"How much for the bananas? I mean, uh...¿Cuanto cuesta?" Karina Sparshott struggled to ask the street vendor. She stood in the center of a mercado, which she thought meant market but apparently it meant swap meet because there were only outdoor stalls with no tarping despite the rain pouring over the island nation of Corto Maltese.

She didn't understand the number the stall owner had told her, and she held up 5 fingers, hoping it was somewhat close to the price. The street vendor then reached over and pulled one banana from the bunch, making it 5 instead of six, and said another number in spanish. Karina sighed in frustration and pulled out a bill with a five on it and held it up to offer. The vendor smiled wide and snatched it from Karina's hands. Apparently she had over valued the bananas, but didn't try to get it back. She would rather lose whatever money she had lost than continue the conversation any further.

Karina rushed back over to edge of the market, despite already being soaked, and hopped into a cab. She asked the driver how much to get back to her cottage, and he said another number she didn't understand. She asked again, and this time the driver gave her a number in english and she added up how much she had. The fare was about half of what she had on hand, and she still needed to buy some water from the corner store before tomorrow. With no other choice, she accepted the price and they drove off.

Thunder clapped upon their arrival, and she paid the driver under the inauspicious omen and ran up the small hill leading up to her cottage; the trail too narrow for the taxi to drive up to. She hurried inside and tried to turn on the light to no avail. The storm must have knocked out the power. Mumbling curses under her breath, she felt her way along the wall into the kitchen to set down her items.

When she imagined retiring on an island, she imagined it being more luxurious, with her own villa, sunshine everyday, and snorkeling or some other ridiculous activity for the rest of her days. After selling the bonds she stole from city hall and paying someone to help her extract her savings without a trace, she soon realized the money she had was nowhere near enough for all of that. Instead she settled upon this small cottage and used her funds for daily living; but at this rate she will probably have to find some kind of work within the next few months. Not at all like I planned, she thought as she poured herself a glass of wine.

The wine bottle suddenly exploded as soon as she set it down, caused by an arrow piercing through it. It was a black arrow.

Karina slowly turned around, not wanting to see what she already knew was there. She turned and saw someone clad all in black, a quiver full of black arrows, a sword on the back, and a black mask covering their face.

"Finally realized green wasn't your color, Oliver?" Karina bantered, trying to appear brave.

"It never really was," a female voice replied, startling Karina.

"Who are you?"

The assassin pulled down her mask.

"I don't think we ever officially met. I'm Thea Queen, and you kidnapped my boyfriend, tortured him for information and left me to believe he was dead," Thea conveyed with much resentment.

"I see," Karina stammered. "And you've come to force me back to Starling City, is that it? Well let's get going then. This place is a shithole anyways."

"That's the thing with people sometimes. Just because Oliver and I are siblings doesn't mean we see things the same way," Thea explained coldly. "Take for example, justice. See nowadays he would do exactly what you said and put you in a courtroom to face your crimes. However, I have been exposed to another idea of justice that sounds much more satisfying to me."

Thea walked over to the small dining table between them and laid down her bow and quiver. She then drew her sword laid it down next to them.

"I'll let you choose your weapon," Thea stated and then stepped back.

Karina looked at her questioningly, wondering whether it was some kind of trick. After a minute of just standing there, Karina walked up and picked up the bow. It was much heavier than it looked, and she wasn't even able to draw it more than an inch from it's resting point. She put it down and picked up the sword, also heavy, but was at least able to swing it with both arms, albeit slowly. Sword it is.

"Okay," Karina quivered, tears suddenly flowing down her cheeks. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'M GOING TO DIE.

Thea moved the small table out of the way, but left the bow and arrow resting on top.

"Ready?" Thea asked, as if they were about to leave together for the movies.

"Um...sure," Karina answered, not wanting to point out she had forgotten her weapon. She doesn't have a weapon...maybe I have a chance.

Thea gave a short bow, which Karina mimicked because she was unsure what else to do, and then Thea signaled for her to begin.

Karina gave her best war cry as she ran up, swinging the sword way to early and missed Thea completely. Thea remained unmoved, and Karina took two more steps before swinging the sword upwards from the ground. Thea spun and struck downwards at Karina's elbow joints, which caused her arms to bend and the sword went inwards, cutting into Karina's left shoulder since she didn't have the strength to stop it's momentum.

Karina let out another cry, although this time of pain, and collapsed to the ground. She had no more fight in her, and was ready for it to just be over.

"Is that how Roy screamed when you were torturing him? Huh?!" Thea shouted.

"Just kill me already!" Karina spat.

"You're so weak, it's pathetic," was all Thea could muster as she pulled the sword out of Karina's shoulder. Karina screamed again as blood began to rush out of the wound. Thea stood over Karina. "I'm going to leave you here in your own personal hell. But if you ever – look at me! Look right here!"

Thea crouched down and grabbed Karina's chin, forcing her to remain awake and look into Thea's eyes.

"If you ever leave this island, I will kill you. Do you understand?"

Karina nodded her head weakly, and Thea slammed her head back against the ground. Karina whimpered, and continued to sob as Thea showed herself out. Another hooded figure stood to the right of the front door, and Malcolm Merlyn pulled off his mask.

"You need to finish her, Thea," Malcolm scolded. "It is the League's way."

"No," Thea shot back. "I just spent the last year of my life doing thing's the way you and Oliver tell me. Now it's time for me to do things my own way."

Thea stormed off, not wanting to hear whatever chastising her father would give and put her mask back on. She took a moment to look up at the sky. The storm had ended, and the sun's rays pierced through small openings in the clouded sky. It was the start of a new day.