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Pairing: Definite Paul/OFC- Charlotte Rae Swan
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Rating: Fiction M- For language, adult themes/situations, violence, general werewolf/vampire drama...and because I'm paranoid.

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Fate's Changes

"Change is coming."

The girl's head snapped up from her studies almost immediately at the voice's declaration, her eyes ripped away from the ancient languages scrawled in the weathered and torn, bound journal she held carefully in her open hands. Her mentor's words were laced with acknowledgement and deliberation, giving way to confirming the heavy feeling that had been churning throughout her student's essence for well over a week. She wasn't looking forward it, sure that any change would bring a lengthy interruption at least and a major life-change at most.

"The dreams…" The girl frowned, sea foam green eyes meeting almost violet ones, worriedly.

"Aye." The older woman nodded, her lips tugging upward.

"WHY are you smiling?!" The girl snapped, angered with her own fear that reared its ugly head rather than the woman she was speaking to. "I'm not ready for this, I'm not prepared. I can't even interpret the dream's meaning! It's like a series of disconnected events that swarm together in a jumbled mess; fangs, blood, despair! Forests and water and…and wolves! I can't even begin to-"

"Hush child!" Her mentor snapped, squeezing her hand tightly. "Need I remind you the dramatic consequences of your last loss of control?"

Silence filled the open room, thick with velvet upholstery to swallow the sound of their shouting. The girl finally began to settle slowly, the energy within her body taming itself and then swirling to a standstill inside of her instead of zapping around chaotically. Endangering those around her, and the very room she stood in.

"I'm not ready Maeve."

"Few rarely are my dear," The woman consoled, stroking her palm in comfort. "So few manage to find something great in this world, but I knew from the moment you came to me, you were destined for something great, something more than this simplicity."

The girl scoffed sarcastically, rolling her eyes in obvious disbelief that her mentor ignored purposefully, leading her to the couch she had formally been reclining on as she read before she jumped up in her fit. They sat, facing each other, though the girl concentrated fully on chewing her bottom lip as she stared out the large windows, eyes trailing over the cliffs and the frothy waters below. The old woman sighed softly, continuing to soothe her charge as best she could before she began to speak again.

"The opportunity will surface soon and you will take it, follow it, and reach the stars that I know beckon you home."

A soft whimper echoed from the girl as she shook her head in denial, unshed tears glistening.

"What am I supposed to do without you near?"

The older woman smiled once again as her heart ached subtly, stroking her student's fair skinned cheek, the girl who had become akin to a daughter after showing up on her doorstep eight years previously. Too much wisdom had been instilled in the eyes of such a young child, her innocence of the world stolen away so very early in her life, replaced with the acknowledgement that there was indeed much evil still thriving in the world.

Monsters lurking in the shadows.

"Do you really think I would not heed your call?"