Yeah I was shipping Dipcifica back when it was still considered crack! I've had lots of Dipcifica ideas, but I chose this once because I think it has the best chance of me actually completing. start the fic.




Pacifica Northwest was not currently happy with her life. Everything in her life was changing so fast it was putting her emotions in a tizzy, it was enough to make her head spin.

She felt anger at her parents for still being disapproving of her new path. She felt fear in the possibility of falling back in to her old habits, sometimes it seemed like a balancing act when she tried to be nicer. She felt remorse for the actions she committed in her past, in retrospect even she couldn't believe some of the things she did (she made a mental note to give Mabel a certain Party Crown back). She felt happy in that she was actually becoming a better person, it felt good.

And the last one, the strongest one, involved a boy, a boy who the old Pacifica wouldn't have given a second thought to. Dipper Pines. The boy changed her life for the better giving her hope for the future. He made her a nicer person...which was why both her parents forbid her from seeing him, so naturally, they saw each other now as much as they possibly could.

"He even knows how to play croquet." she thought with a smile.

However, all these emotions swirling around in her it was enough to drive a girl crazy. She needed to clear her head, away from the mansion and all the reminders of the problems she needed to face. This was why she was in the woods.

She made sure she wasn't too far away from the mansion to get lost but not close enough to be found by her parents or a member of the house staff sent to get her. It was then she saw a feint glow in the distance. Didn't seem to be anything supernatural but there was only one way she could be sure.

"If it's another ghost I swear I'm going to be so ticked!"

Following the glow she found it lead her not to a ghost but to a wagon. It was a wood covered wagon, and from the sounds of it, with someone still inside.

"Hello? Is anybody there?"

The sound of her voice must have startled whoever was inside because she was greeted by the sounds of pots and pans clanging to the ground. Opening the door was an old gypsy woman, her white hair went down to her hips where a red stain was placed on her long flowing dress. The red stain seemed to be fresh, Pacifica took a couple of steps back because of this. The gypsy woman followed her gaze to the red stain and laughed. "Oh don't worry about this! It's pasta. You caught me in the middle of dinner. See?" the woman gave her stain a little lick. "Garlicky."

Now that she had mentioned it, Pacifica could smell the feint aroma of garlic in the air.

"However, I am never too busy for a customer."


"Yes. Potions and elixirs for so low a price it's practically supernatural." Then she gave Pacifica a wink. It was an odd wink though, very slow. "I am winking at you because these things are magical."

Pacifica rolled her eyes. "If you're supposed to be some kind of saleswoman then why set up shop in the middle of the woods? Exactly who are you expecting to find you out here?"

"You found me didn't you?"

"I...well...Yes, but..."

"You were able to find me for a reason. Tell me child, you are not exactly happy with your life at the moment are you?"

"I...well, yes and no. You see I used to be the stereotypical spoiled rich brat, but now I'm trying to turn over a new leaf but it's starting to look harder than I thought. With my parents breathing down my neck I can't seem to stop myself from getting mad at them and their attempts to change me back!"

"Uh-huh." the gypsy woman nodded listening.

"And at the same time I'm afraid I might just go back to being my old self and I really don't want that because this new me makes me a lot happier."

"Okay, continue."

"Because when I really think back to some of the things I used to do I can't help but feel sorry for everyone I hurt."

"I see. But there is more to the tale isn't there child? What brought about this change? Was it an event? A family member? Maybe a boy?"

Pacifica blushed at the mention of a boy. "Oh ho so it WAS a boy!"

Pacifica brushed some hair behind her ear. "His name is Dipper Pines. In a long story short he showed me that I don't have to become like my parents. And he's been so very...excellent to me ever since. I see him all the time now, he tells me about his adventures and he can even play croquet, which in this town is..." she sighed dreamily. "Kind of a big deal."

She rested her head on her hand as she stared out in to space with a smile on her face.

"Child?" the gypsy woman spoke but Pacifica didn't move. "Child?" she said a little louder but still no reaction. The gypsy woman snapped her fingers in front of Pacifica's face but she didn't seem to notice. "Oh dear... I've lost the child."

Pacifica raised up her other hand and suddenly slapped herself bringing her back down to Earth. "Dangit! I did it again didn't I?!"

"What was that anyways?"

"It's sort of a bad habit I've developed, it's really embarrassing. I start talking about Dipper and I just totally space out. Wonder why I keep doing this to myself..."



"Affection. You are feeling affectionate towards this 'Dipper'. Weirdest name ever by the way."

Pacifica's blush seemed to intensified. "No."


"No that can't be it."

"Yes. Yes it is."

"No. It must be some other kind of emotion. Some other emotion which has nothing to do with affection."

The gypsy woman said nothing but looked at her with half lidded eyes.

"Eugh! It doesn't matter anyways, having all of this come at me all at once I just don't know how I'm supposed to cope with it all. It's just too much for me to handle without being overwhelmed, I mean I just wish I could handle it all one at a time."

A smile crept across the gypsy woman's face, a smile that Grunkle Stan wore himself more than once when money was involved. "I think I might have something for that."

Pacifica debated the situation internally for a moment. "Fine. I'll...wait a second! How much is this going to cost me?"

"Depends." she rubbed her hands greedily. "How much you got?"

Pacifica had left her wallet back at the manor, she didn't have anything on her except for..."How about a pair of diamond earrings?"

Pacifica handed her the earrings which the gypsy woman inspected closely. "Eh. Good enough." She threw a smoke bomb on the ground and a turntable appeared where she had struck. There were bottles on this turntable, each a different color.

She started to turn the table, looking for whichever bottle was the correct one she sought. "Hmm...Let's see... No. No. No. Don't know what that one does. No. No. No. AHA! Here we are." She had chosen a purple bottle and handed it to Pacifica. "Drink this, and I promise that you will be able to handle your problems, one at a time like you wish."

Pacifica stared at the bottle in her hands, trying to decide if it was truly the right thing to do. Finally she sighed in defeat. "It's the only way I can have some piece of mind." she told herself. Taking a deep breath, she downed the entire contents of the bottle in one swig.

Dipper walked down the stairs, ready for a good breakfast.


"Hmm. I wonder who that could be?"

Dipper opened the door only to be tackled the ground with a sudden shout "DIPPER!" which just seemed to come from out of nowhere. He rubbed his head in pain, his landing had not been a soft one. Whatever had tackled him still seemed to have a tight grip on him, he looked to see what could have possibly hit him with such force to see none other than Pacifica Northwest herself.

Not only was she hugging him but she was nuzzling his body with her face. Dipper blushed so hard it felt like his face was going to catch fire. "Pacifica! What do you think you're doing?!"

"Which one of us you talking to, Dipshit?!" came an insulted voice.

Dipper looked up from the girl hugging him to see four other Pacificas standing on his porch. However, they seemed different from the Pacifica he knew, for starters each one was wearing Pacifica's usual outfit but in a different color. The one who called him 'Dipshit' was wearing red, she seemed to be set in a permanent glare at him. There was a Pacifica in baby blue who was hanging her head in shame, she seemed to be hiding half of her face behind her hair. There was a Pacifica in grey who seemed to be rather jumpy, she was rubbing her hands nervously. Then there was the Pacifica in bright yellow, she was bouncing on her feet with a smile on her face that had more than once seen Mabel wear.

And finally, there was the Pacifica who was hugging him. She was wearing hot pink and her hold on him seemed to be getting tighter and tighter.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" he shouted for all the house to hear.