-start dream-

Alfred smiled as he ran into the house yelling for Arthur. "Dad guess what?" He yelled when he found him and ran into his arms. "What is it Alfre" He calmly asked with a smile. "I made a new friend today! His name is Antonio!" Arthur smiled when he learned Alfred made a new friend today

-end dream-

Alfred groaned when he woke up from the dream of when everything was ok before Francis died and Arthur started drinking. He slowly slipped out of the bed, careful to not hurt his wounds too much. Alfred took his clothes off and changed into a clean pair of pants and clean long sleeved shirt. Alfred ran downstairs trying to act happy since he knew Antonio would be here so they could walk to school ran to the front door of Alfred's house "Alfred you home?" He yelled after unlocking the door and going inside. Alfred ran down the stairs pretending to happy around the cheerful Spaniard. I'm here Antonio. He loudly said said trying not to yell and wake up Arthur. The Englishman was passed out in his bedroom after drinking until he passed out after screaming and hitting him. Alfred sighed as he walked into the school, trying to not cry from pain. 'Why Did everything change from good to bad when his papa and brother died?' He silently asked himself as he continued to slowly walk home. Alfred didn't want to deal with Arthur when he's drunk again 'he'll just beat me and continue to drink until he passes out like usual' he silently thought to himself. "Arthur frowned when he woke up from his nightmare of Francis blaming him for Mathew killing himself and Francis dying in the car crash. 'Francis I miss you so much' he thought to himself and cried before running into the kitchen and drinking again until he passed out from alcohol. Alfred sighed when he got home and found Arthur passed out in the kitchen I should of known not to hope you wouldn't be drunk or passed out when I got home he whispered to himself and ran upstairs to his room. He lied on the bed and remembered his better memories.


"Daddy! Papa! You guys are home!" Little Alfred happily ran towards his parents, wanting to be with them. Francis smiled and picked up the young American while Arthur picked up the young french/Canadian. The two adults carried the two boys to the couch and the small family sat on the couch and watched a movie.

((I'll end the first chapter here and start writing the second chapter during English after I finish my work))