"Where's Mitch?" Joey cooed, looking down at the little toddler in front of her, his hands covering his little round face.

"Where's Mitch?" she asked again.

The little boy flung his hands off of his face, revealing sparkling blue eyes, chocolate brown hair, a button nose and rounded, red cheeks.

"There's Mitch!" Joey said, delighted. And she scooped him up in her arms, raising him above her head; she buried her face in his belly and wiggled her face, the child gurgling and giggling with delight.

"Down" he said abruptly, and Joey slowly lowered him to the ground.


The little boy turned around to the sound of his father's voice, and then turned back to his mother, looking at her wide eyed.

"Go to Daddy" she said, smiling as she watched him waddle over to the front of the house.

Joey sighed, and rested back into her chair, she smiled as she remembered when the doctor had asked what they were going to call the baby.

Joey had instantly replied "Mitch" and the doctor smiled warmly "After me?" he asked, flattered. Dawson sighed, a hint of laughter in his voice "after my father" he'd said, looking down gratefully at Joey.

And then, just as Joey travelled down memory lane, she heard a car pull up in the driveway, and she smiled to herself, rising from the deck chair.

She slowly walked towards the front of the house, seeing the black Jeep out the front, her smile widened.

"Daddy here"

Mitch appeared before Joey, his eyes wider than ever and a smile on his face.

Joey beamed at him, and crouched down, opening her arms; he ran into them and she hugged him, rising up once more and nestling him on her hip.

"That's right- Daddy's come down for you're birthday" she said, and he wiggled with delight.

Joey walked up the porch steps, already hearing the sound of the two men's voices inside, as they became reacquainted.

"Daddy's!" Mitch said with glee.

And Dawson followed the sound of his son's voice, greeting him and Joey in the hallway.

He kissed her on the cheek "Hey you" he said, warmly "Hello" Joey replied, smiling.

Dawson carefully lifted Mitch out of her arms, and the child clutched his neck, hugging him tightly.

"Ahhh-" Dawson said, sighing "I have missed you" he said happily, pulling him away so he could look into his little face.

"I hear it's somebody's birthday today!" Dawson said, widening his smile.

"Me! Mitch!" the little boy said, squealing with delight as Dawson walked into the lounge room where his bags were.

Dawson put him back on the floor, and Mitch looked over his father's shoulder as Dawson rummaged through one of the suitcases, searching for his son's present.

Joey felt an arm wrap around her waist, and two lips press gently against her supple neck.

"My darling" Pacey breathed, and Joey turned around, careful of the baby Pacey nestled in the crook of one arm, and she kissed him softly on the lips.

"Is the cake ready?" she asked, pulling away.

"Yep, taken care of!" Pacey said, carefully handing the four-month-old baby to Joey.

She looked down at her perfect little face, and remembered when Mitch was that small and used to fit so neatly in her arms.

"Oh, Pacey- the restaurant called, they need to know if you want flounder as the special or salmon?" Joey said, Pacey nodded "I'll call them later" he said, and kissed her on the lips again.

"Mummy! Daddy- Wook" Mitch ran to Pacey and Joey, waving a fairly large stuffed toy in his hand.

"What's that little man?" Pacey asked, crouching down to Mitch's height.

Mitch handed his father the toy, and Pacey smiled, holding it up for Joey to see.

Joey smiled, and looked over at Dawson, who ginned back at her "E.T", she said, looking down at Mitch.

"Extwa Tewestewol" Mitch said, trying, without success, to pronounce the words.

"And, the DVD" Dawson said, holding it up for Joey to see.

"Great! We're going to have to watch that a thousand times every day now, Dawson!" she said, smiling.

"Well, I thought it was time he got his own copy!" Dawson said, walking towards them "Instead of wearing mine out every time I bring it over here."

"Put on" Mitch said, looking up at Dawson, clutching the E.T doll to his chest.

"C'mon, I'll put it on for you" Pacey said, and Dawson handed him the DVD, Mitch following Pacey to the t.v.

"Hello little Beth" Dawson said, looking down at the little bundle in Joey's arms.

"That is a really beautiful name, Jo" Dawson said.

Joey smiled "Well I thought naming her after my favourite character in my favourite book was a good idea too" she said, smiling.

"And how did Pacey react when you told him you were naming his baby after a character out of little women?" Dawson asked, looking up at Joey.

Joey laughed; "He went out and bought the book- read it in one night, and agreed with me" Joey smiled.

"What?" He didn't hire the movie?" Dawson asked, stunned.

Joey shook her head "he did when I told him there was a movie!" she laughed.

Dawson looked over at Pacey, who had Mitch sitting on his lap while E.T played on the television.

"He's a good dad," Dawson said, honestly.

"So are you!" Joey said, looking into his eyes, the eyes his son inherited from him.

"When I'm around," Dawson sighed.

"You're his hero, you know!" Joey said, glancing over at Mitch "and he loves you!" Joey said, seriously.

Dawson looked at her, sternly "I want to stay down here," he said.

Joey broke into a smile "but what about you're work-?" she began to ask.

"Movie making can wait for a few years- I already have 13 films under my belt-" he began "not to mention one of those films being nominated for an academy award!" Joey added, and Dawson blushed "this latest one has been nominated aswell" Dawson said, and Joey kissed him on the cheek.

"I am so proud of you!" she said.

"So, I need to spend some time being a father- not to take that job away from Pacey-" Dawson said, looking at Mitch "but I miss him" he said, and Joey nodded, knowingly.

"I'm going to buy a place, so I can be with him all the time- so we can all be together" he said, smiling at Joey.

And with that, Dawson turned around, and took a seat beside Pacey and Mitch- as the three men watched the movie together.

Joey walked over, placing Beth in Pacey's arms, and she walked into the kitchen, watching them from the doorway.

'My family'- she thought to herself.

The man I once loved, and still do.

And the man I share my life, and my heart with- my true love'

She watched as Mitch gently stroked Beth's cheek, and she smiled wider- tears beginning to form.

And my two children. Who have the unconditional love of three parents.

Joey turned and walked up the stairs to her study, where her typewriter laid waiting, and a pile of paper's begging to be finished, called her name.

She sat down in the wooden chair, cracked her knuckles, and began to type- she had already published five books, and now had the inspiration to begin her auto-biography- something her fans, and manager, had been pestering her to do.

She paused for a moment, staring at a photo on her desk of her, Dawson with Mitch in his arms and Pacey with Beth in his- she smiled, and began typing again.

'Growing up, in Capeside, North Carolina- I had two best friends. We'd known each other since, forever…'


Well, that's all folks. I hope you liked it. Incase you don't get it, Joey beginning to write her auto-biography, is her basically telling the entire story of the show 'Dawson's Creek'

Well, for those very few of you that did read this, I hope you enjoyed and will review the ending. THANKS!