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Howl for Me

By Kittenshift17

Chapter 25

She'd never loathed her own self-imposed rules upon their arrangement more as Draco trailed his lips down the side of her neck, licking, kissing and nipping the flesh and driving her wild. Her lips tingled with the need to kiss him. To properly kiss him. It felt like forever sine she'd been thoroughly snogged and Hermione was sure that she was going to go mad before the wedding day if this kept up. The most recent injection in her system left her thrumming and giddy with need, and the alcohol she'd imbibed just made her want to throw caution to the wind and beg Malfoy to shag her until she couldn't walk straight and until sitting down stung.

Reaching up she tangled her hand in his hair, tipping her head to one side to give him better access to her neck. She moaned softly when he nipped the scar on her shoulder, her whole body shuddering with the intensity of her desire.

Draco smirked at her in the mirror without breaking from his torture and Hermione let him guide her backward across the room until they both stood in the shower. He turned her body so that she could turn on the taps while he continued tormenting her flesh and Hermione sighed as she fixed the taps and hot water poured over the pair of them.

He pressed his body against her back and Hermione could feel how badly he wanted her. The feel of him plastered against her made her crazy and Hermione turned slowly in his hold, pressing her naked body to his and looping her arms around his waist, cuddling into him. She peppered kisses across his bare chest and Draco tipped his head back, turning his face into the spray as Hermione traced her lips over the many scars littering his flesh. She nuzzled each one, tracing it with the tip of her nose before slowly kissing his skin and even dragging her tongue over each scar lightly.

His fingers tangled into her wet hair and Hermione could tell he was enjoying the feel of her lips on his body. It filled her head with wicked thoughts of other parts of his body that might appreciate the feel of her lips and her tongue and Hermione smirked against his skin even as she reached behind her for the soap and a sponge.

"Tease," he accused her softly and she nipped his right nipple whilst lathering his stomach with the sponge.

"Am not," Hermione giggled.

"Oh, you are," he assured her. "And just as soon as we're married, you'll pay for it, Wifey."

Hermione nipped his left nipple in response, smirking as the way the little pink discs responded to the touch, tightening to points. He rumbled a low growl from deep inside his chest and Hermione quivered with the way it sent a thrum of vibration pulsing through her body and straight to her clit.

Taking the sponge from her, Draco soaped it up once more and began lathering her in return, paying special attention to her breasts and the place between her legs. Hermione gasped, her head falling back in delight when he repeatedly swiped the roughness of the loofa over her sex, making her crazy.

"Now who's a tease?" she murmured breathlessly. His wicked chuckled and another swipe of the sponge were his only responses.

Hermione's eyes crossed when he dropped the sponge to the floor and speared his fingers into her folds, soapy and slick and hot enough to sting. Her knees almost buckled. Reaching for him, needing something to hold onto lest she plummet to the floor of the shower, Hermione gripped his hips. He leaned into her, pressing her back against the cold tiles of the wall. She whimpered when he slowly tunneled two fingers deep inside her, curling them wickedly and beckoning.

In response, Hermione reached for his jutting erection, wrapping her small hand around so much hot, hard flesh. Draco growled again, softly this time, almost a purr. Hermione smirked against his neck, leaning into him and feeling very much like she was a teenager again, fumbling and groping and trading hand-jobs in dark corners. She giggled a little at the very thought, never having imagined she would do such a thing with Draco Malfoy. Her teenaged self would surely be utterly horrified if she could see Hermione now, but somehow the idea titillated her as much as it amused her.

"We should move this to the bedroom," Draco mumbled, nipping at the scar on her shoulder and dragging his lips against her neck in a way that was making her crazy.

"I thought you'd never ask," Hermione purred.

His laugh was low and husky, and Hermione pumped her hand up and down his cock, trying desperately to recall that she'd sworn not to shag him until their wedding night. Merlin, the wretched thing couldn't come fast enough. She didn't think she'd ever have that particular thought, but here she was, thinking just that.

Draco pried her hand from his cock before scooping his hands under her thighs and lifting her. Wrapping her legs around his lean hips, Hermione brushed her lips over his shoulder and the side of his neck, clinging to him as he twisted the taps of the shower back off and carrying her out. When he reached the sink, he fumbled for his wand, casting a Drying Charm and carrying her out into the bedroom, once more. The air was cool, kissing her skin like a soothing caress after the heat of the shower and Hermione huffed when Draco reached the bed, his knees colliding with it before he toppled forward, landing on top of her.

Disentangling her arms from around his neck, Draco kissed the length of her neck and across her bare chest, taking his time and learning her body. He paused briefly at each of her nipples before continuing south and Hermione whimpered with need when he peppered kisses across her abdomen, heading south. She ought to be nervous, she supposed, but with the alcohol and the injections messing with her hormones, all Hermione could do was wait with baited breath for that first, hot swipe of his tongue across her core.

Draco groaned as he tasted her, his arms curling around her thighs when she parted them a little more, giving him better access. His eyes brightened to gold as he darted a look up at her, obviously intent on devouring her until every hint of her flavour was gone. Hermione moaned, arching into the caress when he began to feast upon her body in earnest. His tongue was hot and agile as he worked her over and Hermione groaned, sinking her hands into his soft, platinum hair and rolling her hips, arching into every sensual lick. She was beyond rational thought as he ate at her and Hermione hissed with the slowly coiling burn of pleasure and heat and lust that raced through her veins, making her crazy.

"Oh gods, Draco," Hermione breathed to the werewolf between her legs, her head tossing from side to side as the tension wound tighter and tighter, her heart racing inside her chest.

She knew it would be a very bad thing if she orgasmed right then on his tongue. She knew it would just make her want to shag him all the more, but for the life of her, Hermione didn't think she'd have been able to stop the freight train of sensation even if she'd wanted to. Every synapses fired, and bursts of colour exploded behind her eyes when he latched onto her clit, suckling it hard before spearing his tongue deep inside her folds and bringing her completely undone. Hermione squealed as she came, her whole body shuddering from the power of the release, and Draco emitted a soft sound – almost a whine – as though seeing her pleasure, tasting it and feeling it, was more than he could bear.

Boneless, Hermione tried to catch her breath, peeling the wizard from between her thighs before sitting up and pushing him down until he laid flat on the mattress.

"You shouldn't," he muttered when Hermione leaned over him, tracing her tongue over the many scars littering his chest and his abs.

"I want to," Hermione assured him.

"What if we can't stop?" Draco asked.

Hermione bit her lip, closing her eyes against the intense urge she had to straddle him and ride him until they were both too spent to move.

"We'll figure it out," she said before nipping his stomach just hard enough to smart while her hands sought the throbbing length of silken steel that had fast become her new favourite toy.

Draco groaned, dropping his head back to the bed and closing his eyes, surrendering to the feel of her mouth on his body. Hermione smirked, smoothing her hands up and down the length of his cock as she kissed his abs and then across his bony hipbones and the tops of his legs. She let her hair tickle him, and he fisted the wild curls in both hands when she ran up tongue all the way up the underside of his cock from base to tip until she could dip her tongue into the little slit at the top, sampling the flavour of her fiancé for the first time

Draco hissed in a slow breath, his body tense as he tried to tamp down the urge to take control and fuck her face, and then probably to fuck her pussy until she was pregnant. Hermione smirked at him before engulfing the head of his weeping cock in her hot mouth, enjoying the soft groan of delight he emitted. She swirled her tongue around him, smoothing her hands up and down in tandem with her mouth as she worked toward a rhythm. Draco twitched with pleasure, and Hermione delighted in slowly winding him tighter and tighter, expecting that it was going to be glorious to watch him come undone.

He unleashed a soft snarl, his hands tightening in her hair until they pulled, and Hermione hollowed her cheeks, sucking him hard.

"Fuck, Granger," Draco cursed, his breath coming in sharp gasps before his whole body jerked hard once and his dick throbbed in her mouth as he spent himself. Hermione swallowed up every last drop of his essence as it coated her tongue, salty and tangy and utterly Draco.

He whimpered with the last few spurts as Hermione sucked him dry. Prying her off him with his hands still tangled in her hair, Draco pulled her up the length of his body until she rested on top of him, comfortably settling herself over him like a blanket.

Hermione smiled when Draco trailed his hands down her back, pressing her to him more snugly as he breathed out a slow, contented sigh. Despite the effects of the injections on the two of them, the late hour and the alcohol combined with the recent exertion lulled her toward sleep. Helped along by the way he smoothed his hands up and down her back, Hermione pressed a kiss to the side of his neck and closed her eyes, letting her mind drift and letting sleep creep up on her slowly.

Just as she was drifting off, the sleepy werewolf she sprawled across turned his head, pressing his lips to the middle of her forehead and whispering a bid of goodnight. Hermione fell asleep with a smile on her face, destined for dreams of what a life with this infuriatingly amazing man might be like.