As Long As You're Mine

By Ammie Hawk

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Chapter 3

At a quarter till noon, Harry and his entourage, Charlie had rejoined them at some point, emerged from the room and began making their way to the gardens where the ceremony was to take place. As they entered the vibrant greenery, Harry spotted his godfather seated nervously on a bench. He let out a quiet sob as he ran over to the man and practically threw himself on him in a hug.

"Harry," Sirius said, wrapping his arms securely around the teen.

"I wasn't sure if they'd really let you come," he cried quietly, "especially when they didn't let Remus…. Where is Remus?"

"As if anything could keep him from being here," the Animagus shook his head. "Moony's already seated. He understands and is being reasonable about the whole thing. Though," he lowered his voice so only Harry could hear, "if you just say the word, I don't have to be, and I'll take you somewhere far away."

"No, Sirius," green eyes locked with grey. "I can't run anymore, and I don't want you to either. I've lost so much already, I won't lose you, too. No, I'm going to do this. I have to."

"Alright," the older man pulled him close again for another fierce hug. "Well, if I'm not spiriting you away, should we get this thing started?"

"Not yet," Harry pulled back and turned to his entourage. "Charlie," he waited for the dragon handler to come close. "I have something I want you to do," he lowered his voice so no one else could hear. "I want you to go out and find Remus and bring him back here, please. But try not to draw too much attention."

The redhead nodded before slipping into the assembled crowd. The others watched him go in some confusion.

"Where is he going?" Percy asked incredulously. "We need to take our places so we can get started."

"Then take your places," Harry sighed. "We'll begin as soon as he gets back."

Percy frowned, but began herding the other three into position. It took less than five minutes for the elder Weasley to return with the confused werewolf in tow.

"Harry?" Remus frowned. "What's going on? The ceremony is starting."

"Charlie," he motioned his final groomsman into place, and then wave them forward. "Well, let's get this over with."

Percy nodded and offered his arm to Relena as he stepped forward and signaled for the band to start the processional. As soon as they had started up the aisle, Harry turned quickly to Remus.

"I'm sorry they took you out of the wedding party," he apologized.

"Harry," the werewolf smiled kindly, as Draco followed the first pair out. "I understand. It's fine."

"No, it's not," Harry hissed as Charlie and Hermione took their cue. "They may have taken you out of the wedding party, but I refuse to let them take you out of the ceremony. Will you walk me down the aisle with Sirius?"

The two men shared a surprised look before the Animagus burst out laughing.

"I would be honored, Harry," Remus nodded, extending his arm for the teen.

Sirius quickly regained his composure and took his other arm. Together, the three of them began the long trek up the aisle. Harry couldn't help the smirk that crossed his features when he saw the looks on Fudge's and Umbridge's faces when he passed them. But he knew they couldn't do anything about it, unless they wanted to ruin the entire wedding, much less the peace treaty. He shook his head, now was not the time, he had to focus. He had a wedding to get through. His wedding.

They stopped at the end of the aisle and both Sirius and Remus gave him a hug before turning him over to his groom. He couldn't bring himself to look at the other, so, instead, he kept his eyes trained forward. He recognized the woman officiating as the other who had been present at his fitting.

He tried to pay attention to what Lady Une was saying, he really did, but he just couldn't. Instead, his focus was drawn to his hand, which was still held firmly in his groom's. His hand looked so small and pale compared to the other. The grip was firm and he could sense more than feel the power and strength they possessed. The fingers were longer than his and the nails, while short, looked neat and trimmed, especially in comparison to his, which he had bitten off the previous night.

He was drawn from his musings by the subtle clearing of a throat and a gentle pressure from the hand he'd just been examining. His eyes darted upwards but quickly skirted to the officiator before he actually looked at his new spouse. He met highly amused but expectant brown orbs. He was confused for half a second before realizing that he was actually expected to say something.

"Um, yes," he shook his head slight. "I—I do."

Lady Une nodded before turning back to the matter at hand. Harry took a deep breath and began silently berating himself for getting distracted. He could've kicked himself a moment later when he was brought back to reality once again, this time by a pair of fingers gently lifting his chin. He briefly met a pair of dark eyes before he felt a pair of lips pressed firmly against his own.

The kiss was brief and, all too soon, Harry was being led back down the aisle, this time by his husband.


Wufei took a deep breath as he led his new spouse in the direction of the outer gardens, where the reception was to take place. As they walked, still hand in hand, his mind traveled back over the ceremony. He had been mildly surprised when he saw the other groom being escorted down the aisle by two men instead of just one, especially since Heero had told them of the ordeal it was to get the one he'd requested. When he had met them at the front, he had been quite pleased by what he saw. His new spouse was smaller than he was, both in height and build, which was something he'd secretly found attractive, though most of his partners, namely the other pilots, were his size or bigger. All in all, he could've seen himself choosing this young man for himself, well at least in looks alone, he had yet to know what he was truly like.

Then had been the ceremony itself, which was a bunch of political rhetoric, as he'd known it would be. He half wished he could tune it out as his groom seemed to. Though, he had to admit, it was kind of cute how those bright green eyes focused on his hand, the only part of him he'd looked at so far. His amusement grew when his new husband missed his cue, and he had cleared his throat to keep from laughing out loud. The ceremony had ended quickly after that, for which he was grateful. Now all that remained of this circus was the reception.

As they entered the outer gardens, Wufei led his groom to the center table in a large pavilion, glad for once that Zechs had made him study the layout for the reception. There were six tables within the pavilion, each seating eight. The wedding party was divided two to each table. The close family and friends of the grooms had also been seated in the pavilion, along with dignitaries from both the ESUN and the International Confederation of Wizards. The other guests in attendance would be seated among the other tables scattered throughout the gardens.

They took their seats and waited for everyone else to join them. Their attendants were the first to arrive and while Wufei's groomsmen found their seats easily enough, as they had not only studied it alongside him, but they had also helped Une set it up, while Harry's took a moment to find theirs. The other guests filed in afterward. The chaos that ensued with this was minimal, thanks to the ushers with seating charts. All told it took about half an hour before everyone was seated.

At the head table, the newlyweds were joined by Lady Une, the President of the ESUN, and Minister Fudge, which the former Shenlong pilot could understand because of their positions and Fudge being the liaison for the treaty, but the other three, on obese man, a horse faced woman, and a teen about his age, who was also morbidly obese, he was unsure about. Though, he did notice a tension settle over his new spouse as they took their seats.

"So," the man said, after a few minutes of silence, "when will the waiters be coming around?"

"There are no waiters," Fudge smiled slightly.

"You're not going to like this, Uncle Vernon," Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as he set down the menu he'd picked up at their arrival. "Shrimp and penne pasta."

A moment later, the dish appeared on his plate. Une and the President looked impressed and began perusing their own menus, but Vernon's face had turned purple, while the other female pursed her lips in apparent anger. Wufei shook his head as he placed his own order with his plate.

The rest of the table, and subsequently the others as well, followed suit, even though Harry's family did so reluctantly. Once the food had appeared, there was silence for several minutes as people began to eat. Harry, however, was mostly just pushing his food around his plate and pretending to take a bite every now and again to keep everyone off his back.

After several more minutes passed, the conversation around the tables started back up again. The topic at the head table turned to the political ramifications of the treaty that had just been finalized with the wedding.

"There's so much to do now that the treaty has been finalized," the President directed at the other political figures at the table. "The current curriculum for the new school years has been set up, and we're ready to start the registration of the Wizarding population, but that will be a process, just as it was with the regular population."

"We also need to set up a division in the Preventers," Lady Une put in. "Create a team of strictly wizards to help when things come up in that area."

"Can you possibly discuss this in a more appropriate setting?" Wufei interjected. "One that is not my wedding?"

"My apologies, Wufei," the Head of the Preventers bowed her head in his direction. "You are right. This is your day and a time for celebration." She raised her glass of wine in a toast, "To the happy couple."

The others around the table mimicked her actions.

"I have a question," Mr. Dursley said as he set down his now empty brandy glass, "what is the point of this marriage? As I understand it, it is to solidify peace between the two… peoples," he did his best to keep a straight face as he said that. "But wouldn't the optimal result of the union be to produce a child?" he scoffed a bit as he eyed the newlyweds. "I'm sorry, but isn't that impossible, as they are both male?"

"A child would be idea, you are correct, Mr. Dursley," Fudge answered, "but not necessary. There are children born all the time between Wizarding kind and Muggles. Though, if they should decide they want to have one in the future, there are potions that would assist in allowing young Harry to conceive."

"And why would you assume it would have to be Harry who carried?" Lady Une asked curiously.

"Because," Fudge turned to her rather happily, "the potion uses the magic in the individual to assist in the pregnancy. In the case of a male, it allows the magic to create an artificial womb; and in the case of a female, the noncarrier can use the potion to magically inseminate their partner. Now, I am not a Potions Master so I cannot explain the exact reason why this happens, but I can assure you, that it does work in most cases."

As the pair continued to talk, Vernon leaned over to his wife and said in a tone that was almost inaudible, "At least the freak will be good for something, if for nothing more than spreading his legs."

Harry paled as he heard this, as he was sitting on his Aunt's other side, feeling sick to his stomach. Why would his uncle say something like that? True, he'd felt that way since he'd found out about this whole thing, but it didn't have to be said aloud. Beside him, Wufei slammed his glass down on the table, causing all the other flatware to rattle ominously.

"Mr. Dursley," the former Shenlong pilot snarled, "you would do well to watch your tongue, lest I remove it from your head."


"No, Lady Une," dark eyes darted to his superior for just a moment, "I will not sit here while bigoted pigs insult my husband, though it is an insult to the pig to call him such." He held out his hand for the younger teen. "Come, Harry, I believe we are supposed to have the first dance. Une," he tossed over his shoulder, "I want them gone by the time I return, or I will remove them myself."

He led Harry to the dance floor that had been set up in the center of the garden. As they reached it, the band began to play and all the guests gave them their full attention.

"You didn't have to do that," Harry said as they started to dance, his eyes not going above his spouse's chest.

"Come again?"

"I've been dealing with the Dursleys my whole life," he shrugged. "You didn't have to stand up to them for me. They can't do anything to me anymore."

"Harry," Wufei gently lifted the other's chin so he could look in his eyes, "neither of us wanted this. Neither of us asked for this. But the truth of the matter is we are husbands now. That is something I personally take very seriously. When that… thing that pretends to be a man insinuated that you are no better than a common whore, he also insinuated that I would treat you as such. I can guarantee you that I will not. Now, for better or worse, we are in this together. Your problems are now mine, just as mine are now yours."

"You don't want my problems," Harry shook his head.

"And I'd rather you not have mine," the Asian teen sighed. "But as I said, for better or worse, this is how it is."

Before either of them could say anything else, the song ended and Harry was swept away by his godfather. Wufei allowed him to go, they could always finish the conversation later. Besides, he had to make sure Lady Une had followed his instructions.

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