Hello this small story is just a test to see if this is going to work out because i am new to the website and often times i have technical difficulties so i hope if this works you stay with me and look out for any works of mine and you know review and critic honestly please i want to become a better writer so if one of my works is awful please tell me and give advice for future chapter thank you and if this does work tell me its flaws and if not then your not going to be reading it

A tall man standing outside the hospital is in no way an odd sight but. This man wore a strange attire which included a black hod-die decorated with green skulls and jeans of the same color which appeared to have a green exoskeleton around them. But other than that his appearance it self was not particularly an odd one he had brown hair, pale skin the only oddity was that one eye was a pale gray and the other a sky blue. He gave off an aura that not many could describe and it frightened most enough to stay away. Minus a young girl who was quickly identifiable as a relative of the mans she held the same brown hair and many of the mans other features except instead of blue her other eye was a pinkish red. The man was known simply as junior. The girl was his 2nd oldest child Jewel

Jewel: Hey daddy is it going to be a boy or a girl please tell me it's my younger sibling

Jr: No sweetie your mother told me to keep it a secret she wants it to be a surprise so please be patient

Jewel: aah but that's no fun

Jr: hey if you want ill give you a piggy back ride

Jewel: Really

But before they had a chance to do the whole father daughter bonding thing a young woman came through the doors her appearance was of a red t shirt and standard jeans carrying a new born girl

Jr: Mimi are you okay how's our daughter is she fine are you okay (he says in a rather spastic manner)

Jewel: It's a girl yeah i have a younger sister to bad brother isn't here

Jr: looked at his new baby girl with the utmost happiness as she was clearly extremely healthy

And the ironic part is that this miracle of birth came from the tragedy of death as despite there appearances which were only mere disguises were not human. As the man Jr was death himself for he recently inherited his fathers throne. Whose daughter and wife were both devils after saying his goodbye to both as they returned to the underworld he continued his duty's as the reaper there were many patients who needed checking out of the hospital and into there graves. And thus a new adventure has started with for the young reaper the journey of parenthood we hope he survives

A ugh this definitely reeks of being my first story i have no idea how to use this inter face well anyway if this works it's a load off my back as this is one of many attempts please if you notice any flaws or have any hints or tips you could share please inform me but this is just a test i have a whole menu of story's i wish to write and until i can get a form of software i am familiar with ill have to learn to use this one effectively Well don't expect to see me to often schools almost out so alot of my energy will go to my grades but as soon as summer is here ill try my best to update regularly so look out for me and don't worry i plan for this story to have a sequel