Author Notes: Been awhile since I've written anything and with my other stories I'm not sure how to continue them. So I'm going to stick with this one. A new Story that is similar to Prophecy of the Chosen One. Hope you guys enjoy it, an i would enjoy some positive feedback. I'll try to update as much as possible.

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Chapter 01: A Magical Tragedy

Harry Potter could feel his blood pulse through his veins as he rush through the Department of Mysteries. He could make it, he had to make it. The vision of his Godfather being tortured by Voldemort wouldn't leave his mind.

Harry could hear Hermione in his head protesting against this thinking it was impossible for two of the most wanted wizards in the world to appear in a very secure building where they risk exposure and capture.

Harry however couldn't risk her logic against knowing the truth. Hermione and the others perhaps could never understand. He could not lose Sirius. Sirius was the closest thing he had to living a life he's always wanted.

Harry passes the strange orbs on the shelves before reaching the spot where Harry saw Sirius being held; only to see nothing there. No disturbance or sign of either Sirius or Voldemort.

"He was here." Harry said in a hoarse voice.

"Harry, you need to see this." Luna said as she pointed to a strange orb. Harry walks up to it and sees that his name was written on it along with the Dark Lord's. Harry couldn't help but feel something strange, as if he knew this is what he's been searching for but knew nothing of it.

"Don't touch it Harry!" Hermione hissed at him.

Harry ignored her, and grabs the orb from the shelf and stares at it expecting something to happen. Nothing did which baffled him.

"Very good Potter, now turn around slowly and give that to me." A strong voice said. Harry didn't need to turn around to know at once it was Lucius Malfoy. Yet Harry turned around with his wand raised and the orb held tightly in his left hand. Yet he now wished he hadn't come. He could see dozen of Death Eaters now emerging from the shadows surrounding them. The only good thing was none of them had their wands raised.

"Where's Sirius?" Harry demanded. Harry could feel the others pressing their backs towards one another, forming a circle. He could literally feel Hermione and Ron whimpering and the urge to run away. He was surprised to see Neville stand his ground as well as Luna.

The Death Eater's all laugh; as if they just heard the funniest thing in the world.

"Truly you're compassion amazes even the Dark Lord, Potter."

"Where's Sirius?" Harry shouted as his anger began to swell inside of him.

"Where's Sirius?!" A cruel female voice said in a mock baby voice.

"I know you got Sirius. Where is he?!" Harry shouted at the Death Eaters trying very hard not to get worked up at their laughter.

"Awe, did the little boy have a bad dream?" The woman said as she mocked Harry in a baby voice.

"Where is Sirius?" Harry snarled half ready to pounce at the Death Eaters.

"The Dark Lord knows; he always knows." The woman said as she walks forward with a dangerous smile on her face. The ghostly haunted face of Bellatrix Lestrange stares into the eyes of Harry.

"Always, you see Potter, what you saw was what the Dark Lord wanted you to see. All he wants is the Prophecy you have in your hands. Now, give it to me and you and your friends can leave." Lucius said.

Harry however refused to move.

"I'm supposed to trust you, when you are known for being a liar." Harry said staring coldly into the eyes of Lucius Malfoy.

"Accio Prophecy." Bellatrix cried out.

"Reducto." Harry roared pointing his wand at Bellatrix.

Bellatrix stops her spell and dodged the reducto curse. A large Death Eater behind her however wasn't so lucky and was hit and blasted into wall. He slides down and didn't get back up.

"Potter I'm going too…" Bellatrix hissed before Lucius turn his wand and hit her with the boil curse. She cried out in pain.

"You fool, the Prophecy. The Dark Lord will skin you alive if you destroy the Prophecy." Lucius Malfoy roars.

It was during this communication that Harry notice something strange. The orbs that broke seem to rise up as a silver mist before slowly vanishing. He needed time, and the best way to get time was to get answers and to keep talking.

"Tell me why Voldemort went through so much trouble to lure me here." Harry said.

All the Death Eaters drew back their breath at the name of their master.

"You dare speak his name." Bellatrix breathes in a dangerous tone of voice. Her baby voice all but forgotten.

"I got no problem saying his name. Volde…."

"Shut your mouth!" Bellatrix shrieks in fury. Her face for the first time look terrifying as she was livid. "You shut your unworthy half-blood lips…"

"Did you know he's a half-blood too? Or does he have you all hoodwinked into believing he's a pureblood? His mother was a witch, a pathetic one at that… but his father was a muggle who…"

"Stupefy!" Bellatrix screams.

"NO!" Lucius shouted casting a nonverbal spell at the same time. The two spells collided merely a few inches from Harry's face. They hit several orbs and they broke immediately and people in a white mist rose up speaking in a strange tone.

"I told you no! If you break the Prophecy...!" Lucius roared at Bellatrix.

"He dares... he dares... fifthly half-blood." Bellatrix mutters.

"Wait till we have the Prophecy!" Lucius screamed. Looking for the first time, furious.

"Tell me why Voldemort wants the Prophecy." Harry repeated after things had cooled down.

"Do not play games with us Potter. You know very well why." Lucius answered.

"I'm not playing any games. Why does Voldemort want this...? Prophecy did you call it, so badly?"

"Could this be... well, well. This explains everything. The Dark Lord wondered why you didn't come earlier, when he showed you where it laid in your dreams. We had thought Dumbledore had already told you, but it seems he hasn't said anything to you at all. The Dark Lord believes natural curiosity would make you tempted to hear it word to word. He showed you every night, still for so long, you did not come. Even with the Ministry watching Hogwarts, we thought you would be rushing down here the moment you knew where it was. The reason is simple Potter, only those who the Prophecy was referred to, can remove from the Halls of Prophecies."

"So he had me come and collect for him. Just like he used Bode and Sturgis? Why didn't he just come and collect if for himself?" Harry demanded. This caused all the Death Eater's to roar in laughter. It wasn't Lucius who answered Harry's question, but Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Come get himself?" Bellatrix mimicking Harry's voice. "Why would he when the Auror's are wasting their time with my sweet cousin. Why should he when they are so sweetly ignoring his return. The Dark Lord had other means of retrieving it."

"So that's why he got his lapdogs running around. Because his too scared to come and get it himself?"

"You seem to underestimate the Dark Lord, Potter. You see, the Dark Lord wants it, just like you do."

"I don't want it. I just don't want Voldemort to have it." Harry stated. Bellatrix raised her wand at Harry dangerously but Lucius hand caught hers and she lowered it grudgingly. She looked at Harry in anger and hatred. Harry knew, he was wiring her up to explode.

"I thought Dumbledore would have at least told you something. Are you telling me Potter, Dumbledore hasn't told you anything about your scar at all?"

"My... what does my scar have to do with this?"

"Dumbledore clearly doesn't trust you, or he thinks of you far less than I originally thought. Dumbledore in the past, has always praised you highly, yet he tells you nothing. Nor why the Dark Lord tried to kill you when you were a baby?"

Harry said nothing for a while and stared at Lucius sly eyes. It took Harry's brain a moment to register what Lucius had just said.

"Someone made a prophecy about me?"

"About the both of you Potter, about the both of you. Haven't you ever wondered why the Dark Lord tried to kill you when you were a baby?"

Harry said nothing. He had wondered why ever since he entered the Wizarding world, yet nobody told him anything. Was all the answers he needed in his hands inside the misty orb?

"I've waited over five years."

"I know Potter. I can explain everything if you give me the Prophecy." Lucius replied kindly. Though Harry could see the greed in his eyes.

"I can wait another five years. Voldemort's nothing more than a rotten muggle corpse." Harry replied.

"Avada Kedavra" Bellatrix roared with fury.

"NO!" Lucius shouted casting a spell towards Harry and his friends. The shelves in front of them leap in front of them causing Bellatrix killing curse to have the shelves burst into flames.

"I told you no!" Lucius roared at Bellatrix, but at the same time, six voices shouted "Reducto!"

Lucius roared with fury. The Death Eater's that surrounded his Potter and his friends were blasted off their feet and landed hard against the shelves.

Harry led the others down the hallway and straight through the door. He stops as the others tried to collect their breath.

"It was a trap. I told you Harry. I told you." Hermione said between breathes.

Harry didn't say anything. He just didn't want to tell Hermione she was right for he would never hear the end of it.

Harry pointed his wand at the door instead of responding back.

"Colloportus." Harry hissed. The door gave a squealing noise before it closed shut.

"We need to get out of here and contact the Order." Harry said.

"We should split up." Ron said.

"No, we ought to stick together." Hermione snap.

"Shut it." Harry hissed. His heart was pounding in his ears as he heard footsteps coming their way. It was a good thing he said that because Ron was ready to argue back.

"Shut up. The Dark Lord will not care for Nott's injuries if you lose the prophecy! We will split up in two's. Johnson with me. And remember, Potter belongs to the Dark Lord, so be gentle. Kill Potter's friends if, and only if you must. Taking them alive is top priority. We need the Prophecy."

"Well, that settles things, we need to move." Hermione stated.

"But where to?" Ron snapped.

"Let's just go. Hermione already marked the way we came through." Harry replied. He went through the hallway leading them. He barely took five steps through the door when a red beam of light passes over their heads.

"We found them. Their heading towards the office off of…"

"Silenco" Hermione cried. The Death Eater said nothing despite his attempts to speak. His partner rushed forwards. He brash his wand forward but Harry was too quick for him. "Petrificus Totalus" His arms and legs snap together as he fell head first into the ground.

"That takes care of them…. Ahhh!" Hermione screams. The Death Eater she had silenced had made strange slashing marks in the air and purple flames hit Hermione in the chest. Hermione collapses onto the ground. She wasn't moving and didn't look like she was breathing.

"Stupefy!" Four voices shouted at the silent Death Eater. They hit him straight in the chest causing him to fly through the door he had come through.

"Hermione." Ron moaned kneeling beside her. Neville bent down and check her wrist.

"There's a pulse. It's faint but she's alive." Neville replied.

"We've got to move. We are in danger if we stay. Luna and Ron, you two carry Hermione." Harry replies. As he spoke, footsteps could be heard heading their direction.

They rush through the door and into the room. Harry said nothing but mutters Lumos. He couldn't see, well but lead them into a room that made his blood go cold. It was the Death Chamber. He was about to turn back when a green light nearly misses Ginny. Harry leapt at once into action, as the Death Eater's appeared from all around them. Bellatrix Lestrange appeared cracking her mad laughter. Neville rose to challenge her at once.

A cry causes Harry's attention to turn and see Ginny had fallen. The Death Eater's numbers were growing and they were being force into a circle.

Harry brought down two, but it seemed four more Death Eater's had replaced them. Harry cast a shield charm causing a Death Eater to crumble under his own spell. Another cry startled Harry telling him Ron too had fallen. Luna was doing her best to take over both Ron's and Ginny's position but their sheer numbers and her poor ability to fight multiple opponents at once soon caused her to collapse under a stunning spell.

Harry took off, holding the Prophecy over his head. The Death Eater's seeing Harry taking off with the Prophecy gave the chase. Harry ran through the offices; sometimes shouting "Reducto" towards objects in front of him, or around him to slow down the Death Eater's.

Once in a while, when he felt a Death Eater near him, he would shout "Impedimenta" causing the Death Eater to cry out in surprise and tumble to the ground where he was.

Harry ran into the next room where Dolohov appeared out of nowhere and rammed his shoulder into Harry, causing Harry to crash into the ground. The Prophecy slips from his hands and behind the desk.

"Stupefy." Harry cried out and Dolohov fell for a second time against Harry.

"Accio Prophecy." Avery shouted. He caught in his hands. Harry however popped up and roared "Reducto". Harry's spell hit the prophecy head on causing it to break and Avery to smash into the shelves. Before Harry could recover, the office was filled with Death Eater's. Many of them, were as out of breath as he was.

"It seems your little game has come to an end Potter. I will tell you this only once. Give us the Prophecy or you will watch your friends die."

Harry grinds his teeth together. His hands holding onto a fake prophecy. It seemed the Death Eater's didn't know the real one was destroyed when he cursed Avery.

"Let... let my friends go." Harry replied hoping to stall for more time. This made a few Death Eater's laugh; a few bend over to hold their sides quickly though.

"You're in no position to make a bargain Potter." Lucius hissed. Harry gave a long sigh. It was over, he did the best he could, in the end he couldn't hold onto to it in the end. He slowly handed over the Prophecy into Lucius outstretch hand. He took it and looked at it with a powerful smile.

Before the Death Eaters could do anything more, the door above them burst open and the Order came rolling in. Before they could even get a chance to curse the Order, rein of spells were cast upon them. Several Death Eater's screamed as the spells caused them to crumble beneath the Order.

Red and Green flashes of light soon erupted between both sides. Mad-Eye Moody walked forward and took out Macnair. The Lestrange Brother's walked forward and took him on.

Kingsley rushed forward and took care of Bellatrix Lestrange. She gave her cackling laughter while dueling.

Harry cast several spells and jinxes before joining the Order. Tonks was reviving his friends and was leading them to safety with Lupin and Sirius. Harry joined Sirius who was casting spells to help Kingsley.

Kingsley left to assist Moody while Sirius took over his duel with Bellatrix.

"Get out of here Harry." Sirius shouted. His spell which would have connected with Bellatrix was block by Harry's own spell. Harry's spells and poor timing with Sirius's was causing them to have poor team work and allowed Bellatrix to gain the upper hand.

"No, I don't want to lose you." Harry shouted. Casting a stunner spell at Bellatrix. His spell collided with Sirius's jinx.

"It's not your job to protect me. It's the parent's job to protect their kids." Sirius screamed; at the same time he fired a curse at Bellatrix. She dodged it and roared "Stupefy" Sirius dodged it, but a high cold cry of "Avada Kedavra" could be heard.

Harry turns his head slowly to see Voldemort standing there and he had sent the killing curse. Sirus sees this pushes Harry out the way.

Harry could only watch as his Godfather and closest thing to a father drops to the ground dead.

"Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lives, has come to finally die." Voldemort said as he cast another killing curse. Harry fired his own spell but Voldemort had vanished.

Acting on instinct alone, Harry turns around and shoulder tackles Voldemort before he could fire a curse at him.

Voldemort's face was priceless to Harry. But suddenly he seemed to disappear behind a veil. Harry eyes open wide before he too was sucked in. He could see Dumbledore arriving to battle the remainder of the Death Eaters. That was the last thing Harry remembers as the darkness took him.

Two Days Later

The Wizarding World of Great Britain was in mourning. The War, was finally over and the Death Eaters have all been rounded up. However there was no celebration. Harry Potter was dead and so was Voldemort.

The Minister of Magic who arrived with the entire Auror force saw the whole event fold down. Cornelius Fudge was sacked the next day. Dolores Jane Umbridge was then arrested and thrown into Azkaban for crimes against Harry and the other children at Hogwarts.

Today they were mourning because of the fact that a young wizard stopped perhaps the greatest evil of their time, at the cost of his own life. So many witches and wizards were feeling regret because they had cast him out too, yet he died a very young death.

Harry James Potter; Fifteen years old, would be remember as perhaps one of the greatest wizards to have ever lived.

Yet, the Wizarding World didn't know, Harry's journey was just beginning.

Author Notes: Hope you guys enjoyed it. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. I got a general idea where I'm leading with this story, but I could always use suggestions.

I will be using some Old Republic stuff in this story, but Harry's journey begin's during the Naboo Crisis. The Timeline of the story will also be a bit different from the Canon.