The Days After

By: Discord

A/N: Ed returns home to Winry, but finds his place at her side threatened. Can he win back her favor and remind her of the promise she made?

This fic will be told through 100 word drabbles (my first attempt!) and updated with 3-5 chapters each week. Read, review, and enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Home

After three years, Amestris was under his feet once more. He slowed, reaching a familiar rock wall aging into decline. Faded yellow clapboards and green shutters lay beyond, tired in the waning light. A large automail plaque hung for customers, chalked in clumsy block letters that inspired little confidence in the finesse of the mechanic inside.

Ed tightened hold of his suitcase. Breathe. Just breathe.

A dog's bark broke the air. He stuffed a hand in his pocket, nervously picking loose threads in its depths.

The bark came again, louder, sharper—full of warning. He startled.

Had he been forgotten?