A/N: I forgot I made this months ago, and figured I'd upload it now. I added additional ships that I wrote, but could never properly depict in the original story, but if I ever decide to do something in this "universe" again in the future, they may appear then. Either way, I hope you all enjoy this bit of world building.


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Special Tactics and Reconnaissance - COUNCIL EYES ONLY

Official Intelligence Report - October 2208

Comprehensive Threat Assessment

Subject: United Confederation

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ CLASSIFIED \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


To: Councilor Tevos, Councilor Aezon, Councilor Sparatus

From: Rhera Conirix, SPECTRE Intelligence

Subject: Official United Confederation Threat Assessment

Date Sent: October 19th, 2208


Councilors, attached to the end of my report will be further supplemental material. I admit, as a SPECTRE, I initially thought I was above this kind of data-mining monotony, but the further I read into these timelines the more I understood why I specifically was assigned to this task.

I still can't believe most of it myself, even after glancing at the Migrant Fleet reports from a few years back. In a few short years, the Quarians managed to grow from a wandering nomadic fleet into a massive military power capable of controlling more than half of the systems in the Terminus. The widespread rearmament and refits of their vessels before the Reaper War was unprecedented, and it appears they had received technological support from a former Alliance Task Force, a group only known as "Cerebellum". The human male in particular, Dr. Sean Michaels, appeared to be the group's leader, though little information could be found on him specifically. His records appeared to be thoroughly sealed by the Alliance, leaving only what he's done since then to judge him on. Even if I wanted more detailed information, I couldn't find it without physically visiting Earth Alliance Headquarters in person and stealing it.

Most of the former task force are just as illusive, rarely traveling outside the safety of Reach. Several in the group are also suspected of being former members of Cerberus, though it is nearly impossible to confirm this given the organization's policy of compartmentalization. Though the task force's activities in the Migrant Fleet before the formation of the Confederation are thoroughly unreported, there is plenty of leftover documentation linking them as the clear cause of their technological and societal shift. The Gravity Drive in particular was being tested aboard the former Alliance warship SSV Explorer by Cerebellum before they disappeared in the Pylos Nebula, and as you already know the wreckage of said ship was found by Agents Jondum and Quinus on Fehl Prime, the two of them even getting into a brief verbal confrontation with Michaels and an Alliance marine when they encountered each other on the Normandy. The tech recovered from the vessel is the only reason we have such an in-depth understanding of the Confederation's reactor and drive tech.

Though Councilor Sparatus believed the Systems Alliance was somehow behind their unprecedented growth, sources in the Alliance were only able to trace any diplomatic connections back about two years before the Reapers arrived, long after their expansion had begun. I expect these "Cerebellum" people had broken off from the Alliance at some point, likely seeking the safety of the Migrant Fleet due to Cerberus's apparent interest in them, and the Fleet's insular, protective nature. At this point, it appears to be a somewhat moot point, as the former members of Cerebellum now work in the private sector through their company, Mjölnir Titanworks. Though our agent inside the company managed to uncover some interesting information regarding their latest activities and projects, he was quickly detected by what we believe was an A.I.-controlled anti-intrusion system. The agent was promptly ejected from company property with all credentials revoked. I recommend an attempt to install another agent in the company as soon as possible, though this time avoiding any system intrusions.

The focus now shifts to the powers involved in the United Confederation. While the Human Systems Alliance contributes a large amount of manpower to the Confederation, they actually hold no territory in UC space themselves and offer little in the way of resources. This is likely due to the unlimited access the Terminus and Traverse offers in terms of untapped raw resources. I know Councilor Anderson will not be privy to this report, but I do stress that, on the surface, there is little more than an exchange of people and information between the Alliance and Confederation. Whether this is subject to change in the future is unknown, but the heavy presence of the Systems Alliance in both the Council and Confederation would present its own unique issues if a conflict arose between us. Given the space the Alliance holds on its own, it would be advantageous to garner their full support, but the Confederation's overall strength would make this difficult given our slow post-war recovery rate.

The Quarians make up the bulk of the Confederation at this time, having the highest post-war population growth and most extensive industrial base. They are diametrically opposed to the vast majority of our laws and treaties, and have made these policies publicly known both in-government and militarily. Their relationship with us has been unstable at best since the Geth War, but the mending of the divide between the two "races" at the onset of the Reaper War magnified our already-shaky relationship. With the Geth no longer their mortal enemies, the Quarians have moved on to project their isolationist attitudes squarely on the Council with the Geth following closely behind. Due to the inherent difficulty of passing through the Perseus Veil undetected, intelligence on the region is sparse. What we do know is that, outside of the Confederation, they only interact with others on an as-needed basis, preferring to keep the internal workings of Rannoch and their other colonies private. Due to the nature of the Geth and their relationship with their creators, we can only guess how they factor into the system. Either way, they've claimed surprisingly little territory since their emergence, remaining mostly in the Veil.

The Raloi are the real "wildcard" of the Confederation, having been discovered by an exploratory ship early in 2185. While we're well aware that the Quarians uplifted the Raloi in a similar fashion to the Salarians with the Krogans, we're still unsure to what extent. Evidence recovered from unencrypted sources confirm their society and technological base were quite fragmented at the time, though they had achieved several discoveries related to the use of Element Zero, many of which are superior to those developed by my own people. The most crucial development they achieved was a form of Element Zero refinement far more efficient than the current galactic standard, something they've managed to successfully keep secret all these years later. This highly-refined form of Eezo allows them to construct ships several magnitudes larger than the norm, a fact they've been very willing to display as they've built their own unique fleet of ships. Like the Quarians, they are quite isolationist, though they appear to enjoy warm relations with the other members of the Confederation. Their territory is expected to expand into much of the former Terminus in the next few years along the galactic edge.

The next two parties, though not part of the Confederation, are specifically being brought up due to their close relationships with them during and after the Reaper War. I'm well aware this wasn't asked of me during the initial briefing last year, but recent events have made it prudent to bring them up regardless.

The Krogans have a very stable relationship with the Confederation government, even maintaining a highly-successful colony in Confederation space called Droichead, gifted to the Krogans following the Reaper War. Populating the highly-lethal world was apparently a deliberate choice by their leader, Urdnot Wrex, who knew fighting, surviving, and growing on such a planet would help focus the Krogans as they began rebuilding the cities and repairing the atmosphere on Tuchanka. Though they've maintained their own military forces, they've grown surprisingly little under Urdnot Wrex as they've focused mainly on infrastructure or expanding their few colonies. This spread, coupled with their post-Genophage growth, has obviously caused many to wonder if the possibility exists for another Krogan Rebellion in the future, but it appears this fear is not something the Confederation shares. In recent months, they've begun talks with Urdnot Wrex over the Krogan people's possible historic membership as the fifth member of the Confederation, which would further distance them from the control we, until very recently, held over them these many hundreds of years. This development should be closely monitored.

The re-emergence of the Rachni has also remained a massive concern for all of us, especially when it was demonstrated that they were indeed capable of breaching the Citadel with little effort in the final hours of the Reaper War. We have almost no intelligence regarding their numbers, leadership, ship capabilities, or even where their new "homeworld" is, and all attempts to shadow their vessels as they leave Confederation space have failed, pointing to some advanced form of stealth or FTL we've yet to identify. The Confederation has, for obvious reasons, refused to disclose the planet's location, and keep it a close secret. The only thing we do know is that a former Asari mercenary known only as "Jallere" has become the Rachni Queen's "emissary", regularly traveling to Reach to negotiate relatively small trade deals with the Confederation Congress. Though not members of the Confederation itself, it seems the two parties also enjoy warm relations with each other, with Rachni regularly seen assisting with the construction of ships above Reach. They've made no attempts to contact or seek an audience with us as you're all well aware, and the Krogans have had little to no diplomatic chatter regarding them.

We now come back to the United Confederation itself. Each member "loans" a percentage of their military directly to the United Confederation Armed Forces, though the bulk of the UCAF is made up of volunteers from planets such as Reach. The largest of these branches is the United Confederation Naval Fleet, their ships numbering in the high hundreds. The UCNF utilizes their own classes of ships instead of relying on other races to "contribute" them, many of which we still haven't clearly identified. The Caprica-class, their carrier or "battlestar" as some call them, still stands as their largest military design. It's believed they are armed with nuclear weapons, though we've never seen evidence of them being deployed, leading some to question this notion. If true, this violates several galactic treaties, but the Confederation has made it readily clear that they never signed any treaties with the Council, and that "It doesn't matter. If we do have nuclear weapons, we aren't subject to the Council's rules or treaties.", as Admiral Ysin'Mal stated many years ago. Though this should factor heavily into the threat assessment, I personally believe these weapons only exist as a form of deterrence and as a relic from the Reaper War.

As for the rest of the UCNF, they've constructed numerous ship classes fulfilling a variety of roles. The Dradis-class heavy cruisers are still capable of matching Turian dreadnoughts in terms of sheer power, even boasting their own ground invasion force, but like the Caprica-class, we still know little about their overall capabilities outside basic descriptions. Their destroyers, the Vaixell-class, mount numerous advanced weapon systems. They've been spotted occasionally in the Traverse, chasing down pirate ships attempting to flee Confederation space. The Kariauna-class, a frigate, is the most numerous, though we also know they've converted many of these into stealth roles similar to the Normandy-class. If any are spotted in Council space, they should be closely monitored. The various other experimental classes have yet to be fully cataloged, though we know they possess at least one class of ship called the Kamen-class, dedicated to deploying ground forces, and the two gargantuan lead ships of their Peace Corps, Hope and Mercy, emulate the design, size and function of the Quarian Liveships.

I have attached further documents to the bottom of this message going into further detail regarding their spacecraft and ground vehicles. While I managed to recover a fair amount of detail, they lack any true, in-depth explanations of their internal workings or total capabilities. Though still limited, they should give a more detailed idea of what their overall capabilities in battle are. Particular notice should be given to their SUSTAIN Pods and OIVs, as they pose a high threat to ground-based forces.

We've also determined that their rumored "ORION Program" is indeed real, and has been a long-standing threat for many years. The ORIONs are a volunteer force of UCAF personnel who have been "heavily modified" to accomplish far greater feats of agility, strength, and intelligence. How such a process is performed and where, we still don't know, though we still believe they are the ones responsible for the slaughter of the pirate compound on Althor that SPECTRE Agent Reson Aepon was attempting to infiltrate months ago. The lack of evidence remaining after the fact makes this impossible to confirm, but we still suspect the ORIONs due to the Confederation's prior interest in the classified information this particular group of pirates supposedly obtained.

Factoring in all four members, their respective populations, and the current observable military output of the United Confederation, I personally believe they are poised to overtake us in terms of sheer military strength. If push came to shove within the galactic community, the Turian Hierarchy would have to shoulder most of the burden, but with their forces still weakened from the Reaper War, this would prove a difficult prospect. The Confederation is highly experienced in both large-scale maneuver warfare and coordinated hit-and-run tactics following the Reaper War and Pegasus Offensive, making open warfare a risky proposition at best. They've developed a method of rapid deployment to planetary surfaces that allows them to quickly overtake a well-entrenched defensive force, and even hold said positions for extended periods of time.

Any conflict with the Confederation at this time is ill-advised, especially if the Krogans are indeed inducted as a fifth member. If we wish to remain on equal footing with them, efforts must be made to modernize our existing military forces, overhaul our economy, and locate new resource streams elsewhere in the galaxy. Growing the economies of all Council races should be the primary goal, with the aim of giving us a monetary edge over the Confederation until our militaries are in a position to stand up in an even fight. While I know this is not what the three of you wished to hear, it is my honest and unbiased perspective. Until there is a change in the balance of power, we should continue to use the Attican Traverse as a buffer zone, and uphold cordial diplomatic relations whenever possible. At this time, the Confederation is far more interested in hunting down pirates and maintaining its newly-acquired territory in the shrinking Terminus, giving us time to look inwards and repair the damage still left over from the Reaper War. I now leave the options open to you, Councilors.


-Rhera Conirix, SPECTRE Intelligence


Confederation Fighters & Utility Craft


Class: Individual Drop Pod

Crew: 1

Standard Armament: None (Stowed infantry weapons only.)

Powerplant: None (Fuel Cells)

The SUSTAIN pod is a disposable single-occupant insertion vehicle used to quickly deploy marines to a planetary surface, usually occupied by a hostile force, and secure the immediate area. Coated with stealth composites, it has a very high heat resistance and is undetectable by sensors until they have entered an atmosphere. Rocket motors and a drogue-style chute ensure the pod lands at a reasonable speed, while the built-in crash cage ensures there is no deformation in the pod's structure upon impact.

(Unfortunately, we've yet to recover a sample of the SUSTAIN or OIV's stealth plating, leaving our options limited in regards to countering them. Once deployed, they're unable to be effectively intercepted until they begin their landing procedure.)

Viper Series (M1/M2/M3)

Class: Interceptor

Crew: 1

Standard Armament: Four 58mm Mass Accelerator Cannons

Powerplant: Mk.4 NM Reactor

The Viper is a long-range interceptor designed for taking down drones, fighters, and other interceptors. It's designed to be as fast as possible, easily capable of breaking the sound barrier in an atmosphere. The M2 variant comes armed with two disruptor torpedo launchers in the place of two cannons, and the M3 is equipped with plasma cannons for atmospheric use. Top speed is around 8,247 kilometers per hour.

(The Viper still holds the record for fastest production aircraft in the Confederation military, both in-atmosphere and in space. Though its armament is considerably light compared to its "brother", the Python, its ability to quickly maneuver in any medium more than makes up for this shortcoming.

Python Series (H1/H2/H3?)

Class: Fighter

Crew: 1

Standard Armament: Two 58mm Mass Accelerator Cannons, Two Disruptor Torpedo Launchers, One "Hunter" Micro Missile System

Powerplant: Mk.4 NM Reactor

The Python is a mid-range fighter designed for taking on enemy ships. Designed with fast, hard-hitting attacks in mind, it is armed with more than enough firepower to put serious dents into hostile ships as escape anti-fighter countermeasures. The H2 variant comes with an extra disruptor torpedo launcher in place of the cannons. Top speed is around 7,781 kilometers per hour.

(Though not as maneuverable as the Viper, the Pythons are still quite capable at range and in knife fights, fully capable of cracking the barriers of ships with its substantial suite of torpedoes.)

Cobra Series (X1/X2/X3)

Class: Multi-role (Gunship or Dropship)

Crew: 6 (Capable of deploying up to 10 marines in combat drops.)

Standard Armament: Two 75mm Mass Accelerator Cannons, Four High-Explosive Missile Launchers, One 20mm Turret

Powerplant: Mk.4 NM Reactor

The Cobra is a medium sized, multi-role ship designed for attacking other ships and ground targets, and is capable of deploying marines into combat zones. The X2 variant comes with two "Hunter" micro missile systems installed where the cargo bay would be, and the X3 comes with Series II Plasma Cannons in the place of 75mm cannons for atmospheric combat. Top speed is around 6,120 kilometers per hour.

(Though an aging design, it should be noted that they've remained highly lethal and fast through numerous improvements in the decades since its adoption.)

OIV Series (O1/O2)

Class: Heavy Dropship

Crew: 8 (Capable of deploying up to 96 marines in combat drops in addition to heavier vehicles and equipment.)

Standard Armament: Four 20mm Turrets

Powerplant: Mk.4 NM Reactor

The Orbital Insertion Vehicle (OIV), sometimes referred to as "The Brick" by Confederation marines, is a heavy dropship designed to quickly land marines, vehicles, mechs, and supplies into combat zones. Usually deployed in conjunction with SUSTAIN pods, they are coated in the same stealth composites and are highly resistant to heat. OIVs are capable of functioning as bases or FOBs, and unlike SUSTAIN pods, are capable of taking off again once they have landed.

(These should be considered targets of high opportunity at all times, given its high troop carrying capacity.)


Class: Liveship (Agricultural Vessel)

Crew: 6,200+

Length: 2,960 meters

Standard Armament: None

Powerplant: Mk.5 NM Reactor

Based directly on the original Liveships utilized by the Migrant Fleet, the Zephyr-class liveship is a modernization of the ancient design, addressing many of the issues the Quarians identified in the years they operated the original three vessels. Utilizing the same spinning sphere section located in the bow, it is capable of producing large quantities of food in its comfortable 1.0g environment. The drive section at the stern of the ship was lengthened from the original design to accommodate larger, more efficient engines, and features a cleaner, sleeker profile compared to the originals.

The two existing Zephyr-class liveships, Hope and Mercy, were built post-war to help the Raloi people with pressing food shortages suffered on Turviss, their home planet. After twelve years, the Raloi successfully colonized and spread out to enough nearby worlds that this issue finally died out, leaving the two ships without a purpose. The Confederation instead pushed the vessels into humanitarian service, turning them into the flagships of the United Confederation's Peace Corps. The vessels are deployed on humanitarian missions to planets in need, providing food, shelter, and medical aid.

(The Zephyr-class is strictly non-combatant, and all efforts should be made to avoid them in any military engagement. Though medical ships aren't technically protected due to the Confederation's refusal to sign treaties, the needless destruction of such a vessel would create massive waves of backlash and negative press against the Council or whatever other power destroyed it, galvanizing the public.)

"Mainline" United Confederation Naval Fleet Vessels


Class: Corvette

Crew: 12 minimum (20 maximum, 30 in emergency situations.)

Length: 136 meters

Standard Armament: One P.L.S. Projector, Two Dual 155mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Two GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays

Powerplant: Mk.2 NM Reactor

The Galleon-class was originally developed as a testbed for Dr. Nemo's "Knight" P.L.S. (Particle Laser System), but eventually grew popular enough with the test crew that it was adopted as an entirely new class of ship. Due to its size, it was able to be built quickly, and carried a much larger armament than other corvettes of its size, offering versatility in combat scenarios. Due to its modular design, it can be reconfigured to suit any mission profile, including exploration, search-and-rescue, transport, and recon. Many formed small recon flotillas during the Reaper War, monitoring enemy movements in the Traverse.

Though still used commonly as a small-scale patrol craft by the Confederation, they've been outclassed in recent years by the newer and more common Kariauna-class. Since the end of the Reaper War, the Galleon-class has become a popular choice for conversion into commercial roles, many with former Confederation captains at their helm. Though not as common as the Kapal-class or Tovornjak-class, they're preferred by many for their ruggedness and reliability. Mjölnir Titanworks still regularly produces the vessel for commercial purposes, as well as private police and security variants.

(Though no longer produced for the UCNF, it should be noted that many are still in use throughout its local patrol flotillas. Though a very minor threat on its own, they can be quite potent against fighters and ships alike if grouped together in certain formations.)


Class: Heavy Dropship

Crew: 12 (not including Mech complement)

Length: 150 meters

Standard Armament: Four Dual 155mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Two GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays

Powerplant: Mk.2 NM Reactor

The Desant-class is, in essence, a stripped down Kowloon-class frigate modified into a heavy sub-orbital dropship and lifter. Storage compartments and unneeded modules are stripped off, making way for heavy moving equipment and powerful hydraulic clamps. The ship's primary purpose is to provide transportation for the Dragoon and Turma mechs, allowing quick deployment and retrieval, but can be used for moving a variety of other heavy gear if needed, but the ship's lack of substantial weaponry requires the vessel to be accompanied by a fighter escort.

Since the formal introduction of the OIVs (Orbital Insertion Vehicle), the Desant-class has seen a reduction in overall use throughout the Confederation military. Though still used aboard the Dradis-class and Caprica-class vessels, the United Confederation Armed Forces have begun quietly phasing the Desant out of active service. This is believed to be in reaction to an op-ed written in Windham Times about the vessel, especially its origins as the non-military Kowloon-class, and the resulting attempts by the original designer to sue the Confederation for damages and royalties.

(Will continue to receive updates on lawsuits as they form. It may be possible a full schematic of the Desant-class may be obtained from court documents.)


Class: Frigate

Crew: 36+

Length: 238 meters

Standard Armament: One Thanix Cannon, One P.L.S. Projector, Two Dual 155mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Two GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays, Two Disruptor Missile Pods

Standard Ship Complement: Two Cobra Gunships, One Hammerhead Hover Tank

Powerplant: Mk.2 NM Reactor

Built to replace the Confederation's aging pre-war Migrant Fleet vessels, the Kariauna-class is the most prolific ship in the Confederation military, making up the bulk of its naval presence. Like the experimental Phantom-class stealth ships, its profile heavily resembles a "flying wing" shape. Designed only a year after the Reaper War, they have a reputation for being both cheap to operate and sturdy in battle, owing much to its internal cross-bracing design. Though light on weaponry compared to its contemporaries, it is highly mobile in space and atmospheres, taking advantage of high-impulse plasma engines.

The Kariauna-class is frequently modified to suit a stealth role similar to the aging Normandy and Phantom-class vessels, retroactively becoming known as the Hantu-class. These vessels are put under the command of the UCNF's Advanced Recon Group, used for a variety of clandestine operations. Though lacking the visual cloak of the Phantom-class, they're more than capable of entering a system or an atmosphere undetected. It is rumored that the Confederation's ORIONs run their own small fleet of Hantu-class frigates, though this has never been confirmed by an official source.

(High in number, easily built, and customizable, the Kariauna-class is the face and backbone of the modern United Confederation Naval Fleet. They resemble a "refined" version of the Phantom-class' shape, though most lack stealth systems in favor of simplicity. Though a threat, we believe they rely more on outnumbering the enemy in any prolonged engagement against a large force.)


Class: Stealth Frigate

Crew: 30+

Length: 260 meters

Standard Armament: One Thanix Cannon, Two Dual 155mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Two GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays

Powerplant: Mk.2 NM Reactor

The Phantom-class frigate is a specially designed scout, reconnaissance and insertion vessel built to be completely undetectable. Based on several different technologies, the Phantom-class combines the heat-absorbing qualities of the Alliance Normandy-class with an advanced cloaking system that envelops the entire ship. This keeps it hidden not only from conventional scanners, but from sight as well. The Phantom-class can stay hidden between five to seven days before needing to radiate its stored heat due to the unique cooling properties of the NM reactor.

Only twelve of the class were ever constructed due to difficulties related to the ship's sub-systems and overall design, considered unusual and experimental even at the time of the ship's commissioning. The most famous ship of this class is the SSV Normandy, given to Commander Shepard as a sign of good will between the Systems Alliance and Migrant Fleet. Today, only seven other Phantom-class ships still operate, with the Normandy having been converted into a museum/war memorial, and the other seven being heavily modified, utilized by the UCNF's Advanced Recon Group.

(Other than what we've been able to gleam from the SSV Normandy, we still have little idea of what the Phantom-class' full capabilities are. Though rare, it appears the ARG often spends a lot of time repairing and adding new parts to these vessels, leaving them as yet another wild card.)


Class: Missile Ship

Crew: 52+

Length: 322 meters

Standard Armament: 12 VBE-11 Missile Launchers (x4 Cells), Two Dual 155mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Two GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays

Standard Ship Complement: Two Cobra Gunships

Powerplant: Mk.2 NM Reactor

Built as a deployment platform for the new VBE-11 "Neon" SMS (smart missile system), the Raxan-class missile ship is one of the newer classes of ships currently being fielded by the Confederation. An unconventional design even by Confederation standards, the vessel relies almost entirely on its SMS to engage hostiles at range, and is usually deployed to high-risk systems for patrol duty. Though initially frowned upon by several Admirals in the UCNF for its lack of a spinal cannon, it has since proven itself as a hyper-lethal vessel at even the most extreme ranges, and in the worst circumstances.

A departure from the standard laser-guided systems employed by most militaries, the Neon SMS is controlled entirely by a Geth operator, with each missile being individually maneuvered to avoid enemy countermeasures. Neons are capable of hitting targets in both space and atmospheres. Two "Seeing Eye" sensor drones are deployed before engagements, giving the operator a full view of the battlefield. Notably, the MFV Ryn in 2206 managed to deploy many of its Neons separately in the Zafi Nebula's vast asteroid belt, luring several pirate ships in before ambushing the vessels in a single devastating barrage.

(Though we have a good idea of what the VBE-11's full capabilities are, we've yet to witness them or any footage of them ourselves. They're believed to be highly potent, and any ship attempting to attack a Raxan-class should make the missiles their first priority before engaging the vessel itself.)


Class: Destroyer

Crew: 94+

Length: 410 meters

Standard Armament: Two Thanix Cannons, Two P.L.S. Projectors, Six Dual 155mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Four GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays, Eight Disruptor Missile Pods

Standard Ship Complement: One Viper Interceptor Squadron, One Python Fighter Squadron, Four Cobra Gunships

Powerplant: Mk.2 NM Reactor

Quickly developed following the end of the Reaper War, the Vaixell-class destroyer was built to be a "middleweight" between frigates and cruisers, mounting the largest engines and as many weapon systems as possible on the smallest frame. While somewhat unwieldy in appearance, a boxy, angular superstructure overlapped with layers of angled titanium armor plating, it has proven itself over the years as a tough, dependable, and fast vessel. Its weapons, armor, and shields make it formidable in combat, and its engines are powerful enough to chase down even the fastest pirate ships.

Vaixell-class destroyers formed the backbone of the Pegasus Offensive, being used to quickly tear apart pirate ships as the UCNF pushed through their loosely-organized fleets. The Vaixells became an icon of the offensive, frequently seen on recruitment material following the conflict. After the Confederation secured their territorial gains, many notable Vaixells were reorganized into the UCNF Hunter-Killer Group, divided into eight wings, each consisting of four Vaixell-classes. They're dedicated to seeking out pirate activity in the frontier, eliminating them before they become a threat to colonists in the region.

(Brimming with numerous potent weapons, attacking a Vaixell-class head-on in a one-on-one fight is not recommended. Instead vessels of this designation should be attacked at long-range, ideally with ambush/hit-and-run tactics. If the ship's P.L.S. projectors can be avoided, closing in while they recharge is a recommended tactic.)


Class: Heavy Cruiser (Informally called a "Battleship")

Crew: 1200+

Length: 810 meters

Standard Armament: One Thanix Cannon, Twelve Dual 406mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Twenty GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays, Two PLS Projectors, Six Disruptor Missile Pods

Standard Ship Complement: Four Viper Interceptor Squadrons, Two Python Fighter Squadrons, One Cobra Gunship Squadron (Augmented), Four Dragoon Lances, Four Turma Lances, Ten Hammerhead Hovertanks, Marine Company (250+)

Powerplant: Mk.2 NM Reactor

The Dradis-class heavy cruisers were originally developed as dedicated escort ships for the Caprica-class carrier, focused primarily on defense and screening for the larger ship. Despite its original design specifications, it went on to prove itself as an effective ship outside of its intended role, capable of leading smaller fleets of ships effectively on anti-pirate patrols or in large-scale battle scenarios. Due to multiple redundant life support and emergency systems, it can lose over 80% of its hull integrity and stay in a fight. It has since become a mainstay in the Confederation Navy.

Dradis-class vessels are well-known for leading larger patrol fleets in the UCNF when they aren't being used in their intended role escorting the Caprica-class. With their heavy armament, powerful sensor suites, and sizable ground complement, they're fully capable of responding to threats both in space and on the ground. Currently, twenty-four Dradis-class heavy cruisers are in operation, and are considered an equal match for even the newest Turian dreadnought designs. While the size and armament technically classify it as a dreadnought according to the Treaty of Farixen, the Confederation has never signed it.

(Highly survivable, they have been known to absorb astonishing amounts of damage without losing any critical systems. Recommend focusing fire on the ship's engines to eliminate its high maneuverability.)


Class: Assault Ship

Crew: 146+

Length: 828 meters

Standard Armament: Twelve Dual 155mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Ten GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays

Standard Ship Complement: 120 SUSTAIN Pods, 8 OIVs (Orbital Insertion Vehicles), 6 Cobra Gunships, Two Viper Interceptor Wings, One Python Fighter Wing, Marine Battalion (775+)

Powerplant: Mk.2 NM Reactor

Often called the "school bus" or "taxi" by the Confederation marines deployed on them, the Kamen-class is an assault ship purpose-built for invading planets. Only deployed in exceptional circumstances, they can quickly drop an entire marine battalion to a planetary surface via its unique SUSTAIN pods, securing landing zones for the heavier OIVs following behind with vehicles and reinforcements. Acting more as a deployment platform, they are only armed with point-defense weapons, relying on frigates and other naval support for screening enemy ships at longer ranges and overall protection.

The Kamen-class was only utilized once in recent history, when they were put to task assaulting pirate strongholds in Sigurd's Cradle during the Pegasus Offensive, in what was later called Operation Legolas. The operation was an immense success, knocking out multiple pirate strongholds and a heavily-defended command post used for coordinating pirate actions. The fall of this command post effectively crippled any chance the Terminus pirate bands had of retaliating against the Confederation, allowing them to root out and end the Pegasus Offensive in a matter of weeks instead of months.

(Should be considered targets of high opportunity, ideally before they have time to deploy their ground forces.)


Class: Heavy Carrier (Informally called a "Battlestar")

Crew: 5100+

Length: 1780 meters

Standard Armament: Forty Dual 508mm Mass Accelerator Turrets, Sixty GARDAN Anti-Ship Arrays, Seven PLS Projectors, Twenty Disruptor Missile Pods, (Unconfirmed, Six Nuclear Missiles)

Standard Ship Complement: Eight Viper Interceptor Squadrons, Five Python Fighter Squadrons, Two Cobra Gunship Squadrons, Six Dragoon Lances, Eight Turma Lances, Four Desant-Class Heavy Lifters, Twenty OIVs (Orbital Insertion Vehicle), Marine Regiment (1400+)

Powerplant: Mk.5 NM Reactor

Considered the pinnacle of ship technology at the time of its commissioning by the United Confederation, the Caprica-class is a massive multi-role class of ship. Being hybrid carrier/battleships, many call them "Battlestars". Rivaling the size of the Sovereign-class Reaper, Caprica-class carriers are unique constructs lacking any dreadnought-grade weapons, exempting them from the Treaty of Farixen. They instead rely on numerous, smaller weapon systems in addition to missiles and sizable fighter/interceptor wings. Heavily protected with three meters of titanium armor, kinetic barriers, and MES systems, they're considered to be nearly indestructible, with no ship of the class ever being lost.

While the first was built by Quarian separatists with assistance from the Raloi and Geth, they were clearly produced in large numbers post-war by the United Confederation. They remain the frontline flagships of the Confederation through numerous improvements and refits. The original flagship vessel, the UCV Caprica, currently leads the Home Fleet after its retirement from frontline use. Seventeen Caprica-class ships have been constructed since the end of the Reaper War, leading semi-autonomous flotillas with Dradis-class escorts that maintain peace in Confederation space.

(The only information I can offer aside from "shoot at it with everything you have" is to use its size against it. Despite the size and efficiency of the Caprica-class' Element Zero drive core, it still takes time for it to maneuver compared to the likes of the Dradis-class. Other than that, we have no information.)