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Chapter 1

"Well. The chessboard is officially set, now." Tulkas said gleefully, sitting down on his throne in the Mahanaxàr.

"So the game begins." Manwë intoned gravely.

"Now Glorfindel's part will be accomplished." Nàmo said with a pleased nod.

"And our little elfling's part is yet to come." Yavanna murmured thoughtfully.

"How has HE been doing?" Irmo turned to Nàmo off-handedly. Nàmo gave him an indecipherable look.

"Just fine. He is under the care of Arafinwë and Findárato. He and Findárato were friends in my halls, you know." Nàmo answered.

"Has he had any memories?" Interest sparked in Estë's eyes.

"Not the ones you are looking for, no, but yes, somewhat." Nàmo replied dryly.

"I am worried." Varda said, concern in her voice. "What is the purpose of releasing HIM this soon?" She queried.

"Because of their relationship to each other." Nienna sighed. "I do not look forwards to hearing Glorfindel's reaction to this..."

The rest of the Valar nearly cringed at the thought. "Yes, well, as I have said, it is too soon to think of that yet. We must focus now. Olòrin is doing his work well." Estë murmured.

"Hmm. Well, he always was the sappy one when it came to the firstborn."


The Lady ever young laughed at her fellow Valar, causing them to shake their heads at the most childish of the Valiër.

"Our little one has been healing very well." Irmo brought them all back to the present by pulling up the chart of Eruanna's spiritual condition and pointing to her inner light barrier.

The cracks that had once been so wide and gaping were now nothing but hairline frissons. Irmo moved to her feä, and the Valar smiled, quite pleased with the progress. The wounds that had once been raw and festering were also healing well, now only shallow scars. But the scars were there nonetheless.

"The last sixty years has done her a world of good." Estë murmured.

"Indeed. And now the tapestries of the third age are becoming more active. Her silver thread has come to shine brightly in the deepening, gathering strands of grey." Vairë agreed.

There was a contemplative silence.

"So, how long do you think it will take for them to get here?"



"Eruanna Glorfindelithel! Stop that this instant and come and see who's here!" Lady Celébrian fussed after the elfling, who skidded to halt in the hallway and obediently came back to the lady with a sheepish smile.

Celébrian smiled. "There now, dear, I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss seeing him. Go on, they should be in the dining hall by now." She laughed, shooing the little elleth along, who promptly skipped off cheerily.

It has been sixty years since the events of Dol Guldur and Erebor, and Eruanna is currently living in Imladris with her brother and cousins, occasionally visiting Lothlòrien with lady Celébrian and also Greenwood on the random diplomatic trips.

Thanks to Eruanna, Greenwood, although steadily growing darker, has been well protected by the trees and kept relatively clean of filth. Due to the extra help, diplomatic relations had been renewed between all three kingdoms and all were often frequented by trips made relatively safe by the careful guard of the trees.

She is now healthy and hearty, able to stave off the sea longing by sheer will and having healed from fading long ago. The only signs of ever having such an experience was the ever-so-slight translucence of her skin visible only to the sharp eyed, and the dark shadow that forever haunted her eyes, though it was often covered by her youthful exuberance.

Although she did not grow, and though she still remained mute, her inner light suppressed, she was often to be found conversing using ósanwe with any random elf in the hallways or kitchens, Halls of Fire, or wherever she was to be found. Many days saw her in the music room with Lindir, spending a musical afternoon with the minstrel, and others found her studying with Erestor or even just quietly sitting in his lap as he poured over manuscripts. He welcomed her quiet, soothing presence, and she loved the councillor for his quiet, kind demeanor, for all his stern exterior.

But most of the time, she was to be inevitably found with her beloved brother Glorfindel, doing whatever he was or watching him train and spar with others. He always welcomed her with a smile, and neither ever tired of the other's company. And if none of these places were occupied with the bright head of Mithril shot with gold, she was with the twins off on some pranking spree or in Lord Elrond's study with the lady Celébrian.

Estel was true to his word and stopped by as often as he could to greet all of his foster family and was sure to be careful to seek out Eruanna. Sometimes he was accompanied by Halbarad and Ciaran, in which case she was either to be found in Estel's arms, and if not then Ciaran's, who was quite honored by her adoring admiration of him.

But now, as she skipped through the halls to the dining hall, she was thinking of their new guest. Perhaps it was Estel and Halbarad and Ciaran? Or someone else that she knew? Legolas? Arwen?

The dining hall was still somewhat crowded from the elves who had eaten late and were just now finishing up. There was no set schedule in Imladris for meals. Food was set out at exact noon, and there would be food for anyone who wanted it until three hours after noon.

She sidled into the hall and looked around, noticing all of the elves, and her eyes wandered to the high table where lord Elrond sat next to a small figure, grey hairs in a curly mop and one forest green eye visible to her from his profile. One squeal later, Bilbo Baggins found his arms full of a ridiculously pleased Eruanna.

After a moment, he began to laugh as he recognized her. "Miss Eruanna! It seems as though now in my old age indeed you have not changed- and grown even more beautiful!" He teased, making Eruanna pull back with sparkling eyes and a giggle.

'Bilbo!' She squealed in his mind, making him start and then smile, pleased.

"Indeed, Mellon nîn, it is I. Ah, how good it is to be back in Imladris!" He exclaimed, and went on talking cheerily with Elrond as Eruanna happily played with the handkerchief she pulled from his pocket.

Soon enough, however, the meal was ended and Bilbo went to unpack his things- for as Eruanna had gathered from the story that he told, he had left the Shire in an uproar and his nephew to calm it down as he came to spend the rest of his days in Imladris.

She didn't complain. It was good to see her elf-friend again, and was sure that he knew it.

"So tell me, Eruanna, have you had any more escapades with barrels?" He chuckled at her baleful glare at him and sniffed, to his amusement.

"Perhaps not. And how is lord Glorfindel?" He asked cheerily.

"Very well, thank you, master Baggins." Said elf lord strode into the room cheerily, a spring in his large frame and golden hair tied up halfway in a carefree manner. With a squee, Eruanna was in his arms and he was chuckling at her along with Bilbo. Elrohir had never quite forgiven Glorfindel for not having been subjected to the infamous hair chewing.

"Greetings, Lord Glorfindel." Bilbo smiled, which greeting was heartily returned. "Has anyone told you what a picture you make?" Bilbo asked, unable to help himself as he admired the tableau before him. Eruanna grinned impishly as Glorfindel rolled his eyes.

"Let's see, that's the- second time I've heard that today?" He addressed his sister with an arch look, and being laughed to his face for it.

He huffed. "Whether I agree with or like it or not has nothing to do with the point." He refuted, as Eruanna went into an obvious gale of laughter, to Glorfindel's good-natured eye-roll. Bilbo chuckled.

"Indeed, it does not. Now then, shoo, I have to finish packing, and then I simply must find Erestor to finish my book with, for he is the only place where I have enough peace." He fussed, waving them off. Glorfindel complied amusedly, sweeping off with a swirl of robes and his sister cooing happily in his arms.

"Eruanna?" Glorfindel suddenly asked gravely. She turned to look up at him questioningly, although guessing what was coming. "Will you not go with Gildor's group to the Grey havens of Lindon?" He asked.

She didn't deign to answer in word or look, and he went on, the conversation abandoned but not forgotten. Glorfindel always asked her the same question every time there was a new group that decided to make their way to take the ships to Valinor.

And always her answer was the same: no acknowledgement at all. In truth, Glorfindel did not want her to go, but the reason he asked was for her sake. He could not leave until Elrond did, but at the same time he did not want her to remain, for times were steadily growing more dangerous.

So despite that he felt relief at her continuous denial, he asked nonetheless for the sake of wanting the best for her. He would not deny her the chance of safety out of his own selfishness of wanting to keep her by his side at all costs. She didn't seem to want to leave, either, so he justified his actions by that.

Elrond wisely left the matter to the two siblings, knowing that broaching the subject would be stirring a wasps nest. He left well enough alone, and all was well.

But in the meantime, the two went to their quarters to spend a very good hour in each others company, good-naturedly criticizing various members of Imladris and the ramifications of Bilbo Baggins' departure of the Shire.


Eruanna is very quietly sitting on the bench next to white-haired Bilbo, who was busy writing in his book which was nearly finished. It has nearly been a month since Bilbo has arrived. She was playing with her dolls given her by the dwarves, carefully cherished so that even now, sixty years later, they were still in much the same condition as they were when she first received them.

She had her suspicions that perhaps Gandalf had something to do with it, but when she had confronted him, he had merely chuckled and told her that dwarven work lasted ages. So she didn't press, but was grateful to him nonetheless.

And only she ever referred to the wizard as Olòrin besides Glorfindel, who had known him after being reborn. But she had not seen either Gandalf or Estel in many months, nearly a year by now.

Lindir sat nearby, playing softly on his harp and writing the lyrics to his newest composition while Eruanna giggled inwardly as she remembered all the teasing that the poor minstrel received for his 'lyrical nonsense,' for all that he was renown for creating some of the greatest pieces ever to be written of events of the Second Age. She would sometimes help him modify his tunes to fit a passage, and the two were seen hunched over the parchment, popping up once in a while to try their tunes on both flute and harp.

"There. That's all I'm doing for today. Shall we have tea?" Bilbo shut his book with a bang and stood, bustling about with his maps and papers. Lindir stood with harp in hand, and all three went to Bilbo's special spot where tea and sweets were always waiting for them for tea time in the afternoons. Glorfindel joined them soon after as did Erestor, and the clique spent a merry hour laughing over their cups and cakes.

"Speaking of which," Erestor turned to Eruanna. "Did you write the essay on fire that I found on my desk?" He asked her curiously. She blinked, and then blushed hotly.

'Y-yes. I forgot to put it in the grate and must have left it there. Sorry.' She stuttered, nearly spilling her tea in embarrassment. He shook his head.

"Do not burn such things, Eruanna! They deserve to be put in a book!" He scolded, taking the teacup from her hands and setting it down. She hung her head, allowing her hair to fall over her face and veil her crimson cheeks, breath coming in hot puffs.

Her hair was thick and long, coming down a little past her waist, just like her brother's. Both had the same luscious quality of hair, and as a result were teased rather mercilessly by the twins for their 'pretty, Balrog-attracting hair.' Eruanna sniffed at them, and Glorfindel just rolled his eyes with a sigh.

"Erestor, leave the compliments for private moments, where Eruanna won't burn her cheeks!" Glorfindel laughed, leaning next to him and kissing his sister's hair. She reached up and tugged her hair over her face, causing them to burst into laughter.

Just then, a messenger strode into the area. "Forgive me for interrupting, my lords, but Lord Elrond calls for Lord Erestor, Lord Glorfindel, and Lady Eruanna." He nodded to the group.

After giving Bilbo their apologies, which were graciously received, they were waved off by the flustered hobbit. He flapped his hands.

"Go, go! Don't keep him waiting, now!" He fussed, making them go off with grins.

Which were promptly wiped off the moment they came into lord Elrond's study.

Gandalf was sitting in a chair, looking rather worse for wear, and Lady Celébrian was tending to him carefully. Eruanna immediately put her dolls down by the door and went to the sideboard in the room, taking out a carafe of water and a glass.

She handed it to the wizard, who took it with a grateful smile. "Thank you, Eruanna." He said hoarsely, while Erestor and Glorfindel took their seats. Eruanna, according to normal 'protocol,' sat on Glorfindel's lap, thumb in her mouth. Her eyebrows were puckered, a sure sign of her mental discomfort.

After a while in which Gandalf recovered, he let out a sigh and leaned back in his chair, beginning to speak.

"Forgive me for this unseemly arrival, but I bring grave news. That which we fear most has come to pass. The one ring has been found." He said wearily, eliciting gasps from all around. Eruanna curled into Glorfindel at the mention of Sauron, and he immediately wrapped his arms around her in concern.

Gandalf went on to explain the back story to Bilbo's part in the quest for Erebor, and the mystical magic ring which he had gotten from Gollum. And of course, Gollum's story, along with Aragorn's part in it all, to which Eruanna listened carefully. Then came Gandalf's story of the treachery of Saruman and his journey to Imladris, which was met with incredulous cries and much consternation.

"And so the ring has passed into the hands of Frodo, who is even now bringing it here so that council may be held what to do with it." Gandalf finished his tale, taking another glass of water.

There was silence as everyone digested the news. Glorfindel stirred and made to speak when there was a knock at the door.

"Enter!" Glorfindel called, and a messenger came in, handing a missive to Lord Elrond and bowing himself out. Elrond read the letter aloud from Gildor concerning Frodo and Sam, and all looked at each other gravely once it had been finished.

"As I was about to say, I think that I should go and try to find them and make sure that they arrive safely, if the Nazgul are about." Glorfindel said dryly, calmingly stroking the hair of his sister who was shivering at the mention of the Nazgul.

"Indeed, that is a good idea." Gandalf agreed heavily. "Messages must be sent to Gondor, Greenwood, Lothlòrien, and Erebor." He said, and immediately Erestor was set about with the task.

"Go, Glorfindel, and do as you see fit." Elrond gave Glorfindel his permission, to which he bowed and left with Eruanna, intending to immediately set out as soon as possible. Eruanna tugged on his tunic.

'I go too.' She insisted. He sighed.

"Seler, this is not a simple ride. We must travel for days and with not much at all." He said, still striding quickly through the halls. Eruanna scowled.

'I can do it, you know that. Let me go too. I can help.' She insisted, pulling sharply on his shirt. He sighed again.

"Eruanna-" he began, but noticed that she was looking up at him with THE look on her face. He faltered, struggling with himself. Tears welled in her eyes, and she sniffled.

'Glorfy think I'm not useful.' She whimpered, and Glorfindel was officially distraught.

"No, seler, it's not that at all!" He cried, and then caved, anything to get her to stop crying. "I'm sure Asfaloth would like you to be there. He tends to like to show off for you." He grumbled, and it worked. Tears dried up as though they had never been there, and there was a sunny smile on the elfling's face.

Glorfindel sighed, knowing full well that he had been manipulated. "I tell you, if I didn't love you..." He growled in a very unthreatening manner. Eruanna blissfully ignored him.

"We leave within the hour. Can you be ready?" He asked her. She nodded, and they began the preparations for their journey.