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"Bijuu or Summon Talking"

'Bijuu or Summon Thoughts'

Radio communication



AN: Chapter 3 was getting too long so I decided to break it up into two (maybe three) parts.

N:The Last Man

Chapter 3: The Real Me pt. 1


[September 5, 1913]

It had been a little over a day since Naruto and Jiraiya had embarked on their training trip. The two have been running since yesterday and have only stopped to set up camp and sleep. After they woke up and ate breakfast they immediately started running again to their destination. After almost running all day for the second day in a row (taking breaks only to eat lunch and go to the bathroom), Naruto (realizing how tired and hungry he was getting) had to ask Jiraiya if they could stop. Jiraiya realizing they still had at least another hour of daylight told him to wait until then, making Naruto groan out loud impatiently. When the sun finally went down, Jiraiya finally said they could stop and set up camp. Making Naruto jump for joy despite how exhausted he was. After Jiraiya set up a campfire Naruto immediately pushed Jiraiya out of the way, so he could use the campfire to boil water for his instant ramen.

"Ow gaki, watch it" Jiraiya said, rather annoyed that his young student pushed him out of the way for food.

Naruto said nothing and only tilted his head slowly to look towards Jiraiya in a very creepy, crazed manner.

'Note to self, do not get in the way of Naruto and his ramen in the future' he thought as a sweat drop formed behind his head.

After Naruto scarfed down three cups of ramen (and no longer had his crazed look), Jiraiya deemed it once again safe to talk to him.

"So gaki, how do you feel now?" he asked.

"Much...(Burp)...better" Naruto replied, while patting his stomach and laying on the ground smiling.

"So Ero-sennin, when do you think we will get there?" he asked.

Jiraiya sporting a tick mark on his head replied "Dammit gaki, are you ever going to show me respect?"

"Maybe when you stop being a damn pervert, Ero-sennin" Naruto said with a smirk.

'Grrr, why an I training him again? Oh yeah he's the son of my prized student, he's also my godson, he kind of reminds me of myself when I was his age and...with his attitude along with his will he could very well one day change the Ninja world' Jiraiya thought while letting out a small smile. Although his smile disappeared when he remember the main reason for this trip. To make Naruto strong enough to fight off the Akatsuki.

"Hello? Ero-sennin? You there?" Naruto said while waving his hand in front of Jiraiya's face.

"Oh sorry I got lost in my train of thought" he said. He continued to say "To answer your question, we probably won't get there for at least another day and a half"

"So more running tomorrow? Great...just great" Naruto said as he hung his head down in disappointment.

"You do know complaining won't help the situation?" Jiraiya asked.

"Besides gaki all of this running is great exercise" he said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right" Naruto replied.

"Hey, Kit" Kurama said as he made Naruto jump and yell "GAH!".

Jiraiya seeing Naruto jumped up for no reason asked "Are you alright?"

"H-Hai...I'm fine" he replied as his heart was racing. 'Baka Fox' he thought.

"You do remember I can hear thoughts Kit?" (1) the fox asked.

'Oh shut up. So what do you want? Or did you only speak up to scare the living crap out of me?' he asked.

Jiraiya noticing Naruto's strange behaviour and thought 'Looks like he's having a conversation with his tenant. I wonder what they are talking about'. Despite everyone else thinking that Naruto must have ADHD (2) or some other mental disorder, a select few knew the truth. That Naruto actually converses with the Kyuubi. This made some of the ones who knew, wary of what the fox might be saying to the boy.


"I thinks it's time the young perv learned the truth" he said.

'Are you sure?' Naruto asked.

"Yes I'm sure Kit. If he learned the truth it would make your training trip a hell of a lot easier" he replied.

'But how can you be so sure he's trustworthy?' he asked while being a bit nervous. If he was finally going to reveal his greatest secrets to someone, he wanted to know if they were completely trustworthy.

"Kit this is the man who trained your father, he also knew both of your parents and he is also your Godfather. Out of everyone you know I think he is the most trustworthy" he said.

'Yeah some great Godfather he turned out to be' Naruto said in an annoyed tone.

"Kit quit whining, I already told you before that the perv is the spymaster of Konoha. He had duties to attend to, to protect the village and by extension you" he said.

'But still he coul...' Naruto was saying before he was interrupted.

"Kit...just shut up, quit being a little bitch, and JUST FUCKING TELL HIM ALREADY!" Kurama said in an angry tone.

'(Gulp) Okay I-I'll go tell him' he said while quickly exiting the Mindscape. He knew that when Kurama was angry to get away immediately. Unfortunately he didn't realize that the fox was just faking being angry to get Naruto to quit stalling and listen to him.

'Hehe...too easy' the fox thought while sporting a devious smirk. Then being the lazy fox that he is went back to lay down.

Naruto and Jiraiya's Campsite

Jiraiya figuring that since a part of Naruto training would involve controlling the Kyuubi's chakra, decided to let Naruto know that he knew about his little conversations with the fox. Also he wanted to know what the Kyuubi had been saying to him all these years, he had hoped the fox wasn't trying to persuade Naruto to let it free.

After Naruto looked like he was done his conversation with the fox, Jiraiya finally decided to speak up.

"So gaki, what did your tenant say to you?" he said in a neutral tone.

Naruto shocked by what Jiraiya just asked was left speechless.


"Huh? I guess the young perv must have figured out what we were doing" Kurama said.

'B-But how? I never told anyone' he thought.

"Well the perv is one of the smarter humans, plus he seems to know a lot about Fuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques) so it isn't much of a stretch for him to figure it out himself" he said.

'Dammit' Naruto thought.

"Kit someone would've eventually figured it out. I mean how long did you expect our secret to last? Besides what doe it matter since you are going to tell him about us anyway?" he asked.

'I guess you're right, but I hope he is the only one who figured out our secret. If anyone from Konoha found out that you and me talk to each other, there probably would be countless lynch mobs after me' he thought.

"True, although you would think they would at least show you a little gratitude. I mean come on, you saved them all from a rampaging Biju and you also brought Tsunade back from her self imposed exile" he said.

'The thing is though, nobody really knows that I did those things. The fight with Gaara and Shukaku was classified information, also Ero-sennin was the one who was credited for bringing Baa-chan back' he thought.

"What a bunch of Bakas" the fox said.

'Yeah, tell me about it' Naruto thought while feeling unappreciated. Just then a voice interrupted their conversation.

Naruto and Jiraiya's Campsite

"Hello?...gaki?...remember we are talking?" Jiraiya said in an annoyed tone.

Naruto being a prankster at heart and not wanting to miss a chance at messing with his sensei, just had to ask "Hmm...did you say something?" in a cool tone that was similar to what a certain one eyed masked ninja with wild gray hair usually uses.


Back in the village Kakashi was in his house reading his newest Icha Icha book when all of a sudden a he had a weird feeling come over him.

'Hmm...for some odd reason, I suddenly feel really proud of Naruto' he thought.

After a few moments of silence he decided to go back to reading his precious book and suddenly let out a perverted giggle.

Naruto and Jiraiya's Campsite

Jiraiya then put his head down in disappointment when he heard his young student disrespect him once again. 'I get no respect anywhere' he thought as a little rain cloud formed above his head.

Naruto while smirking at his sensei's current state of mind and could only think 'Ha...fucking got em'.

"Good one kit" Kurama said in agreement.

Jiraiya snapping out of it, immediately looked at Naruto and said "Yes gaki I did say something" in and angry annoyed tone.

'Uh oh' Naruto thought as he saw his now angry sensei.

Jiraiya deciding to get back on topic once again told Naruto he knew about Naruto's conversations with the fox.

Naruto knowing he had to come clean to his sensei said "Hai, Ero-sennin I do talk to the Kyuubi".

Jiraiya taking in what Naruto just said, took a deep breath and nervously asked "W-What...what do you two talk about".

"OH! OH! Kit play prank on him and tell him you plan to release me in the middle of the village to destroy it" Kurama said.

'I can't tell him that, he'll totally flip his shit' Naruto thought.

"Aw come on Kit, it'll be funny" he said.

'Sorry Kurama, not happening' he thought.

"Party pooper" he muttered.

'Although this is a good opportunity to mess with him in another way' he thought as he went back to his conversation with Jiraiya.

'Heh...it's never boring as long as I'm with Kit' Kurama thought.

Back at his conversation with Jiraiya, Naruto answered him "You know stuff...and things" in a neutral tone.

"What kind of stuff and things?" he asked while worried at what the boy's reply might be.

Naruto deciding this was the perfect moment for him to tell Jiraiya that he knows about his heritage and said in an angry tone "I don't know, you tell me...Godfather".

Jiraiya immediately tensed up when he heard Naruto call him Godfather and thought 'Shit this is bad if he knows I'm his Godfather then he definitely knows about his parents. Damn that fox'. Looking back at Naruto he had to ask "How...how much do you know?".

Naruto while looking at his Godfather replied "Everything" in a cold tone.

"And what do you mean by everything?" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto looked at the man and replied "I know who my parents are, I know that both jiji and you knew, and I also know of my inheritance, that was never given to me" in an angry tone.

Jiraiya seeing that Naruto was clearly upset that no one ever told him about his heritage decided to try to calm him down "L-Look I know you're upset Naruto but me and sensei had to keep it a secret, if your parents enemies knew of your existence they would stop at nothing to kill you. As for your inheritance, you weren't going to receive that until you turned 18". Jiraiya was now really nervous, he didn't know what Naruto would do, now that he learned the truth. Worst of all he didn't learn the truth from him or his sensei, or when he learned it. For all Jiraiya knew Naruto could have known for years and had been planning his vengeance. Beads of sweat were now coming off his forehead, and his heart started racing.

Naruto while still faking an angry glare at Jiraiya was about to say something else when all of a sudden Kurama interrupted.


"Kit how is that any different from what I told you to do?" he asked.

'Kurama for an ancient, wise, and sometimes angry fox, you know nothing of the Art of Pranking. If I did it your way he would have either had a heart attack on the spot or he probably would have subdued me and taken me back to the village to be interrogated. My way on the other hand will make him use his own imagination to come up with many different outcomes of the situation, and unlike the direct threat that you wanted me to use, he won't have any reason to attack me unless he confirms that I have ill intentions towards Konoha' Naruto said.

"Damn Kit, sometimes I forget how smart you are" Kurama said.

'I...guess I'll take that as a complement?' he said in a confused tone.

"Oh by the way Kit, I think your little prank has gone on long enough. So you can quit making the poor guy suffer" he said.

'Aw really? but I didn't even get the chance to flare some of your chakra' he thought.

"Didn't you just say you didn't want him to attack you? Don't you think that would be a little too excessive?" he asked.

'Yeah I was just joking, anyway I guess I should go calm him down' he said as he left the Mindscape.

Naruto and Jiraiya's Campsite

Meanwhile Jiraiya was still panicking about the situation. 'What do I do? He is clearly angry about this, dammit sensei I told you we shouldn't have kept it a secret from him. What if he's no longer loyal to the village? What if he turns traitor? What if he releases the Kyuubi to destroy the village out of spite?' he thought. As he was about to start having a panic attack he suddenly heard Naruto speak up.

"Relax Ero-sennin, I'm not angry I was just messing with you" he said while chuckling.

Jiraiya let out a sigh of relief and said "Dammit gaki will you stop doing that? I swear to Kami that one day you will be the death of me".

"Hey it's not my fault that you couldn't see through me superb acting" he replied.

'He's right, I didn't see through his act at all. He must be really good at lying if he could convince me so easily' he thought. This made Jiraiya wonder how much of Naruto's true self, was he actually hiding.

"So gaki are you really not mad? or is this just an act too?" he asked.

"No, I'm really not angry at all, I knew you and jiji had your reasons. Also it was bad enough the people of the village gave me a hard time as a kid. I can only imagine how much worse my childhood could have been with Iwa constantly trying to kill me or Kumo constantly trying to kidnap me. So at least I can thank you for protecting me on that part." he replied.

"You know about Iwa and Kumo being a threat to you?" Jiraiya asked.

"Yeah, remember I said the Kyuubi told me everything. He told me about Iwa hating Tou-san and about Kumo trying to kidnap Kaa-san" he replied.

Jiraiya just looked at him puzzled while trying to determine if Naruto was being truthful.

Naruto seeing Jiraiya lost in his thoughts, and figuring that the old perv was trying to decide to trust Naruto or not thought to himself 'Well, he wouldn't be the great ninja if he just trusted everybody immediately, and maybe my little prank didn't help the situation'.


"Oh really, you think?" Kurama asked.

'Well I do know one way to gain his complete trust' Naruto replied.

"Wait...are you going to show him your new jutsu?" he asked.

Naruto only smiled as a reply and then he quickly exited the Mindscape again.

Naruto and Jiraiya's Campsite

Jiraiya deciding to at least try to trust that Naruto was being truthful then said "Well it's a relief to hear that you're not angry, but I want to know something".

"What do you want to know?" he asked. 'What does he think I'm an amateur? I know that he wouldn't trust me this quickly. Especially that he now knows how great of a liar I am'

"Are you hiding anything else?" he asked.

Naruto then had to think it over. He was indeed hiding something, his true skills. Among said skills was one of the most feared jutsu ever to be seen. After thinking it over for a minute, he then decided it would really not only help his training move along faster (By letting Jiraiya know what he was fully capable of) but it would also help gain some trust back from Jiraiya because right now Naruto knew that the man didn't fully trust him.

"Yeah, I could tell you about my true current skill level but first I think I will show you my greatest secret as a show of good faith. Hopefully after you see it you will realize that you can trust me" Naruto then yelled "Kage bunshin no jutsu" and fifty clones suddenly popped into existence.

"Gaki I already know you know Kage Bunshin, it's not much of a secret" Jiraiya said thinking Naruto was once again messing with him.

"That's not my greatest secret, boys you know what to do" he said. The clones all knew of his orders, to fan out and guard the area while Naruto showed Jiraiya his secret. If any of them spotted someone spying on the camp the clone was to dispel and inform Naruto of the spies location. If no one was found they were to remain in position until Naruto manually dispelled them.

"Hai, boss" they all said in unison as they all went in different directions.

"What are they doing?" Jiraiya asked.

"They are checking the area around our camp to make sure we are alone" he replied.

"Gaki, do you think I can't notice when I'm being followed or not. We are definitely alone" he said.

"Well in our line of work, one can never be too careful" he said.

'When did he become so smart? or has he always been this smart and he was really that good at hiding it?' Jiraiya thought.

Naruto only stood there and said nothing as he waited to see if any of his clones found anyone in their vicinity. After a few minutes of waiting none of them dispelled so he figured it was all clear.

"Okay good we're alone" he said.

"So I take it you know the secret of the Kage Bunshin?" Jiraiya asked. The secret being that whatever memories the clone has when it is dispelled are passed on to the caster of the Jutsu.

"Well yeah of course, the description of what Kage Bunshin does is clearly written in the Scroll of Sealing. You would have to be a complete idiot to miss something like that" he replied as he went and started to dig into his back pack.

Naruto then took out a scroll from his pack and unsealed a kunai from it. The kunai itself was nothing special it just looked like ever other normal kunai that ninja use. Unknown to Jiraiya however this kunai was indeed special and he was about to find out why. As Jiraiya watched Naruto threw the kunai right next to him. Jiraiya being the experienced ninja that he is, knew the kunai wasn't aimed at him and didn't even flinch as it embedded itself into the ground right next to him. As the kunai imbedded itself next to him he expected something to happen, but nothing happened.

Frustrated thinking that Naruto was messing with him again he asked the boy "Is this a joke? because I thought you said that this was going to be your greatest secret but all you did was throw a kunai into the ground. Well I've got news for you gaki, anyone can throw a kunai into the ground".

As soon as Jiraiya finished all Naruto could do was smirk as he could see that the old man was clearly annoyed.

Jiraiya, still irritated then said "If all you wanted to do was prank me again? Then good job, but I've had enough of your nonse..." He didn't get to finish his sentence as Naruto disappeared in a flash of yellow and was now beside him, while still smirking. Unfortunately for Naruto his cocky smirk would not last long.

Naruto suddenly started feeling really dizzy and immediately fell onto his hands and knees and proceeded to throw up. 'So much for looking cool' he thought as he started to heave once more.

Jiraiya on the other hand was in complete shock. He had never thought he would ever see that Jutsu again in his lifetime. 'H-Hiraishin...N-Naruto knows Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God Technique)' he thought to himself, unaware of Naruto currently throwing up right next to him.

After a few minutes Jiraiya was still frozen in complete shock, but Naruto on the other hand had finally stopped throwing up. Relieved that he no longer felt sick, he picked himself off the ground and dusted off his clothes.

'Uhhh I suddenly regret eating all that ramen before using Hiraishin' he thought.

"Well Kit, your father's notes clearly said that the Hiraishin gave him major dizzyness and disoriented him when he first started using it. Also you had only just completed Hiraishin last month so you should have fully expected the side effects from using it, or were you so eager to show off that you completely forgot the repercussions of using Hiraishin?" Kurama said.

Naruto knew the fox was telling the truth, he indeed wanted to show off to Jiraiya and completely forgot what happens to him when he Hiraishins. Naruto then regained his composure and looked around. He then noticed that Jiraiya was frozen in place, with a completely shocked look on his face.

"Ero-sennin? Hello? Are you in there?" he said while waving his hand in front of the man's face. Noticing that he wasn't getting any type of response from the old Sage, Naruto concluded that he had to try something else to snap him out of it.

"Kit, I think you might have broken his mind" Kurama said.

'No, I'm sure he's fine. I just have to snap him out of it' Naruto thought.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" the fox asked.

'Well, I do know one thing that would definitely snap him out of it' he thought. Naruto then shouted out "Oiroki no Jutsu (Sexy Jutsu)". Naruto then transformed into a busty naked girl version of himself.

Naruto then struck a sexy pose and asked Jiraiya in a seductive voice "Excuse me sir, are you okay? Do you need my assistance?".

Jiraiya's Pervert Senses then flared up as he sensed something. Snapping out of his shock the first thing he noticed when he came to, was the naked blonde haired girl with twin-tails standing in front of him while holding a seductive pose. Jiraiya then entered his "Full-on Pervert Mode" and immediately shouted "Yeah Baby. That's what I'm talking about". Unfortunately for him Naruto dispelled the jutsu as soon as he snapped out of it.

'Aw, damn that gaki for tricking me with his damn jutsu again...hey wait a minute' he thought.

"NARUTO, HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU KNOW TH...?!" he shouted before Naruto lunged at him and covered up his mouth with his hand.

Naruto, now slightly annoyed and sporting a tick mark on his head. Angrily frowned at his Godfather's idiocy then said "You baka, your lucky I stopped you. I just showed you my greatest secret and you were about to shout it out to the world".

Jiraiya then removed Naruto's hand from his mouth and said "Oops...sorry".

"Sorry? You where yelling so loud I'm sure the people in Iwa could have heard you" Naruto said while exaggerating a bit.

"Oh I highly doubt they could have...but anyways back to the point. How do you know that jutsu? It's it's a highly complex jutsu that is based on advanced Fuinjutsu (Sealing Technique)" he said.

Naruto smiled then replied "Simple, I know advanced Fuinjutsu".

Jiraiya once again shocked at how little he really knew of the real Naruto then said "Since there is really nothing much about Fuinjutsu at the library you must have found another source to study it and the only place I can think of that has scrolls on it would be...your parent's house"

Jiraiya then noticed that Naruto's face immediately went from smug to sad at the mention of his parents. Jiraiya wanting to try to comfort his Godson then said "I'm sorry Naruto, I should have been there for you when you were younger. I shouldn't have left you alone".

"I was never alone, the Kyuubi was always there for me. Even though I never meet him face to face until I was seven, I always felt his presence growing up because of him I never felt alone. I also had Jiji, the Ichiraku's and Kakashi-sensei. Even though he doesn't know I knew he was my ANBU bodyguard when I was little, I've always known" he said.

"Wait how did you know about Kakashi? All ANBU are suppose to remain anonymous and never reveal their identities" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto then smiled and said "It wouldn't take a genius to figure it out, because not many people I've seen have that same wild hair. Also the first moment he spoke to me as Kakashi, I immediately recognized his voice".

"You very perceptive Naruto, but what I want to know is when did you start studying Fuinjutsu?" he asked.

"Well it all started a few months after I entered the Academy..." he said.

To be continued...

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(1) In this story Kurama can hear Naruto's thought's because whenever Naruto thinks his thoughts are projected into the Mindscape. When Naruto is in the Mindscape he doesn't even notice that this happens, but he is aware of it because Kurama told him. Also since they are both in Naruto's Mindscape, only Naruto's thoughts are projected. Which means Naruto can't hear Kurama's thoughts.

(2) ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common childhood brain disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Symptoms include difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behaviour, and hyperactivity (over-activity). These symptoms can make it difficult for a child with ADHD to succeed in school, get along with other children or adults, or finish tasks at home. (Definition is from the National Institute of Mental Health website)

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