A Naruto/Re:Monster Crossover
By Akallas von Aerok
© 2015 . Akallas von Aerok, All rights reserved

Copyright Updated on 5/26/2016

Hello, my name is Slender's Father, and you are reading the start of a spin-off of my Gamer of Konoha. This one is similar except this will have D&D creatures coming out almost every chapter.

Chapter 1:
Starting a New Life

Day 1:

When his eyes opened up, the first thing he thought of, felt, and experienced, was ... confusion. How had he been able to open his eyes again? The last time he had his eyes open, he was in a fight for death.

Death against invaders rampaging across his homeland.

His name is ... Uzumaki Naruto.

Last time he had been awake, the battle for the Forest of Senju had begun between his forces of clones and artillery and the insectoid invaders from beyond the known world. He had been ordered by his superior, Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, to delay the invaders from reaching the capital of Fire. With only a hundred kilometer left between them and the last defense for the capital of Fire, Naruto had set up his defensive line in the Forest of Senju, a sparsely populated area filled with ancient trees created by one Senju Hashirama.

He employed thousands of clones along with tens of siege tanks whose design he ripped off from games.

Then the battle begun.

Naruto's artillery teams fired shots after shots, decimating the enemy forces along with the forest on the other side of the small canyon they were on. His clones, armed with rifles and great clevers, smashed into the invading army.

But a thousand could never win against a hundred thousand.

Eventually, less than an hour after the battle begun, the invaders got to several of the artilleries and took them out. Without half of the artilleries in the fight, the invaders began to push rapidly towards their main base. After he ordered his team members, Kiba and Sasuke, to retreat, Naruto was forced to engage in the battle himself to delay the invaders as much as possible.

Then he met someone who was strong. Someone on his level.

As explosions, screams, and stench of deaths hung around them, he and his match fought in a deathmatch.

He took out the insectoid's few arms. It took his left.

In the final clash, Naruto viciously swung his great clever down on the insectoid's face, killing it instantly. However, the damage had been done.

He collapsed on the forest floor with his own guts spilling out of the large gap the insectoid invader had created.

His eyes were heavy, and he felt them close. His final thought had been about if the heaviness he felt was what death was.

But now ... he could see again, albeit very blurrily. He could feel again.

He definitely did not have his gut out in the open.

At the same time, he felt a heaviness that was very different from the last he experienced. This heaviness was ... just heavy. His arms were heavy. His head was heavy. His legs were heavy!

Everything was heavy.

And he felt hungry. He felt very hungry.

Someone black appeared over my head. Huh, whoever this is must be wearing some funky hat.

There was something that they placed on my lips, and naturally, I sucked. Milk?

Eh, too tired to care.

Weird, I also suddenly feel to.. to ... too sleepy...

Day 2

He was busy drinking the milk the nurse was giving him. His eye sight was still bad, but his nose was working fine. Unfortunately, the world around him stunk. Usually, the stink he smelled was associated to dead and dying, yet he felt no pain. Perhaps he was in a hospital.

It made sense now, why he was not feeling any pain. Someone must have returned for him, and rescued him after he fell unconscious. They must have been quick, though, to have saved him.

...Or not. If he was not feeling pain when he should be, he was put on pain killers. If he was on pain killers, then there was something wrong with him.

If something's wrong with him...


Suddenly, he was happy that his eyes were blurry to omit the details of his fall. Why hadn't his Gamer ability healed him?

Once again, fatigue was getting to him for thinking. Time to sleep...

Day 5

The eyes opened again, and surprisingly, he felt better.

He tried to sit up, and he sat up.

He tried to move his limbs, and he did.

And he did it again, and again and again... Until he began to cry.

The thing is, every time he moved his arms, he did not see a peach colored arms and legs moving. He saw thin, red-skinned, and short hairy limbs moving.

What the hell had happened to him?!

He tried to stand up, and he stood up, and once he did, he realized that his eyes were also better.

He wished his eyes hadn't been able to see at all.

He was in a cave ... surrounded by creatures that looked like him. And man, were they ugly as hell.

He looked around, and found that he had gained an advantage despite his change: night vision. The cave had little light flowing in, and yet despite that, he could see more than he would have before ... this change.

And at the same time, he found the source of the smell.

On the other side of the cave was a a pile of corpses. They were all naked, some women and others men, but they were all dead for sure.


Please don't tell me that's our food.

My ear twitched as a small sound shuffled behind me, and I turned around to look.

It was a ... older version of ... himself?

"Ah, so you can walk and see already. You are quite fast with development, aren't you?" it asked me.

"W..." Naruto tried to speak, but found that he could not. Rather, his vocal cord felt like sand. "W-What-"

The old imp looked impressed. "Speaking too, already! Definitely curious. Most of our impkind can't speak until the 7th day, you know. You must be very gifted to be able to speak already. But I think I know why you're awake."

Naruto raised an eyebrow.

The old imp stared off into space for a bit before he smiled. "I almost forgot. You're name is ..."


Oh god.

Oh god, please no.

Welcome to Character Creation!
[Next ]


-*Please Wait a Moment. An Interruption in progress.*-

"-ll burn your mountains and rivers! Then I'll rape everything I see with an army bef-!"

-*Please Wait a Moment. An Interruption in progress.*-

"-nd shove your laws up your ass! You hear me?! I will grab your sons and daug-!"

-*Please Wait a Moment. An Interruption in progress.*-

Naruto huffed and gasped, having said his piece to Gaia, who he assumed was behind his reincarnation and subsequent ... changes. He looked around, and found that everything was frozen. Naruto knew that it had to do with the "game mechanics." It meant that he would not be able to leave this place nor space until he moved on.

He looked back to the ethereal screen. "Damn it," he muttered as he pressed Next.

The screen went blank before widening.

Basic Character Stat

This is your Basic Character Status Page where it shows you your current basic status. You have 5 points to invest, but you need not do it immediately. Press [Next ] to move on.

LvL: 1

Strength: 3 [+][-] + (-2 Gremlin Kind)
Ability related to physical power of bodily functions.
Any living being that is not made out of gas has at least 1 strength.

Dexterity: 6 [+][-] + (-2 Gremlin Kind)
Ability related to flexibility, movement, and dodging.
Any living being that is not made out of gas has at least 1 dexterity.

Agility: 4 [+][-]
Ability related to movement and speed.
Any living being that is not made out of gas has at least 1 agility.

Endurance: 3 [+][-]
Ability related to prolong an activity.
Any living being that is not made out of gas has at least 1 endurance.

Intelligence: 10 [+][-]
Ability related to learning and solving.
Any living being that is not made out of gas has at least 1 intelligence.

Wisdom: 10 [+][-]
Ability related to making connections.
Any living being that is not made out of gas has at least 1 wisdom.

Charisma: 2 [+][-]
Ability related to persuasion and attraction.
Any living being that is not made out of gas has at least 1 charisma.

Spirit: 5 [+][-]

Magic: 10 [+][-]

Power: 3 [+][-]

Points to Spend: 5

[Next ]

If Naruto knew one thing about gaming, it was that he needed to save his points until he needed them. So he pressed the next button.

Advanced Character Stat

This is your Advanced Character Status page. This page is composed of Traits, Focus, and Reputation/Connections. To advance, you must balance your Trait points between -10 and 10.



Strong (-30)
Weak (+20)
Genius (-60)
Quick (-20)
Cynical (+5)
Gregarious (-9)
Possessed (+18)
Depressed (+17)
Irritable (+8)

Ugly (+30)
Slow (+18)
Wroth (+5)
Greedy (+5)
Lustful (+5)
Proud (+5)
Gluttonous (+15)
Slothful (+10)
Envious (+5)
Patient (-5)
Charitable (-5)
Chaste (-5)
Temperate (-5)
Diligent (-5)
Humble (-5)
Brave (-11)
Craven (+11)
Shy (-2)
Ambitious (-3)
Content (+16)
Honest (+7)
Deceitful (+5)
Just (-13)
Trusting (+1)
Cruel (+8)
Blind (+40)

Undiscovered Traits: 50+



Fixed(These traits cannot be removed or disabled):

"Disgusting, horrible, mischievous, and a horrible labor. I recommend extermination."
+Opponents often underestimate you
+Fast growth (10 days to adulthood)

*Small Size
-Large humanoids are hostile to you.
-Reduced physical status (-2 STR, -2 END)

The Gamer
"You are the Gamer, one who can do everything."
+Nothing can mind control you.
+Resting at "Home" results in healing the Gamer to top condition, removing debuffs and restoring health.

Trait Points: 0
Warning: Once gained and confirmed, traits cannot be removed unless a certain action or series of actions are taken.
Note: Few of the traits will "react" to the focus you take. So be aware.
Note: Traits already taken do not count towards Trait points.

Choose One



Which Faction do you side with?

Gremlin-kind: 100 (your home faction)

Naruto gawked at the list of traits alone. There were so much traits!

"Well, let's see..." he muttered as he looked over the list of traits available to him. "How about genius?"

+10 to all stat's excluding spirit, magic, and endurance.
+1 to all stat gains. (Ex: Increasing 1 point on STR would give additional point to STR due to Genius trait).
-Extremely expensive trait (-60)]

"60 points, huh?" he said as he looked through the list for the traits to balance the genius trait. 60 points was obviously a lot, but the benefits of the Genius trait would be worth some negative traits. 2 points per 1 spent? That was like LvLings twice! But what trait could he use to counter the points negated?

There were very few traits that could offer big boost in the points. Weak trait, for example, gave him 20 points.


+You may rid yourself of this trait if you train hard for a long time. The amount of training needed is uncertain, however...
-10 to Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, and Agility.]

It was Genius's opposite. It would take away all of Genius's initial bonuses and more. Endurance would be killed for sure, but Naruto could invest back into it.

[Trait - Weak: Taken]

[Trait - Genius: Taken]

Depressed did not sound too bad, but he didn't want to be suicidal should that lead there...

Cynical also didn't sound bad.

+Easily get on with individuals with [Cynical] trait.
+ +20% success to finding others' Intrigue-related activities.
*You never ever go over anything that is mildly suspicious.
-Harder to trust anyone.
-Harder to make friends with individuals who do not have cynical trait.]

[Trait - Cynical: Taken]

"And how many points do I have to fill now?" The resulting trait point calculated to be -58.

"How about [Depressed]? I mean, I don't like being suicidal, but I need to at least know what it is like," he said to himself as he opened up Depressed's details.

-You have 10% chance of being suicidal when you fail a large project.
- -1 to Charisma every character LvL gained.]

[Trait - Depressed: Taken]

"It's not so bad for the points it gives..." Naruto muttered outloud. "Bah, I'll take it." Which brought the point to -41. "31 more to go. *sigh* I want to get over with this already." He paused for a bit. "If I get Content right now, I'll be okay with the points. What does the Content trait do?"

"Slow advancement, no motivation. How content are you?"
+Increased happiness with any success.
-Lack of motivation
-Decreased need of accomplishment]

[Trait - Content: Taken]

Naruto nodded, completely satisfied with his choice. He was at -2 trait points right now, which allowed him to pass the Trait portions, and move unto the Focus portion. Just to make sure, he went to see the list of traits he had taken before he moved on.

Traits Taken:

"Well, I guess I'm good for the trait. But what's the Focus?"

Focus is exactly that: a focus for your path in life. Focus determines the type, number, and quality of daily quests and epic quests who receive.
For example, a human who chose the Seduction (unavailable at the moment) Focus will be given daily quest to increase his reputation with the opposite gender with reward EXP depending on the number of women he "seduces." His epic quest will be along the lines of having a harem.

"So focus would determine what kind of actions I would be guided to take, eh?" Naruto muttered out loud. "Okay, let's see my list of focuses... Learning, Experimenting, Hunting, Leadership, Friendship, and Growing. I wonder which one I will benefit the most from..."

While unknown to the man himself, the traits that he took earlier was already working its way through his logic processing. Already, his mind had shifted from his previous mindset to another that accommodated the changes in himself. His Ambitious trait clashed with his Content trait, sparking inner debate, while his cynical and depressed trait steered him from wanting to take the Friendship focus. At the same time, his Quick and Genius traits were working in synergy to have his determine that for his current status, taking the Growing focus seemed to be the best choice for him.

In the end, Naruto took the Growing focus.

[Character Creation Complete!]

And then he was back to facing the old imp.

And there. That's the start of a new story, one where the entire world and its system are different. It was inspired by the Re:Monster manga, and I am linking it to Naruto through my other story, Gamer of Konoha, particularly the chapter where Naruto dies. Only, in this story, he gets "respawned" in a different world as a different species. Kind of like Buddhism's reincarnations. You can douche as a human, but in the next life, you'll be a worm, literally.

But does Naruto stay as an Imp of all things? No...! Life evolves, and so will he.

Oh, and as I said in the beginning, there will be a lot of D&D creatures that will be used here.

Tell me what you guys think about it, and if I get some decent amount of demand from the community, I'll continue this. Ciao.