Operation: Destroy All Monsters had mostly been a success. Despite pushback from the general public, the Earth Union had succeeded destroying almost every kaiju left on planet Earth, even those traditionally seen as Earth's guardians. Their ultimate weapon, Mecha King Ghidorah, MKG as it was sometimes called, along with its pilot, Emi Kano, was largely responsible for this success. The former King of Terror, which for so long had seemed undefeatable, had become the instrument of mankind's dominance over kaiju. Augmented with armor and cybernetic implants to return its mangled corpse to life, MKG was possibly more deadly than its previous, fully organic form. Any monster that dared challenge the cyborg and its pilot was soon ripped to shreds by its awesome power. It seemed that MKG would single-handedly herald man's triumph over monster. That is, until the untimely revival of Godzilla.

The very same kaiju that had defeated Kaiser Ghidorah, the King of Terror's ultimate form, had been sleeping beneath Mt. Fuji for years now, body ravaged from his final battle with the beast. But that time had been spent healing, and now the King of the Monsters awoke once again, sensing that his old foe was alive and well.

Their battle would take place in Tokyo, a city that for nearly a century seemed to attract kaiju like moths to flame. Though the city had long since been abandoned as Japan's capital, people continued to live their lives there. Were they aware of the danger? Of course. But Tokyo had never seen a day as destructive as the first Godzilla attack since it happened, subsequent attacks being little more destructive than a bad earthquake. Even with Godzilla on the loose once again, the people of Tokyo had little reason to believe that another attack, even another battle, would be any different. So life continued, even as battle drew near.

Emi kept MKG in orbit, waiting for Godzilla to make landfall. When Godzilla finally appeared in the city, she guided MKG down with blinding speed, ramming the Monster King from orbit. Only MKG's inertial dampening systems prevented the shock from killing its pilot.

Godzilla, without missing a beat, let out an atomic blast that threw MKG into the air and crashing into a nearby skyscraper. As Emi righted the cyborg, she saw that Godzilla was already on his feet, preparing to fire again. The left and right heads, which did not require Emi's direct instruction, fired their gravity beams, stunning Godzilla long enough for Emi to aim the robotic middle head and fire a powerful maser blast right in the king's face. Godzilla was dazed, but Emi didn't give him a chance to fall, immediately deploying the grappling arms that were part of MKG's armor. Once firmly clasped in the steel arms, sharp spikes penetrated Godzilla's skin, followed by a powerful electric charge. Godzilla shrieked in agony as his nervous system was overloaded and cooked by the shock, but Emi and MKG allowed no respite, ripping through his skin with maser fire and gravity beams.

As had happened so many times in the past, though, a quirk of Godzilla's biology caught Emi off guard. The electrical charge started being redirected to Godzilla's spines, causing them to glow as the energy was absorbed. Blue gave way to red, and Godzilla released a red spiral ray into MKG's chest.

Though shielded, Emi's cockpit was still buffeted by the blast, sending her briefly unconscious. When she came to, bloodied by the impact, she found a still-grappled Godzilla standing over a toppled MKG. The Monster King let loose another blue atomic blast before Emi could react, while MKG's living heads flailed about trying to aim at their foe. Godzilla roared with satisfaction, and brought a foot down on MKG's chest. He intended to crush his foe, literally and figuratively, for the last time.

Emi heard a buzzing over the radio. "Ms. Kano, we thank you for your service. Dimension Tide will take it from here."

Emi's eyes shot wide open. Disregarding her own safety, she yelled over her headset, "Are you insane?! You can't fire a black hole into a populated area!"

"Keep Godzilla occupied, and under no conditions allow him to leave the city. You have your orders."

Emi ripped off her headset in frustration. Fine, she thought. I'll just have to kill him before those bastards kill the city. With that, she sent another jolt of electricity into Godzilla's body. The monster reeled back, but once again responded with a red spiral ray, nearly shattering MKG's armor plating this time. Seeing that this clearly wasn't going to work, Emi opted for plan B. If she couldn't use MKG to kill Godzilla, she could at least try and drag him somewhere less populated. But Tokyo was big, and the urban area surrounding it even bigger. Therefore, the only way to go was up.

She fired some maser blasts to stun Godzilla while she righted the cyborg, and then took to the air. The grappling cables were barely strong enough to support Godzilla's weight, but they held. Godzilla continued firing blue atomic blasts at Ghidorah, but the cyborg held its course. Emi could see the tell-tale warping effect of the Dimension Tide's black hole round now hurtling towards them. She closed her eyes, waiting for the end to come.

She was jolted back to awareness when Godzilla started aiming for MKG's grappling cables, and then its wings. No peace even at the end, she mused, as she directed MKG to fire again at the Monster King. Godzilla was not to be dissuaded, apparently sensing his own impending doom, and continued desperately firing at his captor. MKG's ascent slowed, and then the two began falling back to Earth. Godzilla's efforts proved too little too late. The two monsters were engulfed by Dimension Tide's shot, dissipating as the black hole went through its quick, built-in half-life. As the skies grew quiet, the world was left to wonder if the two monsters were dead, or merely someone else's problem…

...in the world of Remnant, the ocean floor shook with a powerful force. Two giant creatures lay unconscious, deposited by forces unknown. What role they would play from this point forward, only time would tell.