Badge of a Fighter

Chapter 1

"We were all at gym class except you! Admit you stole the money!" a child yelled.

In an elementary school, a classroom of child were holding a class court over the disappearance of a child's lunch money. The suspect was the one child that was sick and asked to be excused from gym class since the money didn't disappear until after gym class. The children sneered and accused the suspected child while that child was forced to stand in front of the classroom next to the teacher.

"Now, Phoenix, you know stealing is wrong. Now apologize to the class like a good little girl." the teacher said in a stern tone.

A girl with short black hair with three wavy bangs slicked back like spikes, wearing a blue shirt, tan shorts, and brown shoes sobbed as she constantly wiped the tears from her indigo-blue eyes. She didn't know why no one believed her when she constantly claimed multiple times how she didn't steal the money yet her pleas were ignored. The young girl took in a shaky breath, convinced that there was no hope for her and she was doomed to be pronounced guilty from the start.

Deciding to give into their demands, Pheonix was fixing to apologize until at that moment she was interrupted by a child shouting "Objection!"

She blinked her eyes in shock when saw the child who shouted was none other than the victim of the missing lunch money case, Miles Edgeworth.
Edgeworth was a boy with grayish-brown hair with two large bangs framing the sides of his face and he wore a black school uniform. The young boy's brown eyes burned with anger as he glared at the teacher.

"If she says she didn't do it then I believe her! No matter what, every defense attorney must give the defendant the benefit of the doubt, yet you're all claiming she's guilty without any evidence. If you ask me this is a terrible trial!"

Phoenix was speechless at the response; she couldn't believe there was someone willing to be there for her even at the grimmest of odds. Unconsciously a small smile formed on her face as she wiped away her tears from her eyes.
Edgesworth smiled kindly back in return. Even if it was his lunch money that was stolen, he wasn't about to let anyone suffer for a crime they did not commit.

"Yeah I also say she didn't do it!" another voice yelled.

The class immediately turned their heads to see an orange-haired girl with her hair styled in a pixie cut, wearing a white tank top, brown shorts, and sandals with her feet propped up on her desk.
When Phoenix saw the girl she crossed her arms and glared at her in annoyance. She knew her as her friend Lexie Butz who had mysteriously vanished when the teacher dragged her off after she had been accused of stealing the money. The dark-haired girl was angry that her friend had left her at the mercy of the classroom for what felt like ages and only deciding just now to show up.

The teacher remained silent as she glanced between the two children defending the accused child. Finally after a moment of thought she decided Phoenix was innocent since there was no proof that she had stolen the money.
Phoenix grinned in relief before without warning she ran over to Edgeworth and hugged him tightly.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" she exclaimed happily.

"Umm... you're hugging me a little too tight." Edgeworth replied, having a little trouble breathing from the bone-crushing hug.

The young girl blushed out of embarrassment before releasing her captive from her hug.

"Where's my hug?" Lexie asked with a frown.

Upon hearing this Phoenix immediately snarled before shoving Lexie to the ground and demanding where she had ran off to and how she was angry that she abandoned her in her time of need.
Lexie rubbed her head with an embarrassed grin while she explained that she ran away from panic and when she heard what was happening she had ran back as fast as she could to the classroom.

"Of course, when something smells its usually the Butz." Phoenix grumbled in annoyance.

"Butz?" Edgeworth asked out of confusion.

Phoenix immediately spun around the face her classmate, surprised that he hadn't heard of the catchphrase with how much trouble Lexie always managed to get herself into.

"It's her name, Lexie Butz. She earned that catchphrase for all the trouble she attracts." she explained.

Upon hearing the explanation Edgeworth nodded his head in understanding before asking "Then what's your name?"

"Oh!" the young girl exclaimed in shock, realizing that she had forgotten to introduced herself during all that time they had been talking "I'm Phoenix, Phoenix Wright. But some of my friends call me Nix."

"Okay since I know your name now I will tell you mine, I'm Miles Edgeworth and I'm the son of a Defense Attorney." he introduced himself.

Phoenix's eyes widened in surprise, she now knew how the young boy was able to handle the class room trial was all because of his father. For the rest of the day the three children sat together talking amongst each other, learning more and more about each other as the day went on. Finally the sound of the school bell echoed through out the hallways, signifying the end of class.
Phoenix started gathered up her supplies in her bug until she noticed Edgeworth walking out of the door with his bag. Panic ran through her mind as she hastily shoved the rest of her supplies in her bag and ran after him.

She shouted out his name once they were outside of the school building, causing the young boy to stop in his tracks. The dark-haired girl panted as she leaned over with her arms propped on her knees once she had caught up, trying to regain her breath. Once she felt she was okay she dug around in the left pocket of her shorts and pulled out a beaded bracelet with the Japanese text for "Phoenix" dangling from it as a charm. She grinned as she held it out in front of Edgeworth.

"I wanted to give you this as a thank you gift for defending me today." she admitted, "It's my lucky charm and I decided to let you have it as a sign of our friendship."

Edgeworth was speechless at the girl's kindness; he couldn't believe she was giving him a gift all because he defended her. That was when it dawned on him that Phoenix had no other friends other than Lexie and while Lexie wasn't mean, she wasn't exactly some one that could be considered an extremely good friend due to her troublemaker tendencies and to run away at the nearest sign of trouble. Meaning that Edgeworth was the first stranger to truly show Phoenix kindness. With a smile he accepted the gift and placed it in his jacket's pocket.

"Thanks, I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Phoenix." he said before walking away without another word.

Phoenix took in a deep breath as she looked up to the sky with a newly awakened realization, learning that no matter what, there can always be someone looking out for you and she wanted to be like Edgeworth and stand by the sides of those who had lost all hope. With her heart full of determination she had her mind set on what she was going to do, she was going to work hard to become a defense attorney.

Twelve years had passed since that day and Phoenix Wright was no longer the sobbing little girl she once was. She now was a young woman at the age of twenty-one, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers, and with her hair now long and pulled back into a ponytail. She had enrolled in college for an art degree as a back up plan for her career choice but that didn't stop her to continue studying for attorney work in preparation. Phoenix yawned as she pulled some books off of a shelf; she had gone to the court library to catch up trial procedure studies.

The dark-haired woman grunted as she balanced five books in her arms, beginning to regret grabbing so many. But right as she was fixing to walk away from the shelf, someone collided into her, causing the books to fly in the air for a few moments before scattering on the ground.

Phoenix groaned as she rubbed her head before yelling "Ow! Hey why don't you wa..."

But at that moment she immediately cut herself off when she saw sitting across from her was a man around her age with red hair pulled back into a short pony tail with brown eyes, wearing a white button-up shirt with his sleeves rolled up past his elbows, black slacks, and brown shoes. Phoenix swallowed hard as her heart pounded frantically in her chest, unsure what else to say.
The red-headed man shook his head for a moment before he looked around the room in panic.

"Wha-what happened?" he asked.

Finally having regained her voice Phoenix nervously replied "Sorry, I guess you bumped into me."

The young man jumped in surprise at the sound of Phoenix's voice and quickly looked around the room for a few seconds till finally he managed to spot the young woman sitting in front of him. When he saw her he immediately let out a sigh of relief and formed a smug smile on his face.

"Of course how silly of me to not notice the beauty in the room." he said as he stood up.

Phoenix's face turned blood red at the compliment; she couldn't believe a man she had just met was referring to her as a beauty.

"Oh I should introduce myself, I'm Damian Hawthrone." the red-headed man greeted as he held out his hand, "What would your name be by any chance?"

"Ph-Ph-Phoenix Wright, but my friends call me Nix." she stuttered as she accepted Damian's hand and stood up.

Damian chuckled as he let a smirk form on his face. Without a word he reached into his slacks' pocket and pulled out a necklace with a small bottle shaped like a crystal.

"Think you can hold onto this for a while?" he asked.

Before Phoenix could give an answer the red-headed man had already placed the necklace around her neck. Immediately the dark-haired woman laughed nervously while rubbing the back of her head. She couldn't figure out any response with how straight forward the man before her was being. To her she was surprised to find herself in a scenario she thought only happened in bad romance novels.

"I'm counting on you, Nixie." Damian chuckled before finally leaving the library.

Once the young man was out of sight, Phoenix immediately released a sigh a relief as she leaned back against the library shelf. Her indigo blue eyes glanced down at the necklace that hung around her neck. She lifted up the bottle, running her thumb along the smooth glass before finally smiling.
Damian dashed through the court hallways as fast as he could until he was seized by a couple of police officers. He clenched his teeth in anger until he heard footsteps approaching him. A dark grin formed on his face when he saw the owner of the footsteps was a brown-headed woman with brown eyes, wearing a black jacket and skirt, gray blouse, a white scarf, a beaded necklace with a tan yin charm, and white slippers.

The woman glared at the man before her with her eyes full of rage and heartbreak. She raised her hand up fixing to slap him but stopped herself at the last second when she remembered where she was.

"You did it didn't you!" the brown-headed woman yelled.

Damian laughed before replying "I don't know what on earth you're talking about, Mia Fey."

Mia clenched her teeth as her hands tightened in fists. She wanted to do nothing more than to punch what she considered a demon before her, especially after the pain he had caused to her and many others six months ago. Knowing that getting angry will only make things worse, Mia took in a deep breath to calm herself the best she could.

"Don't play dumb with me, Damian. I know what kind of person you are. I know you poisoned Diego because he came here to meet you and now he's dead from poisoning." she replied, venom dripping off each of her words.

Damian closed his eyes with a smug grin, knowing there wasn't much he could do to hide the fact that he did meet with Diego. He remained silent as he whipped his head to the side, causing his pony tail to fall on top of his shoulder.

Finally after a few moments of silence he spoke up "That may be true but I will say this..."

His brown eyes snapped open as he finished his sentence "You'll never find any evidence that'll prove I poisoned him."

Upon hearing this Mia narrowed her eyes both out of suspicion and anger; she didn't know what he meant by she'll never be able to find evidence to prove Damian was the one that poisoned Diego but she knew it couldn't be good.
Later that day, Phoenix was back at her college which was called Ivy University. She was sitting in her dorm room constantly twiddling with the necklace Damian had given her in her hand. She couldn't figure out why she couldn't get the encounter with the mysterious man out of her head, or why a part of her felt a bit uneasy accepting the necklace with absolutely no objections.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the door to her room slam open and a voice yell "Nix!"

Phoenix yelped out of shock as she fell out of her chair and crashed to the floor. She groaned as her vision spun a few seconds before clearing up once more. Even without clear vision, Phoenix didn't need it to know who shouted her name. She looked up to see her now twenty year-old friend Lexie standing over her with tears streaking down her face as she sobbed.

"Can you believe it?! Marty broke up with me for some brainy scientist. What does she got that I don't?" Lexie sobbed.

"How about brains for starters? Lexie almost everyday you come sobbing to me about your latest failed relationship. Why don't you admit that you stink at relationships." Phoenix grumbled as she sat up.

The moment the dark-haired woman uttered those words Lexie stopped crying and crossed her arms with an angry pout on her face.

"I do not stink at relationships. All those guys just don't know what good stuff they're dumping. The only guy that ever stayed around me the longest was Edgey." she replied.

Lexie's face froze when she realized what she had said. She glanced over at her friend to see she had grown quiet and was rubbing her arm. The two of them hadn't seen Edgeworth ever since he moved to Germany twelve years ago. Phoenix took in a deep breath as she recalled how he had closed himself off to everyone and didn't even want anyone to mention his father. She even tried to get in touch with him through many methods such as mail or cellphone, but unfortunately all her attempts at communication were ignored.

"Speaking of Edgey, did you ever get ahold of him? It would be nice to know how he's been doing since that... day." Lexie asked, taking a pause when she remembered the reason why Edgesworth cut himself from everyone.

"Lexie, you already know the answer to that. While it is true I heard Edgeworth returned a few months back, the only way he would talk to me again is in a courtroom. Hopefully as a defense attorney it would give me the chance to finally find out what has been going on." Phoenix replied with a sigh as she rubbed her hand against her forehead.

Lexie shrugged her shoulders, deciding to brush off the topic. She looked around on the floor and that was when she noticed the necklace. Without warning she gasped and scooped it up off of the floor, demanding to know where her friend got it. Due to not being quite too bright, Lexie thought the necklace was actually a diamond instead of a bottle and wanted to know how her friend got ahold of the supposed expensive jewelry.

"I met a guy named Damian and he gave it to me that's all." Phoenix replied.

But she quickly regretted revealing that information when Lexie instantly screamed loudly in her ear. The dark-headed instantly slapped her hands over her ears which were now throbbing in pain until finally her friend's scream quieted down.

"I can't believe you managed to hook a guy in just one day!" Lexie exclaimed, "Was he hot? Please tell me he was hot! Wait don't tell me that or you'll be torturing me because you're the one who got him!"

Phoenix's face turned blood red both from embarrassment and flattery.

"Well he was pretty cute." she muttered.

Lexie's eyes twitched in disbelief, but before she could say anything else a guy who had been walking by the room spotted her.

"Hey I got a restraining order against you! You aren't suppose to be within fifteen feet of this dorm!" the guy yelled in anger.

"Gah, I forgot about Reggie! See ya later, Nix!" Lexie yelled before dashing out of the room, panicking when she saw her ex-boyfriend angrily chasing after her.

Phoenix rolled her eyes before picking up the necklace her friend dropped and stood back up. While most times she brushed off Lexie's words as nonsense, this time she believed her friend was onto something. She couldn't figure out any other reason for the young man's action except for the possibility that he was attracted to her despite them just meeting. But that left her with the question of whether or not she wanted to pursue the relationship or not with the mysterious man. She closed her eyes in thought for a few moments before slipping the necklace on.

"If I see him again I will get to know him more. Because this necklace had to be a sign of his love. Who would think I would get a boyfriend in less than a minute?" Phoenix thought to herself before opening up one of her books and returning to her studies.