Title: Lily Evans & the Marauders Plot Summary: Lily, James, Remus, Sirius and others at Hogwarts. Crazy stuffs to happen!

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Chapter 1: Receiving of a Letter and the Return of Family

It was the morning of July 20th when Lily Evans awoke on the day that would alter her life, drastically. It was the morning that Lily would receive her letter. Lily was helping her mother with breakfast, and trying to tell her mother that Petunia would be home soon as she hadn't come home that night and Mrs. Abigail Evans was worried sick. Abigail loved both her daughters dearly and wanted only the best for them.

Petunia had started dating earlier that year, having just turned 15, and Abigail was constantly worried about her falling in with the wrong crowd and getting raped or maimed by any number of evil rowdy boys with no manners. Abigail thought manners to be one of the most important things in the world, and keeping your mother up late worrying about whether one was alive and well did not constitute good manners. Petunia was in for a talking to.

Silently Lily looked after the bacon and kept her mother's coffee cup full, all the while hoping that Petunia wouldn't return, but as her luck would have it, Petunia did return. She was half asleep and clearly, drunk off her arse. She reeked of cigarette smoke and booze. Her make up was smeared and she looked as if she had been hit by a train.

"PETUNIA ANNE EVANS! Where on god's good earth have you been all night?!" Abigail screeched as her oldest daughter waltzed into the kitchen with a sly smile on her face, which rapidly turned into a badly concealed grimace. Alcohol all night, loud yelling, and a bad hangover, mix together to get a very nasty headache.

"Mother, please don't shout! I've got a rather nasty headache," Petunia said angrily, pissed off that her mother had to ruin a perfectly good bout of daydreaming about her boyfriend, Vernon Dursley, and what else he could do with those hands of his. (A/N: Yes, I know that is a rather nasty picture but if my head had to think it up, you all have got to live with it. I will try not to produce any other nasty pictures for you all to have.)

"Fine, but where have you been?" Abigail asked deeply concerned, worry lines creasing her face.

"Out. Sorry I came home so late, we fell asleep watching a movie at Vernon's house and didn't wake up till the sun came up. I'm terribly sorry I didn't call, it honestly slipped my mind," Petunia said, telling her mother an outright lie that, Abigail was rather blind to.

In Abigail's opinion her daughters could do no wrong, and so lead to this sentence, commonly said early in the morning after Petunia returned from her nights of drunkenness, "It's alright dear. Just don't let it happen again," Abigail said standing up and making her way upstairs to shower and get some much needed rest.

Lily watched her mother go upstairs, blind to her sister's hangover and endless bouts of lying. Petunia took one look at Lily, and once Abigail was out of ear shot said, "What do you think you're looking at you stupid freak?! Don't you go blabbing to mom about what you think you know! I will get you good if you even try and tattle on me, you wretched little abomination, because mother won't believe a word you say. Get on with breakfast you stupid little girl," Petunia said and stomped up the stairs to her room.

Lily watched her sister go, trying to make the horrible words that Petunia said go away, but as usual, they never did. They just took up residence in her heart and made her sad and depressed. Lily took some toast, a little bacon, and a glass of orange juice and went to the table to eat and ignore the wet streaks that were flowing down her face faster then she could wipe them away. Lily eventually stemmed the flow of her tears before Petunia returned, looking extremely tired, but very pleased with herself.

They ate in silence; the only noise interrupting them was the sound of the mail slot opening with the morning post. "Go get that you fat little weasel," Petunia said grumpily, not wanting to be saddled with the menial chore when her runt of sister could do it. Now, Lily was definitely not fat, or even a freak. She was a beautiful girl actually, much more attractive then her horse faced sister with her stringy blonde hair and blue eyes. Lily had bright red hair, it wasn't really red, it was more of a fusion of coppers, golds, and maroons and auburn. She also had vibrant green eyes and a pale complexion. She was like a porcelain doll, except there was an inner strength to her that she hid away from the world and let her sister stomp all over.

Lily got up and went to get the mail. She was looking through it and found two bills, a postcard from Majorca from her cousin Ruth and a letter to Lily. A very strangely addressed letter to Lily, it said:

Ms. L. Evans

The second bedroom

8 Doyle Street



"Weird," Lily said and put the rest of the post on the kitchen counter and headed up to her room thinking that one of her friends was playing a joke. Well, one of her two friends, who weren't really friends just people she talked to at school, who sometimes came over, but that was rare because Petunia "couldn't be bothered" to watch them while their mother was out attending teas or making appearances. Lily opened the letter and found the most peculiar things written inside.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Miss Evans,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment which can be found in London. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31st.

Yours sincerely,

Reginald Fairweather, Deputy Headmaster

Lily was deeply confused. This letter seemed too formal to have been written by anyone of her classmates from school. It was also filled with fantasy terms, wizardry, witchcraft, etc; stuff from fairy tales. "What is this, a joke?" Lily asked herself and ran downstairs to the telephone. She dialed the number of her friends and found that neither of them had gotten a letter anything like that nor had they sent it. They seemed rather perturbed and told Lily to sod off till after noon.

Lily returned to her room and looked again at the pages. The parchment was old and yellow looking and the ink which was used to write the letter and the address on the front was a violent shade of green, close to that of her eyes. Lily picked up the letter and reread the information. If it was real, She thought, then Hogwarts would have to be some kind of boarding school. Wow, how cool it would be to actually do the magic that is written about in books? Cast spells on Petunia when she's sleeping!? Show her a thing or two about being a "freak", as she certainly hadn't gotten a letter like this when she was eleven. I should go tell mom!

Lily jumped from her bed and ran down the hallway to find her mother putting on make up. "Mom, you'll never guess what came in the post! This letter for me, saying I've been accepted to a sort of boarding school. I think it's really exclusive!" Lily said excitedly practically jumping up and down at the thought of being able to leave the torturous environment that was this house, and anywhere near Petunia.

"Let me see dear," Abigail said and took the letter and envelope from Lily. Abigail read over the letter, This seems like fairy tale nonsense, was the first thought that came to her mind. There was a sudden noise downstairs and Petunia's voice came echoing up the stairs, "Father! You're home!" Abigail gasped; he wasn't due home for close to a month. Lily and Abigail ran down the stairs.

Lily jumped into her fathers' arms and held him tightly saying, "Oh I missed you so much!" A tall man with auburn colored hair and bright green eyes filled with both laughter and sadness smiled and said, "My darling daughters, and my beautiful Abigail," walked over to his wife and kissed her full on the mouth. Abigail was in tears, he wiped them away. "I came home for Lily's surprise, which I see she's already opened," he said gesturing to the letter that Abigail held in her hand.

"This?" Abigail asked, "I thought it was some type of joke or something." she trailed off, remembering the night that Seamus Evans had proposed, that he'd called himself a wizard and that life would be difficult being married to him as he would have to be away a lot. "Oh dear, Seamus, you weren't kidding that night, I thought it was a joke. Oh dear," Abigail said a little winded and sat down, rather ungracefully in a chair.

"I'm sorry Abby, darling. I loved you then, and I thought you had accepted. Dear me, rather sticky spot we're in now isn't it?" Seamus said and sat down across from his wife while Petunia looked on in deep confusion and Lily with little more comprehension.

"You're a wizard, and Lily's taken after you?" Abigail asked reaching the most logically illogical conclusion. Seamus nodded, holding his wife's hand gently. "Then she's to go to this Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" Abigail asked gently.

"Yes, it is very dangerous for a witch or wizard to go untrained. She has to go, and I know that she will love it there, I know that I did," Seamus said glancing at Lily as he said this.

"Why wasn't Petunia accepted?" Abigail asked quietly.

"Petunia takes more after your side of the family Abby darling," Seamus said lightly, looking over at Petunia with a careful glance. She looked a little pink in the cheeks to him, as if she had been holding something back. "Is there something you wish to say Petunia?" Seamus asked his eldest daughter.

"Lily is a freak then," Petunia said finally, knowing she would receive punishment as it was the first time that she'd said those words to her parents.

Seamus looked firm, and Abigail looked shocked. "How could you call your sister that Petunia? Besides if we were to go by families, my parents would think you a "freak" dear for being entirely and completely a muggle, but that's not what this is. Your sister isn't a freak, and neither are you. You just don't have magic in your blood Petunia," Seamus said looking rather angry, he looked over at Lily and saw the tears and knew it wasn't the first time his daughter had been called a freak. "How many times a day do you call Lily a freak, Petunia? Once, or twice, ten times?" Seamus asked his voice firm, his lips a thin line, his face etched with disappointment.

Petunia looked stunned and wondered how he knew as Lily certainly hadn't been saying anything about the names that she called her daily. Abigail looked hurt, and shocked, "I thought I'd raised you better then that Petunia. You're grounded," she said giving Petunia the first punishment of her life.

"What?! But I have a date with Vernon tonight!" Petunia screeched, her voice sounding rather like the brakes of an automobile about to give out.

"There is to be no dating for you for a good two months child. You will learn some respect for your sister, and if you sneak out of the house I know ways of getting you back," Seamus said threateningly. "You may call him to let him know you will not be going out. Then to your room," he said and Petunia stormed off in a tantrum of tears and wailing.

Lily was scared of what would happen when her father left and Petunia had no keeper, it would be worse then ever she imagined the teasing and the torture and that name calling, and the putdowns. She'd resigned her self to it over the years; finally, her father was on her side. Seamus watched Petunia storm off before turning to Lily, "Come here darling," he said and beckoned Lily into his arms, holding her to him. "Whatever your sister says you are not a freak, you are my daughter, my beautiful, amazing, magical daughter. Don't forget that," but they both knew that no matter what he said years of those cruel words could not be erased even though they might wish they could be.

"So I am going to go?" Lily asked gently watching Abigail watch them holding each other.

"Of course. I will send my owl to Hogwarts to let them know another Evans is going to attend. Tomorrow we go to Diagon Alley to get all of your supplies. But first there is a little need for explanation. I have to tell your mother about what I really do," Seamus said quietly to Lily who nodded and went off to sit on the couch.

Abigail listened quietly while Seamus explained. "I work for the Ministry of Magic. The Ministry is a little like the government, controls all witches and wizards, keeps magic away from muggle eyes, deals with magical law. There are many departments in the Ministry; I work in the Unspeakables department. What I do is top secret, and I can't tell you any of the details beyond that. Do either of you have questions?" Seamus asked them.

Lily was too excited to think about anything. She was getting away from Petunia, going to a place where she would be with people who would understand her. She took after her father in more then just looks, and Petunia was extremely jealous; she saw it from the moment Dad said that Lily took after him!

Lily watched her mother hug her father and whisper something in his ear, followed by, "I love you so much Seamus, please, please be careful," and she kissed him before going up stairs to try and "straighten out" Petunia.

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