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Lady Lunar Phoenix: Last chapter. Enjoy! As for your first of comments... heh. Snape holding a whip might not be a deterrent for some... *snickers*

sevrin: I am glad you liked it so much. :) This is the final chapter, but don't dispair! I -can-, under certain circumstances, be persuaded to write yet another sequel.

netrat: You are probably right, although I do not recall where the all-powerful Mistress Rowling might have mentioned that. If so, adjust ages to fit.

Joyce: Here it comes!

JaimynsFire: ah, you shouldn't complain, you get more Snape of my style than anyone else, hehe. I am glad you like my Remus, too.

purple water: Sadly, Sirius is dead. That was covered in the first story of the 'End' series. Thanks for clearing up the RN for me :)

Tabitha: Actually, it was meant to stop quite a bit before the point that I did end that chapter... but sometimes Severus just won't stop talking, or will stop too soon... heh. Anyway, it ends there because it ends a thematic unit. Just as all the chapters do. I am glad you liked the length. I hope this one is the same. Only Severus knows! hehe.

oneofakindwolf: Thanks! Here's more!

Rickman's Girl: Amazing! I mean, that you would be worried that Severus makes it, but not mention Harry making it. A very interesting occurrence...

Melissa Lupin: Thank you!

hobbsey: I am glad you approve. Snape is much more interesting as a multi-dimensional bastard as opposed to a one-dimensional bastard... heh. I am flattered that you are willing to review without a pay-back hehe. But pay back I shall, according to fanfic topic.

Gaimana: Snape fans unite! Press the all-mighty Rowling to give him more depth! Eeeee!

Anoni: Yes, Einstein was a muggle, though he was bizarre enough to pass off as one of us wizards and witches *L* Yes, this chapter has to be the last one for that story-- but worry not, this -story- doesn't have to be the last....

t.a.g.: Thanks! *gives Snape token-potion for locking you in* Now you hurry along and update as well!

Zardiphillian Beryllix: Yes, I do believe that Severus actually has a grudging fondness for every single professor in the school (save the DADA ones...), and now that there is little reason to pretend otherwise, eh, he allows some of that true sentiment to trickle in his usual countenance. I would be really worried about Harry myself! Hehe... thanks for the compliments. *will not mention about you not updating... or growl about it*

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