Hello again, everyone! I wanted to just inform you all that the reboot to Tempus Vita (titled Viridi, also in Latin, but I find it to be a much more fitting name) has begun!

As I mentioned previously, Viridi is going to follow the same general story direction that Tempus Vita did, albeit with far more detail and care put into my writing. In particular, I feel that the earlier parts of Tempus Vita needed the most work. In addition, some things will be changed along the way, while others will be delayed or given more time to flesh out organically. It is true that Tempus Vita passed over 100,000 words, and I am so proud that I was able to put that much into it. But I know I can do better, and I want to do right by my favorite character in all of literature.

Does this mean the end of Tempus Vita in its current form? Yes and no. The story will remain up for those who were fans of the original. I don't expect to make any further updates to this one, and encourage all of you who are fans of Tempus Vita to give it a fair shot. Today I posted the prologue, and already, I feel it was handled far better than the prologue of the original.

There may also be certain references to the things that happened in Tempus Vita further down the line in Viridi, and I already have one particular plot point in mind that was NOT in the original skeleton of TV. Said plot point is going to be a massive nod to Tempus Vita, so don't think that the story ends there!

Viridi is going in the same direction, I assure you. Originally with Tempus Vita, I wanted to keep a sense of mystery as to how Lily and Severus would go, but as many of you already read, I couldn't hold it in any longer than Chapter 29. I simply love these two characters and wished wholeheartedly to put them together in a way that felt organic, without throwing any characters (Dumbledore, James Potter, etc.) under the bus, while not whitewashing Severus or Lily.

If there is some massive backlash to the reboot, I apologize. It's not my intention to disappoint any of you. After all, your reviews and support were instrumental at getting Tempus Vita to nearly 650 reviews and followers, over 440 favorites, and a staggering 147,000 reads. Those are numbers that I don't take lightly, and I want to give 150% of everything I can to the fanfiction so I can take pride in it, and so you all can enjoy it as well as you can.

With that said, feel free to go on over to Viridi and give the prologue a read and review! We're just getting started with it, and already, I have a feeling that it's going to be even better than it was before! Thanks so much for all of the reads and the kind words, and I hope to see you there!