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The Twelve Days Of Christmas By: Gum Acacia

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me...

He recognized the snow. The warmth of the soft flakes falling against his skin reminded him of the summer rains he loved so dearly. He blinked his eyes looking around trying to determine exactly where he was. He felt the presence of the castle though he couldn't see it and he knew he was on the grounds of Hogwarts, his sanctuary.

He heard her laughter, like the soft cooing of a child, and he turned to see her once again running around the grounds playfully throwing snow at her pursuer. He smiled. His parents in the innocence of their youth, not even aware of the anguish that was just a few years ahead of them. They were unaware of anything but each other; their eyes focused solely on the small universe they together made up. Delighting in just the glowing presence they created.

Harry stepped forward watching as his father wrapped his arms around his mother lifting her off her feet and swinging her around in a sweeping arc. They were both laughing quietly, pausing only momentarily to press their lips together.

The two young lovers continued to play around in the snow. Harry stood there, a small smile on his face wishing again for countless times that they could be with him now. Then suddenly his father looked up and met Harrys' eyes; he broke into a huge grin and began waving, calling the boy over.

Harry started, his father seemed to be looking right at him, but this was a dream! One he had had before, one that did not end like this with his father calling him over. He moved forward suddenly needing to breach the distance between him and his parents and just be with them, even if they were only a figment of his imagination.

Someone ran past him in a blur and Harry turned to see that a third figure was joining his parents. A figure with blonde hair and pale skin. Someone wearing dark black robes and a forest green jumper. Someone whose face was completely devoid of sneers and the usual signs of disdain that Harry thought were always associated with the others' face.

His parents embraced the other boy quickly, and to Harrys' astonishment they all began to run around together, playfully tossing snow and ice at each other. Harry felt his stomach lurch. What was this? This wasn't the past, nor could it be the future. He moved a step closer suddenly not caring at all but longing to be apart of the scene.

When he got close enough the three stopped, seeming to take notice of Harry for the first time. He tried to grasp his parents, but they drew back as he neared them. His mother with a small wounded frown on her face slowly shook her head, no. His father, who looked at this age to be his younger brother, also shook his head trying to give a comforting smile as he did so.

Draco stepped forward and put a hand on Harrys' shoulder squeezing it gently. He moved forward to once again embrace Harrys' parents, but this time he turned around and held Harry as well. Harry wanted to shout out and ask why he couldn't touch his parents, but Dracos' caress seemed to silence everything inside him leaving nothing but a sense of peace and completion.

He pulled back and looked into the other boys' eyes, there seemed to be a thousand words written in them that Harry desperately wanted to read. But the other boy closed his eyes, leaning slightly forward so that Harry knew there might be another way to read those words. He looked at his parents who were backing away from him, smiling as they did, and then he looked back again at Draco.

He almost appeared to be part of the snow, the light shining off his face as if some secret aura was hidden underneath his fair skin. This time Harry did not pull back, he did not turn and run away. He held his ground fully aware of the safety of his dream. He leaned in forward until he felt his mouth connect with Dracos'.

The pressure wasn't there, not the feel of skin on skin. Instead there was a lovely feeling of what *could* be. It was like coming out of a bitter cold, only to have the sun moment's later thaw your mouth. He tried to push closer to that sensation but when he opened his eyes Draco wasn't anywhere near him.

He was suddenly across the field walking with Harrys' parents. He called out to the group, pleading with them to stop but they continued to walk on, none of them looking back to where Harry stood. The snow suddenly felt cold and suffocating. He turned around and was lost in a blanket of endless white.

This time only relief came with the dawning of the morning. The sun was breaking its way into Harrys' dream forcing him to awaken. He sat up quickly trying in his mind to figure out just what he had dreamt and what it all meant. He felt slightly disconcerted about the role Draco had played in the dream.

But the concentration of a teenage boy doesn't compare to the growling of hunger, and soon Harry pushed the dream from his mind instead opting for the sustenance of breakfast, which he swore he could have smelled from all the way up in his dormitory.

He pulled on his robe and crossed the floor slowly over to where Seamus was still sleeping. The Irish boy was tangled in his sheets and he was clutching an old stuffed animal that looked like a small Puffskein. Harry grinned as he grabbed hold of the sleeping boys' pillow, pulling it roughly out from the other boy causing him to roll out of his bed and land of the floor.

"Wha- what in Merlin's name is wrong with you?" Seamus looked up at Harry, a small frown on his face as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

"Just thought I'd wake you up, though I would have thought you'd have been up hours ago as it *is* Christmas!" Harry yawned again, stretching his back and laughing at the complete look of joy that suddenly filled the other boys' face.

"Oh, Harry! I can't believe it's finally here!" He jumped to his feet and threw his arms around his friend before quickly running to his dresser grabbing a large and hideously gaudy robe that he had laid out the night before. He threw the robe over his shoulders ignoring Harrys' laughter.

Harry continued to snicker despite the glares Seamus was throwing at him. The robe with its giant candy canes and large snowmen was just too horrendous not to mock. "Where did you get that?"

Seamus frowned as he made his way over to the door, "I'll thank you not to ridicule my grandmum's Christmas present!"

Harry managed to keep a straight face as the two boys' made their way down the stairs, eyes widening at the site before them. There was a large table set up with every breakfast food they could think of and the large tree in the corner had what looked like a hundred presents underneath.

It looked as though the first few years were already awake and occupying a corner to themselves laughing loudly and setting of wizard crackers and small fireworks. Harry and Seamus grabbed a plate full of food and sat in an empty corner, talking quietly to each other.

With food in his stomach Harry was free to let his mind return to other things. He told Seamus he wanted to tell him something but on the strict condition that the boy not so much as breath a word to anyone about what he was going to stay.

This was too much for the blonde boy and he nodded eagerly. He listened almost in shock as Harry told him about what he had dreamt last night. "Well, I must say," Seamus broke off into a stunned silence, he chewed on his lip thoughtfully for a moment before he looked at Harry again. "Harry, do you consider me a friend?"

Harry rolled his eyes at the absurdity of the question but nodded his head in conformation anyway, "Of course I do, you complete git!"

Seamus scooted forward, a serious expression on his face. "Then if I ask you a question, will you promise not to go completely berserk on me?"

Harry raised an eyebrow questioningly knowing very well that at times Seamus had a knack for asking only the questions you didn't want to answer. "Depends on the question."

Seamus threw his hands in the air, "You can't limit me like that!"

Harry laughed and agreed despite the nagging warning he suddenly felt in his stomach.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but are you entirely sure you altogether maybe don't happen to sort of," Seamus broke off moving to sit next to Harry, he said the next words in a jumble of a rush, "maybe-fancy- Draco?" The boy blushed as he waited for his friend to either beat him into a small pile of mush or for him to beat him into a large pile of mush.

Harry did neither of these. He opted to turn exceedingly red instead and chose to stare at the near by Christmas tree pretending he hadn't heard the other boy.

Seamus was pleased with his lack of answer, that in itself was a good sign he decided. Because if Harry hadn't felt anything, if he had never even so much as entertained the idea, he would have immediately denied it assuming Seamus was either teasing him or just out of his mind. "You know, the Slytherins are supposed to come here today."

Harry nodded his head continuing to stare at the tree. It was hard enough trying to figure out how he could possibly be attracted (that much he had finally started to let himself admit) to someone who he basically considered to be the future right had hand of his mortal enemy, but that someone also just happened to be a boy. And that wasn't exactly something Harry had given much consideration to. To be honest it was something he never really *wanted* to give consideration to.

Seamus watched Harry fight whatever inner demons were causing him to chew on the inside of his cheek. He smiled felling almost sorry for the boy and the position he was in. His life had never been easy. Basically one obstacle after the next, it was almost as if fate had decided that nothing would come easy to the boy. Not even this. He cleared his throat trying to start again, "And you know, Draco will be with them."

Harry turned to look at his friend; he nodded one more time. Then suddenly he smiled, "And Blaise as well."

"Oh, that he will." Seamus was all too aware that Harry had set his mind to changing the subject, and so he let him. He pulled his friend to his feet and they set out to finding the gifts under the tree that was theirs.

They spent the next hour opening presents, and Harry was pleased to see that even though his two best friends could not be there with him that morning, they had not forgotten him. There were gifts from both under the tree and Harry had held them on his lap for a few moments before even opening them. There were also things from Hagrid and Dumbledore. Remus and Sirius had both sent him a few small packages. The Weasleys' and even Dobby had not forgotten the boy.

Seamus of course had said repeatedly that his gift wasn't actually what he wanted to get the boy, but Harry seemed to be thrilled with the cloak just the same. He had asked if the Irish boy wouldn't mind waiting for the others to return to open his gift, but as Seamus already knew what it was Harry had given him, he informed the other boy he didn't mind at all.

Sooner then Harry would have liked, they were done with the morning festivities and Seamus was busy telling him that they needed to get dressed and ready before the Slytherins' showed up. So, grabbing the gifts he had received, he headed up to his room, indescribable feelings creating chaos inside him.

"Got anything you want to hide?" Seamus was holding an armful of objects in his hands; he had a very devious grin on his lips.

"What are you on about?" asked Harry.

"Potter! Please, you didn't expect me to leave everything just laying around for the Slytherins' to get their grubby little hands on, did you?" A look of triumph was filling Seamus' eye. He nodded at the knock on the door that suddenly sounded, as if all would be answered.

Harry opened the door, feeling his stomach twist into a tightly woven tangle of knots. The feeling of apprehension and excitement subsided when he saw who was standing on the other side of the door. It was Dennis Creevey, he was smiling and he had a large sack flung over his shoulder.

"A little late for a visit from Saint Nick, don't you think Dennis?" Harry raised his eyebrow as the boy pushed his way into the room his hand held out to Seamus.

"I believe we settled on five sickles." Dennis grinned and held out his hand to the older boy.

Seamus nodded his head and handed the handful of coins to the other boy. Seamus then proceeded to drop the armful of things he was holding into the sack, and Harry noticed the sack continued to look empty. It must have had an enchantment on it.

"Now, as I said before, do you have anything you want to hide? Little Dennis here has agreed to keep anything we want hidden in his room while the Snakies get their pilfering privileges. I think there's a few things you might want to throw in the sack?"

Harry raised his eyebrows in questioning amusement, "Um, Seamus, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be cheating?"

Seamus just laughed, "Well, now they never said where our things actually *had* to be when they came to claim their prize."

Harry opened his trunk and pulled out a few things (namely his cloak, album and the tickets he intended to give his friends when they returned) and shoved them in Dennis' sack. "This is very Slytherin of you, Seamus."

The other boy smirked, "Oh dear, maybe Blaise is starting to rub off on me."

Harry couldn't help himself and he burst into laughter. "I thought that was the idea?"

"Harry, I can't believe you!" Seamus yelled in mock outrage, moving across the room to cover Dennis by the ears. "You're corrupting an innocent youth!"

"My apologies," said Harry still laughing, tears now making there way out of his eyes.

Dennis snorted as he grabbed his sack and made his way down to his own room. Harry and Seamus quickly made their way down to the bathrooms to shower and dress before the Slytherins would show up. Lavender had sent a note earlier letting them know they would be coming as soon as lunch was over and Harry began to feel the nervousness that was threatening to overwhelm him all morning return to him tenfold.

The boys quickly changed, neither speaking, and made their way back to the dormitories. Breakfast and lunch were to be served in the dormitories this morning, and only for dinner would all four houses finally convene.

After they ate, Seamus taking note that Harry barley even touched his plate, Lavender was sent to accompany the Slytherins to the common room. Harry suddenly felt lightheaded and slightly queasy. He snuck away to the stairs leading to his room while Seamus was making himself busy trying to see how long it would take to make a few of the fourth year girls blush.

Harry stayed at the top of the stairs, hidden from view as the Slytherins' made their way into the Gryffindor common room. Harry could see the tree from where he stood and no more, but the voices carried up to him effortlessly.

"Welcome everybody," Seamus was talking, the sarcastic edge to his tone not missed even by Harry, "so nice of you all to join us."

Harry listened for a few minutes before he quickly made his way up to his room. He had heard Dracos' voice; the sarcastic biting remarks made from both his mouth and his friends. He heard Seamus begin to talk solely to a very flustered Blaise. He'd heard Pansy ask to see Lavender and Parvatis' room, and he could take no more. His legs has started to feel weak and he left as Seamus said something that had made more then one student whistle.

Harry threw open the door to his room and let it slam shut. He moved over to his bed, suddenly feeling as though the walls were closing in on him. He sat down, his eyes never moving from the door. He could feel the presence behind the door before he heard the soft knock.

The door opened before he had a chance to call out, and Draco Malfoy strode into the room a small smirk on his face. Both boys remained silent opting instead to just stare at each other. Harry heard the familiar humming and was beginning to wonder if he could ever be in the same room as the other boy without hearing that deafening sound.

Draco moved towards Harry keeping his arms straight at his sides though he ached to cross them over his chest. He didn't want to be seen as submissive or in the least intimidated by the situation. He stood over the other boy, pleased to see an unsure look in Harrys' eyes.

It was another minute of silence, and finally Harry could no longer take it, "You could wait for someone to say 'alright' before you come in."

Draco sneered fully aware of the lameness of the statement, which Harry now looked like he wanted desperately to recall. "Normally I don't bother knocking, consider yourself lucky."

Harry felt a habitual anger start to rise up inside himself. It was a relief. It was forcing down the feelings of discomfort and instead Harry felt secure in the indignation that was beginning to flow through him. "Forgive me if I don't think so, what do you want, Malfoy?"

An increase of that smirk, "Did you forget? We Slytherins' have a date to appropriate anything we want as guerdon for kicking your arses in the tasks."

Harry stood up finally feeling the ringing subside away to a ticking in his head. "I didn't forget Malfoy, I just wanted to know what you thought you were doing in my room."

"I was just wondering if you ever got around to making that list of things you had that were worth a damn." Draco crossed over to Harrys' nightstand picking up a blank scroll Harry had intended to be a thank you note for Sirius he had yet to write. He chuckled softly, "Is this it Potter? I should have known it would be blank."

Harry ripped the scroll from the other boys' hands. "That's not the list."

Draco raised his eyebrows, "Really? So where is it?"

"I didn't bloody well *make* a list!" Harrys' face was starting to redden.

"So, there was nothing to put on the list," Draco was enjoying the rapidly increasing flustered state the other boy was finding himself in.

"Sod off!" Harry crossed the room back over to his dresser throwing the scroll down on the top of it.

Draco began to walk around the room looking things up and down. He knew it was beginning to grate on Harrys' nerve and so he continued. "We have a problem here Potter," he turned to face the other boy not bothering to hide the amusement on his won face, "I don't see anything here I want."

Harrys' eyes narrowed, "Well then why don't you just go to another room then?"

"That won't work. I already claimed this one, which means nobody is coming up those stairs which leaves me to the difficult task of finding something in this room worth having." He stared intently at Harry taking pleasure in the slight blush that crossed the others face.

Harry broke the contact and instead threw open his trunk gesturing his arms as if to say 'There it is! Have your go at it.'

Draco crossed over to the container peering inside trying to contain his intrigue as to what Harry would want to keep locked away. He saw a few books and one or two trinkets Harry probably picked up in some cheap 'Just a Knut' store. But he found it oddly endearing that the other boy would value such mediocre things.

It was something Draco would never have considered doing. The only things he ever took the time to truly value were things he knew to be expensive or extremely rare. Things that not everyone would have. Maybe that's why he had begun to notice Harry to begin with. Something rare and precious. Wouldn't it be ironic if Harry ever found out that one of the things he loathed so much about Draco, was what originally had drawn the boy to him to begin with.

Draco shook himself out of his self induced trance and looked up at the boy who was standing across from him. Harry had been watching him, a questioning look on his face. The pale boy raised his chin arrogantly and rolled his eyes at Harrys' trunk.

"Was this supposed to catch my attention? Really Potter, I think my house elfs' have more valuable possessions!"

Harry started to feel his hands shake, whether with rage or with something else he could no longer tell. "Just take something and go."

Draco moved over and sat down on Harrys' bed amused at the astonished expression that quickly passed the other boys' face. "Looks like I'll just have to stay here until I find something."

Harry sighed loudly feeling exasperated, "Should I ask one of the house elfs' to bring up an extra cot?"

"I have no intention of spending the night in *these* quarters."

"Excuse me if I seem overly delighted at hearing that," Harry attempted a sneer and found it caused Dracos' eyes to flash with anger for a moment.

Draco bounced once on Harrys' bed, delighting in the soft sensation of his coverlet but keeping his face a mask of disgust. "This isn't even fit for a servant."

"Do you have a book or something, 'Ten ways to alienate everyone around you in twenty words or less'?" Harry folded his arms once more across his chest, trying to convey to Draco how annoyed he was.

"It's a natural talent," Draco stood again making his way closer to the other boy satisfied at the slight wobble the other boys' footing seemed to have taken.

Harry took a step closer to Draco and then moved to the side. He crossed the room over to Rons' bed where he got down on his hands and knees reaching for something that was hidden underneath. Draco tried to avert his eyes from such a displayed Harry, but his eyes kept returning to the other boys' position.

"Here, take this," Harry stood crossing the floor back over to Draco. He thrust something in Dracos' hand and moved a step back, angered at the reaction his heart was having to the brief moment when their hands touched. It felt as though it was suddenly going to burst from his chest at any moment and his hands began to slightly tremble.

"What do I want anything of Weasleys' for?" He looked down in his hand and was surprised at what he saw there. A single vibrantly red feather. It almost looked like it had been dipped in blood; the color was so deep. "What's this?"

"It's not Rons', it's mine. Or at least it is now," a ghost of a grin snuck on his face. He pointed at the object in Dracos' hand. "No one knows about that, it's a Phoenix Feather. They're really rare."

Draco was stunned into silence for a moment, but his need to know how the other boy could have acquired such a priceless object soon won over. After all, how many things like this did Harry keep hidden around? "Where did you get it?"

This time it was a full smirk that overtook Harrys' face. "Where do you think?"

Realization hit Draco like the cliched ton of bricks he had so often read about. "Fawkes?" No response, just a smirk. "But you didn't do your task, we got caught!"

"And I went back," Harry said unconsciously moving his body closer to Dracos', "I didn't take her, I just wanted to see if I could do it. And so I took a little souvenir."

Draco looked like he was torn between being extremely baffled and extremely impressed. He settled instead on being unreasonably angry, "You're pathetic, you know that?"

This time it was Harrys' turn to look baffled. "How is that, Malfoy?"

He turned around throwing his hands in the air, "I can't believe you did something so stupid."

Harry snorted, "You've gone completely nutters, haven't you?"

The Slytherin was aware that he really was raving about nothing but he was on too familiar a ground right now, and yelling at Harry had become second nature to him. If he didn't know how to respond, then yelling at the dark-haired boy seemed like the reasonable thing to do. "I'm not the one who could have killed the bloody leader of the order!"

Harrys' brow knotted in puzzlement, "Kill her? I only bloody well took a feather!"

Draco crossed the room back over to Harry, "Oh shut up, Potter." He was aware of how unreasonable he was acting. He suddenly felt like his coming here had been a truly bad idea. Even worse his commanding the other Slytherins' to not so much as set a foot near the room was leaving them far to secluded.

"Are you going to take the bloody feather or not?"

"What do you care?" Draco folded his arms over his chest.

Harrys' jaw dropped, "Are you mad? You're in my room and I would like you to haul your ruddy arse out as soon as possible, *that's* what I care about."

"Well, excuse me for not being thrilled at some feather pulled out of a dumb birds arse!" He threw the feather at Harrys' feet with all his might, but it gently floated down despite the thrust.

"I am sick of this!" Harry pulled off his glasses and rubbed his eyes hard before placing them back on his face.

Draco tried to hide the sharp intake of breath he had drawn in at the unguarded site of Harrys' green eyes. The color exactly matched the emerald serpents eyes that set in a stone statue down in the dungeons. Suddenly it seemed to make sense as to why Draco had been so preoccupied with the carving all these years. "Sick of what?"

"This," Harry said motioning to the air filled with animosity between them, "I don't want to fight with you anymore! I'm sick of it."

"Well, what is that supposed to mean?" Draco stepped closer to Harry suddenly feeling a pulling in his gut that seemed to be coming from the other boy.

"I don't know what it means. But I don't want to do this with you anymore." Harry stepped forward again so that less then a foot remained between the two boys.

Draco longed to ask Harry what it was the other boy wanted to do with him, but he swallowed the idea not exactly sure of what he would do if Harry actually answered. "Deciding after all these years you want to be my buddy now, have you?"

Harry laughed, at it was low and harsher then even he expected. "I don't want to be your friend Draco. I don't want to be anything to you."

Draco couldn't help but flinch at the words as the sting of them was felt. It was as if the other boy had reach across the short distance at struck him. "Believe me, the feeling is mutual, Potter."

"Then why," Harry started inching ever so much closer to Draco, the ringing in his ears causing him to speak in a slightly elevated voice, the feverish heat was suddenly flooding his face and the room had begun to fog around the edges, "can't we leave each other alone?"

Draco didn't say a thing; instead he moved closer to Harry grabbing the other boy by the waist, excited and yet afraid at the eager way the other boys' hands had found their way to Dracos' arms. The heat from the boys' fingertips didn't seem real. It was burning and itching him like fire, and yet it seemed to be quenching some even deeper fire Draco didn't even know was burning until now. He thought he mumbled something like, 'I don't know' but suddenly he wasn't sure about anything he was hearing.

He felt that pull start to return tugging his stomach to an almost painful level, and he knew then that if he could only somehow cross the distance to the other boys' mouth, everything would be okay. Everything would stop spinning and suddenly it would all just be quiet. He tilted his head slightly before he felt the other boy begin to pull away. "Damn it, Harry!"

Harry looked completely flushed, and his body felt super sensitized. The relatively quiet exclamation Draco had made seemed to thunder in his ears. He pulled out of Dracos' arms shaking his head, begging something inside for it not to be tears he was feeling make their way down his warmed cheeks. "I can't do this, I can't- we're not supposed to do this," he choked out.

"If we're not supposed to touch each other, then how come your hands only stop shaking when they're grabbing onto me?" Draco said hotly.

Harry had no reply, he suddenly felt overwhelmed by everything and everyone. It wasn't right to feel this way they said, and yet the only time he felt like he wasn't spinning around in a dizzying blur was when Draco was holding onto him. The blurring vision, the loud humming it all seemed to fade away as soon as Draco was close enough, almost as if he were waking up from some hidden dream able to see what he truly needed for the very first time. The only thing that remained was the pounding of his heart.

And suddenly the most difficult and bravest thing in the world seemed to just be to finally give in. To go back to the feeling that only moments ago was threatening to engulf him. He stumbled forward and found himself crashing into Draco.

He was suddenly aware that he had in fact been crying, as his hot tears seemed to melt into Dracos' smooth cool face. But that didn't matter anymore. The only thing that mattered was the feeling of Dracos' lips on his, pressing down hard and clumsy but feeling more right then anything Harry had ever known.

Draco wasn't prepared for the other boys' assault on his mouth but he eagerly returned the kiss now that it was finally here. It felt as if his body were ripping in half, and the only way to keep it together was to continue this moment with Harry.

Neither seemed to notice anymore who was from what house or which had won the most Quidditch games, or even who would be on what side when it came to the war. There was only the sensation of each other.

Harry gasped into Dracos' mouth as he felt the other boy tentatively caress his mouth with his tongue. Such sensations Harry realized he had never imagined, nor did he think he could ever prepare for. He returned the pressure with his own tongue, feeling as if a thousand bolts of electricity were suddenly coursing through his body.

Draco slid one hand into Harrys' hair, almost grinning to himself with delirium. It was like home to be touching him like this. Suddenly ever inch of this boy seemed to be his and his alone. This hair, this mouth, this tongue that seemed to be doing the most wonderful things to his own mouth, they were now solely Dracos' possession. And suddenly his other hand was on the Harrys' back. And this was what he needed. He could feel the quick breaths the other boy was taking and was shocked to hear a soft moan seep out of his own mouth.

Harry was twisting the back of Dracos' jumper into small knots as he continued to grab at the boy. The heat of his mouth feeling like a dizzying heaven to him. He felt Draco reach up to cup the sides of his face and he fell into the gentleness he never knew the other boy could show. He heard a soft sob from his own throat turn into a softer moan.

Draco leaned deeper into Harry, delighting in all the places their skin seemed to be melding. His nose brushed against the other boys' and somewhere in the back of his mind he thought that was a very silly thing to seem so incredibly sensuous. He tugged on the other boys' mouth needing to have more of him.

Harry returned Dracos' advances with all the ardor that such actions can bring about. He licked at the outline of Dracos' bottom lip nearly falling to the ground with the sensations that were almost so pleasurable they were painful

And suddenly the lips that had seemed to be the only thing Harry would ever need to survive on were gone. His eyes blinked open quickly, his eyelashes clumped together with the dampness of his earlier tears. He felt bereft of his very life and at the moment thought only to recapture that earlier tenderness.

But then Draco was smiling at him. Not the easy smile he had seen days ago, nor the smile he had dreamt the other boy would have. This was different. This is where all the words were. The things that Harry had so longed to read in his dream, *this* is where they had been all along. Hidden from view. From everyone but Harry, for now he knew that this moment...this smile was his and his alone.

No matter what would happen. No matter what the war would do to them both, or who would answer the call to what side, this would always be his. Harry smiled back, both boys' for once agreeing that words were not needed. They instead returned to the moment they both secretly feared would never last but both knew would never lost.

And suddenly lips were once again pressing against lips, and arms were held tightly around waists, and bodies were melting into each other in ways Harry never thought possible from merely kissing. This was exchanging souls, bits of each other neither would ever ask for back.

Draco smirked against the other boys' mouth. He had found something after all that Harry had that he indeed wanted. Something that was beyond value. Something he would never exchange for anything else. He had found Harry.


Seamus closed the door quietly not wanting to disturb the seen he had been almost afraid was a figment of his own imagination. He grinned to himself and quietly made his way down the stairs to the common room. He made his way over to the tables where he left his books out. He calmly picked up a quill and opened a book he had hidden under his potions work. He opened it towards the back and looked for Harrys' name. He put a check mark next to his friends' name to show success and closed his book leaving to find his own Christmas conquest.

He would find Blaise (who along with the other Slytherins' had left about twenty minutes earlier, all grinning madly at what they had taken from the Gryffindors) and maybe with a little luck, he would have as merry a Christmas as Harry was having, and maybe even find a way to get his jumper back. He softly began to sing to himself, not even bothering to hide the enormous grin that was spreading across his face, "On the first of Christmas, my true love gave to me..."

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