Chapter 5

Tuesday, August 8th

Christian POV

"Maybe we should go to the hospital," I quietly suggest to Taylor.

Apparently, I wasn't quiet enough though. I hear movement behind me and turn around to see the girl struggling to open the locked door and visibly shaking.

"No hospital." Taylor says sternly while looking at the girl. "No hospital, we promise."

She starts to relax a bit but still cowers in her seat shaking.

"How about we just go get something to eat?" He suggests. She seams hesitant at first but her stomach makes grumbling noises announcing its empty presence to us.

Taylor looks over to me and I nod. "Escala. I'll text Gail to whip up something." I nod in agreeable with the plan.

I text Gail to make some an assortment of breakfast foods for us all to eat.

*Coming back to Escala. Prepare breakfast assortment for 4 if you have yet to eat.*

I also email Ros to tell her I'm not coming in today but I'll be available by phone or email if anything urgent comes up; I don't just want to leave this girl who obviously needs help. Lastly, I contemplate texting my mom to come check on the girl's obvious injuries but I'm not sure how to put this situation in to a text message where she won't freak out or be confused. I'll call her when we get upstairs.

We arrive at Escala and I open the door for her while holding my hand out. She doesn't accept my hand but does manage to scamper out of the SUV wincing along the way, again making me wonder how serious her injuries really are.

The elevator ride is tension filled. Taylor and I stand on one side of the elevator while the girl tries to make herself as small as possible in the other corner. When we arrive to my floor, we are greater with a concerned and slightly confused looking Gail. I don't think I've ever come back home so quickly after leaving out and my message was a little bit cryptic.

Taylor and I step off the elevator first and turn around to wait for the girl to get off. She again stands the furthest away from us but seems to ease a little when she sees Gail. Maybe she feels more comfortable having more people around or a female present? I looked to Gail who has a shocked look on her face and if I'm not mistaken, tears in her eyes.

"I- uh.. Breakfast is almost ready. Would you like to freshen up Miss-" Gail looks to Taylor and I for her name but we simply shake our heads.

The girl doesn't respond right away but she keeps looking around cautiously. Eventually, she nods towards Gail and Gail leads her to the guest bedroom on the main floor. As soon as they are clear, Taylor and I go to my office.

"Did she say anything?"

"No, sir. All she did was cry. Security wise there's only so much I can do without a name or clear picture but I don't think she's in any state to be a threat."

"Any idea what happened to her?"

"No. But judging by the coloring and the obvious pain she's in, I'd say the bruises are fresh. Less than 24 hours at most."

"I'm going to call my mother to come check her over, see if there's anything more serious that we can't see."

"I'll go get welch to look at security cameras. Maybe he can track her by her whereabouts." I nod in dismissal.

"Hi Mom."

"Christian?" she says surprised. "Is everything okay? You don't usually call, let alone this early."

A wave of guild washes through me. "Yes, well no. What are you doing up so early?"

"I have the morning shift in a few hours. Are you okay? Are you sick? Do yo-"

"Mom! I'm fine but I have.. a friend. They need to be checked over as soon as you can." I say avoiding gender specific pronouns.

"Why don't you just bring them to the hospital?"

"They don't really like hospitals."

"Okay, I'll be leaving in a few."

"Thanks mom."

"Of course sweetie."

Anastasia POV

"My name is Gail. I'm Mr. Grey's housekeeper." The woman says once we step in to yet another lavish room.

I still don't trust my voice yet but I try to smile to show my gratitude with a smile. At least I hope it comes off as a smile.

"There's a fully stocked bathroom through that door if you want to freshen up, or even take a shower. I can wash your clothes or there might be some clothes that fit you in the closet." she smiles.

I walk in to the door that she said was the closet first. There are more clothes in here than I think I've ever owned. I settle on a basic t-shirt and some jeans with a sweater.

"I'll give you some privacy. You can just put your clothes on the bed and I'll get them while you're in the shower. Okay?" I nod and Gail steps out of the room.

I quickly strip out of my clothes and place them on the bed running to the bathroom. I don't even dare look in the mirror afraid of what I'll see looking back at me. I do take examination of my body though. There's big red bruising on my arms and chins. I think I did a good job protecting my vital organs and bones though theres still a radiating pain all throughout me, especially my head and back.

I wash myself getting caught up in the heat and steam of the shower, slowly allowing myself and my muscles to relax. It's been quite some time since I've been able to take a long hot shower. Still, I don't want to overstay my welcome or let my guard down too much. I wash my hair quickly and get out of the shower. I manage to put it up in a loose bun on top of my head and get dressed as quickly as I can.

Again, without looking at myself in the mirror I place everything I used back and put the towel in the hamper. I'm not sure if it would be okay for me to leave the room so I wait on the bed for someone to come and get me.

I don't have to wait long as Gail knocks and peaks through the door telling me that breakfast is ready. I follow her back out to the kitchen where a spread is out on the breakfast bar. There are mini-waffles, sausage, bacon, eggs, fruit, toast, and hash browns.

Christian, I think his name was, motions for me to sit on one of the stools. It takes a little doing but I manage to get up and sit in a way that's not too painful. When I look up I see Christian mumbling and shaking his head. Did I take too long? I frown.

"Taylor, Gail, join us. There's plenty food to go around. Also my mother should be here shortly."

They all look at each other uncertainly and it makes me nervous and fidget a little. Christian goes on to make a plate with a few mini-waffles, fruit, and bacon. He sits the plate in front of me and then goes on to pile on a plate with three times the amount of food for himself.

The food smells so good but I know from experience that scarfing it down now would only make it come back up later.

"Take your time. You don't want to get sick." Christian says. How does he know that? "If you want some more after that, we have plenty."

I start out by cutting up my waffles and adding a bit of syrup. I take the first bite and I think my tastebuds went to heaven. I can't help the moan that escapes. I open my eyes to se everyone looking at he. Gail with a genuine smile, and Jason with apprehension and Christian with relief.

Breakfast is silent but comfortable. Everyone seems to be in their own head much like myself.

The elevator makes a dinging noise that makes me jump. Taylor goes toward it and Christian stands somewhat protectively in front of me.

I peak around his arm to see another slightly older woman than Gail come in.

"Mom. Thanks for coming."

"Of course." She smiles at him. You can see the motherly love in her eyes.

He turns around to face me. "That woman is my mom. She's a doctor. I asked her to come check you over." He says softly and strokes my cheek with his finger; the gesture so foreign yet intimate. I look in to his eyes briefly but have to look away because of the intensity.

I slowly stand up and he moves to the side so his mom can get a good look at me. Her eyes grow to the size of saucers and she covers her mouth with her hand as she gasps. I don't really look that bad do I? Maybe I should have glanced in the mirror.

"I'm so glad you're okay." She says emotionally.

"Mom, you know who this is?" Christian asks with a furrowed brow.

"Christian, can I talk to you for a second?" She asks.

Jason, Christian, and Christian's Mom leave to go to another room, leaving just Gail and I left. To feel like I've contributed at least something, I clear the island despite Gail's insistence that I don't need to do so.

When they come back, Jason stands by the entrance where the elevator is, Christian looks frustrated and his Mom looks like she's about to tell me something I don't want to hear.

"Sweetie." She says calmly but it doesn't do much to calm my rising nerves. "I was your doctor when you were brought in to the hospital last night." She pauses. "We need to go back so you can get fully evaluated."

No. No. I shake my head furiously making my headache even worse. I don't have money or insurance. They'll call Ray. I can't let that happen. I close my eyes, feel my chest tightening and I think I'm about to pass out. I jump when I feel hands on my face but I open my eyes and am met with Christian's intense gray eyes. I still can't hear what he's saying but for some reason staring in to his eyes seems to calm me down.

"Can you hear me?" He sounds mumbled but I nod my head. "Good. My Mom is the best and she'll take care of you. I'll take care of you. Don't worry."