Hey, everyone! Man, it's taken me forever to think of new FanFiction material, but now I think I might just have something that could be worthwhile.

For my first "new" Donkey Kong Country story of 2015, I've decided to take a trip back in time; to a time when a little monkey by the name of Diddy Kong, whom is now wildly popular, once thought he would never have any future ahead of him after what had happened in that dreadful adventure with his uncle, Donkey Kong. Here, we'll be seeing what it must have been like for him to go through such unbearable pain. Only time would tell when life for Diddy would ever be happy.

Anyways, enjoy this first chapter of "A Heart with No Hope"

The Day of K. Rool's Defeat

In the middle of a huge ocean stood an average-sized island filled with jungles, beaches, caves and glaciers. The jungles were the most well-known portion of this island. A famous tribe of apes, known as the Kongs, had been living on this island for many years, and since they had enjoyed a long-going musical culture, they had decided to name this island "Kongo Bongo".

Kongo Bongo seemed like the place to be on this glorious day. In the heart of the jungle, several Kongs were celebrating what had just become the greatest achievement for their big hero.

This big hero was a young yet large gorilla with huge muscles that gave him the strength to knock out anything with one punch. The only thing he wore was a red necktie. He was celebrated as the leader of the tribe and the ruler of the Kong throne. His name was Donkey Kong.

DK, along with his nephew, Diddy Kong, had only just succeeded in rescuing their lost bananas after a hard-fought battle with their arch-nemesis, King K. Rool, the leader of the crocodile group, known as the Kremlings. Following the battle and the subsequent return to their home island, DK was immediately met with happy cheers as his friends and family saluted him as their hero.

At this moment, DK was just looking into his banana hoard after being notified by his great-grandfather, Cranky Kong, about a "surprise" awaiting him in his cave under his tree house, which he shared with Diddy.

The ape looked inside the cave, and he could not believe his eyes …

Hundreds of bananas were stacked all the way up to the ceiling of the cave! The entire hoard had been saved, and all was well!

"I'm sure they'll soon be enough to last for years," DK said to himself as he admired the sight of his revived banana hoard.

Just then, he heard the sound of a few voices coming from just outside the open area of the tree house. It wasn't long before DK realized that the voices were coming from kids.

The gorilla turned around and left the banana cave to pick up any sense of what these kids were talking about.

"If Donkey Kong's really the strongest ape in all of Kongo Bongo, then why did he bother bringing that little pipsqueak along?" came the first voice.

"I still can't believe he got himself sealed in that barrel all because he's too weak to defend himself!" said the second voice.

"That poor little Diddy shouldn't have bothered going," said the third voice, "I'm sure he knew he was gonna receive absolutely nothing once he and his uncle returned."

"And I especially can't believe he claimed to have been the one to knock out King K. Rool!" added the first kid.

"Well, I don't know if it's really true or not, but I personally prefer to believe that it was a lie. No one ever should listen to that noisy little chatterbox, Diddy Kong!" said the second kid.

As DK listened to those unfriendly voices, his heart started racing with worry for a little monkey whom he cared for very much.

DK quickly remembered what had happened after he and Diddy returned to Kongo Bongo after the battle with K. Rool …

Diddy had successfully knocked out K. Rool by throwing a cannonball at his head while he was attempting to choke DK to death. However, when this detail was spread to the other Kongs, no one believed it. Everyone simply started laughing at the poor monkey. DK had done everything he could to help Diddy throw his negative thoughts away throughout the adventure, but after being laughed at by the other Kongs, Diddy simply felt rejected all over again, and he left the celebrations, unable to bear the pain and embarrassment that had broken his heart.

To DK, Diddy was no waste of space. In fact, other than Cranky, Diddy was the only family DK had. Diddy Kong just so happened to be the nephew of Donkey Kong. DK had raised Diddy after the poor monkey's parents mysteriously disappeared, and he hadn't seen them since. DK took his nephew in as his roommate and his apprentice. Diddy had looked up to DK and had dreamed of being a hero just like him. However, after what had happened today, he felt that it was a dream that would never come true. He had spent the majority of his childhood being bullied by other kids due to his small size, his weak muscles and his cowardice.

DK threw away all of those happy thoughts about being celebrated as the hero of the Kongs, and he placed all of his new thoughts on Diddy. He had watched his nephew being laughed at just a few minutes ago. He watched as he left the celebrations with a very sad look on his face. It was the saddest look DK had ever seen on Diddy.

The big gorilla turned to the ladder of the tree house and climbed up to the porch. Then, he slowly walked up to the front door and stepped into the small place which he called "home".

The house had only six rooms in all …

There was the living room which included a large sofa, a hammock that DK occasionally used, a tire which Diddy often rested on, and an average TV with an SNES and a channel box connected to it. To the left was DK's bedroom, where the big hero himself slept. To the right was Diddy's bedroom, which was often the only place where anyone could find the little sidekick of Donkey Kong due to him sometimes not wanting to come out of there because of how the other Kongs treated him. Three other rooms were at the back of the house; from left to right, the doors led to the bathroom, the closet and, finally, the kitchen.

It was all packed into a rather small house, but DK and Diddy never minded much about their small living space. It seemed to be at the standards for Kongo Bongo.

As DK walked into the living room and closed the front door, he heard the sound of some sad sobbing, which he knew could only be the voice of his nephew whom had just had his heart shattered.

The ape walked over and noticed Diddy lying lazily in his little tire swing. The monkey wore a red tank top and a red baseball cap, and he had a prehensile tail behind his waist. Tears were pouring from his eyes as he sobbed miserably. To DK, the sound of Diddy's crying always broke his heart. He loved Diddy as a nephew, and he never liked to see him sad. This was a moment in which it was time for DK to go into comfort mode for his little nephew.

DK slowly made his way to the tire swing and stopped right in front of Diddy. The little monkey looked at DK with cheeks that were as red as his clothes.

"Why, DK?" asked Diddy in a miserable voice, "Why!? Why did everyone have to reject me!?"

"Diddy," sighed DK, "I really can't think of an answer to that question that wouldn't make you feel even worse. I really wish I could help you."

"I was sure that everyone would finally see me as something, if anything at all," sobbed Diddy as he tried to fight off a possible emotional meltdown, "I was even the one to knock out K. Rool, and I was able to take down a few big guys and save your life a few times, but even then nobody takes any notice of me! I thought that people would stop bullying me and thinking that I was nothing but a worthless little pipsqueak, but everyone still thinks I'm just a little piece of rotten banana!"

"Diddy, … little buddy, … (sigh) … you know that either way, I'm still very proud of you," said DK in a warm voice, "You're the bravest and strongest little monkey I've ever known in my life."

"You're just saying that to cheer me up, aren't you!?" said Diddy with anger building up in his voice.

"No, I would never say something just to cheer you up, little buddy," replied DK, "Don't you remember nailing Queen B., … or all of those strong points you had?"

"Why would I wanna remember them when it all seems pointless at the end!? Why would I wanna remember everything you said to me!?" argued Diddy.

This caught DK off guard. His heart nearly stopped. Hearing such words like that felt very sad and heartbreaking for him, given all the encouragement he had given Diddy during their adventure. He knew it couldn't be pointless encouragement. Diddy had proven himself to DK as a strong little sidekick, but he felt that Diddy's feelings as a strong little sidekick were quickly falling apart.

"Diddy, … that really hurt me," said DK, "I can't believe you just said that! After all the encouragement I gave you, you just wanna go back to beating yourself up and thinking that my encouragement was pointless? I thought you had dreamed of being a hero just like me, and those words are something that a hero would never say. I gave you that encouragement because I wanted to help you get a little stronger with each step we took, and if you were to throw that all away right now, think of all the regret you would feel afterward. Think about how I would feel. Do you really think I would throw away any encouragement you gave me?"

As he listened to his uncle's words, Diddy felt all of his anger being replaced with regret mixed with even more sadness. He immediately realized that he should not have said those harsh words to DK. He was already wanting to take back those words. He knew he was wrong. He had proven himself to DK as a great sidekick for a first-timer, and he remembered how his uncle's encouragement only boosted his confidence with each step they took towards reclaiming their stolen bananas. If all that encouragement were to be shoved out the window, perhaps they would both feel worthless towards each other, which was something they never wanted to see happen to them.

"I'm so sorry, DK!" cried Diddy as leaned onto his side and let his tears pour onto his tire swing, "I never meant to hurt your feelings! I just don't know what to do anymore! I'm already feeling like the most worthless monkey on Kongo Bongo, even after everything we've been through! What if no one ever does see me as a hero!?"

"Aww, Diddy, I'm sure it'll happen someday," said DK as he fought back a few tears from feeling so sorry for poor Diddy.

"Do you really think anyone will ever see me as a hero, DK? Anyone!? Ever!?" sobbed Diddy.

As DK struggled to fight off more tears, he suddenly felt something shoving him backwards. The gorilla took a few steps back and fell down right onto the couch. He looked up and noticed that Diddy was now lying on top of him, having completely broken down. His sobs and cries had turned into uncontrollable weeps and heavy sniffles from not maintaining his breathing stability. The monkey had thrown his arms around DK's neck to embrace him in a hug which he desperately hoped DK would return.

DK looked up at Diddy and felt very sad for him. His heartbeat merely slowed down as he looked in Diddy's reddened eyes which were virtually spilling tears like a huge waterfall running down his ruined face.

The ape wrapped his arms around his nephew's back and began to cradle him comfortably on their sofa.

"Awww. There, there, little buddy. Ssshh. It's okay, Diddy. Your uncle DK's gotcha," whispered DK in a soft voice as he hugged Diddy and cradled him like a baby.

Diddy simply refused to let go of DK's neck. All he wanted now was warmth and comfort from his loving uncle, the one who had trained him to become what he still thought was far away from his future.

DK sat up and kept Diddy on his lap, then he grabbed several tissues and began wiping Diddy's face with them. The monkey gradually began to calm down until his cries were reduced to occasional leftover hiccups.

"I'm really so sorry, DK," said Diddy miserably.

"It's okay, Diddy. I know how hard it must be for you. You're not the only one in the world who has dealt with this issue," said DK.

"W-what if I go to school tomorrow, … and … (gulp) … it'll get w-w-wor-worse than ever!?" said Diddy worryingly.

DK thought about Diddy's predicament. He knew all about how Diddy had been constantly bullied at school, and he knew what these worries were for. He had remembered what those three kids in the jungle had said just a few minutes ago. However, he did NOT want to upset Diddy. He wanted his nephew to be a happy little monkey, not a sad little monkey.

"Sh-shou-should I go to s-school tomorrow, D-DK?" asked a trembling Diddy.

DK simply patted Diddy's head and continued hugging him.

"Diddy, my little buddy, … if there's at least one other Kong you can impress other than me, it's Wrinkly. After all, she likes you as a student. You've got good grades, and you have at least a friend or two," said DK.

"I still don't have any friends at Kong Kollege," replied Diddy sadly, "They're all a bunch of big jerks! I don't know if I could survive a day of school after they've probably heard about what happened over the last two days. They'll probably have found out about how I got sealed in a barrel, and how everyone rejected me at that celebration. No Kong respects me at all outside this house! Whenever I set foot outside that front door, I'm just pure laughing stock for everyone, especially after this catastrophe!"

"Now, Diddy, all I ask of you is to try not to think too much about it," said DK, "If anyone tries to pester you about it at school, just ignore them."

"Well, … (gulp) … I'll try," answered a dreadfully nervous Diddy.

"Besides, I'm not the only Kong who respects you," explained DK, "There's Wrinkly. She's a very friendly professor. I know Funky considers you to be someone to hangout with. You shouldn't feel so alone when we're not together. You have at least a few friends."

Diddy thought about it for a minute and recalled how Wrinkly would praise him for his excellent grades. He was seemingly one of the smartest students in her class, even though he was the least popular (and the weakest) Kong of them all. He also soon remembered that Funky was always a "cool dude" to spend time with whenever he was bored and didn't want to come home so soon.

"You're right, big buddy," said Diddy in a still-rather-sad voice, "I guess I do have a few others to talk to, but you're still the only one I'd ever wanna look up to."

"Now that's the spirit I'm looking for, little buddy," said DK encouragingly, "There's no need to feel so worthless or unwanted. If you try your best, then with each passing day you'll feel a little stronger."

Diddy finally grinned for the first time since the moment he and DK defeated K. Rool. He hugged DK around the neck again and cuddled into him for another fluffy family embrace.

DK once again wrapped his arms around Diddy's back and cuddled him in return.

"I love you, little Diddy-buddy," whispered DK, expressing his family love towards his nephew.

"I love you, too, big Donkey-buddy," replied Diddy in a gentle whisper as his heart settled down into a calmed beat.

"Are you feeling okay, little buddy?" asked DK.

Diddy let out one last sniffle leftover from his breakdown, and he faintly grinned at his uncle.

"I'm feeling a little better, but it could be a while before I actually manage to pull all of my emotions together," answered Diddy.

"Just promise me that you'll have an okay day at school tomorrow, Diddy. Don't let those pests push you around, okay?" said DK.

"Okay," replied Diddy nervously.

"That's my boy, Diddy," said DK warmly, "That's my little buddy."

"DK?" said Diddy as he looked up at his uncle.

"Yes, Diddy?" replied DK as he gently bear hugged his nephew.

"Thanks for all the encouragement you gave me on that adventure. Even if nobody gave me any credit for what happened, I still think you're a great uncle, and you're just as great a heroism trainer for me," said Diddy.

"Aww, you're welcome, little buddy," said DK with a warm grin, stroking Diddy's still-red cheeks, "You know I hate it when you're sad, and I would do anything to help you feel better. That's what friends and family are for."

Diddy grinned back at DK and hugged him even more, feeling happy to have such a wonderful parental figure by his side whenever he was down.

"Now then, I think Cranky's expecting me. Do you wanna come with me so that you won't be alone?" offered DK.

Diddy gulped several times after hearing that. After being laughed at by all those other Kongs, the last thing he wanted was to show his face up at another celebration in which he would most likely be thrown away like a brown banana, since DK won all the credit from the other Kongs.

"I don't think I wanna go, big buddy. You can go ahead and enjoy what the others have to offer," answered Diddy.

"Are you sure, little buddy? I understand why you wouldn't wanna go, but if I could at least do anything to help you feel better, the least I could do is get you out of the house," said DK.

"As much as that sounds pleasant, I feel okay with staying in the house. Heck, I might even get out and go vine-swinging or something just to get some air later," said Diddy.

DK sighed and patted Diddy's head, feeling disappointed that he couldn't get him out of the house.

"Okay, little buddy. If you're really okay with it, you can stay and relax here for now, but once I get back, you know I'll be wanting to bring you outside for some fresh air in some way or another," said DK.

The two Kongs grinned at each other and shared a small giggle or two, having found DK's words to be rather funny. Monkey humor was always a winning thing for life on Kongo Bongo!

With that, the duo finally ended their hug, and DK got off the couch and headed for the front door.

"Promise me you'll be out for at least a few minutes, little buddy," said DK as he opened the door.

"I will, big buddy," promised Diddy as he watched his uncle leave the house and close the front door, leaving him alone once again.

Diddy then went into his bedroom and gazed at the not-so-many things he had around. Other than his cute bed and its awesome mahogany red blanket, the little monkey owned a huge fancy card collection, a couple of musical instruments since he loved to play music, especially the bongo drums, a few model cars due to his desire for cars which he was still only just getting into, a Game Boy which he didn't play very often, and tons of monkey bars attached to his ceiling which he exercised on everyday. It hardly looked like much at all, but he was satisfied with what he had right now. He was sure he would get more things for his room in later years, such as whatever awesome new thing Nintendo could come up with next!

Wanting to drive his boredom away, Diddy walked over to his chair which sat in front of his desk where he would do his homework for school and often write and draw stuff for his personal interest, and he brought the chair in front of his bongo drums. Then, he sat down and gave his drums a few light taps before he started to think of some new rhythms.

If anything could keep this monkey having fun, music was always an answer, especially when he did it himself! Believe it or not, DK, Funky, and even Candy had actually adored Diddy's musicianship! This little guy was very skilled behind any set of drums; bongos or rock drums!

In almost no time, Diddy was playing away on his bongos! He enjoyed the sound of those awesome beats of Kongo Bongo in any way they could be played! He simply started mashing those rhythms like they were no tricky obstacle. He was one little monkey who was one heck of a drummer!

Diddy played for fifteen minutes until he grew exhausted from so much playing. He even began to feel very thirsty. After all, he hadn't eaten or drunken anything since before he and DK returned home.

The little monkey stood up and left his bedroom, then he headed into the kitchen and pulled a small cup from the cupboard. He rushed over to the counter and grabbed a pitcher full of banana juice, then he poured some of it into his cup. Finally, he set the pitcher down and gulped down his drink.

The juice instantly soothed his taste buds like a warming sensation that was nothing short of irresistible. He hadn't had anything decent to drink all week! All the drinks he had while he was adventuring with DK were simply small spots of water after every few miles or so.

After finishing his drink, Diddy decided to take DK's advice about going outside for some air, and he rushed out the front door of the house and leaped off the porch, right onto a vine. In no time, the monkey was swinging around the jungle, being as he was: the most acrobatic simian in Kongo Bongo! With each vine he swung on, he felt more energetic and happy to simply be a small little monkey! He loved vine-swinging any time of the day, even at night!

Before he knew it, the sun was beginning to set over the western horizon, and Diddy realized that he had been swinging around for at least a few hours or so, stopping only to rest for a few minutes before swinging again.

The simian guided himself back home, and in almost no time he had found that sweet home tree house! Diddy jumped off the last vine with a spinning somersault, and he landed on the porch right on his feet like a pro!

Finally, Diddy opened the front door and walked into the house. Much to his delight, DK was already there, sitting on the couch.

"Oh, hey there, little buddy," greeted DK with a warm smile.

"Hey, big buddy," answered Diddy with a flashy grin.

"I take it you had a good time while you were by yourself?" guessed DK.

"I sure did! I played the bongos for a little while, then I decided I needed some air and I simply swung on vines for a few hours," explained Diddy.

"Sounds like you had fun even though you were alone," said DK as Diddy sat next to him on the couch.

"I will admit, big buddy. Sometimes I do feel so alone while I'm having fun," said Diddy as his grin slowly faded, "I don't know whether or not I should go out and find someone to play with or not. I mean, … I've never had the heart to ask anyone to play with me or be a friend of mine. I've been shy my whole life, and I've been picked on a lot."

"Is it really true that you don't have any friends at Kong Kollege?" asked DK, wanting to be sure if Diddy was telling the truth on that subject earlier.

Diddy looked down and sighed.

"Yes. I'm sad to say it's true. There's like fifteen other students there, but every one of them has bullied me in one way or another; Kongs and Kremlings," explained Diddy, "When I'm there, the only one I can really talk to is Wrinkly, even if her husband always rants about me being so weak and useless."

"But that's because Wrinkly has a much kinder heart. She's very pleasant towards her family, especially you and me," said DK, "Like I said before, you shouldn't have to worry about what those other kids say about you, because you know they're wrong."

"I hope they're wrong," said Diddy, "I really wanted to prove myself as a hero, but nobody cared but you."

"Well, Diddy, for someone your age, it can be difficult. Twelve-year-old's don't find so much praise and respect so easily. You still have some things to learn from me, even if you learned quite a lot from that adventure," said DK, "Either way, I'm happy that you're getting there."

"If only it would feel that way," sighed Diddy.

"I'll tell you what. Why don't you just focus on whatever schoolwork you may have to do once you arrive at school tomorrow morning, okay?" said DK.

"Okay, big buddy," replied Diddy.

"Now then, why don't you give me a nice family hug before you head off to bed? It's getting late, you know," said DK.

"Why can't I stay up a little longer and simply do goofy things with you?" asked Diddy.

This earned a giggle from DK.

"Diddy, little buddy, I may be your heroism trainer and all, but I'm also your uncle. I'm the one who raised ya, little buddy. You still gotta live by my rules, Diddy!" said DK.

Diddy giggled as he listened to DK's "family" humor, and he jumped onto DK's lap and hugged him around the neck.

DK hugged Diddy around his back and cuddled his nephew for several minutes.

After a few minutes, Diddy began to yawn, showing signs that he was tired after such a long adventure, … and a long evening of having fun by himself.

"Ready to hit the hay, little buddy?" asked DK in a whisper.

"Yeah, I guess so, big buddy," replied Diddy weakly.

DK took off Diddy's cap and planted a small kiss on his forehead, making him giggle from the sensations that slightly tickled him.

Diddy returned the kiss on DK's cheek, and they nuzzled each others' faces.

"I love you, little buddy," whispered DK.

"I love you, too, big buddy," replied Diddy.

"Have some sweet dreams, okay?" said DK.

"I'll try my best, pal," answered Diddy.

With that, Diddy slowly slid off DK's lap, taking his cap with him, and walked over to his bedroom door, exchanging one more grin with DK.

"Goodnight, Diddy," said DK.

"Goodnight, DK," replied Diddy as he finally went into his bedroom and closed the door.

As Diddy set his cap on top of his bedside drawer and climbed into bed, he began to feel doubtful about going to school the next day. He was sure that everyone would bully him even more, but he didn't want this predicament to take over his mind again this soon. No way! He had to get some proper sleep right now.

The little monkey covered himself up to his neck in his blankets and rested his head on his three soft pillows. Then, he finally closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep, with hopes that tomorrow would be a better day than today.

He hoped that a good return to school would be ahead of him.

Well, this wraps up the opening for "A Heart with No Hope". I hope you liked this opening for this story. I'll have more coming up in chapter two, such as Diddy's first day back to Kong Kollege! Will his classmates have a change of heart about him after his wild adventure with DK, or will the little monkey continue to be bullied by his many enemies at school?

Donkey Kong Country and its characters belong to Nintendo.

NOTE: I may use OC's later on.

Anyways, have a good weekend, and I'll see you in chapter two! ;)