Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn't been the same since she had lost her mate, so when he comes knocking with the X-men for help, all things change. Except; he doesn't remember who she is.

Third POV

The moon shone down through a broken gap in the clouds as Isabella trudged up the stairs tiredly, her feet thumping on the weeping old stairs causing them to groan. The house was hers originally, given to her friend when he had married and now had just returned; needing a place that was quiet and well, she had work.

"Isabella, it is good to see you again!" Charlie calls from the door, his eyes alight with joy as he took in his friend. "You still look as young as ever I see."

At the sound of Charlie's voice, Isabella dropped the bags on the porch and laughed all the while pulling him in for a hug.

"And you have aged well my friend, I am sorry to hear about Renee." Isa states as she pulled back and gave him a glance over. He had aged a good fifteen years and had started to gather grey hairs around his temples, no longer did he look like the little boy she had helped raised or the young man madly in love.

Chuckling, Charlie just cast a smile. "All is well, now come in side and tell me the real reason as to why you are here. You said you found a job teaching History at the high school but why now?"

She grimaced and cast a look around before grasping Charlie's arm and popping them inside, her eyes scanned basement quickly before throwing up a soundproof shield and popped onto the couch. A deep sigh escaped her lips as she thought over everything, a war was beginning and someone was looking for her, no that wasn't entirely true... a lot of people were looking for her. She was the strongest Omega on the earth and if anyone got her to fight for them, then that was it, the war was one.

But Isabella had no desire to fight, all the fight and life leaving her when she had lost James.

"This is the only town I can come to, you're the only one I can trust right now besides the others but they are not safe unlike you. You're the Shadow Chief, Charlie, and I need you to hide me. I don't want to fight anymore; I don't want to kill innocent mutants or even those who come for me. The other month was the last straw, I killed a child, he was no more than sixteen and someone had sent him to capture me. He snuck into my room and I was in a night terror, I woke to see myself plunge my claws into the child's neck." She croaks out, tears pooling over and down her cheeks.

She hated killing, hated the animalistic side of her when she was in a rage or even in a nightmare. It wasn't here anymore, she wasn't Siren Wolf anymore. James had tamed her beast, though he never knew this, he never even knew she was a mutant. She loved the man, but she knew he desired a human life so she gave him all but the truth of her powers.

"Jesus Isa, I knew people were after you but I didn't think it had gotten that bad." Charlie breathed out before collapsing back into the chair beside her, placing his hand on her shoulder for comfort. His chest ached for the pain his friend and mentor is going through, when he had met Isabella she had already lost her mate and her Siren Wolf days were long behind her.

He knew who she was though; he heard all about it when he had went to school when his powers had kicked in. To them she was a myth, a being that had long since passed and he ashamedly became afraid of her, treating her like the monster they made her out to be. She understood of cause, it hurt her to see him afraid of her and he tried to make up for it ever since.

Siren Wolf and Isabella were two complete beings, Siren Wolf being the one who would kill you on the spot if she so deemed or she would take the power you were born with and leave you human in a world full of war. Isabella was the woman who made his parents understand what he was, who had gotten them to love him once his mutant powers began and had helped them, help him overcome any trouble he had.

"Well, if you're truly staying I should warn you, there is a coven of vampires in town and a pack of shifter wolves on the reservation." He explains softly, chuckling as her eyes snap to his in disbelief.

"Are you joking, you're not joking are you?" Isabella blurts out; thankful for something that will take her mind off of her worries. Vampires and shifter wolves? This was her hometown, she had helped build this from the ground up and now there were vampires and wolves on her home turf. "Of course you aren't, what a better place for two different type of creatures to settle than the home of the mighty omega mutant."

Charlie snorts at her groan as he makes his way over and pulls the beer from the fridge; he had stocked it when she had called to let him know she was staying. "Yes and you will be teaching the vampires. The 'kids' go to school to keep up with the whole backstory they got going while the leader is a doctor at the hospital. The Cullen's are good people, vegetarians of their race though. I did a little investigating when they moved in. Oh, there will also be three mutants as well, beta level."

With a groan Isa took the beer and finished it quickly before taking a look around her room, she had taken the basement when she had built the house, loving the fact that there were no windows and it was a place for her to move about freely or train and not bother Charlie.

Her night terrors were bad, waking up screaming or one of her powers activating and causing some fuss. Usually it was her – her mates – claws or something other.

"I should sleep; I have a long day tomorrow it seems." She hums tiredly while scratching the back of her neck as she contemplated if she would sleep or not.

"Sleep, you look tired. If you need me, wake me up." Charlie states softly, placing his hand on her shoulder carefully before making his way upstairs, leaving Bella alone to her thoughts.

With a deep sigh she quickly put all her clothes away and collapsed on her bed. She didn't want to sleep, didn't want to dream of seeing James die over and over again by his brothers hands or in any other way her nightmares conjured up. She also didn't want to see the many faces she had snuffed from the earth, screaming over and over again. No matter what Isabella did, she could not run from her past.

Soon, her body made the choice for her and she found herself standing along on the empty plain once more, her eyes locked onto the body of her love lying still ripped to shreds. A second past before a scream tore from her lungs as she felt the pain blood within her, her chest ripping from the inside out as she pulled him to her.

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