Why do I feel like this?

Disclaimer: Do you think I would need it? Nah. Any fictitious characters, feeling, etc does not belong to me.

What's it's about: Buffy's POV when Angel left.

Just Poetry stuff. Oh, flame me if you want, I don't really care. I'm bad at poetry, just want to test out my poetic skills.

Xoxo, Ivy

December 9, 2002


Everytime I see you

My heart skips a beat

Everytime I talk you

My heart feels complete

When I hear you said my name

I think I'm in heaven

When you don't talk to me

I think I'm in hell

Knowing you are by my side

I hope it will last forever

Knowing you could never love me

I wish I never knew you

Why do I feel like this?

I want to forget you

Why can't I ignore my feelings?

I feel like I am dying inside

You've taken my heart and

Broken it into thousands of pieces

My only wish is to have

Never loved you

Or better yet

To have never known you

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