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Lily Evans sat staring into the dying fire in the hearth, late on the last night of her sixth year. The night before summer vacation. She brought her legs up underneath her, and rested her chin on top of them, flicking her shoulder-blade length, dark red hair over her shoulder. She sighed heavily, growing unhappy, just thinking about how she had to leave Hogwarts the very next day. She didn't want to go back home, Petunia would be there. She would consider it a gift if she were allowed to spend the summer at Hogwarts. Any life, even her dismal school life was better than spending the summer being harassed by her horse-faced sister.

The reason her school life was not great, was because she didn't have many friends, good friends that you can trust that is. In fact her only real friend was May Delfin.

Over the years she'd taught herself to believe that as long as she had May, and a good book by her side, she didn't need anything else. It also didn't hurt to have Petunia far, far away.

When she went home for the holidays, her sister would be horrible to her. Of course she did this all behind her parent's backs.

She used to be so close to Petunia, and when Lily had gotten her acceptance letter, all of the sudden, all that changed, Petunia turned on her. Nothing that ever came out of Petunia's mouth was ever pleasant. She had a feeling that this had something to do with Petunia feeling betrayed or left behind, but what could Lily do? She was a witch yes, but she was still the same person. She wished desperately that Petunia would see that, but that was a lost hope.

Lily let a lone tear escape her eyes. She knew she was being foolish, but really, Petunia had been her very best friend for so many years, and then suddenly she turned her back on her. She remembered the letter that she had received; the last letter she had ever received from Petunia, thinking of this brought a pang to her heart. She had been distraught that she hadn't made any friends yet, because she was so shy at first. She had waited, and waited for a reply from her beloved sister, any kinds of reply, some kind of comfort, or even merely recognition. The reply she got was horrible, and set stage for the damage that had slowly become the basis of life.



Look, I can really care less about your minor problems. I've got bigger, more important problems of my own. I can't believe that you would actually leave me, a normal person, to become one of those freaks! And as for you not making any friends, If you haven't made friends by now, you probably won't EVER! Not that I'm surprised, you've always been an ugly, socially impaired, brainless git, who would wanna be friends with that?

I hope I never have to see you again, though I know that's impossible, just don't' write me.

The much better offspring.

Lily was so shocked to receive such a hateful letter from Petunia. The one
person she thought would always be by her side, her own sister.

She just stared at the parchment. Before crumpling it angrily in her fist,
she couldn't believe that her only friend in the whole world had just
backed out on her. All she had left were her parents. It was right then that Lily subconsciously started to build walls around her, protecting her
from further hurt.

She stood up calmly, tucking the ball of crumpled paper into her robe pocket. Tears began to splash down her cheeks.

A girl that was sitting next to Lily looked up at her in concern. She had
shoulder length black hair, and large gray eyes, a beautiful combination.

"Are you all right?" she asked kindly. Lily looked down at the girl who was watching her. The familiar look of sadness, the same type of sadness that Lily was feeling, was swimming in her stormy gray eyes. Lily smiled weakly, suddenly feeling a kinship with the girl, and nodded. "Would you like to talk about it?"

She nodded again, knowing somehow that the girl would understand. The girl stood up and began following Lily out of the Great Hall.

When they reached the common room, Lily burst into tears. She sank down heavily on the large red couch, burying her head in her hands. She felt silly crying to a girl she had just met, but she needed to tell someone. The girl sat down next to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. Lily let everything spill out. She made sure that she left nothing behind, or to the imagination. The girl sat silently, nodding at all the right times, giving a shoulder to cry on, when Lily was at her worst, and just listening, and commenting with a note of sympathy.

An hour past and Lily had finally worn herself out.

"I'm sorry to bore you with my problems." Lily muttered weakly, slipping the girl a sheepish smile.

"Oh it's quiet alright, it's good to talk again," she replied kindly.

Lily gave a sniffly laugh.

"Yea, hey what's your name anyway?"

The pretty girl blushed.

"Oh, of course! How stupid of me! I didn't even introduce myself, May Delfin," she held out her hand. Lily took it, finally smiling for the first real time that she'd been at Hogwarts.


As the years flew by, May and Lily still remained the best of friends. Nothing much had changed, Lily still never let anyone break down the walls she had built protectively around her. Only May was able to get to Lily, to talk to her, to understand her, and this attitude went both ways with May too. And because of this, Lily and May were misunderstood, and looked down on, because they isolated themselves from the student body. Personally, Lily could care less; this only gave Lily more reason to hold fast to her defenses.

For six years, Lily and May would sit in the back of each class class, taking notes, and finishing assignments, or talk amongst themselves. No one really ever paid much attention to them. They were, for all intents and purposes, invisible.

The only thing that Lily prided herself on was that she was the best in
charms, thanks to all the extra credit she would do. She was also excellent in transfiguration, but not as good as James Potter, who was the

James Potter was the unofficial leader of the legendary Marauders. The group consisted of James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They were the school pranksters, the class clowns. Everyone wanted to get in on their jokes, or say that they were friends with the famous Marauders, the name alone gave them instant respect, even the teachers seemed like they didn't want to get in their way. Every guy envied them, and every girl wanted to be with them.

Thinking about them frustrated Lily. She was jealous of them, no doubt about it. They had everything, everyone loved them, they were obviously great friends, having a bond that a mad herd of rampaging hippogriffs couldn't break, and they were respected school wide. It just didn't seem fair.

She let a few more tears fall unchecked. The fire in the grate was dying slightly, casting the Common room in a warm glow.

The knob to the portrait hole then began to jiggle, and voices could be heard on the other side. She heard a creak, and a laugh, as the door crept open.

"This is going to be great! I can't wait until we can join you Moony! We're going to have a kick arse time!" Sirius Black's voice whispered excitedly.

Instinctively snapping her head around, she regarded the boys, who didn't seem to notice that she was in the room.

It was the obviously the Marauders, with James Potter in the lead. His pitch-black hair was everywhere as usual, and his bright blue eyes, were pleasantly sparkling secretively behind thin silver rimmed glasses. He was the tallest of the four; he reached about 6'3', and had broad shoulders from quidditch training. Lily had to admit to herself his was good looking. He was also the kindest, and gentlest of the bunch. He was always there to help someone in need; he was the heart and soul of the Marauders.

The next one to walk in was Sirius Black, his smile was contagious, and everyone couldn't help but turn to mush when he talked to you. Even the teachers were sometimes snatched by his unavoidable charm. Lily however thought his most appealing feature was his eyes. They were a light brown, almost like a cat's eyes, and shined with mystery. If they weren't sparkling mischievously, then they were dancing with laughter. He always seemed to have a trick up his sleeve, and this; Lily thought was who Sirius Black was.

After Sirius, came Remus Lupin. He was the third tallest, reaching 6'0 ft
exactly, an inch shorter then Sirius's 6'1 height. His eyes were a light
green, compared to Lily's bright emerald eyes. He always seemed to be
tired, but he was also very sweet, and shy. H was the only shy Marauder,
and for this, Lily respected him. He, like James, loved to help those in
need. He was the one Marauder that Lily wouldn't mind hanging around,
nope, not at all.

Finally, the Marauder she could live without walked in. Peter Pettigrew. He scared her. He always had that creepy vibe to him. She didn't know how
to characterize him other, then short, and scary.

All of the boys stopped laughing immediately when they spotted Lily. In
fact, they weren't even smiling anymore. She began to fidget

They stood there in the entrance to the common room, too surprised to speak. Remus pushed through James, and Sirius.

"Er.Hello.Lily?" Remus stammered nervously, his face unnaturally pale.

Lily began to wonder what they were doing out so late on the last day of

"Hello." She nodded a welcome to him.

Remus walked cautiously over to where she was sitting on the couch, and sat
down next to her. She moved over toward the armrest slightly, her eyes
widening. The Marauders had never sat next to her, or even really talked
to her, besides asking for help in charms, and this was not like Remus at
all, or at least the Remus she was used to in class.

"What are you doing up now?" he looked at her closely, "and what's wrong?" He added, after seeing her tear stained face.

She stood up, blushing, and tried to hide her face.

"Oh, it's nothing." She said waving her hand as if to push her problem away.

The other Marauders all walked over, and stood around her. Remus stood up, and blocked her exit. She blushed harder, overwhelmed by being blockaded by three extremely tall boys, and one scary one. She began to back away, only to back up into Sirius's chest. She glanced up, stepping slowly away from Sirius, and into the center of the circle of boys. Her neck was beginning to cramp at having to look up so much.

Sirius looked very uncomfortable, almost as uncomfortable as she was right now. James on the other hand, who was standing right in front of her, was looking at her in concern, a typical James thing.

She felt the corners of her mouth lift into a smile.

He was the Marauder with the biggest heart, and everyone knew it. He was
the second Marauder that she wouldn't mind being friends with, even if he
was beating her at being the best in transfiguration. Peter was the Marauder that she could live without, despite being scary, he always looked
terrified, like now for instance, he looked like he was about to pee his

"Yes. well. I'll see you then." Lily said uneasily, and pushing her way through Remus and James, she turned to go up the stairs.

James reached out and grabbed her wrist, spinning her around and looked at him. He opened his mouth, but shut it quickly, continuing to stare at Lily with concern.

"You didn't hear anything did you? Like us talking?" Sirius asked from the other side of James.

Lily stared at him for a moment. All she wanted to do was go up to her room, and crawl into bed.

"No, I didn't hear anything," she squeaked out, shaking her head.

The boys gave a collective sigh of relief. James nodded to her, giving her
a dazzling smile, and let go of her wrist. She gave a small smile back,
and turned around toward the direction of the stairs.

Once she had disappeared Sirius gave a low whistle, and plopped down next to the almost dead fire. "That, mi amigos, was too close for comfort." He sighed. "We almost had to 'Obliviate' her. I would not have liked to do that."

Remus nodded, sitting back down on the couch, next to Sirius. He crossed his arms across his chest, and looked up at James, who was staring at the stairs Evans had disappeared up. "What's up, Prongs?"

James turned his head, and smiled weakly at them.

"I don't know, I just, I wonder why she was crying?" he said, scratching his ear, a habit he had when he was worried or confused.

"Ahh Prongsie, don't worry so much about it. Your heart is way to big man." Sirius said, releasing a large yawn.

James shrugged, and began to walk up to his dormitories to go to sleep. Followed reluctantly by Remus, Sirius, and Peter.