He took his time, after all she was laid out underneath him, a confection of unexplored delights and by God he was going to explore as many as he could. Vic was an enthusiastic participant, guiding him with voice and expletives in classic Vic style, also with her hands and sometimes explicit suggestions.

Walt had been raised to think of women as fragile delicate creatures, to be sheltered and taken care of. Vic blew all those illusions out of the water, demanding that he use her body, use it hard and well. Which is how he found himself rolling one nipple at what must be a painful level between a finger and thumb, while doing the same with his teeth ever so gently to the other one while she arched up underneath him, demanding more.


It had taken a while and some straight out urgent demands to get Walt to use enough pressure to reach that critical threshold between pleasure and pain. Vic usually liked her sex rough and angry, it had seemed the only kind she and Sean could manage, and the pain was the necessary spice to make it all work together.

He had been reluctant, and was still not quite embracing the concept, but it was nearly enough, and she could feel the heat beginning to pool in all the right places, it was time to take this to the next level for the both of them.

She pulled his head up to kiss him harder and deeper than before, tongues thrusting as their bodies melded even closer together. When they broke apart to catch their breaths, Vic caught Walts eye with hers, slowly bringing two fingers up to her mouth, and slowly, using her tongue, wetly lubricated both of them. Never losing eye contact, she lowered her wet fingers between her legs, and slid them deep inside her core, before slicking them wide and up to her now energised clit. Vic bought her still wet fingers back up to her mouth, and slowly one by one, sucked them clean before kissing Walt again, giving him a hint of the unique floral spicy taste that was uniquely hers.

She whispered "Its game time, Big Guy" and reached down a hand to stroke the quivering length of him pressed up against her thigh and laughed a low sexy laugh as she felt him tremble underneath her touch. The second time her hand reached out to gently hold and guide him into her warm wet depths and they both gasped as he slowly, oh so slowly filled her up.

Vic wrapped her legs tight around his hips, and whispered "Give me a moment" and lay there, her body basking in the feeling of fulfilment "Ok, go slow to start with, I want to enjoy every delicious inch" and as he complied she moaned long and low.


God she felt amazing, warm velvet silk, tight and slick and just the right fit. Biting the inside of his cheek as he slowly sank into her the first time, he was grateful she asked for a moment, because he needed one himself right then, if she felt this good now, he wasn't sure if he could handle more.

At first he was able to comply with the slow request, but his body denied for so long, demanded more, faster and harder and NOW PLEASE! Vic had her thighs firmly wrapped around his hips, her heels digging into his ass, voice urging him on with ever increasing urgency, and when he heard her breathing hitch and catch he abandoned all control and simply fucked her for all he was worth.


Jesus Christ! She could feel another orgasm building and her body urgently cried out its need for harder faster friction, to be fucked with full abandon and when Walt finally loosed all control, she cried out in encouragement and anticipation, angling her hips just so. They were both beyond the point of no return, she was close, so close, so VERY close when she heard Walt say in a ragged breath "Come for me Vic" and with a high pitched cry she did. Pleasure spiralled down to her core, pulsing deep inside and she was lost for a long second, when with one final hard thrust Walt cried out his own release in a deep harsh cry.

For a moment all that existed was the two of them, breathlessly riding out the waves of satisfied gratification, until Walt pressed a heartfelt kiss to her forehead, slung an arm under her head, and turned them both side on, bodies still damply joined. Vic lay back, chest heaving, and wiped stray blonde hair off her sweaty face

She mustered enough breath and composure to poke Walt in the ribs with one forefinger "Not bad for Round 2, Big Guy, whats next?" and a low rumbling laugh was her response initially, then he laid a gentle kiss on her lips and said "Didn't you mention something about handcuffs?"

Taken aback for a moment, she laughed and replied "I did but they aren't really very comfortable" and he nodded "I agree, I much prefer leather or silk myself" and she laughed again "Walt Longmire, you dark horse!"


He smiled and stole another kiss, and then another, and then another, until she was briefly speechless, and timing his response "A man can't give away all his secrets at once you know" and kissed her before she had time to form an outraged reply.

She lay there, breathing heavily and smiled a slow lazy and slightly concerning smile, and ran a finger down his chest with slow intent, heading down to where their bodies were joined, sliding them apart, and sending that finger south to gently cup his balls (he wasn't sure if it was in warning or in appreciation) before sending the finger north again, before spreading her hand wide to tangle in the hair on his chest "I look forward to uncovering them then".

He bought one hand up to trace the side of her face, cupping her jaw gently, answering "I think I'm going to enjoy sharing them with you Vic" and this kiss was a silent acknowledgement of what had gone unsaid, that their relationship had changed forever.

Vic smiled at him, this time in bright anticipation and Walt was instantly wary "If you want more of this" and she gestured to the two of them, lying naked and tangled in the bed "Then you will have to feed me Walt, a good hot breakfast!" He breathed a sigh of relief, breakfast he could do and nodded "Pancakes bacon and maple syrup?"

She nodded and rolled off the side of the bed heading for the bathroom, pert round ass disappearing through the doorway as her voice floated back over the sound of the shower running "Your bathroom is a shit hole, and if you expect me to stay here, you sure as hell are going to have to fix that.

He sighed, and got up and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, he would shower and dress properly when she was done, but right now the fire needed tending. He had always known he would fix the bathroom when he got the necessary motivation, and this apparently was it.

Sticking his head around the open doorway, he answered her loudly enough to be heard over the steaming shower, the wetback having heated the water sufficiently scalding, "Yes Dear". There was a long pause for a moment before she responded "Are you taking the piss?"

Smiling widely now even though Vic couldn't see, he replied again "Yes Dear" and headed into the lounge and the waiting fire, but he could hear her say firmly "Alright then motherfucker" and he laughed as he knelt to open the fire door.

This was going to be fun.

Round 2 and I hope you like it :)

Music inspirations :

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