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Dunno... cousincest?

"So blue~!"

Said blue eyes narrowed and he raised his arm so he could lightly flick his cousin in her forehead, causing her to pout at the slight pain and rub her at her reddened skin, "Your eyes are just as blue as mine."

"Maybe, but it's different not looking at them in the mirror," Higurashi Kagome smiled, taking a step back out of the taller teen's personal space, "So, how have you been, Haru-chan?"

Nanase Haruka let out a grunt, "Don't call me that," He replied, poking her in the spot he had just flicked her, "I've been fine," He raised a brow marginally, "What about you?" He glanced up as they walked to his home from the train station.

Kagome clenched her teeth in a forced smile, knowing he was referring to her so-called various illnesses that she supposedly suffered from, "Well, it's why I came from Tokyo to live out here with you."

Haruka shrugged, easily understanding that she didn't want to talk about her sick days, "As long as you're okay living with just me." He was quite sure that his parents arranged with so he would not have to live by himself.

"Should I be worried?" Kagome teased, snickering a bit when he simply through her look that said 'really?' "Relax, I know you wouldn't try anything perverted to your own cousin!"

Shoving his hands into his pockets, Haruka didn't bother to respond to that and instead glanced to the short girl, "Do you still swim?" He asked a bit curious to the answer.

"Not really," Kagome sighed, "With me being 'sick' and all. Plus, Jii-chan really insisted that I use my free time when I was 'well' enough to practise kyudo."

It was an easy enough lie since she did live on a shrine.

Haruka didn't let his slight disappointment show on his face, "Makes sense I guess." He had taught her when they were younger, but it wasn't like he couldn't–

"But now that I'm here with you and staying, I can always try to pick it up again!" Kagome said cheerfully, taking a hold of Haruka's hand much to his surprise, "What do you think?"

The Miko received her answer when he tightened his fingers around hers and her smile widened as she leaned in closer to his side, "I really did miss you, Haru-chan." His response was quiet but she heard it loud and clear.

"Me too..."