Draco Malfoy stepped through the Floo, coming home from Hogwarts for the winter break. The seventeen-year-old was surprised to see both his mother and father standing in front of the fireplace, about to Floo away. What surprised him the most was the look on their faces: his father was pale, paler than usual, his eyes full of disbelief and hope, his mother on the other hand had tears streaming down her face, her eyes shining with hope and the ever-lasting sadness that had been there for years.

"What is going on?" Draco asked, frantic at seeing his mother crying.

She never cried, not in front of Draco anyway. He had caught her crying once or twice throughout the years. Every time he had come across her crying, she was holding a little deep green blanket in a deadly grip but he had known the reason of her cries back then: his baby brother's disappearance. He slightly shook his head, refusing to think about him right now.

"We are going to St Mungos. You stay here, Severus will arrive shortly."

His father answered sternly. They were gone before Draco could answer. It took him two hours and one hundred and five minutes of his Gadfather scolding and telling him to calm down before he Flooed to St Mungos, Severus short on his tail.


Lucius and Narcissa hurried, for once not caring about being elegant and graceful, to the reception. The nurse caught sight of them almost immediately. "Lord Malfoy, Lady Malfoy, follow me please."

Both Malfoys obliged and they ended up standing in front of a closed door. "He is still unconscious so I'll have to ask you to remain quiet. A healer will join you in a few minutes to sum up the boy's injuries." They nodded and the nurse opened the door for them and promptly left.

Narcissa detached herself from Lucius's side and hurried to the boy's side. She froze midway when her eyes fell on his small and broken form. She could only see the injuries orning his face, neck and arms for he was wearing an hospital gown and was covered by the bed white covers. There were deep cuts and scars on his arms, which Narcissa presumed had been caused by a sharp knife and probably a whip, along with burn marks. She shuddered when she thought that he probably had similar marks all over his body. He had a black eye, a deep cut on his left cheek and his lips were split and swollen. Narcissa was pulled out of her staring when the healer came in.

"That's not my son." Narcissa said, leaning against Lucius's side once again.

"We ran a test, Lady Malfoy. You and your husband should take a look at this." The healer handed them a piece of parchment.

They stared in disbelief at the paper as they read:

Full name: Cygnus Etamin Malfoy

Father: Lucius Abraxas Malfoy

Mother: Narcissa Druella Malfoy (Née Black)

Birth Date: December 19th 1982

Status: Submissive Elf

Narcissa looked up at the boy she had thought was someone else. According to his looks, the boy could only be a Potter for he was the spitting image of one James Potter. She had never met the boy before for he had never been to Hogwarts but she had known the boy existed. Lily and James Potter had always said that their second-born, Harry, was born a squib and so they had sent him to live with Lily's muggle sister right before they went into hiding with their first-born, Daniel. The boy had been mere days old when they had given him up. They had went into hiding four days after the Dark Lord had won the war, four days after Narcissa and Lucius's little Cygnus had gone missing. But the Potters had never had a second-born, they had stolen her and Lucius's little swan. What she did not understand though was why her son didn't like her son.

"Please, tell me they didn't blood adopt him." She pleaded.

"No, they did not. There is an extremely powerful glamour on him. I came in to remove actually. If you would, please, step back. I'll tell you about your son's injuries right after."

The Malfoys stepped back. Lucius was lost in thought as he held his silently crying wife. He couldn't help but think about the day his little swan was born.

"Push, my Lady." A healer exclaimed from her place between Narcissa's legs.

She obliged as Lucius gently caressed her forehead. "You are doing so well, Darling." He told her.

"I see a head." The healer said as Narcissa kept pushing.

"Did you hear that? He is almost there, Love." Lucius had a giddy smile on his face.

He was so happy he couldn't stop smiling. He had always wanted a big family and his beautiful and flawless wife was already gifting with a second son. His thoughts wandered to his two-year-old son who was excitedly waiting to meet his baby brother outside of the room. The little boy had been overly happy to hear that he would be a big brother but he had needed countless reassurances about his mother's well-being. Lucius was so lost in his musings of happiness that he only came back to himself when the healer handed his now-clean-and-not-so-crying-anymore little boy over to Narcissa.

"Hello there my little Cygnus." Narcissa told the baby tiredly.

"I love you so much." Lucius whispered as he kissed his wife's head.

"He's so beautiful." Narcissa mumbled as they both stared at the little blond-headed bundle, wrapped into a deep green blanket in Narcissa's arms.

Lucius felt his heart warm up when his son opened baby blue eyes to stare intently and sleepily at he and Narcissa. They were pulled out of their awed staring when the door opened and a very excited two-year-old Draco ran into the room, followed closely by a smiling Severus.

"I want to see my baby brother! I want to see him!" Draco demanded as he tugged on Lucius's robes, silently asking to be picked up.

Lucius obliged and picked his bouncing son up.

"Calm down, Draco. Your brother is really fragile now and he doesn't need his overly excited big brother to scare him." Lucius scolded playfully.

"He's so small." Draco whispered in awe, completely ignoring his father's scolding. "I want to hold him." Draco made grabby hands for his brother and nearly fell from his father's arms onto the bed.

Narcissa smiled fondly at Draco and told Lucius to put Draco down on the bed. "You are going to have to stay very still, understood?" Narcissa warned Draco.

Draco nodded eagerly and a happy giggle left his mouth when Lucius sat him down close to his mother. Narcissa placed little Cygnus in the crook of Draco's arms and watched as the two year old reamined exceedingly still, afraid to hurt his baby brother, and as he stared at him his eyes shining with happiness and love. Draco started to ramble at his brother, telling him about everything that came to mind. "I'm so happy that you're here. I watched you grow, you know, in Mummy's belly and I was so happy! You'll see, I'll be the best big brother ever. We'll play with my toys and I'll give you Sly. He's my dragon. He'll protect you from monsters if I or Mummy or Daddy is not here."

"I might have given him too many sweets." Severus chuckled as he was standing next to the bed, watching the two boys.

Lucius grinned when the shadow of a smile appeared on Cygnus's lips and one of his tiny hands grabbed Lucius's little finger as the man extended his hand to caress the newborn's cheek.

Lucius was pulled out of his memories by his wife's teary voice. "What have they done to him?"

Lucius's eyes fell on the boy, lying on the bed. The healer was done with removing the glamour and his son was now looking like his true self. His hair had gone from a blackish color to a platinum blonde, from messy to silky but had remained short, his skin had gone from slightly tanned to pale, his lips were thinner, the bones of his face more prominent, a perfect mix of the Malfoys traits and the Black ones. He had clearly inherited Narcissa's straight and elegant nose though. His slender form hadn't changed however. He was still no taller than 5'5 and was still dangerously on the scrawny side. The less prominent change was his ears, they had become pointy at the top, a sign of Cygnus's creature blood.

Narcissa sat on the bed next to her unconscious son and gently ran the back of the hand over his uninjured cheek as silent tears kept falling from her eyes. "My precious little swan."

The healer cleared his throat, forcing Lucius and Narcissa to turn their attention over to him. "I'm afraid we have to discuss your son's injuries, my Lord." He told Lucius as he opened Cygnus's file.

"We are listening." Lucius replied as he rested his hands on his wife's shoulders in a reassuring manner.

"We found a great number of injuries. Most of them have been healed but some will need time to do so. Your son has countless scars on his body, some old of over a decade, he has burn marks as well. His wrists, arms and legs show signs of past breaking and it is obvious that they have never been treated. We managed to correct that. We found four broken ribs, one of them has punctured a lung. Fortunately, he was brought on time and we were able to heal it rather quickly, avoiding ever-lasting damages and, uh..." The healer trailed off, unsure as to how he should anounce the last injury he had found.

"What is it?" Lucius asked through gritted teeth, fighting to keep his cool.

"I'm sorry to have to say that to you but we, uh, we found out that your son has been raped many times over the years," A broken and heartbreaking sob left Narcissa's lips, "creating rather nasty tearings on your son's insides, the last one dating of a few minutes before he was brought here. We tried to heal it as well but it will take a few weeks for your son to recover completely." Narcissa broke down completely right after the healer finshed his tale of Cygnus's injuries. She turned around and hid her face into Lucius's chest, soaking his robes with tears.

"Could you leave us for a moment, please?" Lucius asked, trying to swallow the lump that had formed into his throat. Lucius tried hard to keep his composure in front of the healer but found that he had a very hard time doing so. He wanted so bad to break down and weep for his son's sufferings. It never should have happened. Cygnus had been supposed to stay with us, grow up with us, with his loving and doting family. But instead he had lived for fourteen into a hellhole.

The healer nodded once and was about to leave the room but Lucuis stopped him. "Wait, who brought our son here?"

"It was a certain Sirius Black, my Lord."