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Chapter 8: Explanations and Confrontations.

Lily hurried down to lunch because she was starving, having not eaten much at breakfast and after all the 'excitement' of the day she was about to collapse. She walked into the Great Hall and found her way to where her friends were sitting, on her way she glanced over at Snape who was watching her and gave a small smile. Lily returned it and sat down, facing away from him. James had seen the smile and the direction it was aimed in and wanted to scream, but instead only whispered, "Why did you just smile at Snape?"

Lily sighed, rubbed her eyes and started piling food on her plate. "Let me eat first will you? A lot of things have happened today. I'll explain to you, Sirius and Remus when I've got something in my stomach and we have some privacy, as you are all likely to scream," Lily said, rather quickly and began eating rather quickly, the boys watching her with amusement.

There was a sudden noise from above them, where the post came in and all of the students watched as a single owl flew in and landed next to Snape at Slytherin's table. Lily watched along with everyone else as he read and small note. She heard Malfoy ask, "Who wrote it?" looking confused and angered at the same time.

"A friend," Snape said, and looked over at Malfoy who was looking outraged at Snape for having friends. Malfoy just watched as Snape pulled his quill out of his bag and tore a piece off of the parchment, wrote on it tied it to the same owl's leg and whispered to it. It flew out of the hall. Malfoy grabbed Snape by the robes and pulled him out of the Hall to the laughter of many students.

Lily had finished eating, stood up and the boys followed her without being told. They exited the castle on to the bright sunny grounds. "Let's go over by the lake," Lily said, and they walked in mostly silence as they went along. "Better sit down," she said and sat facing them next to the shore of the lake.

"I repeat my earlier question, why did you smile at Snape?" James asked, his face was contorted in a way that looked like disgust but was just barely hidden rage. He didn't understand why he was so angry at Lily smiling at Snape, other then Snape was a Slytherin and Lily a Gryffindor and Seamus Evans had asked him to look after Lily. His stomach felt alive, as if crawling with worms.

"You smiled at Snape?" Sirius looked disgusted as well, and made gagging noises sticking his finger in his mouth as if forcing himself to puke.

"Well, it starts with my nightmare. Just listen, Remus you already know, but pay attention. I had a dream that my father was killed by Lord Voldemort and that Dumbledore came into the Great Hall the next morning and took me to his office to tell me. In my dream I felt like I was watching him be murdered. The man I assume is Voldemort said 'Avada Kedavra,' and my father just died. That's why I was crying this morning. Remus talked to me, which helped some," Lily said, stalling, knowing the next sentence she would say would make James blame himself a little for her crying. She sighed and got it over with. "When you mentioned your father and his affinity for Transfiguration I remembered that my father is particularly good at Charms and that my wand is good for Charms. thinking about it caused me to run away from you guys and I went to the 2nd floor bathroom. The one that was flooded yesterday. I sat in there crying and a ghost, a girl ghost talked to me, told me to send Dad a letter explaining my dream to him. So that's where I went off to. The Owlery, or I was going to but wound up almost running Snape down in the corridor," Lily said, and heard Sirius say under his breath, "Too bad you didn't," to which Lily just said, "Let me finish."

"Alright, sorry for interrupting," Sirius said and waved his hand exaggeratedly allowing her to continue, not understanding what this had to do with smiling at Snape.

"I apologized since it would have been rude. We started talking a little bit and I said I was heading to the Owlery, he asked if I knew where it was and I said no, he led me there. Snape was also alone, without Malfoy. We got up there and I was thanking him when we heard someone in the corridor. It was Malfoy. Snape looked spooked but went out into the corridor and distracted Malfoy, kept him out of the Owlery, and away from me. If you can imagine, Malfoy finding Snape and I in the Owlery alone would have probably meant me covered in hexes. So, I wrote the letter to my dad and sent it off and then took a school owl and wrote 'Serverus, Thank you,' and tied it to the owl that you saw 10 minutes ago in the Hall. I smiled at Snape because he saved me from a trip to hospital," Lily said, finally answering James' question.

"You confuse me Lily," James said and was quiet. Remus took him aside and explained a little better as Lily had been rambling.

There was a hoot from a tree above them as the owl from the Great Hall settled in a low branch. Lily stood and untied the note from the owl that flew off to the Owlery immediately. Lily opened the letter and read.

Friend, You're welcome. Serverus.

"What's it say?" Sirius asked quietly as James and Remus came back from the little explanation session.

"You're welcome," Lily stated showing them the parchment and proceeded to stick it in the pocket of her robes.

"Snape must like you something fierce Lil, to risk punishment from his father," Remus said quietly, as he looked at the writing. "He called you a friend," he stated as well, looking confused.

"I don't know what to think of this. He obviously didn't want me hurt by Malfoy otherwise he would have let him come into the Owlery, but who knows what he had behind the actions. Maybe it's some plot to get on my good side. I don't know," Lily said, "But it doesn't feel like it," and she looked over at the boys who looked back just as confused as she.

They wandered the grounds a little bit, exploring the boundaries of the Forbidden Forest as they came to Hagrid's hut. He was sitting on the porch like he had been yesterday and he was humming as he worked on the same wooden flute. "Good afternoon Hagrid," Lily said smiling and walking up to him.

"G'day Lily, James, boys," Hagrid said as he knew the two of them but not the others.

"My name is Remus Lupin and that is Sirius Black," Remus said smiling at the giant who eyed him curiously, and then looked at Sirius Black with the same look.

"Nice to meet you boys; friends of both Lily and James are you?" Hagrid asked as he whittled some more with a sharp knife.

"Yes we are. How do you know them?" Sirius asked eyeing Hagrid curiously.

"Met Lily with her father in the Leaky Cauldron and had been having lunch with James and his father before that, on the same day. Harold and I have been friends since he was at school, Seamus and I too," Hagrid said, as he scratched his head.

"Oh, Alright," Sirius looked a little confused, but ignored that and they sat talking with Hagrid until dinner when they walked back up to the castle.

Dinner was strange. Malfoy and Snape got into a shouting match. They were very vague about what they were saying, but Lily understood completely. "What aren't you telling me Severus?" Malfoy asked loudly.

"What does it matter Lucious? I can have secrets if I damn well please, and since I do you're not going to get it out of me!" Snape shouted back at him, looking extremely pissed off, as well as scared. 'Father is going to murder me!'

Malfoy looked at Snape and his eyes flashed violently. "You'll never have what you want Severus. It's out of your reach, far beyond your pathetic little grasp. It'll never happen Severus, stop dreaming," Malfoy shouted back at him, stood and walked from the hall. Snape looked extremely uncomfortable, and glanced up at Lily, who smiled reassuringly. Snape smiled back and thought, 'Lucious is wrong. I might have a chance.' Snape quickly finished eating and let the Hall to avoid further embarrassment.

Lily finished dinner and wanted to finish the Sphinx essay and said bye to the Gryffindors and headed to the Library. Madam Pince smiled at her, and Lily wandered the stacks looking for books to help with her essay. She came across a section labeled Muggle Works and looked through the index and happened to come across Sphinxes there. She found the book she was looking for and pulled it off the shelves. Oedipus, by Sophocles. She found where the Sphinx was mentioned and pulled out her Sphinx essay and began a paragraph on muggle thoughts on the Sphinx. There was a noise behind Lily and she jumped, just barely managing not to smudge the ink of her essay. A smirking face came out of the stacks and Lily fought the urge to vomit and the urge to run. "What do you want Malfoy?" she asked a frown on her face.

"Oh nothing. Just thought I'd come see how the mudblood was doing and ask her what she thinks she's doing sending things to Severus Snape," Malfoy said, carefully watching Lily's reaction as he only had assumptions.

"What on Earth are you talking about Malfoy? I haven't sent Severus Snape anything, now go away and bother someone who cares," Lily said, masking her face very well and hiding the truth from Malfoy.

"I know it was you Evans. Stop trying to be friends with people who can do so much better," Malfoy said storming off furiously because Lily hadn't cowered at his feet. 'I'll show that foolish mudblood who she's playing with,' Malfoy though to himself and began plotting against Lily in what he didn't realize was jealousy.

Lily became very annoyed with how Malfoy had acted, took notes on the rest of what she wanted to write on a different piece of parchment, put the muggle book back and gathered her things leaving the library in a huff. She got to the Fat Lady's portrait and realized she was crying. 'Why am I crying about Malfoy being a jerk? He's just an imbecile and he's stupid and.' Her thoughts were interrupted when the portrait swung open by its own means and there was no one there. "Hello?" Lily asked quietly and glanced at her watch, she was 20 minutes late for curfew. "Is someone there?" Lily asked wiping the tears from her face. She thought she heard a voice behind her and from an empty classroom Remus walked out, looking worried.

"Lil, are you okay?" was the first thing he said, even though he wasn't really close enough to see that Lily was crying, he asked, "Why are you crying?"

Lily didn't notice that convenient fact though and thought, 'Remus is always there when I need someone to talk to.' "I had a run in with Malfoy in the Library. Who would have thought he knows how to read. He called me a mudblood again and confronted me with his suspicions about me sending Severus that thank you note," Lily said, sighing and leaning against the wall. "Then he said, 'Stop trying to be friends with people who can do so much better'. I'm sure he was referring to Snape but it just struck me that he could also be referring to you, and James, and Sirius and even Elizabeth because she's a pure-blood too," she said and Remus hugged her again.

"Lil, don't cry. Malfoy isn't worth it," Remus whispered and Lily chuckled.

"I know. Remus how is it that you're the one who's there for me and you listen when I need a friend?" Lily asked, wiping her eyes and smiling at him kindly.

"Sirius said I was the listening type," Remus mumbled and Lily realized he was blushing, as his cheeks had turned a bright pink. Lily thought she heard laughter from nearby.

"Don't suppose that was Peeves invisible laughing, do you?" Lily asked, looking around for any sign of movement. This caused Remus to turn pinker, confusing Lily.

"Who knows? We should probably go to bed now, don't want Pringle coming by and giving us detentions polishing the trophies in the trophy room," Remus said and then said, "Monoceros," and the portrait swung forward again. Remus said goodnight to Lily who climbed the staircase to her dorm quietly and Remus sat in a chair by the fire waiting patiently for something else to happen.

James' head appeared out of nowhere near him. "C'mon, let's go explore again," James' voice said as a cloak like thing parted and revealed Sirius standing there too. Remus grinned and joined them, pulling the cloak about him and they started for the portrait hole for another night of exploring. They came back to the common room that night around 1when everyone was asleep. They took off the cloak and James hid it under his robes. They sat by the fire talking for a moment and James came up with an idea. "We should make a map!" he said excitedly, "An enchanted map of all the secret passages and rooms and stuff! What do you think? It would be easy with the Invisibility Cloak!" he exclaimed.

"Shh! Someone'll hear you!" Sirius said, as he'd just heard someone coming down the boy's dormitory stairs.

Peter Pettigrew appeared at the foot of the stairs, he spotted the three boys and said, "Why haven't you three come to bed yet?" He looked nervous; they knew he'd heard about the cloak.

"How much did you hear Peter?" Sirius asked quietly, looking nonchalantly at his hand.

Peter looked at Sirius, and swallowed, his eyes wide. "I- uh- I don't know what you're talking about Sirius," Peter stuttered, and started shaking thinking that Sirius was going to punch his lights out and he'd have to be sent to the infirmary.

"Yes you do. C'mon tell us, we're not going to do anything to you Peter, we just want to know what you heard?" Remus asked in a friendly way, deflating Sirius's act of bully fairly quickly.

"You mentioned a map, making an enchanted map and something about an Invisibility Cloak," Peter said, sounding slightly less scared.

"Well, don't tell anyone Peter, and there will be a fairly pleasant reward for you," James said and they silently walked up to their dorm walking by Peter and changing for bed. They all fell asleep fairly quickly but James' last thought was, "How am I supposed to keep Peter from snitching?" and he fell asleep to fairly disturbing dreams about a wizard being after his family; his wife and son. He woke up and muttered something incoherent and then rolled over and went back to sleep, forgetting the dream entirely.

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