Two months later Kensi entered her boyfriend's apartment after a day with her mother. Deeks had spent his Saturday morning out with Chad. They'd fallen into step with the new schedule and Kensi thought it was a good thing. They spent almost every minute of everyday together at work and most nights they were in each other's beds. Their constant presence in each other's day to day lives was something they'd been a bit concerned about. Now, however, Deeks was spending at least one day of the weekend with Chad. It gave Kensi time to miss him and it gave them both some space to decompress.

When she didn't find him in the living room or kitchen she moved towards the bedroom at the back of the apartment. She found him there, passed out, shirtless, in the middle of his bed. Coming around to his side of the mattress, Kensi sat at his hip.

"Deeks." She called. He grunted something unintelligible and turned his face in her direction, eyes still closed. She lay her hand on his back, running her fingers up his spine until she ticked the back of his neck, making him squirm.

"Evil." He muttered, rolling away from her fiendish hand and blinking bleary eyes open.

She grinned at him and moved to rest her hand on his chest but he caught her fingers in his own before she made contact.

"You're getting old Deeks. A morning of surfing tires you out so much you need a nap now?" She teased.

"Haha." He stated rather than laughed. "If I remember correctly, you were the one who kept me up half the night and you weren't complaining about my age then." Deeks countered, pushing himself up to sit against the headboard.

"Mmm, touché." She conceded, leaning forward to kiss him. "How was your morning with Chad?"

"It was… good. I think."

"You think?"

"Yeah. I mean, the surf was great and Chad's a great kid." He reported.

"So you've told me." She squeezed his hand, assessing the way his brow was knitted in concern momentarily. "Come on," She stood and tugged at his arm. "You can tell me what's bothering you while you cook me dinner."

"Oh, I can, can I? What if I said I wanted to order pizza for dinner?" He protested, following her lead and standing up anyway.

"Nope. Not tonight. I want chicken stir-fry and I want to sit on the countertop and watch my boyfriend make it while he pretends not to see me steal the vegetables he's chopping." She asserted.

Deeks pretended to weigh his options while he found an old T-shirt to tug over his head.

"Okay. I suppose." He folded, quickening his step to catch up with his girlfriend who was already making her way to the kitchen. He managed to wrap an arm around her waist from behind just as Kensi was at the end of the hall. He pulled her back to him and nuzzled her cheek.

"I must really like you." He murmured into her ear. She turned to face him, wrapping her own arms around his neck.

"Good. I really like you too." She pushed up on her toes and fused her mouth to his. He was just about to lead her back to the bedroom when she pulled away. "But I really really like you when you feed me." She grinned while Deeks groaned.

"You said stir-fry?" He asked refusing to let her go just yet.

"Yup." She popped the 'p'.

"Okay." He sighed, pretending to be exasperated, but his grin betrayed him as he reluctantly released her.

True to her word, Kensi sat atop the counter while her boyfriend moved around the kitchen.

"How's Julia?"

"She's good. I'm starting to regret telling her about us so early on." She leant over and stole a slice of carrot.

"And why's that?"

"Because, if I had held off telling her she might've held off dropping the heavy handed hints for a few more months." She sighed.

Deeks chuckled. He'd been on the receiving end of some of those hints the last time they'd had dinner with the Feldmans. Kensi most definitely got some of her bull-headedness from her mother.

"Your turn. Tell me what went on with Chad today." She requested, reaching out her leg to nudge his thigh with her toe.

"Nothing was really unusual. We grabbed the boards and went down to the beach." He placed the chicken breast into the pan to brown. "It just felt kind of off."

"Off like he wasn't feeling well?"

"No. I don't really know. Just, he wasn't himself. Of course he brushed me off when I asked." Deeks started adding vegetables to the pan.

"He'll get there Deeks. You've put in the time and effort. You're part of this kid's life and that's amazing. If he really needs you he knows he can come to you."

"Yeah. You're probably right."

"I usually am." Kensi winked at him as he turned back to the pan on the stove. She jumped down from the counter so she could wrap her arms around him as he stirred their dinner. She pressed a longer than necessary kiss to his cheek and hugged him tight. He reached one arm back to awkwardly wrap around her. "And when he does come to you, you'll do great."

Wednesday morning found the team doing Tuesday's paperwork when Deeks' cell rang. Kensi watched as he checked the ID before excusing himself to take the call.

"What's that about?" Callen turned to face Kensi.


"Your partner. He seemed pretty concerned by the number on that call. Any idea who it is?" Callen pushed.

Kensi shrugged.

"Not a clue." She made a point of refocussing on her paperwork, ignoring the probing looks from her teammates.

Deeks returned to the open plan workspace ten minutes later. His hair was more disshelved than usual from running his fingers through it and when he made it to his desk he began to pack up his belongings.

Kensi was on her feet and behind his desk a moment later.

"What's up?" She questioned quietly, crossing her arms over her chest.

"That was Chad. He, ah, he and his friends skipped school and did something stupid. LAPD took them in. I've got to go sort this out." He murmured just loud enough for her to hear but low enough that Callen and Sam couldn't. He was worried and frazzled and Kensi wished she could hug him.

"Do you want me to come with you?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"No, I've got it." He slung his bag over his shoulder and moved to walk away. Kensi caught his wrist as he passed.

"Call if you need anything." He nodded. "See you tonight?" She squeezed his wrist in a subtle show of support.

"Yeah, of course." He replied. She squeezed his arm once more and let him go.

Deeks arrived at the station and spoke to the arresting officer before using his badge to head down to the holding cells. Chad sat on the edge of the cell bench, a boy about his age sitting on the either side of him.

"What's going on Chad?" Deeks questioned, standing outside the cell, his arms folded authoritatively over his chest. He honestly had no idea how he was supposed to handle this situation. According to the arresting officer Chad hadn't actually participated in vandalising the building, he hadn't even had a can of paint. He had, however, skipped school to watch his friends spray boobs and dicks onto the back wall of a corporate office.

"Marty? I thought you'd just, I don't know, call my foster parents or child services." The boy refused to meet the detective's eye.

Oh, Deeks was most definitely out of his depth. He probably should've called Darcy. Technically he had no legal say over Chad.

He took a deep breath and relaxed his posture, burying his hands in his front pockets causally.

"You called me Chad, not your foster family. So, here I am. You gonna tell me what happened?"

Deeks watched as Chad nervously glanced at the two boys nest to him. Realising he probably wasn't going to get a straight answer out of the teen while he was still in front of his peers Deeks sighed and motioned to the guard to unlock the cell.

"You're springing me?"

"Don't get any big ideas. We're going to go have a chat. You'll still technically be in LAPD custody. We'll see how things go." Deeks waited as Chad stood and slowly made his way out of the cell. "Have you boys got people coming for you too?" Deeks turned his attention to the pair of culprits still sitting on the bench. The boys nodded shamefully as the guard closed the gate again.

"Their parents are on the way. From the sounds of it, they're not too impressed about having to take off work to pick these two up." The guard told Deeks.

He nodded.

"Come on, let's go Chad." Deeks instructed, leading the guilt-ridden teen out of holding and up towards the precinct interview room.

The pair walked in silence, Deeks trying to figure out how to play the line between friend and mentor while Chad simply didn't know what to say. In the interview room Deeks motioned to the couch and Chad sat. Deeks took a seat in the armchair across from him.

"So," The detective prompted, still mentally trying to gauge how this conversation was going to go.

"I'm sorry to put you out." Chad apologised, staring astutely at his feet.

Deeks let out an audible sigh. His shoulders deflated a little and he looked at Chad from under concern-furrowed brows.

"Chad, I just want you to tell me what happened. You told me on Sunday that school was going well."

"It was. It is."

"Then why are we here?"

Chad shrugged but stayed quiet.

"Look, if you want I can call Darcy down here and she can bail you out, deal with all of this. Or you could talk to me and we can see what we can do about getting the charges dropped. Not many people in your position have that option Chad. Your two buddies down there sure don't."

"What does it matter?" Chad muttered under his breath, just loud enough for Deeks to hear.

"I don't know Chad. What does it matter?" Deeks challenged.

"It doesn't. My life was screwed beforeI was even old enough to have a choice in the matter. Why bother?" Chad lashed out.

"Don't give me the 'I don't care' bullshit. I know you care."

"But caring doesn't mean anything Marty." Chad stood abruptly and threw his hands up in the air.

Deeks watched as he paced the length of the couch three times before calming himself and sitting again.

"You need to make a choice Chad." He said solemnly.

"What, like swear to never do it again or you won't bail me out?" The teen rolled his eyes.

"No. This isn't an ultimatum but you need to decide what kind of man you want to be. Are you going to be like your father? Or do you want to be like my dad? A drunk who came home and beat his wife and son?" At that suggestion Chad's eyes widened in shock and outrage. "Okay then. What can of man do you want to be then cause right now that's where you're heading with your 'I don't give a shit' attitude."

Chad's eyes studied the floor. He was silent for so long that when he mumbled his reply Deeks almost missed it completely.

"Sorry?" Deeks asked him to repeat.

"You. I want to be like you okay?" Chad finally said, looking Deeks right in the eye.

"Okay." Deeks breathed out, slightly taken aback. "It's going to take a lot of hard work. Are you ready to live like that? To work for everything you have?"

"Yes." Chad replied.

"Then, I'll see you through it. But no more skipping school. You're too smart for the kind of crap those guys are into. And if you pull crap like this again I'll kick your ass." Deeks smiled at him slightly. It earned him a grin from the teen who was nodding in agreement with the detective's words.

"Okay then, let's bust you outta here."

While Chad waited in the interview room Deeks made his way out to sort his release, checking his phone as he walked down the stairs. He had two missed calls and six messages, all from Kensi. The first few messages were updating him on the open and shut case they had picked up. The last one simply read 'Text me when you can. Xx K.'

He typed out a quick reply before making his way towards the precinct bullpen.

Two hours later he spotted her silhouette from the car park as she sat alone in the damp sand.

She turned her head as he approached, throwing a smile over her shoulder in greeting before directing her gaze back to the ocean. He sat directly behind her, his legs framing her body and she leaned back into his chest. When he wrapped his arms snuggly around her waist she sighed happily.

"Everything okay with Chad?" She asked after a few minutes of companionable silence.

His chin nudged her shoulder as he nodded and when he spoke his lips were practically touching the shell of her ear.

"I think so. He just made a few stupid choices today."

"Were you able to get the charges dropped? Get him back on track?"

"Yeah, the charges got dropped. As for getting him back on track— He said he wanted to be like me." He murmured uncertainly.

Kensi brought her hands to his, hugging his arms tighter to her body.

"That sounds like a pretty good life decision to me." She turned her head so she could meet his lips with her own.

"Maybe." Deeks' self-doubt clouded his single word response. He knew all the mistakes and wrong paths he'd taken to get where he was today.

"From where I'm sitting," She squeezed his arms and leant further into him to emphasise her point, "Marty Deeks is a pretty great person to try to be like."

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