bought the Trio time after their capture, he was given a years probation as long as he agreed to return to Hogwarts to finish his education.

Ron, as well as a couple of the other Weasleys, were furious that the Malfoys had gotten off so easily. Knowing that there would be no reconciliation anytime soon, Hermione and Harry left for Australia to find her parents. Ginny had been invited, as she was the only one who had remained loyal to the two-thirds of the Trio who felt they had to do what was right. However, she declined so she could stay home with her family, continue grieving, and help them see that their family wasn't whole without their adopted members.

"Bravery and Brains", as the Daily Prophet had dubbed Harry and Hermione, left for Australia on a Wednesday. Once they arrived, they searched for a mere five days before they located Wendell and Monica Wilkins at their dental practice, striking fear into Hermione's heart at once. She and Harry followed them home that evening and she removed the charm on her father first, then her mother, Harry's hand on her back the whole time for support.

As soon as the Wilkins remembered that they were actually the Grangers, joy lit up their faces when they saw their daughter, then confusion flitted through their eyes as they realized that their situation had most definitely changed. The second that Hermione told them that she had removed their memories and replaced them with new ones, the shouting began. Hermione began crying, begging to let her explain, but her parents would have none of it. Daniel and Jean Granger ordered her out of their life, telling her they could never again trust a daughter that would turn her magic against them, no matter the reason.

Hermione had taken a deep breath, held back her tears, lifted her chin, and simply told them she would abide by their wishes. However, if they changed their mind, they could reach her at Hogwarts over the school year. Harry had grasped her hand and led her from their house, walking a block until they found a place to disapparate. When they reached their hotel room, Hermione had broken down in tears and cried into Harry's chest for an undetermined amount of time.

The pair had left the next morning, Hermione refusing to stay in the country any longer. Rather than return to the Burrow, Hermione went straight to Hogwarts to help with the repairs, insisting that Harry go back to be with Ginny. She had needed time to herself, felt that she needed to give back to the school. Hermione really couldn't care what Ron thought about her choice; he would eventually come around or he wouldn't.

Hermione stayed at the castle for a week, repairing destroyed corridors, going through the ruined library books and trying to repair them, helping the house elves repair the kitchens. Professor McGonagall had been so pleased to see her arrive, even happier to let her stay in Gryffindor Tower. The volunteers had, of course, rallied at her presence, thankful and excited to be working with the famous Hermione Granger.

Hermione had counted herself surprised when Ron showed up on her ninth day at Hogwarts, apologetic and begging for her forgiveness. Being the forgiving soul she was, she had attributed his actions to grief and returned to the Burrow with him, where she had spent the last month.

Of course, Hermione had somehow forgotten that she would be getting a Hogwarts letter, as would Harry, Ron, and Ginny. When a school owl had arrived one day, four letters in it's beak, it all came rushing back, that all too familiar excitement for school. As she had torn into her letter, tears of joy had trickled down cheeks when she realized that the Head Girl badge was in her letter. Harry had tugged her into a hug before reading his own letter, discovering that he was a Prefect.

Hermione wasn't sure what to think of Professor McGonagall making Harry, Ron, and Ginny as Prefects. Not that they would be bad at it, but the two boys had done little more than talk of a carefree year, doing just enough to get through the year. The fact remained that if they were all Prefects, neither was Neville or Luna (she had owled and asked), she had no idea who the Head Boy was.

Hermione could hear the three Weasleys and Harry landing in the grass nearby, bringing her back to the present. Ron flung himself down on the blanket next to her, slanting his mouth against hers and thrusting his tongue in her mouth. His hand cupped her cheek, then trailed his hand down her neck to fondle her breast. After a few minutes, she pushed him away with a smile.

"You know I'm not ready, Ron. Just be patient." Ron gave her a chaste kiss and stood, pulling her to her feet before slinging his arm around her shoulders. Hermione wrapped her arm around his waist.

"We better go pack, we leave in the morning." Ron groaned audibly as he wiped his hands down his face.

"Merlin, I'll pack tomorrow. There will be plenty of time." Hermione bit her tongue, smiling inwardly. Some things would never change.

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