Dark Lord of Naboo

Chapter 14

Anakin fought off the urge to groan as he awoke, if for no other reason than to sate his ego. He didn't want to appear weak to whomever rescued him from the wreckage of the Star Courier, after all. He mentally kicked himself as he realized what had happened.

Palpatine had already tried to assassinate him once, and he should have known Sidious would have a bomb on his apprentice's ship. Checking for explosives should have been the very first thing he had done, but apparently he had become too comfortable in his position as the second most powerful, and feared, man in the galaxy, whom most would be too afraid of to even attempt an assassination.

That line of thinking had him reminiscing about past attempts on his life, and how he enjoyed thwarting them. Especially Xisor.

That Falleen irritated him on several levels. Not only did the criminal waste valuable resources on displays of gaudy opulence, something that always irritated the frugal former slave, but he treated people with a most blatant lack of respect, while claiming to be civilized.

Sure, Anakin may have been Darth 'Pass your spot inspection or have your windpipe crushed' Vader, but he never would even consider drugging a person to be a sex slave. Xisor had no such moral fortitude. Especially since the victim had been Princess Leia, an adversary that had the rare honor of having Vader's grudging respect. It must have been how much she reminded him of Padme.

They had the same belief in democracy and freedom, and even looked similar now that he thought about it. In fact, she looked nothing like her father, Bail Organa, who had...difficulties in producing a child, according to Padme. And Leia's birth certificate was issued within the week Padme died…

Realization struck, and with it, a surge of anger, at both himself and Xisor, flowed through him. With it, the Dark Side sharpened his mind, focusing him in the here and now, rather than let him go navel-gazing again.

He took stock of the room he was in, and quickly concluded it was not a hospital, despite the monitoring equipment and IV drip. The dark, gothic architecture was a clue.

The fact he was chained to a stone slab was another.

Anakin frowned. The explosion must have really done a number on him if he was so distracted he failed to notice that. Or they had given him a potent sedative, which addled his mind. It could be both.

Sedative or no, he was about to break himself out when the door opened, revealing a… thing, with black mottled skin, glowing blue eyes, and a mask shaped like a horned skull. Deciding it would be more prudent to gather information, despite wanting nothing more than to strangle something right now, he held off of his escape.

"You are now a guest of the Bando Gora, youngling. It is we who rescued you from the wreckage of your ship, and it is us you will serve. If you refuse to serve, we will persuade you, or you will die." The thing rasped at him.

Anakin chuckled darkly.

"Very well then, persuade me." Anakin said, deciding to play along, for now. If nothing else, it would give him a better idea of who the Bando Gora were, and where he was.

However, the figure merely withdrew a vial, and inserted the contents into Anakin's IV.

Anakin frowned. Where was the monologue? The Torture? Maybe the Bando Gora weren't the sort of organization he thought they were. After all, they rescued him, gave him medical attention, and all they asked for in return was to repay the debt. Perfectly reasonable. All he had to do was serve the Masters…


Why would he call them his Masters?

He hated that term. He was forced to call people Master as a Youngling, a slave.

He was forced to call Obi-Wan Master. He always hated doing that. Despite being a different definition, he hated the word.

Then he was forced to call Sidious Master. After everything, he was made to be a slave again.

So why give the title to these people he had never even heard of, and be fine with it?

He thought back to the vial.

He was drugged.

These 'Bando Gora' had dared try to enslave him, with a drug.

Anakin's fury, which had not yet abated from his epiphany into Princess Leia's origins, was now further stoked, becoming an inferno of emotion.

He used it to call the Force to him, and burned the drug out of his system, before he turned his rage to his restraints. They practically exploded off of him.

That left the only thing in the room.

The Bando Gora officer.

"Allow me to demonstrate just how much of a bad idea that was." He snarled.

Elsewhere in the facility…

A squad comprised of eight guards, not counting the Squad Leader, was in the middle of a patrol when they heard screaming. Ordinarily they would pay it no mind, after all, they did just get a new prisoner, but it didn't sound like a human youngling. The Sergeant in charge decided it would be best if he investigated, if for no other reason than to be on the safe side. He ordered his seven men to advance.

One thing the sergeant hated was how poorly lit everything was. It made every shadow seem like a threat. Sure, it was good for the ambiance, but it made keeping an eye out for intruders more of a pain than he would have liked. As he surveyed his five men, he thought that even that wouldn't be so bad if his so called 'men' weren't a bunch of junkies with blasters. Not that he had any room to talk, as he enjoyed the occasional Death Stick himself. Still, it was not his place to question the glorious Masters of the Bando Gora.

Another scream briefly drew his attention, before turning back to his squad of two. He frowned. There was more of them a second ago. Drawing his sidearm, he turned his back to the remnants of his squad to cover the rear. As he was backing up, he ran into something. He slowly turned around, and noticed two things.

One, the rest of his squad was gone.

Two, the thing he bumped into had a pair of glowing red eyes.

"Sinister Greeting: Hello, Meatbag."

AN: Sorry about the wait, but apparently I suck at writing horror, so I apologise if HK's segment falls a bit flat. Also, I felt as if Anakin's thought processes jumped around a bit too much, but I hopefully got them to an 'eh, good enough' level. But anyway, onto other things. My shout out for the day goes to 'The Havoc side of the Force' by Tsu Doh Nimh. It's a crossover with Harry Potter, but it shares a black comedy tone with DLoN, complete with an incredibly well written HK.