Title: When the Past Comes Knocking

Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
Summary: In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn't been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn't help but go to him. Except; he doesn't remember who she is.

Author Note: Well… sorry?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Third POV

The second Siren Wolf's feet touched the ground she moved to Charles's bedside, her hand reaching out and pressing down on the wound at his side caused by the Phoenix. Those of the X-Men in the room rushed forward, the Professors name on their lips at the first sign of pain and slammed into a barrier that rippled with the impact.

There are many things that have yet to be done... Charles eyes snapped open, locking onto the black embers in surprise. I have seen many things in life Charles Xavier, many people like you who try to help those like us and have failed...

He could feel the pain in the back of his mind, locked behind a door, he could feel his own gift working with him and on him while another crept through his very cells. There was so much pain, so many things damaged in the frail body of the professor and with the healing came pain. Pain that his body felt but not his mind, not while he was locked in her power.

Hands banged on the shield, powers creeping up the barrier like ivy or leaving scorched marks behind. They screamed for her to stop as they tried to reach their leader, unknowingly watching Siren Wolf heal him and not maim him further.

I have done all I can for those like us... I have tried to stop the wars that the humans and Erik have tried to create... Charles confessed, showing her his memories.

Every war, every battle that he had been in and everything he had done flashed across her mind with ease and retained them. The money, the pain and the heartbreak... the loss of all he had come to love under the hands of those who were called friend... brothers...

Then he showed her what he had seen, her standing in the halls of his home with a smile... children laughing as she entertained them. The world was at peace and a statue of her erected with the others who had saved them, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four the list went on and on... She ended the wars; she brought peace against mutant kind.

I had hoped... He started, his mind trailing off as a snarl vibrated in his skull.

You are a fool who thinks peace is achievable and permanent... I am old, my creation predates most civilizations. I was born in a world of blood, the earth scorched and the rivers gone. I have seen mountains rise from the sea, form from their earthen beds. I have watched many oaks grow, many forests burn and species of both kinds be wiped from this earth and forgotten.

Flashes of death flickered in Charles's mind, screams and vicious snarls beasts stuck in human flesh.

Burning embers and cracking stone, laughter and war chants... each scene violent and painful, a flicker of what has been and each memory flickered faster shown and gone but the memory retained.

I have seen men like you Charles Xavier, many who think they can achieve peace with words and money and others with great wars... I watched them all fail.

Years of war and death, broken rage and exhaustion... Voices crying out for equality, for death... gunshots and gas rooms, drownings, burnings, stones breaking bones and bruising flesh.

On and on till the memories stopped and then reversed till they found Logan young still barely just a man...

That moment when my eyes laid upon him, my beast was silent... my world content. Then it was ripped from me... I wanted to live my life in peace but you and Erik kept hunting me, kept me from living my life the way James and I had planned, forcing my hand.

An image burned itself into Charles's mind, where mutants were hunted and killed wiped out. The world in chaos as beings not of earth invaded, the humans who had taken up the mantle of the X-Men – the Avengers – struggling to keep the world safe.

Vampires had risen up in ranks, to aid and to hunt. Humanity in ruins, they now in the place where mutants had been, and in the end it was she who stood amongst the chaos and watched the world burn.

Siren Wolf cocked her head to the side and stared. The future has changed; no longer do we need to fear that path...

How has it changed? He queried.

Cocking her brow she jerked her head to those behind them, still trying to get in. Remy, Charlie... they were my saving grace... but it was finding my James again... I will fight this war you all are so willing to start– be it intentional or not but when it is done... That is up to my mate, my husband. If he wishes to stay then stay I will and the future you saw will happen. If he leaves then you are to never ask for my aid again. I want to be left in peace, what James wishes to do is his choice, this is mine.

And if we need you once more? If the peace does not last? Charles asked as his skin broke out in gooseflesh.

"I can take back what I have given," She said out loud, her hand falling from his side.

It took Charles several moments to understand what she meant, his eyes widening as he felt the pins and needles in his legs starting from his toes up. A sound escaped his lips, one he had not made for a very long time as he flung the blanket back and slowly began to wiggle his toes.

"How?" He asked unable to look away from his wiggling digits, a laugh escaping his lips as he realised what he had asked and to whom he asked it to. "No, I understand."

Siren Wolf barked out a laugh before regressing back, letting Isabella's mindset to come forth a little more. "Your chair will hinder you, it does hinder you and with the battle that is to come we cannot have that."

With a snap of her fingers both Erik and Raven cried out, hands – one set blue – flew to their heads and grasped it in pain. Ragged breaths escaping their lips as the pain receded, their eyes snapping to Siren Wolf.

"I have returned your powers, you will be watched closely for we will need your powers and I wish not to take your place." Isa explained blandly. "If you betray us in any way the removal of your powers will be the least of your troubles."

Hank paused as he helped Charles to his feet; this was something that he or any mutant with the ability to heal was able to do. Muscle that Charles lost on his legs from the paralysis was returned, reflexes were just as good as someone half his age. It was a feat that was beyond words.

"You will need to eat, the energy you are burning will cause your body to begin shutting down." He explained. "Eat and then sleep, this all can wait till tomorrow. Doctors Orders."

"We will need to call in the Avengers, Stark at least. He and his team have been trying to fight against Jean and have failed." Scott piped up, eyes glued to his phone as he took in the headlines.

"Then do it, I'm takin' my wife to the cafeteria to eat. You know where to find us." Logan explained while he pulled Isa and Remy from the room, Charles and the junior members of the X-Men following.

Author Note: I saw Logan, it pissed me off but gave me the desire to update.