Warrior of the Omnitrix X: Ultimate Alien Ascension




Story Start


Ben, Charmcaster, and Gwen were curled up on the couch in Ben's home. Charmcaster was sitting comfortably in the brown haired boy's lap her head nestled under his chin while Gwen was resting her head on his shoulder.

The three of them were wearing a change of wardrobe after the fiasco a few months ago. His pants now black Ben was wearing black cargo pants and a red men's tropic wear shirt with black sneakers.

While keeping the dark colored tights Charmcaster now wore a royal purple skirt over the tights, royal purple tube top and an open version of her coat and a sleek pair of high heel shoes.

Gwen was back in white, a pair of capris in fact with a red blouse and pair of dark colored loafers.

The three of them were simply enjoying a day without aliens trying to destroy the planet or murder them. What they didn't realize that today's threat was a bit more earthbound.

"The aliens are already among us," a voice said as a video of Savage running through a river, followed by one of Swampfire with vines coming off his body, then off Brainstorm from the pier, and then of Echo Echo and several copies ran past an alley and then one of Jetray flying. "Strange creatures with unbelievable powers, aliens are real, but that isn't the amazing part. This is all the aliens that you've just seen are actually alter egos of one man. His name...is Ben Tennyson," the voice said as an image Ben's alter ego appeared on the screen and Ben's jaw dropped. How the hell could this have happened?

"It appears you have been ousted." Charmcaster noted with a dark chuckle.

"Every channel Ben, all weekend they've shown nothing but you wrecking things and now they know who you are."

A grimace formed on his face. "Never mind my heroics. The lives I saved. What I done for this planet. Some jackass doctors the footage for a smear campaign."

"The ones who aren't foolish will treat you as you deserved to be. They would be fools not to worship you." Good old Charmcaster, always trying to seduce him to the dark side. Gently depositing her off his lap Ben got up and went to the door. Upon opening he shut it, having caught a glimpse of dozens of reporters and cameramen.

"You better lie low for a while, let's go to my place," Charmcaster suggested.

A teleportation spell of course had been child's play for her. Once more the TV was on as Ben tried to get clues about his exposure. "That man seems to hate you," Charmcaster noted as Ben saw a man with a black suit and black tie with glasses and brown eyes and hair on the TV.

"Welcome back to the Will Harangue Nation, our top story has got to be Ben Tennyson, sixteen year old high school student who has been ousted as a one man or should I say boy alien invasion," the man said as an image of Ben Tennyson doing a rather goofy face.

"Why does everyone use that picture?" he asked with an embarrassed groan.

"To be fair the story behind that picture is rather adorable," Gwen told him as she smiled. "It was really sweet of you to make that little girl stop crying and help find her mother. Some people unfortunately take things at face value without thinking."

"Footage gathered over the past year but only now do we know that all these seemingly unconnected alien attacks..." Will Harangue said.


"Have been the work of Ben Tennyson in his various alien disguises for who knows what sinister purpose."

"Worst part is, there's going to be people stupid enough to believe this."

"Unbelievably some people defend the actions of Tennyson, claiming he's some kind of superhero. Obviously ridiculous, but that's not for me to say no. I leave that to you the viewers and tonight's poll, Ben Tennyson threat or menace call in with your vote," Will Harangue said and Ben growled.

Charmcaster noted how annoyed her lover was and sighed. "Even though I'm not a fan of it, will doing that thing with my hand you like cheer you up?"

Surprised and mildly confused Gwen looked from her fellow magic user, to Ben, to Charmcaster once more and gave her a look that said 'what the hell?'

Charmcaster shrugged, "You'd be surprised the techniques you learn from trashy novels. Just wish it didn't make my wrist cramp up."

Gwen's face twitched slightly. "First of all eew, second of all, where do we keep the brain bleach again?" Brain Bleach was yet another one of their code words for either a plan or item whose actual name was either too long, would reveal something to someone they didn't want to know but needed access too or the short hand was convenient.

"Oh shut up," Charmcaster playfully remarked, as if what she said was brain bleach worthy.

"Well, I suppose the whole, everyone hating me thing would bother me if I hadn't already lived most of my childhood being ignored in my past life." Ben shook his head. "My life has come full circle, I am now thought of as a menace once more."

"Only 26% think you're a menace the other 74% thinks of you as a threat and rightly so. The day will come when they will tremble before your might!"

Sometimes Ben wondered if Charmcaster was having way too much fun playing up her idea of being an evil empress? Ben's phone went off and he pulled it out of his pocket and checked it. It was a text from Cooper. "All right Coop." He said after reading the message. "That was Cooper, he found the address of the person who posted the original videos online. So I want to pay a 'thank you' to whoever revealed my identity." Then he plan on harming the person, not terribly so, scaring them however, was a definite yes.

Charmcaster's eyes lit up. This proved to be promising.

Gwen didn't even bother arguing. The best she could do was tagalong and hope that they would get out of there without something blowing up.


They had arrived to the residence, which surprisingly enough was your average suburban home. Taking up his alter-ego Ben knocked on the door. The person who answered was rather stout, dressed in a white blouse and a pair of blue jeans. She looked to be in her late thirties or early forties with brown hair pulled back and wrapped in the back.

"Oh hello, you must be friends of James," she said after taking notice of Ben's jacket. "Jimmy!" she shouted.

"I'm coming mom," a young voice replied and a boy walked into view with a jacket Ben's. He shared his mother's features, with the same brown hair that was combed upwards and the same dark eye color. He looked hardly any older than ten.

"This cannot be happening." Ben softly murmured.

"I don't believe this," Gwen said.

Jimmy Jones, was without a doubt a fanboy. Recovering from having gone numb Ben was able to collect himself in time to see that Jimmy's room was littered with images and newspaper clippings detailing his adventures.

"Why did you do this to Ben?" Gwen asked Jimmy who looked up at her with an expression of confusion.

"I don't understand do what?"

"She means ruin his life." Charmcaster furthered clarified, growing increasingly annoyed that there were hardly any images of her.

"I would never do anything to hurt Mr. Tennyson, I'm a fan."

"Let's back this up." Ben wanted to get to the heart of the matter.

"Why did you post that video?"

"I run a website, I collect pictures of aliens that people have taken from all over the world," Jimmy explained walking over to his computer. "Then I discovered most of the aliens came from Bellwood, so I began to sort them and I discovered lots of them where wearing this symbol," he said pointing to the Omnitrix symbol on the computer screen.

Putting two and two together Gwen made an observation."So you pieced together Ben's identity when you saw a picture of him with the Omnitrix."

"Right," Jimmy replied with a nod. "I found stories all over the net about how you helped people and saved the world," he said and Ben smiled at him. "I just thought everybody should know how cool and awesome you are,"

"Thanks for trying to help but by exposing who I am, you've made it harder for me to help people," Ben told him. Not to mention made life harder for everyone who has a connection to Ben Tennyson.

"I'm sorry," he replied with a downcast look. "I'd thought you'd like the fame, you know all the attention and money," He furthered explained his thought process.

Gwen was curious on just how much information had been gathered.

"Why don't you show us what you've learned?"

"I've got pictures of all your aliens, Inferno, Frostbyte, Jeffrey," he said to Ben.

"Jeffrey? It's Jetray," Ben corrected him.

"Huh, I guess that does make more sense," Jimmy said scratching his head and Ben nodded before he saw a picture of a different alien, this one looked like a two legged red, mollusc-like alien, with small grey spikes on the top of its arms and behind it's legs, black spots were on its shoulders and legs, it had four fingers with claws on them and on each one of his feet there was a grey spike, it's lower torso was grey with two spikes on the sides.

"And this one?" he asked pointing at the picture.

"I thought it was one of your aliens," Jimmy answered but Ben shook his head. "It just showed up a few months ago, all of the sightings have been in Orlando Florida, I got some footage of it," he explained bringing up a video to show the alien walking towards two military guards and it fired water jets at them sending them flying before it turned and fired water from its hand at the camera.

"No sound huh?"

"I was lucky to get the video," he answered as Ben shared a look with the others.

"Well, looks like we're going on a trip."

"We can use Ship," Gwen said suggested as a grin broke out on Ben's face.

"No offense to ship, but I want to try out the Rust Bucket."

"Try it out? You've driven it plenty." Charmcaster noted as Gwen agreed with her assessment.

"You'll see what I'm talking about." He answered, keeping them in suspense. Bidding farewell to the Joneses he lead them to an abandoned air force base where a large green plumber ship had been stored. It was designed in the form of a fighter jet in design and shape, but its size was more reminiscent of a small aircraft carrier.

"Had Cooper fix it up with some improvements taking this baby from standard to custom." He said as a ramp opened and to which he drove up it and it closed behind them and the trio walked into the bridge to see Edwin in the pilot's chair.

"Specs?" Ben asked him walking up.

"Supersonic in atmosphere. Subspace, hyper drive for effective FTL."

"Edwin?" Gwen asked the pilot in surprise upon getting a good look at him.

"It has been a while Gwen. Good to see you in good health."

Ben couldn't help but grin. "Edwin was gracious enough to volunteer to be our plot."

"While grandfather is fond of the sea being in the skies have always been natural to me. Now if you all shall buckle up we will begin our journey."

As everyone was taking their seat Gwen furthered explored the capabilities of the new Rust Bucket.

Ben exclaimed as Gwen looked at a computer screen.

"Extranet access! We can use our Plumbers' badges to access any database on Earth. Even secure ones!" she exclaimed.

"Ready when you are Edwin!" Ben exclaimed as Edwin nodded and he flipped some switches and the jet's engines roared to life and it lifted into the air before blasting off.

"I found the source of the video, it's from a top secret NASA facility, I'm sending you the coordinates," Gwen informed Edwin as she brought up the information.

"No problem, we'll be there in two minutes," he replied as the ship flew off and suddenly alarms blared. "Trouble, we're entering restricted airspace," Edwin said and sure enough three fighter jets flew up and fired rockets towards the Rust Bucket. Edwin was able to maneuver out of the range of some of them, but one hit rocking the ship violently.

Not wanting to risk an all-out air fight Ben gave Edwin the order to set the ship down. Not a moment later upon exiting the ship they were swarmed by armed soldiers.

"Calm down, I am Ben Tennyson, my team mates and I are in the area on official plumber business." He said showing off his plumber's badge.

That was enough to get the general to walk forward. The general, a man in his fifties, well-kept mustache with tan islander features stepped forward and gave his men the order to step down. Every government on Earth after all recognized the authority of the Plumbers. Despite all the prejudices, paranoia, and other problems that plagued this society the us against them mentality had proven useful in a rather shaky agreement between every nation in the world to come to an agreement when recognizing the power and authority of the Plumbers in matters off world.

Soon the group was with the general as he looked at a large rocket. "We call it the Orion, it's capable of travelling at 15% the speed of light," he explained and Edwin whistled impressed. None alien/plumber based tech was still a ways away from rising in technological level.

"How did you manage that?" he asked.

"Nuclear pulse drive, once clear of the Earth a series of atomic bombs explode propelling it through space," the general answered. "We've been building it for fifty years but now a series of robberies has shut us down,"

"Robberies?" Ben asked.

"A creature comes in every night and steals pieces from the ship. Nothing we've tried can stop it, I was hoping that you people would have more luck," the general said and soon the same creature which was seen on the video footage emerged from the water and it blasted through the wall and walked towards the space ship, Gwen ran towards the alien on platforms of mana while Charmcaster took flight and followed after it, just as Ben was about to turn into an alien the Ultimatrix beeped and glowed yellow.

"Uncatalogued DNA detected unable to transform at this time. Please standby."

If he couldn't transform then he would fight with his regular tactics.

Summoning her staff Charmcaster blasted the alien, causing it to lose grasp of the part he stole which was promptly caught by Gwen.

"Who are you, what do you want?" Gwen asked but the alien blasted water from its hands at her and Charmcaster sending them flying into a pile of crates, the alien walked over to them and raised its arm up when Ben punched the alien sending it flying to the side and it rolled across the ground, Ben ran up to the alien which fired water at him which he spun over with ease. The kick he landed in its side was enough to stop him in its tracks.

The Ultimatrix promptly fired a yellow beam at the alien and scanned it.

"Unknown DNA sample acquired, scan complete," the Ultimatrix announced.

"What did you do?" the alien asked him.

"Sorry trade secret." He said as he slammed his hand in the ground and promptly buried the alien up to its neck in solid concrete. The alien promptly tried to struggle out of the thick ground, but it proved useless. "Hey you girls alri…" he trailed off upon noticing the girls predicament. There soaked clothes clung to their forms and allowed him to see the contours of their forms. He of course filed away the image to his memory as Gwen gave him a quick chastization for being a pervert while Charmcaster cast a spell to dry them off.

With that it was time to interrogate their guest and find out why he had been stealing parts.

"I am Bivalvan, I come from a small planet in what you would call the Andromeda galaxy," Bivalvan answered.

"Long way from home, what're you doing here?"

"I was kidnapped along with four others by a monster by the name of Aggregor. We managed to escape him but we crashed here on your planet," Bivalvan explained.

"Where are the others?" Gwen asked him.

"I don't know," Bivalvan answered honestly.

"Four more aliens that aren't in the Ultimatrix?" Ben verbally commented out loud. 'Don't worry about the others, we'll find them and get them back home," he told him.

"And what about me?" Bivalvan asked.

"Same deal. The parts you stole will have to be returned to NASA, but I will contact the Plumbers who will outfit your ship with the necessary parts to get you home." With the call put forward and the details settled with the general the members of the lien Force began their fly back home.

Meanwhile back in the cave Bivalvan heard someone approaching.

"Hello? Are you the Plumbers? Ben Tennyson said you'd be here quickly but I didn't think...," Bivalvan stopped as he saw the person was not a Plumber but a human who had small flesh-colored horns on his head and red eyes with black marks around them, he had long black hair. He wore a brown knee-length, open tunic, baggy jeans, black calf-high boots and he had a spear in his hand "…Aggregor!" Bivalvan exclaimed.

"No one escapes me, Bivalvan," Aggregor said walking towards Bivalvan who began to scream.