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Harry woke to find his lover had left the bed, causing worry to build in his chest before he noticed the light on in the loo. He followed the sign of life to find his mate in the shower, humming a tune in his low voice.

Harry smiled softly, stripping himself of his boxers and sliding into the shower behind Severus. He slipped both arms around his lover's waist, smiling when Severus jumped slightly before relaxing fully against him.

"Morning," Severus drawled.

"Good morning, little one," Harry responded, hugging the man close. "How did you sleep?"

Severus turned around in his arms, moving to rest his head against his shoulder.


Harry let his hand draw designs comfortingly on the other's back.

"And are you feeling any lasting pains or aches?"

Severus blushed, averting his eyes.


"No. I'm fine."

Harry hugged him, bringing his chin up for a morning kiss.

"Good. Tell me if you need anything. I don't want you hurting when it can be helped."

Severus nodded his agreement, turning back around to grab the shampoo. He was in the shower after all. He leaned over to set the bottle back down, and Harry smirked as he had a new idea.

Harry hummed slightly, rolling it over in his mind before deciding that, yes, Severus would most certainly like it.

"Hands against the wall, pet."


Harry raised an eyebrow, popping Severus lightly on the bum.

"No questions, little one. Palms on the wall. Legs spread."

Severus scrambled to do as he was told, his face molding from confusion to arousal rapidly.

Harry took the tip of his cock and rubbed it at the sphincter of Severus' hole before saying to him, "You did so well for me, baby. So well. I think you deserve a little reward."

Severus breathed heavily through his mouth, biting his lower lip when Harry suddenly dropped to the floor and kissed his anus.


"Yes, Severus?"

Severus just pushed back against Harry's mouth, rocking from side to side as Harry made out with his most intimate place.

Harry kept up his assault for a good bit before crawling around to swallow Severus whole. Severus gasped and his knees buckled, the only think keeping him up being Harry's supportive hands on his thigh.

When Severus reached climax, Harry smiled around him, standing up to kiss Severus and hold him as close as possible. His lover was so beautiful. Harry didn't know how he had been blessed by such a man.

"I love you so much, Severus. So so much."

Severus nodded against him, mumbling his agreements.

"Will you marry me?"

Severus froze, looking up at Harry only to find his expression vulnerable and serious.


Harry gripped his hips, pulling the man flush against him and ignoring the shower spray hitting him in the face.

"Marry me, Severus."

The man nodded, smiling openly.



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