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Val runs to the door. Opens it and hugs Brenda and Brenda hugs her back. Cindy and Jim head for the door too. Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, Donna, David, Steve and Andrea look toward the door but makes no moves toward it except for Andrea does. Brandon sees this and says "Andrea, what are you doing?"

"I am going to see Brenda." Andrea said, thinking that, that was obvious.

"I am not greeting Brenda, Andrea and you are my friend not hers so you shouldn't either. Your loyalty is to me."

"Brandon, I am not going to play that game. I can be your friend and Brenda's." Andrea tells him.

"No, you can't. Choose! Either you support Brenda or Brandon!" Kelly said.

"I just said I am not playing this game." Andrea walks away and over to where Jim, Cindy, Val and Brenda are. She is nervous after what Brenda said on the television.

Brenda sees Andrea coming and so do the other three and wonders what is going to happen next, when Andrea walks up to Brenda.

"Hello, Brenda. How are you doing?"

To the shock of everyone Brenda hugs Andrea. "Welcome home, Brenda."

"Thanks. How are you, Hannah and Jesse doing?"

"Hannah and I moved back to Beverly Hills without Jesse. He didn't want to leave his girlfriend that he had been seeing behind my back for the last year that we were in New York City. After you left I decided to listen to you and called your friend the private detective and he got the proof of what you suspected. You were right and I'm sorry for what I said I just didn't want to believe that he was cheating on me. Hannah was upset, well more than upset at what Jesse did and refuses to speak to Jesse and I have suggested he try to talk to her without his tart on the phone but he won't listen. He is trying to force her onto Hannah and she wants no part of either one."

"I was hoping I was wrong and he wasn't cheating on you. I'm sorry he was and as for what you said all is forgiven. I understand that you were upset at the thought of Jesse cheating but I am glad you found out the truth I just wish it was a different truth."

"Thanks. If not for you I still wouldn't know, probably. So how are you doing?"

"I'm doing okay, Andrea. If you hadn't been in the ER that night I'd probably be dead, thank god you were though."

"What are you talking about?" Brandon wants to know.

Brenda looks at her twin brother and feels very little for him, "I was in a car accident and luckily for me Andrea was in the ER room working when I was brought in and I didn't have a pulse and the other doctor was just going to call time of death but Andrea said no and she took over and saved my life, she brought me back with no brain damage although I had been officially dead a minute to long but Andrea brought me back and had tests run for me to make sure I was okay."

"Yes, and Andrea had the other doctor fired because he was just going to call it because it was a busy night in the ER and he thought one less person to take care of. You don't have that attitude when you are a doctor. He screwed up and he was fired thanks to Andrea and her bringing it to the hospital boards attention."

"It helped that you were a Star on Broadway and the Chief of Staff had gone to see the play you were in two nights before the accident."

"There was that too. Andrea, you were my hero though."


Kelly had been mad when she heard the interview and the fact that Jim and Cindy took Brenda's side instead of Brandon's. Now they learn that Andrea saved Brenda's life and wishes she hadn't. She should have let her die. Kelly thought.

Cindy says, "Let's go into the family room. I'm sure Brenda would like to get out of the doorway." Val and Andrea take Brenda's hands and heads that way and Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, Steve, Donna and David move out of the doorway of the family room when Brandon sees the look on his Dad's face.

Brandon didn't want to anger him but knew he was about too. "So, Brenda how soon will your show flop you think? With you as the star it shouldn't last long after all you can't act. You were mediocore in the play you did here in Beverly Hills. I mean really you had to sleep with the director to get the part."

Brenda puts up her hand when she sees her father start to explode at what her brother was saying. She walks over to Brandon and hits him hard and lays him out flat. "Brandon, I have never slept with anyone to get a part. I earned every award I've gotten and I've gotten more than a few awards. I am good at what I do. Can you say the same? You're still working for a small newspaper company that Steve owns. Not getting much attention there, are you? Yet I am on billboards that are going up tomorrow around town and around the world for my new show." Brenda said sitting down.

Brandon is getting mad too. Brenda shouldn't be successful, he was the one who should be successful. Now looking at his Dad and Mom he saw that they were proud of Brenda and all she had accomplished in her life. She was going to star in a tv series.

Jim says, "That's not all. Brenda has been asked to star in a movie with a big star name which Brenda cannot release the name until Brenda decides rather she wants to do it or not. It might have a few big names in it but like Brenda told us last night she is not sure she wants to do it. Her first love is theater and television show is a little different than what she is use to and now they want her to star in a movie with a well-known actor. A big name."

Cindy knows Jim is bragging about Brenda's accomplishment and that Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, Steve, David and Donna didn't like it. They didn't like that she had accomplished so much in just a few years while they were still in college and trying to decide what they wanted to be while Brenda has already made a name for herself in her chosen field. She was a star and she didn't need any of them. She chose Val and Andrea to still be friends with but the rest of them she could care less and Jim and Cindy even understood that from what Brandon, Kelly and Dylan had said to her the last time that the four of them talked. Brandon, Kelly and Dylan had not meant to say what they did to Brenda but they had said it and now they had to live with what they did. Kelly had made it worse when she called Brenda in London and told her that she slept with Dylan again while Dylan and Brenda were talking that ended that and Brandon and Dylan never knew about that phone call. Brandon had never found out what Kelly had told Brenda and no one else did either. If that secret came out than she would lose Brandon and Dylan she was sure of it. Dylan would get angry at her probably for telling Brenda they were back together. Kelly's life could be blown apart with the return of Brenda. She could lose everything. Couldn't happen to a nicer girl.

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