"I am whatever Kyo-san needs," Kusakabe Tetsuya explains simply with a shrug, the chain around his neck rattling with seven different A class flame rings.

"That's not how that works," Tsuna says slowly, now the Decimo but still with no control over any situation. "You can't wish a different flame type into existence."

"Whatever. He. Needs," Kusakabe says severely.

Tsuna throws his hands up. "Done. I'm done."

The most terrifying thing about Kyouya is probably the strange, fanatic loyalty the Disciplinary Committee have.

"Should we help?" Lambo asks in concern at seeing Ryohei get flung around by his opponent.

"We can't interfere," Kyouya says solemnly. "He wouldn't want that."

Ryohei cries out in pain when his ribs are stomped on.

"But… but he looks really injured," Lambo winces.

Ryohei is slammed against a wall and punches rain down onto his face.


Lambo's head snaps around to stare at Kyouya, who seems to be trying to control himself. "Did you just laugh?" Lambo blurts out. "Is that laughter?"

Kyouya clears his throat. "You are young yet, but fighting is all about pride-"

Ryohei screams when his leg snaps.

Kyouya chokes on a snicker and looks away, only turning back when the smile is gone. "It's a … manly battle, and-"

The Sun drops to the ground and doesn't move as the opponent grinds their heel into the man's kidney. Kyouya finally loses his shit and dissolves into laughter while Lambo rolls his eyes and goes to help Ryohei.

Kyouya laughs even harder when Lambo gets the shit beaten out of him as well.

Dino peers out of the front door at the heavy rain thundering down and undoes the Velcro on his umbrella strap.

Kyouya looks down when he hears a chirp and finds Hibird's head poking out from Kyouya's pants pocket. The man gives the canary a small pat and then lifts it out; instead moving his suit jacket and tie away to put the bird into his front shirt pocket. Kyouya buttons up his jacket again and soothes down the tie once Hibird is completely hidden from the wind and rain, kept extra warm by Kyouya's body heat.

Meanwhile, Reborn reaches up, for Leon to step off the brim of his hat and onto his hand. The chameleon gets the idea and crawls up Reborn's sleeve, stopping half way up his forearm and curling into a bracelet.

Dino pauses before opening the umbrella fully and glances back at the other two. "Do either of you need to share with…" Dino trails off in realisation. Neither have an umbrella or rain coat. "Well, do rock paper scissors for who I'm taking."

Reborn and Kyouya raise an eyebrow in synchronicity.


Dino shivers miserably in the heavy rain and pulls the edge of his hoodie lower over his face, blindly following behind the two men under the umbrella.

"Anything you want to impart on your younger self?" Lambo asks, pointing a camera at Tsuna.

The Decimo looks at it in consideration and then nods. "Yeah, I have something." Tsuna smiles kindly into the lens. "No matter what happens or who you face," Tsuna begins seriously. "The worst thing you ever encounter is still Kyouya."

"I apologised," comes an exasperated voice off camera.

Tsuna turns and glares to the side, at the one who spoke. "These walls have carbon fibre backbones and are packed with Kevlar. You don't get to just break half the mansion!"

"Maybe you need better builders," Kyouya drawls.

"Better build-" Tsuna cuts himself off and sucks in a breath. "I leave you alone for an hour and now I'm missing half of my Italian headquarters."

"He started it," Kyouya says dismissively. "Why are you so upset with me?"

"First of all, I will be speaking to Mukuro as well… when I am able to find him," Tsuna reassures. "Secondly, I'm not upset, I'm furious because you obliterated a hectare of infrastructure!"

"I'm not seeing an issue here," the Cloud admits.

Tsuna lets his head fall to the table with a loud thunk. "When do you leave for Namimori?" he mumbles.


"Good," Tsuna grumbles. "I'll come to you next time. Let's see how you like it when I let Reborn wander off in your base."

"I'll bite you to death," Kyouya says conversationally, after dropping into Tsuna's office through the window.

"Sorry, not right now," Tsuna responds. "I still have too much to do."

Kyouya wanders up to the desk. "When?"

"I'm honestly sorry, but maybe you can find someone else?"

"No one else can make that ice, and when I track down your predecessor, people start screaming," Kyouya complains.

Tsuna frowns, maybe because he can't word the sentence correctly, or maybe because Kyouya is breaking into safe houses again. "That's because no one should be able to find the Ninth in his retirement."

"Then clearly they need better hiding places."

"Kyouya, can we do this later?" Tsuna tries again. "I'm writing an important letter."

"To who?"

Tsuna sighs. "The Vindice. Mukuro was doing something again, so they grabbed him." Tsuna looks up when there's no reply, sees the smile, and gives up. "What did you do?"

"Nothing," Kyouya murmurs. "I'm simply amused at his capture."

"What did you do? No, don't you walk away from me - Kyouya. Kyouya! Get back here young man!"


A/N: What was your favourite snippet? I liked the first one because I headcanon that Kusakabe is actually so OP XD.