Worlds collide


Chapter 1:

D. gray-man

It was peaceful inside the abandoned ark that had belonged to the millennium earl. A boy with white hair, light gray eyes, he was wearing a black coat, and pants, and a golden ball with a blunt cross on its face, wings four small legs, and horns. Was perched on the boy's head. The boys name was Allen Walker, the gollem on his head was named Tim campy, or Tim for short. Allen along with his friends Lavi, Kanda, Krory, and Lenalee who were all exploring different parts of the ark.

Allen didn't notice the well in the middle of the road, until he nearly fell in it. "Wow, why is there a well in the middle of the road?" "Tim go find the others and bring them here." Allen said. Once Tim left to find the others, Allen sat next to well to wait. A boy with red spiky hear, a green head band, a short black coat like Allen's and a hammer in his hands was the first one to arrive. Kanda was the next to arrive. Kanda had his nave blue hair in a samurai style ponytail with two long bits framing his face. Krory wasn't far behind Kanda. He was different from his friends, but that was only because he looked kinda like a vampire, what with his pointed ears, sharp fang like teeth, naturally slicked back hair , and his coat having been altered to look like a cape. The only thing that didn't look vampireish about him was the white bit of hair that covered one side of his face. Lenalee was the only girl in the group but she was okay with that because she could fight as well as any of her friends. To Allen and her friends it didn't matter if you were a girl or a boy, they were all exorcists together.

Once everyone was gathered around the well Allen asked. "Does anyone have any ideas as to why there's a random well hear?" They all either shrugged or shook there heads. Lavi stretched his arms over his head, but by doing this he accidental bumped Allen sending him into the well. Lavi grabbed Allen in an attempt to pull him back up but the momentum of Allen's fall pulled Lavi down to, Kanda grabbed Lavi, who was grabbed by Krory, who was then grabbed by Lenalee who had just enough time to grab Timcampy before she to tumbled into the well.

It was a beautiful day in feudal Japan. A girl with raven colored hair and brown eyes pulled herself out of the well. The girls name was Kagome, and the well she had just pulled herself from the well that connected the feudal era, to 5000 years into the future, which is were Kagome was from.

Suddenly there was a flash of light came from the well. "Who followed me through the well?" Kagome thought to herself.

Looking into the well Kagome saw a group of unfamiliar people. "Is there someone out there who can help us out of hear?" asked a muffled voice. Kagome, Miroku, and Sango helped the people out of the well.

"Who the hell are you guys?" someone asked. "Inuyasha don't be rude." Someone else said elbowing him in the ribs."Who the hell are you guys?" someone asked. "Inuyasha don't be rude." Someone else said elbowing him in the ribs.

This is the end of chapter 1. I'm almost done with chapter 2.