Chapter. 1- Crashing

A/N: I am rewriting my "Lost" Story since I have seen more episodes of season 1 since when I had first started watching. The summary stays the same; On their way from Sydney, Australia Hope and Benjamin Shepard crash land on an island with a planeful of people and discover secrets about themselves as they fight smoke monsters and the father they never knew they had.

Hope Linus Shepard put aside her history book as the plane hit another air pocket. If it wasn't for the fact that her seatbelt held her in and how tight she was holding her father's arm, she would have come out of her seat.

Her twin brother, Benjamin- Ben-Ben as she called him- held onto the armrests of his own seat beside her, the knuckles of his hands turning white.

"I thought the weather was supposed to be clear today," Hope said, fighting down a wave of nausea. Hope didn't normally get airsick, considering all the world traveling she had done since her father had divorced her stepmother, Sarah, but this was one of those moments that could change her mind.

"That's what the weather report said," her and Ben-Ben's father, Jack Shepard, said.

"I don't remember this much trouble flying home from Phuket," Ben-Ben complained, mentioning the last trip before going to Australia.

"Excuse me, Dad. I think I have to go to the bathroom," Hope said, rising to her feet weakly, her hands pressed simultaneously to her mouth and stomach; the corndogs she had eaten for lunch threatening to make a reappearance. She pressed her hand tighter to her mouth as she ran to the bathroom.

Hope leaned back on her heels as she emptied her stomach a second time. Hope felt herself shaking from the cold and she wiped the cold sweat from her forehead. She stood to her feet weakly and unlocked the door.

"Are you all right, Miss?" A stewardess asked. Hope recognized her as Cindy, a stewardess who had brought her father vodka earlier.

"I think so. Just way too many bumps," Hope said weakly as she tried to make her way back to her seat.

"I'll bring you some Sprite. That might help settle your stomach," Cindy offered as Hope got back into her seat.

"Thank you," Hope said, resting her head against her father's chest.

"You okay?" jack asked, wrapping one arm around her shoulders and feeling her forehead with the other hand.

"A little weak and dizzy, Daddy," Hope said with a moan as the sound of breaking filled the air. At that moment Hope blacked out as the breaking got louder.

Hope found herself come awake with a sharp pain above her right temple and back. Hope gasped as she saw the palm fronds dappling her arms and the minty-salt smell of the ocean brought tears to her eyes.

Hope sat up, touching her arms and legs to check for broken bones. Besides scratches, scrapes, and a large bruise that went from her knee to her ankle, Hope had no breaks. Hope sighted deeply as she laid back among the waving palm fronds.

"Hope! Benjamin! Hope Linus Shepard!" Jack's voice came through the foliage.

"Dad? Daddy, I'm here!" Hope called weakly. Jack came through the trees and grass, holding his side.

"Hopie! Gingersnap!" Jack called, using his two favorite nicknames for her as he went to her, picking her up off the ground. In the middle of hugging him, Hope looked down at her father's side.

"Dad, you're bleeding!" Hope gasped, touching the blood that has seeped through her father's linen dress shirt.

"I know, Gingersnap. Can you walk?" Jack asked, releasing her.

"I guess so. Can you?" Hope asked, wrapping her arms around her father's waist, taking care not to touch his injured side.

"If you help me, Hope. We can get back to the beach and get someone to stitch me up," Jack said with a groan.

"All right. Hold on, Daddy. Maybe Ben-Ben's at the beach," Hope said as they moved slowly through the bushes and grass.