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Yugi: *is getting used to it by now* Princess Strawberry does not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any characters she uses in this fic. Be warned that this story contains yaoi / shounen-ai (however you want to call it .) between Ryou and Bakura.

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'Thinking' ~**~

~*~ Here are the characters:

- Ryou Bakura = Cinderella ((He will be referred as a 'him' in this fic, even though he plays the role of Cinderella. AND he might have to cross-dress. - you know, he has to wear a gown to the ball...))

- Yami Bakura = the Prince

- Seto = the King

- Joey = the Grand Duke

- Téa = evil stepmother ((Heehee!! ^.^ No surprise there, as Téa is my favourite person to bash!))

- Isis = one of the stepsisters; Drizella ((Isis isn't that bad, but I needed another girl to play this role.))

- Mai = the other stepsister; Anastasia ((I like Mai, but she's not exactly my favourite character, and she looks spoiled. get the point, right?))

- Duke = the horse; Major ((*giggles*))

- Malik = fairy godmother ((Malik:What the ---- *words are muffled due to hand on his mouth* Princess Strawberry:*giggles* Malik:I will get you for this! Yami Strawberry:I don't think so. Malik:EEP!))

- Yami Malik = the dog; Bruno ((Yami Malik:*curses in Egyptian*))

Sorry to any Yami/Yugi fans that this fic does not, I repeat, do not contain them. Sorry! T___T But they are part of the "mice team". ^_____^ I love torturing you two! ~*~

Cinderella in Yu-Gi-Oh! Style!

Default Chapter

It was a Friday morning. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. Add to the picture of a beautiful young boy feeding chickens, ducks, and geese. Ahh, the perfect tranquility...only to be disrupted by a certain stepmother that happened to wake up to find her hair all messed up.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Téa yelled, the scream echoing around the house. "Ryou! Get your lazy butt over here right NOW!!!!!!"

In less than fifteen seconds, a knock could be heard on the door. Then came a timid voice, saying, "May I come in?" A curt and harsh "Yes," came from the room, and Ryou stepped in. Ryou still looked the same ever since he was little child. The same white hair that is neatly combed every morning, only to find it all dirty and messed-up at night. The same bright chocolate eyes, and pale features. The only difference you would notice on him between his childhood and now is his clothes. Once royally dressed, now in rags, serving his step-family. His mother had died when he was three, leaving him alone with his father. He had cried his little heart out after his mother's death, leaving his father devastated. But his father often goes on archaelogical digs. So, being the nice, responsible dad he is, he married another woman, who had two daughters with her, hoping that they would bring his son happiness. But unfortunately, Ryou's father had been severely injured during one of his trips, dying in the process, and his step-family revealed to Ryou for what they really are. Laced with jealousy and cruelty, Ryou's step-family would send him to do chores from the crack of dawn until dusk.

However, his step-family had found it very disturbing that their stepbrother is more handsome / beautiful than them. But Ryou's friends - the mice and the birds - thought differently. Every morning, he would give them some food to nibble on. They thought Ryou is the sweetest guy on earth.

"Ryou, go fetch me my comb, my bonnet, my dress, my towel, my toothbrush, my bed made," Téa ticked off her fingers as she spoke, "and my breakfast brought up here. I want all this done in..." Téa thought silently for a few minutes, almost to the point where Ryou had to tap his foot impatiently. "...two minutes. Well? What are you still standing here for?" she barked. "MOVE!"

"Yes, Mother," Ryou replied softly before exiting the room.

"And don't call me 'Mother'!" she shouted after him.

"Ryou!" his stepsisters' voices carried down the hall. Ryou sighed. He's getting used to being bullied, screamed and yelled at by his step-family. The only problem is that they always come up with new threats, and he is always the guinea pig. Ryou knocked on their door, and a simple and harsh "Come in," came from the room, and Ryou had to stifle a gasp that threatened to escape from his throat.

His stepsisters' room was a completely mess! Ribbons, beads, bows, and bedsheets were being thrown all over the place!

'My stepsisters are probably throwing another fit just because I hadn't appeared on time.' Ryou thought.

"Ryou, honey," Isis said, her voice mixed in with sarcasm, fury, and...pity and sympathy?

'I must be dreaming!!' Ryou thought.

"Could you possibly go fetch us the breakfast we were telling you to make at least ten minutes ago?" Mai spat out the last twelve words with venom. Her voice was getting dangerous anyway.

"I'm so sorry!" Ryou cried. "Mother kept me in her room to finish chores in there!"

"You are so pathetic, Ryou," Isis retorted. "Quit thinking up excuses to put the blame on somebody else!"

Isis watched Ryou go. Something wrenched her heart. Seeing Ryou this sad was extremely addictive. She was becoming sad herself. 'No, Isis. You musn't go soft now. Especially over a weakling like Ryou.'

Ryou exited his stepsisters' room quietly. He absent-mindedly went downstairs to the kitchen, where he picked up the trays. Balancing one on his head, and one on each hand, he headed upstairs, carefully avoiding all the obstacles on the stairs. He first brought the breakfast trays to his stepsisters, then proceeded down the hall to the closet, where he got out all the stuff his stepmother told him to get. Knocking on the door gently, he pushed the door ajar slightly to enter. His stepmother was still lying in bed, looking annoyed and furious. Obviously angry with Ryou being so late.

"I thought I told you to be back in two minutes with all the stuff done," Téa whispered dangerously in the shadows. "Just what do you think you are doing, taking a break?"

"No, Mother, I would never do that!" Ryou pleaded with her, without realizing his mistake. His stepmother's eyes developed a harmful look in it.

"Haven't I taught you anything, Ryou?" she said in a low voice. "About not calling me 'Mother'?"

Ryou gulped, knowing what was to come if his stepmother used that tone of voice.

Téa seemed to notice Ryou tensed up, because she suddenly smirked. "Good, then I think you know what comes next?" This was her favourite part. Bullying someone who was way younger than her was her favourite hobby.

Ryou nodded numbly, not trusting himself to speak.

Téa's smirk widened. She reached under her bed and pulled out a whip. "I hope you had finished your chores, Ryou," she grinned wickedly. "Because you are about to get a whipping you will never forget!"

((Me: I don't really write violent, rape, or any type of those fics. So I think I will skip that whipping part and go onto the next part...))

Fifteen minutes later, Ryou emerged from the room, limping. It was a good thing he had delivered his stepsisters' breakfast before he entered his stepmother's room, or else he wouldn't be able to do anything at all today. 'Maybe it's my lucky day. Imagine, no chores! A perfect life. Sure, getting whipped will hurt, but no chores? Think of all the freedom, Ryou!' he thought silently to himself, smiling a little bit. 'Maybe the house will be more quiet today, since I can't do chores.'

Ryou was right...for about the first three hours. His stepsisters had called him up to clean up their room because all the stuff were still hanging about the place. Then, they had purposely dirtied the front hall, making him scrubbing it all over again. So much for a quiet day.

'Darn,' Ryou thought bitterly. 'Why can't I be right for once?' And with that thought, he flopped down on the bed, awaiting for the next day, when the torture starts all over again.

~ To be Continued ~

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