The Way it Should Be

OK, I am a serious P/J fan, and hate the current couples, which are- Pacey and Audrey & Joey and Dawson.

And I seriously hate the latest Dawson's Creek episodes (for me it started to go down hill when Pacey and Joey broke up, wouldn't you agree?)

And I want to see some more Joey/Pacey action in the future, but until then, I have written this to supplement my hunger for more P/J! Hope you like it, and if you review, be very critical!

This is set in modern Dawson's Creek time:

Joey couldn't help herself; the whole evening she found herself fluttering her eyes every so often and glancing up at Pacey, unable to take her eyes off of him.

Pacey looked down at the table, aware that Joey was staring at him every so often, but glad that Dawson and Audrey hadn't noticed.

But he wasn't embarrassed or interested as to why Joey kept looking at him, he knew why when her foot brushed his underneath the table, and he returned the playful gesture.

"This is nice" Audrey exclaimed; and Pacey pulled his foot away.

"I mean, who knew double dates could be so much fun?" she said,

bubbling over with happiness as she took another sip of water from her glass.

"Yeah, we should do this more often" Dawson agreed, as he stuck his fork into his pasta.

Pacey and Joey simply nodded, and agreed with small grunts.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom" Joey said quietly, shooting a quick glance at Pacey as she rose from her chair.

"Ok" Dawson said, helping her get out from her chair.

"Oh my gosh! There is a mini-gold tournament next week at the 'putt n' go'. We should so go to that! Couples against couples" Audrey said happily.

"And with that, I think I will excuse myself and head to the bathroom myself" Pacey said, rising from his chair.

"Hmmm, that sounds a little corny Audrey" Dawson laughed.

"Mmm, it does seem a little teeny boppery doesn't it?" Audrey agreed, neither of them paying attention to Pacey and Joey, who had both just gone to the bathroom together.

Pacey thought he was clear about Joey's intentions, the quick glance she'd given him when she'd excused herself, the feet under the table, her eyes watching him every so often- but as he approached the ladies bathroom, he became a little unsure.

Worried she might have meant nothing by it, or worse; that she'd wanted to talk to him about something completely different away from their dates; he hoped this wasn't the case.

But relief washed over him as he swung the door open, and saw Joey standing in front of the mirror, waiting for him.

But still, she might simply want to talk.

But that thought was soon pushed out of his head, as she briskly walked over to him, and pulled his jacket off, and began kissing him on the mouth, while working on his shirt.

The thought of anyone else being in the toilets, or coming in, was not even considered as they shuffled into a cubicle, locked the door, and began prying off one another's clothes.

"They're taking a while," Dawson said, looking over at the hallway, which led to the toilets.

But Audrey wasn't paying attention "Ooohhh, a desert table" she exclaimed, looking over at a waiter who was carting over a table stacked with different plates of sweets.

Dawson and Audrey looked over one another, slyly, "Shall we?" Audrey asked, "There's no question about it!" Dawson said, waving to the waiter to come over.

Pacey kissed Joey softly on the mouth, and then on her nose, cheeks and forehead while she fiddled with his tie.

"There is something so sexy about a girl who can do that," He said, looking at her work his dark red tie.

Joey smiled, and looked up at him, a cheeky smile on her face.

But as she began adjusting her own clothes, Pacey began kissing her again, she giggled with the light pecks he was giving her "Pacey, we have to go back" she said, not too convincingly.

"Your right" he said, as they both looked into one another's faces, both with deep concern.

But then their seriousness broke into smiles, and they began tearing off one another's clothes once more, unable to stop themselves.

"So you and Joey are going ok now?" Audrey asked, taking another piece of mud cake with her fork.

"Yeah, I think we have finally got out act together" Dawson said, picking at his cheesecake.

"And you and Pacey?" he asked, returning the question.

"All happy families" Audrey admitted, smiling thoughtfully.

But before Dawson could think to ask about Pacey and Joey's whereabouts again, Audrey broke through his thoughts.

"I'm thinking of taking some after school drama classes," she said, proudly.

"Really? That's great! Your very talented" Dawson said, smiling.

"Yeah well, a girl needs a hobby" Audrey said- and they went back to their conversation.

Joey laughed to herself, thinking about how stunned the five women who had come in and out of the bathroom must have been.

She looked into the mirror and ran her hand through her hair, straightening out the loose bits.

Pacey was leaning against the washbasin "That was pretty wild Ms. Josephine Potter" he said, lifting himself from the basin and siding himself behind Joey, wrapping his arms around her skinny waist and pressing his mouth lightly against her neck, kissing it lovingly.

Joey smiled; she knew she should feel some regret, having just potentially destroyed her relationship with both Dawson and Audrey, her boyfriend and best friend.

But feeling Pacey's strong arms around her, and his mouth kissing hers; she couldn't help but smile, remembering how much she'd missed this.

"Pacey" Joey said quietly, as she turned around and they connected lips once more, with a passionate kiss.

"What took you two so long?" Audrey asked, as Joey and Pacey sat back down.

"Oh, my cell phone rang" Joey said hurriedly, anxiousness in her tone.

"Really? Who was it?" Dawson asked, passing his left over cheesecake to Joey.

Pacey and Joey looked at one another "Bessie!" Joey exclaimed.

"Bessie called you? Why? Is something wrong?" Dawson asked, worried

"Oh no! She just said her and Bodie might be coming down to Boston in a few weeks, and was warning me incase they dropped by" Joey said, hoping she sounded convincing.

"We better get going guys, I have work tomorrow and it is way past my bedtime" Pacey said, sensing Joey's nervousness.

Outside the restaurant everyone said goodbye, and as Pacey finished shaking hands with Dawson, and leant in to kiss Joey on the cheek- they both felt intense passion coming over each other once more, and could have easily began ripping off each others clothes right there in the middle of the sidewalk!

But they both restrained themselves, and all four walked towards the underground car park where Dawson's car was waiting.

"I was just telling Dawson about my drama classes" Audrey explained to Pacey, as she hung off his arm.

"Mmm" Pacey said, his mind wandering.

"Pacey!" Audrey poked him in the ribs, and he turned to her, abruptly.

"Oh yeah, its great isn't it?" he agreed.

"I would love to use you in my new project" Dawson said to Audrey, causing her face to light up.

"You know, Jo, that one I talked to you about" He said, looking down at Joey, but her face was turned away.

"Jo?" he said, squeezing her hand.

"Huh? Oh yeah! Its perfect for Audrey" she said, a fake smile crossing her face.

And as they all got into the car, Dawson and Joey in the front; Joey turned the radio on, hoping there would be silence now that music was playing.

Dawson leaned over a little, and whispered to Joey "My place? Or the dorm?" he tried to keep his question quiet, but Pacey still heard him; a pang of jealousy stabbing him.

Joey hesitated, feeling Pacey's eyes on her "You're place" she said with another fake smile.

Dawson kissed her on the cheek, not noticing Pacey's glare as they pulled out onto the street.

"Umm, Audrey, I really am beat; so I think I'll just head home" Pacey said, hoping Joey would follow his lead and refuse Dawson's invitation.

Joey heard him, but thought-turning Dawson down now, would look too suspicious, so she remained quiet; stabbing Pacey once more.

"Sure Pacey?" Audrey said, kissing him on the mouth.

"Yeah, sorry" he said, pushing her away gently but still kissing her back; Joey turned and looked out the window, not daring to hear or see them kissing.

"Ok, dorm for me Dawson" Audrey said, unfazed by Pacey's refusal.