Clary had come back down to the dungeons the next morning after finding him. Her face was pale and it was clear that the demonic energy from Edom was affecting her. It had affected Jace as well but she had been there longer. Releasing him from his shackles his body fell limply to the ground. The Queen sighed, leaning down and drawing him into her arms. Jace let her. It had been so long since he had felt her warmth. Jonathan had forced the heavenly fire out of his system during his two weeks of imprisonment. The loss of the fire left his body weak and cold. "I meant what I said last night." She whispered running her fingers through his hair. "I didn't want any of this to happen but my hands were tied. You always told me that a shadowhunter was supposed to be selfless and do what was for the betterment of all. I never understood that or the pressure of making such a choice until Jonathan presented his deal to me. Please, don't hate me." The redhead pleaded. Her voice was soft, filled with sorrow and barely carried above a whisper. Jace's golden eyes looked up at her. "I had a lot of time to think about it last night after you left. It hurts but you made the right choice. The life of an entire world for two, even if the child is mine, was a difficult choice but the right one. Looking at this wasteland I couldn't bare to see our world in such a state." The blonde replied. Clary nodded, her lips placed in a firm frown.

"Jonathan would have won too. Did you know that aside from the faeries working with him that he had tripled his endarkened army? He was even going to have demons attack Idris with the wild hunt. Our kind would have been no more. Everyone we loved and everything we cared about would have been turned to dust." Clary explained. The thoughts and pictures of her world being turned into blood had plagued her the last two nights she was in their world. She had even had another dream where Idris had been reduced to bones. She wondered if it had been another warning from Ithuriel. "So what now? Sebastian is the king of nothing?" Jace asked. At this Clary smiled. "Well, he is the king of Edom or the space between worlds. I admit, it never made sense to me why he would wish to be the king of this wasteland." She replied. A chuckle filled her ears as the man in question came down the stairs. "Edom is just the beginning, my love. Ah, my brother. So nice to finally see you cooperating. Are you ready to see your new home now?" the eldest Morgenstern asked.

Jace clenched his jaw. "Go to hell." He hissed. He felt Clary's grip on his shoulders immediately tighten. Dark eyes regarded him with fury but it was Clarissa who spoke first. "Calm down, Jace. There is no point in fighting anymore. Jonathan has won and the ties to our home are broken. We are all we have left. Accept it. Please, I need you." Her sweet voice whispered. Jace looked at her with anguish. It was true. Jonathan had won but Jace was hard headed and stubborn. He wasn't used to losing and didn't know what to do when it happened. "Come Clarissa. Amatis has prepared a bath for you. I will take Jace to his room." The king replied. Clary knew better than to argue. She nodded reluctantly sending a knowing glare to her brother. The dark-eyed man smiled, reassuringly. Once she left he turned his attention back to his brother. At this point, Jace had pulled himself up from the floor. Sebastian took a step towards his little brother. "Are you ready to cooperate now?" he asked seriously. "It depends, what does cooperating entail? I assume that means shutting up and keeping my hands off Clary?" the blonde spat. Sebastian's lips turned into a wide dark grin.

"You can touch her all you like as long as you know that she is mine. I am willing to share, provided that you share yourself as well." The king explained. Jace's face went blank for a moment. "Sharing myself is where I draw the line. I don't swing that way." He replied seriously. At this Sebastian laughed. "Don't flatter yourself, Jace. You don't do it for me either." The king smiled. Jace's face turned in relief. "I was referring to your time. I want you to assist me, fight by my side and be my right hand. Pledge your sword and loyalty to me and I will share Clarissa with you. Those are my terms." He announced. Jace's lips turned down into a frown. It was the moment of truth. He could continue to fight, which wouldn't amount to much or give in and try to enjoy some remnants of his life. Reluctantly, the blonde's shoulders fell in defeat. The king smiled wickedly stepping forward and taking out his stele. "Swear by the angel that you will be loyal to me, Jace. Not that it matters because you can't kill me. Not here in Edom, where I am the master of the very Earth that moves. Here I am king and the king wants your sworn loyalty." The tall man elaborated. Jace could see the dark glee in the man's eyes. Taking a deep breath in, Jace looked Jonathan in the eye. "I swear upon the angel Raziel that as long as you don't hurt Clarissa or the child she is carrying, that I will fight by your side. You will have my loyalty."

The king rushed forward and wrapped his arm around him. "Wonderful, little brother. Now, let me show you your new room. We will heal you up and meet Clary for lunch. Though, perhaps a late lunch. You stink and need a shower." Sebastian announced. Jace rolled his eyes. "Coming from the man in a tiara." He replied. The king chuckled in amusement. "What you don't like the crown? That's a shame because I have one for you too, prince." He replied. Jace's stomach sunk at the thought but he kept his mouth shut. If he was going to survive in this world, he knew he would have to bite his tongue a lot. He might as well get used to it.

*************************A Year Later************************

"You hung up the picture I made you." Clary smiled looking up at the canvas. Jace shrugged continuing to play with the baby in his arms. It had been three months since Clary had given birth to the beautiful baby girl, Brooklyn. The shadowhunters heart sank when his girlfriend had showed him the little girl. She had strawberry blonde curls and bright green eyes with a faded gold circle around her iris. It was clear as day who the child's father was. It was the best and most horrible day of Jace's life. Jonathan had twisted Edom into a livable climate but a mile from the guard, the ground became dirt again. He had wanted so much more for his daughter and girlfriend. Jonathan was true to his word, he allowed Clary to travel back and forth between both of them. The blonde knew that his Queen kept their king amused. He also knew that somewhere deep inside her that she enjoyed being with Jonathan but that wasn't the same as love. When it came to love, Jace knew that he had Clarissa's heart and she had his. It took them awhile to get past the events at the apartment but they were doing well now. At least they were before the birth. Once Jonathan found out the baby wasn't his, he became agitated. Though for Clary's sake and by his own word, he kept his violent temper in check. Clary had healed quickly after the use of iratzes and a special potion she recovered in a day. Since then she had been spending extra time with the eldest Morgenstern, trying to give him what he desired most; a child. Jace knew they were trying and was even warned to keep his distance. He just wished Jonathan wasn't so hard on Clary.

Looking over at the redhead he saw that his lover's green eyes were clouded and tired. Between pleasing her king and waking up at night to feed the baby, Clarissa was exhausted. "Get some sleep darling. I'll take care of Brooklyn." Jace announced standing up from the chair with his daughter in hand. The young mother nodded walking over to the bed and closing her eyes. Taking a moment to smile at the picture of his sleeping Queen, Jace quietly opened the door and stepped out. Brooklyn was restless and usually fell asleep after a nice walk. There was something about the sunlight on her skin that relaxed the infant. It was too late for that now, though. The sun had just set and night had come. Working his way down the corridor Jace walked past Jonathan's study, surprised to find the door open. "So, it's not possible?" his brother asked the fire. Peering in Jace saw the flames dance as if responding to the question. Deciding that he rather not get caught prying and that walking away now would result in him being found out, he opened his mouth. "To make smores? Well, you are missing the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers." Jace jested. Looking up Jonathan said something in demonic tongue and the flames leaped back in silence.

"I see you are walking around with your brat. What a good father you are turning out to be." The king winced running his hands through his hair. It was a nervous habit that Jace had picked up on during their time spent together. "This brat is your niece. For all the talk of family, you seem bent on throwing this one away before you even try to know her." The blonde argued holding the now sleeping baby in his arms. Dark eyes glared at him. "Perhaps because I don't want a niece. I want a daughter." The king snapped. At this Jace smiled taking a seat in the chair in front of him. "Technically it would be your daughter AND your niece." He replied with dark humor. Jonathan was less than amused. "Are you sure you want a baby anyway? Changing diapers and the sleepless nights are murder." The prince surmised. The eldest Morgenstern just grunted. "I don't expect someone like you to understand." He hissed. The comment didn't phase, Jace. "You don't expect your brother and your right-hand man to understand? Did all that bonding battling demons mean nothing to you?" Jace asked feigning hurt. Jonathan looked back at him unamused.

"Jonathan, why do you want a child so soon? You are immortal. What is your hurry? Can't you see how you are wearing Clary down? The poor thing is so tired she can barely stand." Jace asked his tone taking on a serious note. Despite his concern for this Queen, the dark-eyed man smiled. He had truly done his share of wearing his sister out and for that, he was not ashamed. He made sure his feisty redhead enjoyed every minute. "Perhaps, I am merely interested in preserving my blood line. Have you kept up your end of our bargain?" he asked. Jace nodded. "I have not touched Clarissa since we have spoken. She understands the agreement and doesn't wish for our daughter to be harmed or to anger you. She really is trying to give you what you want, Jonathan. " Jace spoke. At that moment little Brooklyn stirred and began opening her eyes. It was as if she knew that the adults were talking about her. Looking up she smiled widely at her father, who grinned lovingly back. The scene only disgusted Jonathan more. Noticing this Jace bit the inside of his cheek and stood up. Approaching the man, he held the smiling infant out to him. "I do not wish-"

"Hold your niece," Jace commanded sternly. Jonathan's dark eyes met his in challenge but Jace wasn't backing down. He knew that the best protection for his daughter was if she had a relationship with her tyrant of an uncle. The king was obvious to many human emotions but he understood blood and loneliness. "Do it. You have not held her once. She is your blood too, Jonathan. Just relax and stop stressing about rather you can have children and focus on the little bundle of joy you have in front of you." He continued. Looking down at the baby he noticed her golden-green eyes were on him; her hands reaching out to touch him in curiosity. Taking a breath, the king reluctantly took his niece into his arms. The little girl squealed with delight reaching her small hand up to his face. The demon looked down at the small girl's giant green eyes. They were Clary's. He had spent many nights getting lost in those similar eyes and the thought of having a part of his sister being in his arms actually brought him joy. He had grown so use to despising the child that he had failed to see what new possibilities she brought. Brooklyn was just a baby and didn't hate him yet. He had the chance to be the wonderful uncle and he wanted to take it. "She is rather cute." Jonathan smiled. Jace grinned in happiness and partly in relief. "Of course, she is. She has your sister and I's good looks. Think of it as a blessing really. I don't know what we would do if the child had your ugly face." Jace teased. The king grinned. "Clary's and I's baby will be just as pretty," Jonathan replied with glee, bringing his finger down for little Brooklyn to grip. "Keep dreaming." Jace teased.

**************One Year Later************

"His eyes are so dark," Clary replied holding the sleeping boy. Jonathan stood proudly next to her looking down at the infant. It took time but he was finally a father. "Valentine had dark eyes as well. Given the strength of angel blood in his veins, my blood should not burn out his humanity like Jonathan. He is similar to a warlock in your world, part angel, part demon and a little human." Lilith explained. Jace stood by stoically holding Brooklyn at his side. He wasn't pleased that Jonathan had poisoned his son with Lilith's blood but was relieved that the child would not be a monster. He had hit the pale king when he suggested giving the unborn baby demon blood. Jonathan had anticipated such a reaction and didn't punish him for it. Instead, he brought his hands to Jace's throat and pinned him to the wall until he calmed down. He also threatened Jace's life and the blonde had to reluctantly surrender. He couldn't leave Brooklyn alone in this world. Clary wasn't strong enough to protect her. Of course, Jonathan had already done the deed without Clary or Jace's knowledge. His lover was furious with the king for tricking her. The last nine months had been murder. The redhead's mood swings were worse but she didn't go through a depression like Jocelyn did. Perhaps it was the angel blood that Jonathan had snuck her, to lighten her moods.

Jonathan picked the infant up and cradled it in his arms. Brooklyn gave out a small whine. The king chuckled. "Don't be jealous, darling. You are still my number one girl." Her uncle replied. The child had pale blonde hair and dark eyes like Jonathan's; only with a similar golden center around his iris. Aside from a few freckles, the child looked mostly like a combination of Jace and Jonathan. "He's beautiful." Jonathan smiled. "You're only saying that because he had your hair," Clary replied tiredly. This birth had been quicker than the first but much more draining. Her brother chuckled. "You are part Swiss, even if you take after our mother." He smiled. It was rare to see the man smile but with Brooklyn and now a son, he was smiling more and more. Stepping to the side Jonathan took a step towards Jace. "Do you wish to hold your son?" he asked. Jace bit his lip, unsure. "Come now Jace. He is just as much you as he is me. Well, perhaps more angelic than demonic." He announced. Sighing reluctantly Jace put his daughter down and took the sleeping boy into his arms. Leaning down, he brought the baby down to Brooklyn's eye level.

He would have thought that he would hate the child but looking at the infant he could not register such emotion. The child had his jaw and facial shape. Even his dark eyes were sprinkled with hints of gold. The little boy had awoken and was looking up at his father and sister curiously. "Hello, little brother." The little girl spoke bringing her hand to touch the baby's head. "Uncle Jon-thin?" the little girl spoke looking up at the towering king. "Yes, my sweet?" the demon purred. The baby's eyes looked up at his father as if being mesmerized when he spoke. "What is his name?" she asked. Jace looked at Jonathan who was staring back at him. "He is your son too. You pick, just nothing too girly." The prince replied. The king turned to his beautiful queen who was watching them quietly. "As long as you don't name him Jonathan jr. or Valentine, I am fine." She announced sweetly. The king looked startled for a moment. "I've never given much thought to names." Looking back at his son, a child both angel and demonic, born to the king of Edom and living in hell there was only one name that came to mind. "How about Dante?" he asked. Brooklyn smiled jumping up and down. "Dante, Dante, Dante." She squealed. The baby seemed to like this name and began to coo. Jace kissed the infant on the head and gave Dante back to Jonathan. The king of Edom looked down proudly at his son. He didn't intend to make another or put his siblings through this process again. Despite their understanding, he knew that this process was tearing Clary and Jace up inside. He didn't intend to lose what fragile faith he had obtained from his siblings by being selfish. Dante was enough and one was the deal he presented to Jace and Clary. He gave his word and swore on both the angel and his mother that he would only take one of their children. Looking down at Dante, the king of Edom was happy.

A/N: So, given that Lilith had been cursed not to be able to give birth I thought it only made sense that neither could her son. Many of you wanted a Clabastian baby, though I had always known it would be Jace's, I wanted to give you your wish to the best of my abilities. This is a bittersweet ending and I hope I did justice to the characters. Jace and Clary really aren't okay with what is going on but they have no choice to accept it. It's complicated at best.

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