Second mate filler

Carlisle pinned Bella to his desk as soon as she entered his study. Bella let out a gasp as her clothes she'd been wearing were ripped off only to moan when she felt Carlisle's fingers enter her.

"You're such a horny little human, aren't you" Carlisle purred. Bella moaned in agreement.

"Say it Bella" Carlisle orders hers, slipping one of his fingers out of her and sliding it up to her clit.

"Yee-eeeessss!" Bella voices causing Carlisle to smirk. Carlisle flicks his finger over her clit while pumping his fingers into her. He leans down and bites her earlobe before sucking on her neck right below. Bella's bucks her hips as she struggle to gain more friction.

"I could take you anywhere, couldn't I?" Carlisle asks. Bella nods her head.

Suddenly, Carlisle picks Bella up, causing her to grasp onto him. She looked like she was hugging him with her legs wrapped around him. Carlisle grabbed her butt and lifted her a little higher, allowing him to finally enter his mate.

"Ahhhmm, Car-Carlisle?" Bella asks. Carlisle's only response was to lift her to him in order to fuck her where he stood. Bella actively moaned. Carlisle starts to walk out of his study, heading downstairs.

"Where are we OHhhh, going?" Bella asks. Carlisle hits the stairs and begins to walk down them. Bella gasps.

"mmmm, aaah, aahah, mmmm, C- Cahhhhhh!" Bella buries her head into Carlisle neck, as she came.

By the time Carlisle got to the living room, Bella was soaked in her own juices. He laid her down on the floor and held her legs open for display. Bella blushed deeply but didn't fight his inspection. Carlisle bends down and takes her clit into his mouth. He heard Bella's sharp intake of breath. He thrusted three fingers inter her and with his other hand he snuck under her butt and-


"You're such a good mate, Bella" Carlisle muttered softly. He doubted that she heard him. She was being filled in both ends.

Esme was the first to arrive home. She immediately saw her husband fucking his second mate in the ass, none to gently either. She was about to reprimand him when Bella let out a very loud noise of pleasure. Esme turned around and went out side, her garden could use some attention.

Alice looked to her siblings in humor as they heard Bella yelling at their dad about "Already being Pregnant", and not to "Give me twins!" Edward was the only one to look constipated.