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Cinderella in Yu-Gi-Oh! Style!

Chapter 3

"SURPRISE!" the birds and mice yelled when Ryou entered the now brightened room.

Ryou blinked. Then he blinked again. He couldn't believe his eyes. In front of him was an extremely beautiful pale blue gown, hinted with darker shades of blue in the forms of ribbons and sash. The resemblance between him and a goldfish who is trying to gasp for oxygen was strong. His mouth opened and closed even though no words came out. However, due to their long friendship bonds, the birds and mice somehow understood Ryou's unspoken gratitude. They immediately urged Ryou to put it on, or else he won't make it in time for the ball.

Ryou no longer hesitated as he donned his new piece of clothing. Memories of his childhood flooded back when he felt his mother's strength and love in his dress. His animal friends looked on approvingly. The dress fitted Ryou snugly, but there was still enough room for a little imaginative mind. He did resemble a girl after all. Ryou's white hair was hurriedly brushed back by its master's brush. The hair just couldn't stay straight back, so he decided to let it flare out bit. He did a twirl and ended up facing his friends.

"So? How do I look?" Ryou put on a high voice.

The response from the group was claps, whistles, and cheers. "Good voice!" a mouse shouted. Ryou blushed at the compliments he was receiving. Suddenly the grandfather clock downstairs chimed seven times. TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK...

"Oh, no!" Ryou exclaimed as he made a dash for the door. "I'm going to be late! Oh, and thanks again, you guys!" he called over his shoulder as he scurried out the door. His friends waved and encouraged him to walk faster. When their friend's final swish of the pretty blue dress vanished, they broke into a song and danced.

Ryou ran down the stairs, into the bedroom halls, down yet another staircase, tripping every now and thenn due to the train of his dress, and finally made it to the front hall. His stepmother was just giving Mai and Isis their final instructions for the ball when Ryou interrupted, "Wait for me!" he halted abruptly in front of the group. They looked surprised that Ryou actually had the courage of going to the ball even though he knew that they wouldn't like it, let alone to have something to wear. They overcame their moment of shock a little afterwards. Then came the burst of laughter and amusement from all of them. Ryou looked on, feeling confused. His head was tilted to one side, eyes wide with bewilderment.

"Haha!" Tea clutched at her sides, almost falling to the ground. "You actually found something to wear! Haha...I can't believe it!" she howled with merciless laughter once more.

Mai was as cruel as her mother. She wiped away the telltale tears that slipped down the corners of her eyes. She made no comment, however, as she continued to giggle.

Isis was at least more sympathetic. But in front of ther sister and mother, she had no choice but to play along with them. The laugh was haltingly made, but no one made a move to comment on that. The tears that slid down her cheeks were not of cruelty and the humiliation of Ryou, but geniune tears of passion. Of course, Ryou didn't know that.

Ryou burst into tears and ran. Where to? He had no idea. All he does know is that he has to get away from these people. Far away. Of couse, Isis was torn between running after him, or to follow her real family to the coach. The weather seemed to fit Ryou and Isis's mood. Raining on the day when they go to the palace. Tea sighed. Just great. The driver of the coach seems to realize his rider's frustration and hurriedly produced three umbrellas. The ladies - one which is not a lady at all - climbed into the coach stiffly. It set off at a steady pace with two impatient and one worried females.

Back to the distressed boy, he was running blindly to the garden. He tripped on his long dress and giant tears appeared on all sides. Ryou paid no attention to it and continued to run. His friends watched him rush to the bench sadly. They were thinking of how to cheer him up when the bench he was sobbing against glowed a faint green. The sniffling stopped momentarily as he gaped at the figure that was slowly appearing. A guy, wearing light green flowing robes, opened his eyes and smiled gently down at the boy.

"Hello, Ryou."

"Ho...How do you know my name?" Ryou stuttered, amazed. His fear and sadness vanished into thin air for a moment.

"I'm your fairy godfather, Ryou," the figure replied to his question. "And by the way," he added as Ryou opened his mouth to speak. "My name is Duke. Duke Devlin." Ryou's mouth snapped shut as his fairy godfather answered his unspoken question. He nodded and remained silent.

After an awakard silence, Duke produced a wand. Not an ordinary wand, but it is covered in different tones of green such as emerald green that matches his eyes, forest green, lime green, and apple green. In place of the star that is usually poised at the tip was a die. A die with different symbols on it. He must have noticed the other's amused gazed, for he quickly launched into an explanation.

"Well, enough chit-chat," he concluded excitedly. "Time to get you ready for the ball!"

Ryou shook his head. "Oh. I'm not going. I'm going to be laughed at!"

Duke shrugged, rolled his eyes, and threw his arms and hands into the air. "For God's sake, Ryou! That is no reason to be ashamed of! Oh God, get a hold of yourself! Let me show you what a beautiful lady you can be turned into!" With that said, he pointed his wand at Ryou and muttered a few well chosen words before the boy before him could say anything.

Ryou was instantly covered a bright white light. Gasps could be heard from the bushes. Duke whirled around and pointed his wand at the bushes. "Show yourselves!" he demanded menacingly.

The mice and birds staggered out, dazed. The glowing stopped. There stood Ryou in a white gown, complete with a dark blue hairband, dress tinted with sparkling light blue, and glass slippers that will seem to be invisible if you look at it in a certain angle of light.

"Wow," Ryou's friends complimented.

Ryou was astounded and speechless. He finally found his voice and cracked, "Thank you so much....I don't know how I can ever repay you."

Duke dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "No problem. But you need transportation. Hmmm...let's see." He rubbed his temples for an answer. "Ah ha! Got it!" He turned to Ryou's animal friends. "All of you like to help Ryou, right?"

They nodded, wondering what will happen.

Duke clapped. "Then it's settled. I'll change all of you into helpful helpers to Ryou! Any objections?" Silence. "Good." The wand waved a few times, accompanied by loud mutterings, and bright lights. Now...what happened to them?

Yugi, Yami and two other "unlucky" mice had been turned into four elegant white horses from their mice form. They pawed at the ground nervously, until Malik (which, by the way, was a horse called Major until he has been changed into the driver...) hooked them up. Yami and Yugi in the front, looking extremely pleased and proud with themselves. A pumpkin had been magically summonned and was turned into a white coach. Malik linked the horses to the coach as the process was done. Yami Malik - or Marik - the dog had been turned into the footman. He opened the coach door and bowed deeply, awaiting for Ryou to climb in.

Ryou turned to his fairy godfather in surprise. This was more than he expected. He walked around his transportation method in awe, admiring its beauty from all sides.

Suddenly, Duke's voice interrupted his musing. "Be careful, my child," Duke cautioned him. "My magic would lose its touch at twelve o'clock midnight sharp. Your dress and transportation method will go back to their original states. That means a pumpkin, four mice, a horse and a dog accompanying back from the palace. Your dress would have the same big tears. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir!" Ryou mock-saluted him. "You have my word that I'll be back by twelve. Thanks again!" he gave him a hug before climbing into the coach. He waved to his fairy godfather as the coach spaced out the distance between them greatly.

Duke waved until the coach was out of sight and he shook his head. "Teenagers nowadays," he muttered before disappearing into a puff of green smoke.

The ball was just commencing as Ryou's coach sped through the countryside. He admired the beauty of nature as his anticipation grew stronger. He couldn't wait until he reached the castle.

Speaking of the castle....

Prince Bakura was bowing boredly to the tenth maiden in line. He was beyond frustration. He was just plain _annoyed_. The giggling shrieks of girls as he strolled past them casually. The soft orchaestral music blaring in the background. The looks he was receiving as he smirked or moved his mouth in the slightest. He sighed for what like the two hundredth time in that day.

'How did I get myself in this fine mess?' he asked himself a rhetorical question. 'Oh yeah. Father and Joey got me into this.' he smiled bitterly. Again came to squealing from girls. He gritted his teeth. When would these damn annoying creatures go away? When would they ever give up?

Ryou's coach pulled up at the elegant road. He stepped out as graceful as he could when the footman opened the door. "Wish me luck," he mouthed to his friends. The long stairs ahead of him lead him to the grand ballroom.

Mai, Isis, and Tea were up next. They were very much excited, of course, but Isis has this thing known as the conscience which Tea would never have. Maybe Mai would possess one, but it wouldn't do her much good, since she always obey their mother. You never know. The three maidens bowed to the prince. Blood rushed to their faces as they kept that position for a while. The awaited bow from the prince never came.

Ryou was looking curiously at his surroundings, never realizing that he had reached the ballroom.

Bakura was immediately captured by the innocent person beside the doors. He pushed Tea roughly to the side - she took up the most space in this sense - and rushed up to Ryou. Tea's mouth shaped into a big 'O' as he fell to the ground on her butt.

The King and the Grand Duke, seeing how the prince was so "active", instantly told the orchaestra to strike up a waltz.

"May I have this dance?" Bakura asked the astounding boy softly. Ryou nodded. His mind shutted down completely as his gentle chocolate brown orbs met Bakura's hard eyes. They held so much passion in them. The guests were amazed at the prince's actions. Over forty girls had bowed before him and he had yet made a move. Now this stranger comes? However, they were more of the generous kind, unlike Tea, and clapped loudly in applause as the dancing couple waltzed passed them.

The King jumped up from his seat and skipped towards the Grand Duke, telling him to leave those two in absolute peaceful silence. Joey nodded. The orchaestra continued to play as Ryou and Bakura danced. They covered every inch of the dance floor. Bakura looked into Ryou's bright brown eyes. So cheerful. So innocent. So unlike his own cold, hard ones. Bakura led them to the balcony, where they could rest. They both took a seat on the bench. A full moon appeared from behind the clouds and shone its rays on to them.

Bakura racked his brain for a good topic to talk about. Nothing came up. So he settled for studying Ryou's features. He could pass as his twin, if it wasn't for the eyes. And the innocent aura that surrounded him wasn't helping Bakura any better. Glints of white caught his eye as the moon rays reflected off his hair. This boy is absolutely like some form of angel descended from heaven. Bakura could never get tired of looking at Ryou.

Ryou was having similar difficulties. He could feel eyes straying his body, and his face flushed at the mere thought. His mind wandered back to when he first got a good look at Bakura's face. He was very much like himself, if you don't count the more unruly hair that protruded wildly from his head. His eyes were more wicked-like and probably held little compassion, while his are filled with gentleness. His white bangs covered the top part of his eyes, giving him a mysterious aura. So dark yet so alluring.

They were both so deep in thought about each other that when a bird suddenly chirped, Ryou jumped in fright, scooting closer to Bakura. They both blushed at the closeness they shared. Ryou silently prayed that the prince wouldn't be angry with him.

Ryou's head was drooped, so Bakura couldn't see the tears that failed to escape his eyes. Bakura used his thumb and index finger to gently tilt the head in his direction. He was shocked as the faint trails of moisture reflected brightly off his pale cheek. He quickly used his other hand's thumb to wipe them away. Bakura could feel Ryou tense underneath his fingers, and he couldn't blame him. He had a reputation of being the mean kind. But that wasn't what frightened Ryou. His highness shouldn't be doing this! He was just a commoner, having no right to be touched like this!

Poor Ryou stood up hastily before realizing his mistake. Bakura stood abruptly and angrily as the beautiful boy lept up. He missed his warmth. Nobody defys him like this! Bakura seethed silently. But one look at the frightened face all traces of anger of Bakura vanished instantly. He was captivated by the plush lips this creature possessed. He walked closer, Ryou backing into the balcony wall. There was no where else to run now.

Bakura closed the distance between them, but fate was cruel. The bell was chiming. TICK-TOCK...TICK-TOCK... went the clock.

Ryou was stunned. It was midnight! He was having so much fun that he nearly forgot his fairy godfather's warning. Without another word he dashed off, little sparkling tears flowed behind him like a stream in the bright glare of the sun. The last words Bakura heard were, "I'm sorry...." before Ryou disappeared.

He collapsed near the railing. What had he done? His eyes locked on with a coach that hurried down the lane. He quickly collected his wits and ran, never stopping, until he found a glass slipper on one of the steps. He skidded to a halt, picked it up, and resumed running. After reaching the Grand Duke, he gave him the glass slipper. He gave him a threat that if he and his men didn't catch the person he was dancing with, don't expect the gates of the castle still be open for him!

After they had gone, Bakura looked out the window. 'Please find her, please.'

~ To be Continued ~

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