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Toni is going to cross a bunch of Marvel movies now. The third Iron Man, Thor 2 and CA: TWS, passing briefly through Agents of SHIELD. I will change a lot of things. We are not going to get to Avengers 2 (WHICH IS MORE THAN AWESOME, IS PURE LOVE AND I NEED TO SEE AGAIN). Also, expect the unexpected, because some pretty crazy crossovers will show up here. You've been warned ;)

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"Even though the building took more than a couple of hits during the attack – including that Loki shaped whole on the floor, that I'm so keeping –most of its structure was left untouched." Toni started explaining to Bruce. "Labs are safe and sound. The most damaged parts were relocated to the empty spaces, that are still plenty. Fortunately, the living areas were ready and undamaged. So... You have your room ready for you."

"You mean my floor, right?" Bruce teased.

"Half floor." Toni corrected. "If Thor ever moves in you're gonna have a neighbor."

Even if in the beginning Toni had absolutely no interest in letting people live in her Tower, besides Pepper – cause Pepper is Pepper – she had included in the original plant ten residential floors with two apartments each. Pepper kept saying it was too much, that the apartments were too big, but who cares about these minor things?

Eventually a big chunk of S.I. was going to be moved to the Tower. For now only Toni, Pepper and Bruce lived there, plus a handful of staff that only worked in the building. This was plenty of people, as far as Toni was concerned.

Maybe that's why she was so shocked to find a person – a freaking human being! –on the lab she was about to show Bruce.

"There is a person in my lab…" She said shocked. "PEPPER! JARVIS! Pepper, there is a... Person in my lab!"

Pepper, who had been right behind Toni and Bruce, talking on her cellphone, just looked at the mysterious woman and waved, asking for a second.

"Who is she?" Toni demanded.

It was not like "she" wasn't a fine looking woman – OK, Toni might be pissed, but she was a great appreciator of the human beauty, either way. Steve was the biggest proof of that.

The woman had dark brown hair that fell to the middle of her back in large curls, her eyes were partially hidden by thick reading glasses, that gave her a half-nerd, half-librarian kind of look. Her clothes screamed P.A.

Toni was playing deaf.

Pepper finished her call and smiled once again to the intruder before turning in Toni's direction. "This is Cordelia Myers. Your new assistant."

Toni's jaw hit the floor. "What?" she screamed "No! Why? I don't need an assistant! I've got you." She tried to make her best puppy eyes to Pepper. Even though they never worked on her.

Pepper rolled her eyes and put a hand on Toni's shoulder. "Toni, I have a multibillionaire company to run." The socialite was so not liking this condescending tone of Pepper "I can't be your assistant anymore or help you on you crazy schemes! And now there are two scientists in the building. No offenses, Bruce." She quickly turned to Bruce, that made a gesture to indicate no offense taken. "So… This is your new assistant. Have fun. And don't break this one, okay?"

Pepper turned and left, but Toni chased her.

"Pepper, she might be a psycho! She can be a spy from the enemy." Toni clamored. "How can you trust my life to a complete stranger?"

Pepper rolled her eyes once again on the face of such drama. One of these days she was going to get cross eyed because of her ex-girlfriend-slash-boss.

"Phil checked her personally." She informed.

"Oh… I didn't know you guys were talking again." Toni said carefully.

Pepper eyes went to the floor. "No, I'm not talking to him. That was before…" She took a deep breath and looked back at Toni. "Cordelia worked six months for me. Then I realized she would do better working directly with you."

Toni ignored all of that.

"Pepper, why don't you talk with Agent? Maybe…"

"No." Pepper was very firm "Go back there and be nice to Cordelia. She is a fast learner and you will realize she is no one's doormat." A smile appeared on her face "Actually I am very interested to see what is going to happen."

"Well, if she goes the same way all the others before her went, I will end up sleeping with her and then I'll have to fire her." And wasn't that the ugly truth?

"What about Bruce?" Pepper asked confused.

"What about Bruce?" Toni was confused too.

"Aren't you guys together?"

"Not as far as I know."

"Oh" Pepper looked surprised. "You guys have been so close these days, I thought…" She didn't finish the sentence.

"Nope." Toni explained smiling. "Bruce is like Rhodey to me. A friend. We don't blow friendships up this way. Do you know how hard is to find people to put up with me?" She teased, making Pepper laugh.

"Okay, whatever you say." But she didn't look really convinced "Are you really throwing that charity ball?"

"Of course!" Toni exclaimed as if it was obvious.

"Are you going stag again?"

"Can't you come with me?"

"After we broke up we agreed to not give the media ideas and all the fans that wrote fanfictions about us, remember?"

"Oh…" Toni was thinking. "Did you know that, in these two weeks since the attack, there are a bunch of websites dedicated to Avengers fanfictions? I am the epicenter of them, as usual." And she looked really proud of it.

"I am afraid of asking exactly what that means." Pepper replied.

"You should." Toni admitted. "Okay, I will ask Bruce to come to the ball with me."

"Good idea. Ask Cordelia to get you a dress and a tuxedo for him."

"This Cordelia won't last the month." Toni warned.

Pepper didn't answer, but she did have a very weird/smug smile on when she kissed Toni's cheek and left.

The brunette took a deep breath and went back to the room. Cordelia was still standing there exactly in the same place, looking completely unimpressed with Toni's tirade. Bruce was, for some unknown reason, staring at a white board.

"Listen up, young lady…" Toni was very serious now "We have a gala in benefit of the New York City in two weeks. That is the only reason I am not firing you right now. I need a dress and Bruce needs a tuxedo. I don't think you will last much more than these two weeks."

The other woman merely arched a perfect eyebrow and stared Toni down.

"I am guessing that you will want something red and gold." She said simply. "Size four for the dress and nine for the shoes?"

Toni narrowed her eyes.

"I still say you're not gonna last."

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