The great problem with summoning deathless elemental daemons to do one's bidding, lies in finding some place to put them afterwards.

-Barbara Hambly, Dog Wizard

Chapter 24-Blowing Off Steam

"Welcome home Master." Said Pollux.

Harry had gone through the rest of the year, getting good grades and generally keeping his head down now that Dumbledore was paying more attention to him. He had spent most of his time interrogating the diary, and learned that Voldemort had a very specific plan to make Horcruxes. He had planned to make 7, but the diary Horcrux only knew of one other location. The Gaunt House.

Of course, Harry was planning to steal it. The only problem was, no matter how talented Harry was, Voldemort was still a Dark Lord, and an extremely powerful one at that. You see, the big problem is that most people seem to lose sight of the fact that bad guys are human too. They really aren't going to make obvious mistakes for the benefit of a supposed protagonist. That would just be silly(read:#stereotypicalincompetenceisalie).

Harry had his minions scout it out a couple times, finding numerous wards of strength, power, and outright evil. Go figure.

So, Harry searched his papers, notes, and various mediums of information to find the specific magic that he needed. And finally, he found it. The answer to all his problems. Black Magic.

You see, Black Magic, is a bit of a misnomer in all truth. Some of the defining characteristics of magic is the ability to break the laws of physics and the universe. Magic itself is so random, and nonsensical, that breaking definitive laws is in it's nature. However, that same principle applies to itself, where the use of magic can break the laws which constrain itself. This is known as Black Magic, wherin the laws of magic are broken. Breaking them is dangerous, difficult, or just stupid.

For example, take Gamp's Laws of Transfiguration. Why on earth would someone be unable to transfigure currency? It is completely logical that a person would be able to conjure money, as it is in said person's capabilities. Except for that curse to counterfeiters everywhere, the currancy serial number. And the tendency of Goblins to eliminate counterfeiters with extreme prejudice. Thus, the propaganda that states that money cannot be conjured, and it is Black Magic to do such a thing.

Black Magic gets a bad reputation however, given that messing around with Souls and bringing the dead back to life is against the Laws of Magic. Thus, breaking them results in Horcruxes, Necromancy, and all kinds of generally bad things. On a seperate note, the creation of Inferi is not actually Necromancy as far as Black Magic is concerned, as it does not deal in souls.

The plans are already finallized, and the strategy is that Harry is going to use several pieces of Black Magic to infiltrate the Gaunt House. A Time Ritual and a Fiendfyre Cascade. Fiendfyre is also blatantly Black Magic given that it feeds off of Souls, Energy, Magic, and Matter, which completely rapes the Laws of Conservation of Energy and of Mass, as well as several Magical ones, notably the fact that a soul cannot be destroyed.

The Time Ritual performed on the foundation of the house, would create a Temporal Shift, resulting in Harry going back in time one hour. The plan is to then find the ring, and unleash Fiendfyre, which would then burn down the house, and destroy the wardstone. Then, the site of the ring would be marked, so that Harry can go back in time again.

Too bad they say that no plan survives first contact...

"Oh shit, bugger this!" Harry yelled.

The plan had been working well, all up until the point at which Harry decided to throw in a paradox to the mix. You see, risky ventures like Horcrux-Hunting, are dangerous and hazardous to one's health. The problem, is that when using time-travel, you aren't supposed to alter the past which has already happened.

Harry had come to the location, only to find a burned out wreck radiating Dark Magic. This was good progress so far. It very heavily implied that Harry's operation had been successful.

Unfortunately, Harry decided that he wanted a bit more comfirmation, and resolved to write a note to himself explaining the success of the operation. This was a mistake. A huge mistake. As it created a dual-linked paradox.

There was a Wizarding Fairy Tale that discribed this exact scenario, and might have been very helpful to Harry, had he the traditional Wizarding upbringing.

There once was an old man, whose wife died. After this occurance, he became increasingly afraid of Death, and frantically searched for a solution. The neighbors of the man learned of his obsession, and advised him to forget it, as a fools hope. However the man was a Wizard, and a canny, cunning, and above all cautious Wizard. He became convinced that if he had enough time, he could figure out a way to post-pone natural death, but first he would need to safeguard against accidents and murderous plots.

He got it in his head that he could warn himself, about dangers in his days, and thus fashioned the very first Time-Turner, a device that he would use to go back in time at the end of the day, to inform his earlier self at the beginning of the day. He worked for months, and finally completed the device, but when it was finished, he used it for its purpose, and he Vanished. Completely Vanished from the universe.

You see, the creation of that decision, created an unnatural split in the timeline, a dual-paradox which created the same paradox with two different outcomes, and absolutely no intervening variables. The paradox had two mutually exclusive possible outcomes, which both had a 100% chance of occuring.

If the old man in the morning recieved his letter, the method he had devised to warn himself, then he would KNOW for certain that he would live through the day. However, if he didn't receive his letter, then he would go, and would either die, or somehow be prevented from delivering the letter. Or, he could simply not leave, in which case he would never send the letter in the first place. The problem with that is that no influence would make the paradox take one route or the other. If he stayed, then he would cause himself to stay and if he left, he would cause himself to leave, and thus the paradox is born, as he must take one route or the other. This did not appeal to the Universe in general, and it simply erased the Anomaly from existance. The neighbors were completely unsympathetic.

A sense of impending doom began descending upon Harry, and the fabric of the universe rippled, warping the space around him. A sense of power began filling the air, and a slip of paper appeared in Harry's pocket. It was constantly warping and blurring, flickering out of existance as if it weren't entirely real. Nothing could be read on it.

After witnessing this anomaly, Harry began to understand what had happened. He began focusing, thinking about his intent, and resolved to go, regardless of the existance of the paper. All of a sudden, the paper solidified, and became real. Now that it wasn't stuck in a temporal paradox, Harry could see that it was in a pretty bad condition. It was charred and singed, and read "This is why you don't mess with Time".

Harry shuddered, and vanished the parchment. He then conjured a new piece of paper, about the same size, and then rewrote the same message. Harry felt like he was forgetting something though...

The magical ritual activated. And the Temporal Backlash exploded.

As Harry arrived in the past by an hour, a massive shockwave of magic exploded out from Harry. The energy shattered the wards, and triggered all of the traps. Several other massive explosions went off, this time physical, from the traps and wards.

After that happened, Harry blearily dragged himself off the floor feeling quite a bit of confusion. He cast several Locator Spells, and then cast a "Defodio" at the ground. The dirt blasted out of the ground, making a hole down to the wardstone. Even though the wards were gone, he didn't want to take the chance that there would be secondary wards put up after the primary ones break.

Harry dragged his finger accross his wrist, while using a wandless Cutting Charm. Beads of crimson blood bubbled up, and Harry let them drop onto the wardstone, which hissed and crackled when they came in contact, throwing off sparks. Harry then walked over to where his spells indicated that the ring was. Careful not to touch it, he pried up the floorboard and then cast an obscure little charm by Uric the Oddball, which increased raw magical density in an object, sealing it with another drop of blood. This was because of how this branch of Blood Magic works. As one (exiled) Muggleborn scientist explained, "Magic is like electricity, rituals are like lightning, runes are like circuitry, and blood magic just throws copper wire into the mix."

After his preparations were completed, Harry began chanting the Burning Words.

The air around him crackled with magic. As he chanted, a small flame grew at the end of his wand, growing more and more hot as he went on.

"INARDESCO INFERNUS!" Harry yelled, concluding the magic.

The flame coalesced into one tiny droplet of jet black flame. Then, it fell slowly towards the wardstone. Closer, closer...

The droplet hit the blood on the wardstone, then exploded out in a circular radius, devastating everything it touched with a reddish-black flame. The center was a raging firestorm, a virutal holocaust of unholy flames. The blood burned off, fueling the inferno, then then the runes on the wardstone blackened and melted. Finally, the wardstone itself cracked into three pieces. Simultaneously, a bolt of fire zigzagged from the main storm, and blasted the Horcrux. Another pillar of flame sprung up, but this one was accompanied by the panicked screams of the soul fragment.

Realizing his own possible fate, Harry blasted his way out of the house, and just barely managed to cast an Absolute Zero spell to ward off the hellfire. He then extended it to encompass the entire place. He dripped some blood on a convenient tree, and then carved several runes to sustain the shield.

Eat hot Fiendfyre, ya damned Horcrux.

And then, everything went horribly wrong.

"AHHHHHH" Harry screamed. Streams of fiery pain coursed through Harry's body, and an intrusion formed in Harry's mind. Infinite magnitudes of pain coursed through Harry's body, almost distracting him from the fact that his mind was being read. In his mindscape, everything had stopped. The air was growing cold, and the sky was turning dark. A black frost began covering the landscape, and the walls of the maze began shattering like glass.

For a second the presence withdraw, and Harry took a sigh of relief. And then it plunged back in, a dagger of jet-black ice. The probe contacted the center of the Maze, and a mushroom cloud billowed out, like a nuclear explosion. This cloud however, was obsidian in color, and the shockwave froze and shattered Harry's defenses.

Through the agony, Harry could see an image. It was persistant, a vision granted by the attacker. It was a picture of his hands, cradling an object. A black gemstone. Angular. With a triangle, a circle, and a line drawn on it. Harry's Cloak began to warm up, vibrating softly. And then, Harry understood.

He entered the vision, and then turned the Stone thrice in hand. All of a sudden, everything stopped. The mental instrusion vanished, and Harry's mind reformed into the Maze. The searing agony Harry was being subjected to disappeared, and the vision evaporated, like mist in the sun.

Harry was holding his hands out again, but this time, a black stone had appeared in them. The Resurrection Stone of Cadmus Peverell. It glimmered at him, a glint of light appearing from it's depths.

When you stare into the Abyss, the Abyss stares into you...

The mental thought gently nudged at Harry's mind. Harry Potter had mastered two of the Deathly Hallows...

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