A/Nso it's a bit clip and all because I was working on hw and doing some other stuff at the time and I kept writing this in between breaks. I couldn't piss on Esme, such a lovely character and all, and so I sort brought this idea in. Shit story but...here you go

The thing about Vampires is that they can have multiple mates. I didn't know that. At least, I didn't until I became Carlisle's second mate. I was sitting on the couch with Carlisle with his hand literally cupping my crotch, Esme on his other side snuggled into him. I don't think I stopped blushing, something everyone except Edward found funny and adorable. Apparently, it was a possessive thing, the posture would change, Esme had explained, when Carlisle was sure I was 'submissive' to him. Rose had to be the one to calm me down after I flipped about 'not being OWNED by anyone' and so on and so forth. 'Submissive' in this family merely meant 'acceptance'. This said 'acceptance' of Carlisle being my mate was actually going to take longer because while I may accept it, Edward definitely doesn't, and Carlisle wasn't going to stop until he did.

The whole thing started when Edward left me in the woods. The plan had been to leave me, his family moves away and never sees me again. This, in the eyes of the Vampires, is a rejection of a mate, making me free reign. Alice, my forever-best friend and sister, had seen it all in a vision, told Jasper, and they told Carlisle. The reaction had been negative, but in my favor. Not even Rose wanted to leave me, which I had time believing…at first. I don't know what happened to Edward when he got back, no one was talking. And when I asks, Carlisle would merely tuck me further into him and kiss me, permanently derailing my train of thought. Stupid Vampire dazzle! Eventually, I just stopped asking, especially when Edward would go to say something and both Esme and Carlisle growl at him.

Carlisle Cullen. (sigh) There was no other reason for him to claim be as his mate unless he actually wanted me. He could have just talked some sense into Edward but apparently, according to Emmet, Carlisle had wanted me as his since the time I first met him in the hospital…but had resisted when Edward had showed an interesting me…the man was too kind. He wasn't giving Edward a second chance, especially not after he found me in the woods in a fetal position with scrapes and bruised. Now, in order to actually claim me as his second mate, I needed to be accepted by his first and…(blush) taken.

Esme, I could kiss her…again. She welcomed me with open arms and… a kiss. Apparently she wanted to do that for a while now, especially every time she cooked for me and I complimented her. She really is a good cook. Carlisle had seemed pleased with Esme accepting me so quickly. One of the stipulations for Carlisle taking me as his, in a way, 'stealing' me from Edward as Edward see's it, is that he has to take care of both Esme and I equally and if he can't, I can walk away if I want- if he's already claimed me. Which he did…last night.


It should be illegal, I decide as Carlisle swirls his tongue around my clit. At first it had only been one, but now it was two, two fingers pumping into me in varying different speeds and angles while Carlisle played with my clit with his mouth. Then, when he took my nub completely into his mouth and started sucked and still twirling his tongue across it, I had yelled and soon forgot to breathe. I had only been reminded when Carlisle slowed and I opened my mouth to plead that I realized I needed air in order to speak. Once I took the necessary breath, I quickly lost it with a moan as Carlisle picked back up. His hands held grips on my ankles, even as I sat on his desk in his study. He would shift my legs by moving my ankles. It changed the pleasure intensity only slightly, but my blush was getting darker and darker with each change. From where I had originally sat straight up, I was now on my back, gasping, with my ankles being held further than my shoulder width on the edge of the desk. My hands roamed Carlisle's silky blond hair, occasionally gripping and tugging when the man would suck a vampire speed or trade places with his fingers. I tried to be quiet, I knew the others were still here and I didn't want to be too loud, but Carlisle was making that entirely too impossible.

"Ah, ah, ohm mmm, o-ah, Aaah-ah mmm" I didn't need Japer to let me know Carlisle was enjoying my noises. Carlisle released my nub, only to replace it with his thumb as his fingers kept up their own dance in a lower region. I watched as Carlisle pitched black eyes came closer to me before I was caught up in a tongue war, tasting myself. His mouth muffled my noises, but even I could still hear them coming.

"Please" I manage a single strangled plead. Carlisle smiles at me softly, lifting one leg up and wrapping it onto his waist while his other hand kept up the vigil work or keeping me 'high' but not enough to send me over.

"Please?" Carlisle questions softly as he kisses his way down and latches on to my left breast, nibbling, sucking and swirling his tongue over my nipple.

"Ahh mmm, Please, C-mmm, mm aaah" I couldn't even say his name as he pressed his thump harder onto my nub and quickened his pace there but slowed his fingers pace…keeping me in place. I felt Carlisle grin around my nipper as my moans and other noises just kept getting louder.

"Please what, my Bella?'' Carlisle questions again as he switches breast. His word play of both 'my' and then my name, which meant 'beautiful', were not lost to me. Now, I'd been having about twenty minutes of foreplay with this doctor who was known for his patience and control, but I for one, was at my limit with being held just before release and I desperately wanted to the good Doctor to-

"Fuck me" It came out as a desperate command.

All movement stilled and Carlisle pulled away from my breast, and his hand retreated from me and suddenly gripped onto my leg still on the edge of the desk, before it was abruptly placed on the good doctors shoulder. My legs were shaping out to a 'v', with one leg on his shoulder and the other still wrapped around the mans waist. Carlisle smirked slightly as he pulled me so that my cheeks were half way off the edge.

"Gladly" Carlisle purred. I expected him to hold back, with me being human and all. Edward had told me that he'd hurt me if we had sex. If Carlisle, however, slipped right in with a loud clap as our bodies fully met. I gasped at the pain that filled my mind. Carlisle didn't move, allowing me time to get used to him.

Suddenly, I felt Carlisle hand rubbing my sides in comfort. After another minute, I nodded my head, telling him I was okay. Still, Carlisle shifted slowly at first. Pulling out slightly, before thrusting back in. And again, and then he pulled further out and slid back in, his tempo increasing, especially when I moaned in pleasure. Vampires were cold creatures, it felt incredible to me, having such pleasure to such a normally heated area, never mind what he did to me with his hands.

"GOD!" I exclaim as Carlisle shifted my leg from his shoulder onto his hip, causing him to be closer and go deeper. Carlisle chuckled.

"Not quite" he says as he pulled me into a sitting position. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him.

"ah, aaah, C-Carl-mmm, ah, aahh Carlisle" I whisper, burying my face into his neck, gasping as he takes me. Suddenly he pulls nearly all the way out, and before he can thrust again, my body react to a loss it wasn't ready for, I pull my self onto him, causing him to gasp.

"Bella" Carlisle moans, pulling out again, making me thrust up onto him. Suddenly, I'm completely off the desk, and Carlisle is supporting all my weight, but I couldn't think about it too long because Carlisle starts to thrust faster than before. My weight can only shift slightly to the thrusting before gravity and Carlisle sends me right back onto Carlisle. And then, we're on the floor, my legs moving from Carlisle hips, spreading even further for him. Carlisle growled at my display of submission, and reward me by thrusting harder and rubbing my clit again with his left hand. It's then that I completely loose it. I loose focus, gasping and moaning loudly, and my brain goes fuzzy as black spots enter my vision. The only thing I even hear is Carlisle, encouraging me, and calling my name before a sensations takes me, and overwhelms my senses. For a moment I can't think. I can feel Carlisle riding out my orgasm, and his own coming, but still thrusting into me. My body shakes one last time before Carlisle pulls out of me gently. He holds me closely, waiting to speak until I catch my breath. He looks sheepish but pleased. I blink as my vision clears.


I discovered that Vampires are very egotistical. Apparently the louder the mate is during sex, the more respected the male is. And since everyone knows I'm shy and was trying to keep quiet…Carlisle was basking in the males praise. Emmet kept teasing me non stop, well, non stop until Rose smacked him upside the head. Edward was glaring at me from across the living room, something Carlisle saw and decided to mess with Edward by rubbing his hand across my crotch and not just cupping it. I gasp and closed my eyes, beyond embarrassed. I could hear Edward growling, probably as he smelt my arousal. It was literally like Carlisle was taunting Edward…not that I blamed him. Edward had brought me around, and got Carlisle to 'baby sit' me while he went hunting, knowing that Carlisle had wanted me. Not even to mention what Edward might have bragged about where I couldn't hear. Wanting to please Carlisle, I shifted so my legs were spread 'bald eagle' for him. Edwards growl abruptly shifted to a snarl as Carlisle's hand slid into my pants and started rubbing me. Apparently, Carlisle liked my submission display to him in front of Edward. Esme chuckled while Alice, Rose, and Emmet all seemed smug about me pissing off Edward. Jasper, I saw, seemed torn between taking Alice to their room, and murdering someone. I wondered…I sent him my emotion of love, which was just under the sensation of what Carlisle was doing to me, and I watched as he visibly relaxed before gaping at me. I smiled and snuggled deeper into Carlisle.

"This is ridiculous! She's my mate!" Edward growled. Talk about a change in atmosphere. Carlisle looked at me apologetically as he removed his hand from his administrations. If I thought it would make him return, I'd of huffed in annoyance. Carlisle stood slowly, as Esme wrapped me in her arms protectively.

"Don't worry sweat heart, Carlisle will make it up to you later." Esme told me. I nod as Carlisle gives me a promising look over his shoulder.

"Oh, Eddie's about to get his assed kicked" Emmet snickered. The dynamic of the family had shifted when they all saw what happened after Edward left me. Not to mention how long it took them to convince me that they weren't leaving.

"Shut the hell up, Emmet! If anyone's going to get their Asses kicked, it'll be the mate stealer!" Edward yelled.

"Well, perhaps it's a good thing you weren't man enough to make me your mate…so, it's impossible for Carlisle to have stolen me…besides, weren't you the one that left me…didn't you tell me to move on, that I'd never see you again? Well look, I did move on…to a very sexy doctor, in fact" I couldn't help but defend Carlisle. Everyone looked at me in surprise.

"Bella, I didn't want to hurt you. You're human, fragile. Carlisle could have seriously hurt you…he already has Esme as a wife, Bella, he's just using you" Edward accuses glaring at his 'father'.

"Unlikely, Edward, Carlisle wouldn't have…did what he did that night… if he hadn't loved Bella, let alone marked her as his second mate." Rose hissed, still careful not to let on what happened to Edward the night he tried to leave me in the woods. Edward literally shivered at the memory.

"I love her, she's mine! I brought her into this family, I saved her life, she's supposed to be my mate!" Edward roars.

"Love her, Edward?" Carlisle questions, causing everyone to turn to him.

"A man does not leave his woman in a forest, in fact, a man never leaves his woman but by death. You saved her from Eric's van simply because Alice had a vision of you exposing us should her blood have been spilled. Had you not of, I would have. You know I wanted her as my own when I first met her, you read it in my mind. Mate? Do not confuse lust with love BOY" Carlisle growled, his eyes rapidly turning black.

"Kick his ass, kick his ass" Emmet started chanting. Esme tightened her grip on me, her own eyes darkening. Carlisle seemed very at ease, but Edward looked hesitant.

"Okay, guys, seriously, stop" I snapped suddenly, a complete 180 in moods that Jasper might have whip lash. Now everyone was looking at me.

"Edward, I loved you, you were my world…but I'm not Atlas, I can't hold the world on my shoulders and you never should have placed it on my shoulders. Carlisle, he looks at me and all I see from him is not expectation but merely acceptance. He respects my wishes, which you disregard for 'safety'. Life isn't safe and what better way to die than to go sliding in? Quick acting five, Edward, I'm not your, not anymore. I've moved onto someone better, I did what you wished for. You jealously will lead me only to pity. I don't fit in your arms anymore, I'm perfectly happily in these" I gesture to Esme's arms. Carlisle smiled softly at me and everyone else looked at me approvingly, but Edward. He still looked pissed.

"This is wrong! How could you be with my 'father'!? Your acting like a-"

It was then that I found out what happened that night when Edward tried to leave. Who knew Carlisle could be so chivalric as to tear apart his own son piece by piece, very viciously and animalistic. The sad part was, was that it was completely arousing seeing Carlisle so…physical.